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Breast Augmentation

So so happy with my breast aug, they look amazing and exactly what I wanted. Dr Phoon was so calming and helpful during the whole process, same with all the nurses and staff. I was so nervous but it ended up being a good experience and my recovery was super quick.


Body Lift, Butt Lift

Dr Alex Phoon gave me life changing results after a major surgery following massive weight loss. I couldn't be happier. Pre and post op care has been outstanding. Prior to my surgery, I researched surgeons for over a year and Alex was by far the best. I went into surgery with complete trust and assurance that I would come out with the results i wanted and I can say with 100% confidence, I have never loved my body more.


Breast Reduction

Dr Phoon is exceptionally talented at what he does and passionate about achieving the best possible outcome of his patients. I am delighted with my results and post op care from Dr Phoon and his entire team. My surgery has been life changing . Every day I pinch myself because because of Dr Phoons quality work - I am just so happy. Thank you Dr Phoon.


Body Lift

I went and saw dr Alex phoon and can’t recommend more Better team. From his girls in the office and beautiful nurse who looks after you when you pop in for check ups. I had massive surgery including of a lower body lift , upper body lift, Brest lift, thigh lift, arm lift, and corset tummy tuck. He also revised the surgeries as they were major and can’t believe the transformation. Must see surgeon


Breast Augmentation

Outstanding and very professional are the first words that come to mind when I think of my journey through my breast augmentation. Dr Phoon and his team are so welcoming and make you feel very comfortable. He really took his time in the consultation and answered all my questions, wasn’t rushed and was easy to talk to. I knew I was going to be in good hands after the consultation. The after care was amazing and the nurses on his team were always a phone call or email away! Definitely sets the mind as ease when you know they go above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable and everything is going well. I highly recommend Dr Phoon and his team to anyone who is thinking of getting a procedure done. As a few friends have already gone to him after hearing my experience. Thanks again Dr Phoon and team! You truly made my dreams come true.


Breast Augmentation

My experience with Dr Alex Phoon was so calming, I never felt nervous. I fully trusted him and I am so happy with his work. It has really changed how my breasts look and I feel so much better about my boobs. My recovery was speedy even for going under the muscle. I was back to work after 3 weeks. I couldn’t recommend him enough . The results speak for themselves


Breast Augmentation

I couldn’t recommend Dr Phoon and his team more highly. He is a true professional and a amazing surgeon. Being in the medical industry myself, I did a lot of research before selecting my surgeon. He is one of the best in the business. I am so happy with my results. Dr Phoon knew exactly the right size to give me, based on my body and personality. I am now 3 months post op and they are perfect. It is one of the best things I have ever done, I wish I had of done it sooner, life changing.


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Dr Phoon performed a breast lift and slight reduction with no implant. I did some research prior to meeting with him and was really impressed by his clinical background and the fact he is attached to a major hospital in the field of reconstructive surgery. He was my only consultation as that was all I felt I needed. That is not to say that I didn’t reach out to other surgeons, I just felt that after speaking with Dr Phoon I was in the right hands (more specifically my boobs were). From the point of first contact, his patient coordinator Lana was fantastic. She is a great communicator- friendly, responsive and efficient. The booking process was easy, the whole process in fact was hassle free. On the day of surgery I was naturally quite nervous however Dr Phoon just knew the right thing to say, reassuring me that I was going to be well looked after. Going into that theatre room, all my worries went away as he was someone I genuinely trusted. I’m now nearing 1.5 months post op. I’ve been lucky to come away from the experience with no complications which I’m sure is a testament to Dr Phoon’s skill and expertise. Initially after surgery pain levels were minimal, I was off pain meds within a few days and was feeling mostly human again within a week. My incisions are so neat and minimal that we are both hopeful they will be barely existent with time. I am so happy with the results of my surgery and finally can say that I love my boobs. Thank you so very much to Dr Phoon, Lana and the rest of the team. Cosmetic plastic surgery with the right team behind you is literally life changing.


Tummy Tuck

My tummy tuck is amazing.... so is Dr Phoon. My consultation was exactly whatI needed. Dr Phoon listened to what I wanted. Made his suggestions and then I took the plunge. So awesomely impressed. I feel truly sensational. I got not only my beautiful flat stomach but the best breast reduction and lift I needed. You are truly awesome Dr Phoon. My mummy tummy is truly fantastic.


Breast Augmentation

Had a breast augmentation done . Could not be more pleased with the results. Dr Phoon and the staff where very professional, very helpful , friendly and attentive. Would recommend them to anybody wanting any procedures done.


Breast Augmentation

As a theatre nurse, I have known Dr Phoon for many years and have witnessed countless procedures performed by him and many other plastic surgeons. I had no doubt when I was ready for my breast surgery that he would be my preferred surgeon. I have witnessed his excellent surgical skill firsthand and have also seen the respect and care that he shows for every patient. I am thrilled with my results and would recommend him to anyone. Thankyou, Dr Phoon.


Breast Reduction

For anyone considering a breast reduction look no further, because you’ve found your surgeon. I had consultations with various potential surgeons and I never felt completely comfortable to go ahead with the procedure, until I met Dr Alex Phoon and his lovely team. Dr Phoon’s warm temperament and exceptional talents (photographic evidence attached) will have you excited about a future with your dream, perky boobs. Booking in the date and hospital was made easy with clear instructions, day of the procedure was a breeze (for me), the anaesthetist was a stand out - loved him, and I was home that same afternoon. Recovery time flies by and I was able to be back at work within a week (lawyer, office work mainly) Booking the consultation was the hardest part for me, because it is the first step and it feels intimidating - but I am confident once you do it, you won’t regret it – I am also confident you’ll love life not having to wear a bra (or two) all the time. Thanks Alex and team.


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Ever since I can remember I have been incredibly self conscious of the my breasts. I never really allowed myself to be seen too less and they constantly effected what I wore. After losing a lot of weight I had very little tissue/fat left in my my breast, it was mostly just skin. I had been referred to Dr Phoon by my friend who had gotten her boobs done through him (hers are amazing also) and even leading up to my consultation I was nervous to be seen without a shirt on infront of Dr Phoon. However as soon as I met Dr Phoon, I felt incredibly comfortable. I didn’t feel insecure for how I looked and he took the time to listen to my main worries and exactly what I wanted done. Throughout the consultation process Dr Phoon made sure to leave no questions unanswered and the entire nursing staff were so kind. Leading up to surgery everyone was in constant contact with me to ensure I was comfortable, happy and had all the information I needed before my surgical date. I had never had a surgery before this, let alone received one stitch and Dr Phoons kind words and smile definitely helped ease the nerves. As well as sharing in my excitement for my self confidence every step of the way. My surgery was just over a month ago and I am honestly astounded by the results. I have an anchor shaped scar that is barely visible and have never felt more confident in my life. I’m honestly ecstatic with how well my breasts have healed and how amazing they look. I could not recommend Dr Phoon enough, not only is he so down to earth and amazing to work with but I didn’t even imagine that my breasts could ever look this good and I honestly cried receiving and looking back at my before and afters. Thank you so so much ?


Breast Augmentation

Finding a good surgeon is one of the hardest things to do. It can make or break your procedure. But from the moment I met Dr Phoon I knew I could trust him. In my first consultation he listened to what I look I was going for and what I wanted and provided me in depth information about not only the procedure and what to expect but also about the implant that were being used. The team at park clinic were very friendly and supportive throughout the whole process. On the day of my surgery Dr Phoon and his team eased any nerves and were professional all the way. After my surgery before leaving the hospital dr phoon also came to check on me and how i was doing letting me know surgwry went without any complications. My post op check ups the park clinic team again were amazing. Between, dr Phoon, Lana and Moya my experience with park clinic was amazing. They don't forget a face and you aren't just "Another client" it is very personalized. I would highly recommend or Phoon and park clinic. I have gone from a small A cup to a D-DD cup and it has boosted my confidence 10fold. Thank you Dr Phoon


Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck

I can not praise or thank Dr Phoon enough for what he has done. I feel & look amazing. I am two months post surgery & I am wearing biking & going to the beach. I highly recommend Dr Phoon.


Breast Augmentation

I immediately felt so at ease in Dr Phoons presence. Going in for my consultation he made me feel comfortable, confident and excited about getting my breast augmentation. He explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was going ahead with the procedure for the right reasons. On the day of surgery everyone was so lovely and warm making me feel calm while I was so nervous! Dr Phoon came to see me right before to let me know exactly what is going to happen and reassure me that everything will go amazingly. After my procedure Dr Phoon and the nurses took great care of me and I was treated wonderfully! Having my follow ups with Dr Phoon are always a pleasure and a great feeling knowing that everything I have been feeling post procedure is normal! I’m feeling more confident and sexy everyday. Thankyou to the whole crew at The Park Clinic I would highly recommend to any woman looking for a talented, genuine, experienced and professional surgeon.



Alex is an amazing surgeon and the whole liposuction procedure was very easy for me. I am 42 yo and have been exercising all of my adult life but the stubborn fat pouch on my stomach didnt want to go. I saw Alex for a consultation and immediately felt at ease with his approach to surgery. I emailed his lovely assistant Lana with any question i had before the surgery and she consulted with Dr Phoon and got back to me very quickly. The day of surgery was honestly pretty much pain free for me. When I woke up lovely nurses at the hospital adjusted medication so I felt no discomfort. I am 8 weeks past the surgery and very happy with my much flatter stomach and looking forward to seeing final results soon.


Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Tummy Tuck, Mummy Makeover

I cannot recommend Dr Alex Phoon highly enough. From start to finish he has not only been an outstanding physician but also an amazing guide through the entire process. I myself am from a medical background and I had certainly done my research into whom I was going to trust this huge process with. Not only has he blown me away with the achieved aesthetic results but also with the ease of recovery that is no doubt from his technique, experience and overall skill. My thoughts of this were confirmed by the nurses at the hospital that said to me that Dr Phoon's patients always recover so well. His education and knowledge of procedures and implant products is at the top of the field. He was meticulous at ensuring the choices we made together were going to achieve the look I wanted. His team around him further enhanced the experience with their kindness and professionalism. My results, I fall in love with more each day, and I am enjoying an amazing boost in confidence that has taken me by surprise. If your sitting on the fence about a mummy make over - I say do it!


Breast Augmentation

In the past year, I had been to a few consultations in regards to having a breast augmentation and i can honestly say Dr Alex Phoon was the most honest and comforting surgeon I had met with. He was very confident and honest with what i needed done and the results were exactly what i hoped for. I feel so much confident now with myself and my body just from this procedure thanks to Dr Phoon. His staff are the most helpful and lovely people which made the experience so much better and easier for me with all the questions i asked. Could not have asked for a better surgeon and team.


Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Body Lift, Butt Lift, Liposculpture, Mummy Makeover

After a year of seeking the right surgeon I finally booked in Dr Phoon and I do not regret it one bit. He has changed my life and my husbands always says he feels like he’s cheating on me as I feel and look like a new woman! Dr Phoon did what was right for my body and lifestyle where another surgeon did not mention any of the risks that Dr Phoon did and I couldn’t thank him more for his honesty. He’s not about just making money and is all about the patients happiness and wellbeing. The entire team at Park Clinic are lovely and the after care has been nothing but amazing. My recovery and surgery was textbook and my best friend has now even booked and had a mummy makeover with Dr Phoon as well. If you’re sitting on the fence about surgery! Book in Dr Phoon and treat yourself! You won’t regret how life changing it is and the confidence it will bring. Thank you so much Dr Phoon and team! I will be forever grateful!


Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Tummy Tuck

All my girlfriends wish they had boobs like mine and that their tummies were flat like mine. I couldn’t have hoped for better results. I feel better in my 45 year old body than I have in decades. Perhaps it’s the body I have always wanted – I walk tall and with a new sense of confidence. After multiple recommendations I decided to see Dr Phoon and I understand why. When you are considering plastic surgery and want the care, artisty and symmetry that is required, I can only pay this forward and join the many happy clients who recommend Dr Phoon. Thank you Dr Phoon, the results are beyond amazing.


Breast Augmentation

I am now 9 weeks post op. I couldn’t be anymore happier with my end result. It is more then I could of ever imagined! I went into my first consultation riddled with nerves but Alex and his team went above and beyond. I walked out feeling not nervous at all but excited for my surgery. I am so happy with my end result - thank you Alex!


Breast Augmentation

I am now close to 4 weeks post op and couldn’t be happier. At the consultation stage Dr Alex was incredibly informative and responded to all my questions and concerns. He also uses 3D Vectra imaging which gave me a good idea of what my breasts would look like with various size implants. Ultimately I trusted him and knew that he was the right surgeon. You can tell he is a perfectionist (in the right way), has a good eye and wants to achieve the best results for you to achieve the look you want. He gave me the right guidance on what implants would be the most suitable for what I wanted to achieve, which was a natural look. The result is better than I would have hoped at this early stage. I was initially concerned that I would not get a good result as I naturally had very small breasts, however I think the choice of implant and the right surgeon made a difference. Also, it was important to me that Dr Phoon was a registered plastic surgeon and not just a cosmetic surgeon (in addition to skill, it makes a difference to the types of implants you can access - Motiva implants are not available if you go with a cosmetic surgeon). After care has also been excellent. I have seen Dr Phoon twice, together with a nurse who is part of his team (I saw her an extra time). They advised me on exercises to do post op and responded to any questions I had. I’m very happy that I chose Dr Phoon as my surgeon after thinking about getting a breast augmentation for many years.


Breast Augmentation

Dr Phoon did such a great job and I'm very happy with the results. I was quite nervous about having a breast augmentation procure but he put me at ease and I went into the surgery feeling confident I had made the right choice. His staff are also very friendly and helpful.


Mummy Makeover

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Dr Alex Phoon for bringing back my confidence and being such an amazing doctor. He has been such a pleasure to deal with from the moment that my husband and I went for my first consultation up to the follow-ups. I first saw Dr Phoon's amazing work after he gave a girlfriend of mine a Breast Augmentation/Lift. I will be forever grateful to my girlfriend for giving me his number. No more hiding from the mirror, Lol. Now I actually get excited when going out clothes shopping!


Tummy Tuck

I am 8 weeks post op for Abdominoplasty and recurring Hernia repair, must say I am one very happy patient! Having plastic surgery is a difficult step to take .Having done my research next step was to have consultation with few surgeons and Dr Alex Phoon was one doctor for me that stood out by far. From my first consultation with Dr Alex Phoon I was very comfortable. Dr Alex Phoon has manners, he truly listened and addressed all my concerns and made sure all my questions ware answered and explained in detail. Dr Alex Phoon made sure that I had a clear picture of the whole procedure and made sure that I understood that there was no pressure to commit to anything. Dr Alex Phoon gave me options and so with that knowledge I was able to make a clear decision. He has never been or had come across as pushy which made him stand out even more as a doctor not to mention his patients, honesty and bedside manner ! Dr Alex Phoon’s staff ware so pleasant to deal with, so professional, friendly who made sure all calls and emails ware answered in timely manner ! My whole experience from start to finish is a positive one, couldn't be more happier with the end results than what I am! I would definitely recommend Dr Alex Phoon to family and friends! Dr Alex Phone is truly one amazing doctor with a gift , who I highly recommend!!!


Nipple Surgery

I was born with grade 3 inverted nipples, which made me feel extremely abnormal and undesirable. It's something that has plagued my confidence since puberty. Reverting inverted nipples is not a super common surgery, which made it difficult to read people's experiences, however Alex made me feel so comfortable about the operation right from the first consultation, and was able to explain everything to me in laymen's terms so I could understand. I could not be more pleased with the results and the healing process was so much better than I had predicted. Thank you Alex!!!


Breast Augmentation

My journey with Dr Alex Phoon was nothing but amazing from start to finish. I can’t recommend him enough. He made me feel so comfortable and explained everything possible to me, his bed side manners were beyond and more I could have asked for. And he did what would suit best for me. I have never felt more comfortable with my body thanks to Dr Phoon


Breast Reduction

I am 3 months post op following a breast reduction and am happy with my results so far. Dr Phoon was extremely informative at my initial consultation and set me at ease straight away. Alex's personable nature and professionalism made the decision to go with Park Clinic easy. Because of that consultation, I made the decision to move forward with the surgery pretty quickly. This was something I had been thinking about for years and I had met with multiple surgeons throughout my decision making process. I was SO anxious leading up to my surgery. I mentioned this to Jenny, the Clinic Manager, and she called me very shortly after receiving my email to talk through everything and make sure that I was all ok to move forward. The entire team at Park Clinic were great throughout the whole process. My healing has gone pretty well so far. I was back to a fairly normal pace around 6 weeks after surgery and I am completely back into the gym etc. at 3 months post op (I have been for a little while). I would recommend Alex to anyone that is after some form of plastic surgery.


Tummy Tuck

My journey started 7 years ago when I delivered my first child via emergency c section. Post-delivery a wound infection kept me hospitalised for 30 days, with the end result being extensive scar tissue, muscle weakness and constant pain in the location of the c section scar. After much apprehension over the past 7 years, I decided to seek advice from a cosmetic surgeon. From the moment I walked into Dr Alex Phoons clinic, I felt at ease. He was honest, warm, experienced and exceptionally professional. He had empathy for his patient and had my best interests in mind during the initial consultation. At this point I had no doubt, I had chosen the right doctor for me. I’m now 8 weeks post-surgery, the abdominal pain I endured for 7 years has subsided, scar tissue and abdomen restored and repaired. My confidence is back, I’m feeling and looking great and I’m forever grateful to Dr Phoon for the amazing reconstructive work he performed on me. Dr Phoon runs an exceptional practice, he is a surgical genius, a perfectionist, and has an equally professional and caring nursing and administrative team supporting him. A wonderful surgical journey from start to finish. I’m sincerely grateful for now being pain free, having my body back and for restoring my confidence. Thank you Dr Phoon and team.
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