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As part of our get to know your surgeon series, PSF Sat down with Dr Tavakoli for a Q&A. A fan favourite here at PSF, Dr Tavakoli shares with us why he become a plastic surgeon and what he loves most about his job.

Why did you become a plastic surgeon?

Towards the end of my medical school/University training I decided to explore the up and coming field of Plastic Surgery. So in December of 1992 I spent a month doing my elective term in Toronto, Canada assigned to a very busy Burns Unit. I was exposed to all aspects of Acute Burns management and secondary reconstruction. Once I started my residency/registrar training I devoted all my time in becoming a plastic surgeon. I even spent 2 years doing a research Masters degree in plastic and reconstructive surgery plus an additional 5 years of plastic surgery training both in Sydney and Melbourne. I started my private and public hospital (trauma) practices in 2004 and have been fortunate to have a large cosmetic surgery practice.

What are your primary plastic surgery interests and why?

To be honest I love everything about the world of Plastic surgery. The problem is that I had to choose between full time cosmetic surgery over reconstructive surgery as I had to dedicate all my time in super-specialising in one area. My main interest became cosmetic surgery of the Breast and Nose. Over a short period of time after entering private practice I managed to have a busy referral practice in Breast Augmentation, Tuberous breast correction and breast lift. I am also interested in fixing crooked noses and ethnic rhinoplasty.

What do you love most about your job as a plastic surgeon?

Creating a new image by for my patients and being part of their journey is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. This applies to all aspects of Plastic Surgery.

What is your signature style?

Cutting edge techniques, Safe environment and Natural results that is custom-made to produce timeless and beautiful outcomes.

What advice do you have when deciding on a surgeon?

Word of mouth research especially from those in the industry. Try and see 2-3 different surgeons and get a perspective of what’s available to you.

Have you ever had to turn patients away due to unrealistic expectations?

Unfortunately poor patient selection can lead to unhappy patients even if surgery has been performed to great accuracy and precision. Aesthetic results are subjective and patient expectations must be established from the outset. Plastic surgery cannot fix individuals with deep seated unhappiness.

What procedures are becoming more popular and what are decreasing?

Breast Augmentation is always on the rise and unfortunately so is breast revision work. The latter is the result of a big rise in Breast implant cases being performed by inexperienced doctors here and overseas. Buttock augmentation is also gathering popularity and so is Fat injection. On the decrease is Facelift and brow lift as patients use fillers, Botox and laser to avoid the “knife”.


PSF would like to thank Dr Kourosh Tavakoli for his input into this blog post.


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