10 Things you wish you knew before breast augmentation

By September 30, 2023 October 30th, 2017 Procedures

1. No two boobs are alike:

Think of your breasts as sisters and not twins. Nipples, areola and even cup size will have variations which could become more obvious after your surgery. Take a proper look beforehand and get your surgeon to show you if you cant tell.

2. You will most likely need another surgery at some point:

Revision surgery is not an if but a when. Some women get 20 years or more out of their implants, others only 5. Either way, they aren’t lifetime devices so plan ahead.

3. Frankenboob exists:

After surgery your breasts will be high and square, particularly if you are under the muscle. They call this frankenboob. You wont really know your final size and look until about 6 months post op.

4. Real breasts look bigger then their augmented counter parts of the same size:

A natural DD will usually look much bigger then an augmented DD. That is because implants tend to be wider and less squishier then breast tissue, requiring a bigger cup size to accommodate them better.

5. Boobie blues is a real thing:

The anaesthetic and pain medication can affect your mood. You may suffer from a range of emotions after your surgery from loving them to hating them. Either way, give it time for your emotions to settle.

6. Your boobs might make weird noises post op:

The swelling and fluid can make slushing or gurgling noise from your breasts. Its completely normal and nothing to worry about.

7. Cold implants:

It is not uncommon for breast implants to feel cold inside the body, especially in thin girls with a larger implant

8. You will gain a few kgs in bloating.

Don’t stress, you didn’t get fat overnight. Although remember to take into account the weight of your implants when you hop in the scales

9. Bruises in weird places:

It is normal to have bruising post op even in weird places, like your ribs or tummy

10. CC’s look different on different body types:

250cc might look huge on a short woman and tiny on a tall frame

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