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Recently, Marian and I were invited to meet Tish, the Director of She Science and oh what fun we had. She Science is a speciality sports bra store with a big difference. You see, Tish was a podiatrist in another life who was attracted to the personalised way people were fitted with proper running shoes. With that in mind, Tish developed She Science and started implementing motion analysis software to monitor and analyse breast motion during exercise.

Based on extensive research being conducted out of numerous highly regarded Universities and thousands of in store trials, Tish tells me that there is a scientific basis for the way breasts should move during exercise to cause the least amount of damage and pain to the breast tissue.

Tish has her clients try their sports bra on and place a marker on the outside of the bra at the nipple line. Then it’s time to get running (if you’re up to it!). Footage is taken as you run and the motion software analysis is used to analyse how your breast is moving in each bra. A sideways figure of 8 is the ideal pattern of movement as this causes the least trauma on the breasts. We want to avoid excessive up and down motion or a poorly controlled pendulum swing as this is most likely to cause breast tissue injury.

Being the good sport that she is, Marian kindly volunteered to be the PSF Crash Test Dummy. Watch the short clip of the fitting process below:

Tish’s tips for the perfect sports bra

  1. Band fit
    The band that sits around your ribcage provides 92% of the support so this one is key. Tish says the biggest mistake women make is wearing a bra with the band too loose. When the band is not fitted correctly, it will ride up causing the front of the bra to sit low, which does not in turn support the breast. This is a mistake that 85% of women make. To make sure the band is fitting correctly and is supportive, loosen the arm straps before trying it on. Don’t try and hold the weight of the breast with the shoulder straps.
  2. Don’t get hung up on sizing
    Different bras have different sizing rules. Measure bras by the fit and not the cup size. Ladies, this means you should be trying on your bras before you buy.
  3. Support
    When it comes to sports bras, the need for support is undeniable. Choose support over looks and your breasts will thank you in the long run.
  4. High coverage
    Post op you want to keep the implants low and intact by not allowing it to displace vertically.

Discount Code

She Science is located in Kew, Victoria. For all the lucky Melbournians, She Science have kindly gifted all PSF members with a 15% storewide discount code. For all our interstate members, don’t worry, She Science have an online store. Please use voucher code PSF2015.

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