7 Cosmetic Procedures that will dominate in 2017

By January 16, 2024 October 30th, 2017 Dental, ENT, News, Plastic Surgeons, Procedures

The cosmetic sphere is constantly changing with new developments in technology, products and surgical techniques. Here is our list of the top 7 Cosmetic Surgery procedures that will dominate 2017

1. Fat grafting

2016 saw some of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons take to using fat grafting as an accompaniment to regular plastic surgery procedures such as facelift and breast augmentation.
We bet in 2017 you will see more people opting for fat grafting in place of fillers in the face and of course, redistribution of larger volumes of fat to the breast (as a stand alone procedure) and the buttock.

2. Non surgical fat reduction

In 2016 cool sculpting exploded in the cosmetic surgery world. If it is good enough for the Kardashians then its good enough for us right!
As other brands develop technology to eliminate fat, either through cool technology such as CoolScuplting, CoolTech and Clatuu or through heating technology such as Sculpture, one this is for sure, non surgical fat reduction is going to become way more mainstream in 2017. Goodbye saddlebags!!!

3. Kybella - Deoxycholic acid (Fat dissolving injections):
Rumoured to be available in Australia as soon as next month, Deoxycholic acid (marketed overseas as Kybella) is a chemical naturally found in the body used to absorb fats.
Up to 50 injections are placed into the neck to dissolve fat and get rid of that pesky double chin.

4. Boobs boobs boobs
Breast augmentation continually tops the charts year after year for plastic surgery procedures performed so its no surprise its on our list for 2017. However, we think in 2017 your going to see the breast augmentation trend steer towards the more natural, in proportion look that has people thinking has she or hasn’t she.

5. Microneedling
With raving fans such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts and yours truly, we predict micro needling is going to become even more popular in 2017.
Who doesn’t love tighter pores, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, a smoother and more even complexion with minimal downtime?

6. Teeth straightening
With cosmetic dentistry becoming more accessible and the advent of adult friendly teeth straightening solutions such as Invisalign, clear braces and lingual braces, we bet your going to see more adults getting their pearly whites in order. After all, nothing shines brighter then a beautiful smile

7. Booty Booty Booty Yeah
Another one we can credit to the Kardashian effect we are positive the Brazilian Butt Lift procedures will only get more popular in 2017. Who doesn’t love the idea of full body liposculture with the excess fat being injected into your derriere? We predict your going to hear lots about the S-Curve booty.

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