My face looks wrinkled and old. Would anti-wrinkle injections help?

By December 19, 2023 Non-Surgical
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You know you’ve had a busy and tiring year with work and family commitments. When a work colleague asked you why you were upset and angry, you were taken aback. But when you looked in the mirror, you understood why they said that!

You notice the furrows between your eyebrows have deepened so much you look constantly like you’re constantly angry and unapproachable. And the laughter lines around the corners of eyes don’t just develop when you laugh and smile – they are there all the time.

While you’re not uncomfortable about revealing your age, you know that you’re looking and feeling older than you are. There is a non-surgical solution that effectively treats your deep wrinkles and fine facial lines. Anti-wrinkle injections reduce the appearance and formation of lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscle.

What are wrinkle injections?

Wrinkle injections (also called Botox and anti-wrinkle injections) are a popular anti-ageing treatment has been successfully used since the 1990’s to reduce and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Scientifically, Botox is one of the Botulinum type A injections. Other brands that produce similar results to Botox include Dysport and Xeomin.

Wrinkle injections are commonly linked with non-surgical cosmetic procedures, however Dysport, Xeomin and Botox can also be used to treat medical conditions including:

  • Eye spasms
  • Excessive sweating
  • Headaches and migraines

Botulinum type A injections work by blocking the nerves that causes the facial muscles to contract.

This temporary paralysis of the muscles relaxes them to soften the appearance of wrinkles while making the skin smoother and more youthful looking.

What types of people get Botox injections?

The types of people who usually get wrinkle injections usually have dynamic lines and wrinkles. These are the types of wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement and are making them look old and tired. Having wrinkle injection treatments can also help prevent new wrinkles from forming.

The common areas of the face that are treated with wrinkle injections include:

  • Bunny lines (the nose lines that appear when the nose moves)
  • Crows feet (the outer corners of your eyes)
  • Down turned mouth
  • Eyebrow area
  • Forehead
  • Glabella (also referred to “11’s” this is the area between the eyebrows)
  • Masseter (the muscle that is used for chewing)
  • Mental crease (the horizontal between your chin and lower lip)
  • Platysmal bands (the bands of muscle that stand out from the neck and make the neck look stringy in appearance)
  • Upper lip
  • Vertical lip lines

How long do wrinkle injections last and what results should I expect?

Anti-wrinkle injections will reduce the wrinkles and lines in your face, resulting in a more youthful and smooth appearance.

While they produce results, they are not the ‘fountain of youth’. To maintain results you will need to keep having regular injections.

Results vary from person to person but generally wrinkle reduction injections last for 3 to 4 months. With regular use they can last for 6 months or longer.

What happens during the anti-wrinkle injection procedure?

It is important to note that the best results from this procedure are a result of having the anti-wrinkle injections administered by a highly trained and qualified medical professional including a Cosmetic Doctor or Cosmetic Nurse.

They will evaluate the area of the face you want treated by asking you to frown or smile. This assists them in gauging your muscle movement and will determine where the injection is placed.

For 2 weeks before your Botox injections it is important to suspend the use of medications including anti-inflammatories and aspirin. These medications thin the blood and can make you bleed more than you usually do. This will result in an increased likelihood of bruising occurring after your wrinkle procedure.

On the day of your wrinkle treatment a fine-gauge needle will be used to inject the wrinkle injection into the area where your wrinkles form. Once these muscles are relaxed, your dynamic wrinkles and fine lines will be greatly reduced. The number of wrinkle injections you will required depends on the areas you’re having treated and the depth of the wrinkles being treated.

How you can find the best anti-wrinkle injection providers in Australia

It is important that a highly trained and qualified medical professional including a Cosmetic Doctor or Cosmetic Nurse performs Botox injections.

You must discuss and understand the details of the wrinkle treatment, including how many units of Botox will be injected and the cost you will be charged per unit.

Finding an experienced medical professional to administer your wrinkle injections will help ensure the best results.

While the procedure does not seem complex, it requires skill, precision and knowledge. Find the best Australian anti-wrinkle injection provider’s here.

Are wrinkle injections safe?

When Botox is administered by a medical professional that has been trained and qualified in its use, they are reasonably safe. It is important to note that mild, temporary side effects can occur including tenderness and slight bruising.

There are certain contraindications to the use of anti-wrinkle injections. It is very important to tell the Cosmetic Doctor or Cosmetic Nurse about any type of medication you are using. This can prevent cross-reactions occurring.

Other factors where Botox should not be used include:

  • People with egg allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Problems related to neuromuscular disorders

Side effects vary on a patient-to-patient basis but can include mild headaches, bruising and some mild pain on the area injected.

In less than 1% of cases patients may experience droopy eyelids or eyebrows. This becomes normal again after the Botox has worn off.



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