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Breast Reduction

The procedure I had done was a breast reduction. I was recommended from a close friend who did extensive research before having a reduction/lift herself. Dr Alex Phoon and his team lived up to the expectation my friend had given me. From the very start they were very clear about pricing, what could happen and most importantly I felt comfortable with Dr Alex Phoon. I have been told by other friends how much pain they were in but both myself and the friend who recommended me couldn't believe how quickly we recovered! I highly recommend a consultation!


Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

Dr Phoon was lovely from the get go. Made me believe in myself again. So with my 40kg weight loss it left me with a horrible apron and i never felt confident with that hanging there. I had 3 procedures with Dr Phoon which was the Belt Lipectomy, Breast lift - Mastopexy and liposuctions to my arms. The care i received from Dr Phoon and his team was outstanding. The hospital was amazing too. Also with being a rural patient i was constantly in contact with them via email/phone. Highly recommended.


Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Vaser Liposuction

It is truly difficult to find the words to fully express how amazing I feel and how happy I am. Thank you. From the very first minute I walked through the doors of your beautiful office, I felt 100% cared for. The staff is amazing! Dr. Phoon - Thank you for your excellent work, thank you for putting me at ease and THANK YOU for giving my body back!


Breast Implant Revision

I am really happy with my results from Dr Phoon. From the minute I went to my first consult Jessie and the team at Park Clinic were so lovely and down to earth! The nurse after my procedure even wheeled me to my friends car who was picking me up. I had implants 590cc XHP placed and due to skin elasticity being weak they bottomed out, and Dr Phoon revised this issue 12 months later. He was not going to let me leave being unhappy which meant a lot to me. I would recommend him and have to plenty of women who have also gone to him and are so happy with the results!


Breast Augmentation

After years of thinking about getting a breast augmentation, I finally decided to go ahead for a consult. From the moment I stepped in to Dr Alex Phoon's consultation room, I instantly felt at ease! He is very understanding, professional and genuinely cares about getting the best results. I immediately knew he was the right surgeon for me! The actual operation was such a breeze. I went into the hospital that morning, and walked out that afternoon. I actually couldn't believe how easy it was. I had very little discomfort following the procedure and I recovered so quickly. 7 months post op and I could not be happier! It has exceeded my expectations, the size and tear drop shape suit my body shape so much. I feel so much more feminine and confident!! I constantly get asked who did my breasts and complimented on how natural they look. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr Alex Phoon and consider it the best thing I've ever done!! xx


Breast Augmentation

I am currently 5 week post breast augmentation and couldn't be happier with the care I received from Dr Phoon and his team. All the staff at the clinic were so friendly and really helpful and answered all my questions. I found Dr Phoon to be very honest and down to earth which is something that is important to me and right away I felt at ease with him. I had been thinking about Breast Augmentation for about 2 years and it has the best thing I have ever done and I wish I had done it sooner! I went from a B to a D cup and couldn't be happier with the shape and size, they look incredibly natural and Dr Phoon knew exactly what the right shape and size would suit my body shape and my lifestyle. I feel so much more in proportion now and my confidence within my self has improved so much.


Breast Augmentation

Just over 6 weeks post op for a breast augmentation and I could not be happier. I went from basically wearing a kids bra to now a D/E and they look amazing. I was hesitant and scared trying to find the perfect surgeon and From the moment I met Dr Phoon I trusted him and immediately felt comfortable. He was so friendly and honest in what would be suitable for my body and frame. From booking the consultation to my 6 week check up his whole team have been amazing. EVERYONE comments on how great my boobs are and the shape is perfect, so natural looking!! My recovery was quick and painless I hardly took any pain killers. My only regret was not getting them done sooner! Thanks Dr Phoon and team I would highly recommend seeing Dr Phoon, you will not be disappointed!!


Breast Augmentation

From the moment I sat down with Dr. Alex Phoon I felt extremely comfortable and trusting! I believe he had my complete best interest at heart and explained all my options in depth. I had such an easy, pain free recovery and was up and sightseeing around Sydney the day after surgery! Absolutely amazed at how easy the whole experience was. Dr. Phoon has also made contact directly with me several times since surgery which has been very reassuring, being from interstate it was very nerve racking not knowing what follow up contact I would receive however I am extremely impressed with the high level of care he has shown, it’s very reassuring that he actually cares about his patients and their recovery. I could not recommend his kind, caring manner any higher! Extremely happy with my results. Thank you Dr. Phoon!!

Nderegowski 14/07/2017

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Body Lift

Look no further than Dr Phoon. I cannot recommend him highly enough. A talented Dr and nothing short of an artist and and overall great guy. The results we have achieved have exceeded any expectations i had. He has changed my life! I had a belt lipectomy - think tummy tuck but all the way around -360, breast lift and augmentation after losing 60 kgs. I had so much excess skin and my breasts had lost firmness and shape. Meeting with Dr Phoon i felt like he looked at me as an individual and recommended a combination of procedures that would have the greatest impact to my overall look without risking my health. He takes his time to get to know you and what you are after, he instantly sets your mind at ease . I went in thinking i needed one thing but what i got was so much better. I had no complications post surgery, my scar is really neat (very very important)and i have seen Dr Phoon a few times post surgery and he is always there with a huge smile on his face giving me all the time i need to answer my questions. I have a couple more procedures id like to do with Dr Phoon. Park Clinic is a professional and friendly clinic - you will be well looked after pre, during and post surgery. P.S The photos above were quite early on in my recovery with quite a bit of swelling - some mornings i wake up and my stomach is literally as flat as a board! Thanks Dr Phoon

Zoe Ripoll 30/07/2017

Breast Augmentation

Could not be any more pleased with the procedure I've had done. I'm currently 7 weeks post op and in love with my new breasts. Dr Phoon has transformed not only my physical attributes but also transformed how I now see myself! He's very honest and transparent with his clients and only recommends what he thinks is in the clients best interests. Once again, very pleased with the choice of surgeon I made and will definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone, whenever I can!

Mareeparso 03/07/2017

Breast Augmentation

I am 7 weeks post op now and my breasts look amazing! My breasts have always appeared small on my frame and I've spent so many years trying to balance my body out with particular bras and certain shaped dresses and tops. I had finally had enough! I'm nearing 40 with 2 children and I just didn't want to spend the rest of my life feeling like I was managing a problem. I went to Dr Phoon and requested a very natural shape that would fit my broad shoulders and hips. After some assessment he recommended tall height, high profile anatomical mentor implants placed in the subglandular position. I really couldn't be happier with them either. I work out a lot and the placement is perfect for me - they do not interfere with or restrict any movements or lifting and the recovery was pretty easy. They already look like the breasts I always wanted and now I can wear so many different dresses and tops and even bought a one piece swimsuit for the first time ever. Dr Phoon and his staff are professional and welcoming. I absolutely recommend seeing Dr Phoon for a consultation.

Summerholiday 16/03/2017

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Phoon is amazing, easy to talk to, good manners and results are excellent. I am very happy I had him as my surgeon. As I'm not local our communication has been mostly via e-mail and he replays always quickly. Recommend 100%!

Stacey.F 11/04/2017

Breast Augmentation

Look no further people!! I found Dr Alex Phoon when I came across Parkclinic Sydney website. I thought it was fantastic and the only website that I had looked at to have really informative videos on the surgeries they offer. I met DR Phoon before I met him if you get what I mean via the videos. His demeanor during the videos & extensive experience tick the boxes for me. When my husband & I met him at my consultation he did not disappoint. He was incredibly professional but very personable. He made us feel so relaxed and the whole consultation experience was brilliant. He used an awesome piece of technology which was a 3D vector machine which takes images of you then appears on the screen where he chooses appropriate size and shape implants ( in my case) to apply to your image!! Wow I was amazed I could see what I would look like with my new boobs. I can honestly say in my case the technology was very accurate to my actual result. Better in the flesh of course. Surgery day came and not an ounce of nerves in my body and I have never had an anesthetic before. Before I knew it I woke up in recovery feeling tired but not bad at all. The whole team who worked with Dr Phoon on the day and hospital staff were fantastic. I am 34 yr mother of two And I am a personal trainer. Due to enjoying lifting weights very regularly and moving equipment around on a regular basis Dr Alex Phoon recognized that the more popular placement of implants being sub-muscular could be more risky or detrimental in my situation. He recommended sub-glandular placement with anatomical 390cc implants would be ideal for appearance and functionality. HE WAS SPOT ON! I am 6 weeks post op and I have had a very smooth recovery. I took my recovery seriously and was not tempted to get back into training especially abs and upper body until after my 6 week check. I know too many people who have done injustice to themselves and their investments by thinking they can jump straight back into their training, it's not worth it. I am ecstatic with my results, I couldn't possibly speak any more highly of Dr Phoon, he's a incredibly talented surgeon who really listens to his patients. Seriously book your consultation!!!

Bhessar 24/05/2017

Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I have always had big boobs but after high school I gained quite a lot of weight and my breasts became very large and saggy. Now in my 20s, I finally managed to lose the weight but this lead to my breasts becoming even more severely saggy with loose skin. When consulting with Dr Phoon he had a lovely, kind manner and I knew he would be the right surgeon to help me fix my problem. He provided me with all the details and information I needed to make the appropriate choices regarding implant type and size. After my surgery I had some complications with infection and Dr Phoon and his team were quick to help solve it and made time to see and speak to me regularly to ensure I was recovering properly. A few months after my first operation Dr Phoon wanted to further improve the appearance of my breasts and so we did a second operation which he did for free. I am really glad I chose Dr Phoon as my surgeon and would highly recommend him!

Krystal S 17/03/2017

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck

I was told to shop around before choosing a surgeon however as soon as I met Alex I felt so comfortable and safe in his hands that I did not worry about seeing another surgeon. He was extremely warm and understanding and his passion for his work made me very confident in his ability. I am now 6 weeks post op, recovering very well and extremely happy with my new body thanks to Dr Phoon! The entire process was made as simple and stress free as possible due to the support of Dr Phoon and his staff.

Mrs0 19/04/2017

I just want to start to by saying how amazing Dr Alex Phoon is and will be forever grateful. I am 6 weeks post op and am feeling amazing. I have been dreaming of breast implants since I was 17, however after two children and almost 10 years later I finally decided now was the right time. To say I am completely and utterly happy with them is an understatement . They are perfect and I love them. It has given me back so much confidence as I never felt happy with my breasts prior. Dr Phoon was professional at all times and his bed manner was wonderful. He was so caring and made me feel so comfortable with him. The moment I had my first consultation I knew he was who I wanted to do the surgery. The recovery was great minimal pain with a great result. I had high profile teardrop implants under the muscle and both where 545CC. Definitely would recommend Dr Phoon to anyone looking to have surgery.

Aimee R W 17/02/2017

I am 9 weeks post op today from a breast lift and implants and I couldn't be happier. I'm 23 years old and from losing weight I was very self conscious about my boobs. From the moment I met Alex I felt totally at ease. He made me feel comfortable, safe and had an excellent bedside manner and was very respectful. I trusted him for the get go. I couldn't be happier with the my surgery and the whole process. I have gained so much more confidence and it's all thanks to Alex. I would highly recommend him!

Camille M 01/01/1970

I had a breast augmentation 3 months ago and even if it is very recent, I am very pleased with the results. Alex is not just a great surgeon but also a great person. Whatever happens he will support you and look after you. I will recommend Dr Alexander Phoon without a doubt.

Tom 26/02/2017

Body Lift

I had waited many years for my breast reduction and lift. I was nervous about taking the steps and researched before finally deciding on Dr Alex Phoon as my surgeon. From the first meeting Dr Phoon put me at ease regarding the procedure. He explained every detail fully and with the assistance of the 3D Vectra imaging machine I felt confident to move forward. He was very honest and realistic about the end result which I admired. It has been 9 months since my procedure and I couldn't be happier with my result. I highly recommend Dr Phoon and his team at Park Clinic Plastic Surgery

NickyM 01/01/1970

Breast Augmentation

I had been wanting a breast augmentation for a long time. I knew the time was right after I had finished breastfeeding my youngest child. Dr Phoon was recommended to me by other doctors who have seen his work. When I met Dr Phoon he was very welcoming. He thoroughly explained the procedure and answered any questions I had. He chose the size and type of implant for my body shape. And I have to say he nailed it.The whole process from pre op to post op care with follow up appointments was excellent. It has now been 3 months post op and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Phoon.

courtneyzerafa 28/10/2016

Breast Augmentation

I'd been considering a breast augmentation for over 2 years. It was something I really wanted and something I'd been thoroughly researching. Yet, even all that research couldn't prepare me for how life-changing the surgery is. It is one of my best decisions to date, and I can't thank Dr Alex Phoon enough. The whole process was made so much easier with the professional and humble demeanour of Alex. I felt comfortable instantly, and was reassured by the magnitude of his qualifications. The entire process was thoroughly discussed, and the 3D imaging added the extra detail that allowed me to literally see what the final result would look like - something that helped me feel completely assured that I was making the right decision. And the final result - I can now wear all the dresses I never felt comfortable in and go bra shopping without dread. My breasts look and feel natural. Walking into Park Clinic the first time I barely fit into an A Cup, now I'm a full C. The exact size I was hoping for. The recovery was far from painful, and at most I felt slight discomfort. My scars sit underneath my breasts and are slowly becoming barely noticeable. The scars themselves weren't large at all. I am so glad and thankful for Dr Alex Phoon and the whole team at Park Clinic. All of my questions were instantly answered, and at no point did I feel anxious about the procedure. I couldn't recommend Dr Alex Phoon enough.

Zaney1 21/10/2016

Breast Augmentation

I honestly cannot speak highly enough of Alex. After breastfeeding three little ones my breasts were not exactly perky. Alex has the most AMAZING bedside manner. He guided me through the procedure, was open to my concerns or suggestions and produced and outcome that I absolutely love. He's a no-brainer choice!

Amy123 18/10/2016

Breast Augmentation

Overall I had a wonderful experience with Dr Phoon and would recommend him to anyone looking into breast augmentation surgery. From the initial consultation up until surgery he was professional and made me feel comfortable. Before surgery I had done a lot of research and gone to numerous other consultations. As soon I finished my consultation with Dr Phoon I was ready to book my surgery. It was clear he knew what he was doing and geniuely cared about my experience. The results are amazing and exactly what I was hoping for. I couldn't be happier with my breast augmentation and attribute my enjoyable experience and amazing results to Dr Phoon and the parks clinic staff.

New horizon 21/06/2016

Mummy Makeover

I am a 41 year old mother of three. My second pregnancy turned out to be twin boys - and I count myself as very fortunate to have my boys :) - however that pregnancy changed my body irreversibly! The skin on my tummy bothered me the most - it was crepey and wrinkly, I called it my 'old lady' tummy - and no amount of exercise or weight loss would resolve it. I also had a droopy navel which I hated. As for my breasts - I breast fed all my children - they were a really deflated, and fairly droopy B cup with not much breast tissue. I researched plastic surgery options (breast augmentation and tummy tuck) for a couple of years, and had consultations with a number of surgeons before discovering Dr Alex Phoon from Park Clinic Plastic Surgery in Sydney. I first read about Alex in Vogue magazine and then I looked up his work online and on the Park Clinic Facebook page. I was totally won over by his technique with tummy tucks and particularly neat, small belly navels - my own navel bothered me a lot. I had given up wearing bikinis since I had my boys as I felt too self conscious, and I was quite disappointed about that. Alex put me at ease and inspired my trust when I met him in early 2016. I decided to take the plunge - and booked in for surgery and went ahead with a breast augmentation and tummy tuck with Dr Alex at the East Sydney Private Hospital in June 2016. I found the recovery from the breast surgery very straight forward and although I was a bit sore for a week or two it was not too bad at all. I have to admit that the recovery from the tummy tuck recovery was quite tough for me - I recommend at least a month off work after that...but four months on most importantly I am so very, very pleased with the results! It's a big improvement and I think where my body is concerned I have turned back the clock to my pre-baby years, and with my breasts they are better than they ever were naturally! I am now a DD cup, my breasts are totally in proportion to my body shape, pert and full, and with a lovely natural shape and curve. In my consult I was clear with Dr Alex that I wanted any change to be natural looking. My tummy is flat, with a nice neat belly button and no more crepey skin! Of course there is a low, neat hip to hip scar - totally hidden by a small pair of underwear or bikini briefs. I am very happy and pleased with the results - and very excited about wearing a bikini this summer! :)

lisaw 08/09/2016

Breast Augmentation

I decided to have Breast Augmentation after years of debating. As a 47 year old relatively fit person my breasts had all but disappeared and while you can work on all other areas in the gym the breast tends to disappear. I thoroughly researched all plastic surgeons in Sydney and spoke to friends / friends of friends who had already had the procedure. I shortlisted 2-3 surgeons in Sydney. I wanted a very natural look and didn't want to go too big. My first Drs consult was extremely disappointing as he was supposed to be 1 of the best but I didn't get a 'good feel'. I believe this is paramount irrespective of how qualified the Dr is. My next consult was with Dr Alex Phoon. As soon as I entered his office and started talking to him I knew he was the right surgeon for me. His professional yet friendly manner made me at ease and 100% sure i was making the right decision with the right surgeon. He is extremely thorough and the 3D imaging is a huge help in deciding the final size. Alex really listened and understood my needs and I am over the moon with the final result. The shape and size is perfect and looks very natural. I am now 6 weeks post op. I would recommend Dr Alex Phoon to anyone considering Breast Augmentation.

a.a 19/07/2016

Chin Implants, Rhinoplasty

3 months ago I underwent an open rhinoplasty and chin augmentation (silicone implant) with Dr Phoon. Since the first consultation this has been such a smooth and reassuring process and I'm so extremely happy with the result! I previously had quite a prominent hump and hooked/downward-facing tip as well as a receded chin, so was very conscious of my face in profile - but that's no longer case. The result is natural-looking and balanced, and matches the simulated result (from the initial consultation) very well! Dr Phoon was professional, clear and thorough with explaining the whole process to me, and so approachable throughout. He encouraged me to ask questions and was always very responsive to emails. Rhinoplasty is such a fine and tricky procedure and he's done it amazingly, and the chin implant is just the right size and shape. I would certainly recommend him for both his surgical skill and professional, friendly manner.

madeleine.lock 10/11/2015

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I had waited many years for my breast reduction and lift. I was nervous about taking the steps and researched extensively before finally deciding on Dr Alex Phoon as my surgeon. From the first meeting Dr Phoon put me at ease regarding the procedure. He explained every detail fully and with the assistance of the 3D Vectra imaging machine I felt confident to move forward. He was very honest and realistic about the end result which I admired. It has been 9 months since my procedure and I couldn't be happier with my result. I highly recommend Dr Phoon and his team at Park Clinic Plastic Surgery.

AS100 05/04/2016

Breast Augmentation

When I decided to have a Breast Augmentation I did alot of research as I wanted a Doctor who was a qualified Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon. I was aware that there is a vast difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon alone. Therefore, I knew Dr Phoons qualifications meant he had completed many years of extensive medical training. At my first consultation he made me feel at ease due to his calm friendly demeanor, he was very thorough with providing the relevant information and answering my questions. After the consultation I felt he was capable of achieving the best result for me. I was confident in his ability and trusted his judgement as to the most suitable implant type and size for my shape. The day of surgery he made me feel comfortable and I felt he was dedicated to ensuring I got the result I wanted as his patient. I am 11 weeks post op and happy with the outcome. Dr Phoon is a talented Plastic Surgeon, at all times he was professional, genuine and honest with me. I would recommend him to others considering surgery.

Racheal 24/03/2016

Breast Augmentation

I had been considering having a breast augmentation for a very long time. I am 38 years of age and I had inconsistent breasts. The one on the left hand side was a half an A cup and the one on the right hand side was a full B cup. I had never worn a bikini. It was very hard for me to wear clothes that showed cleavage. I used to be very mindful at the gym wearing singlets. I pulled my singlet really high up so that my breasts did not show. And just because I could not wear sports bras, I was wearing normal lingerie bras with padding. These bras were so harsh on my skin. Due to huge difference in the size of my breasts, these bras these bras rubbed the on my skin and I had scarring in the middle of my chest. I then started wearing a Band-Aid in the middle of my chest to stop the scarring. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I did not like the look of my breasts. Apart from having abnormal breasts, I have a really good physique. But the abnormal breasts made me hate my body. I felt ashamed of my breasts. I don’t what it is about breasts but having nice breasts gives a woman a lot of confidence in life. I then decided that I did not want to live my life like this. I wanted to look great and be happy with my body. I started researching about breast augmentation. I spent so many months reading about ladies that have had this procedure done and about various plastic surgeons. I chose Dr Alex Phoon after watching his online videos and reading about him. I was so impressed by him that I booked my surgery date even before I went to see him for my first consultation. He is a very genuine person and he treated me with so much respect. He is very knowledgeable and he explained everything during the consultation. I had my surgery on the 24th of March 2016 and again Dr Alex really looked after me and did a wonderful job. I could not have asked for a better surgeon than him. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Dr Alex has not only given me perfect symmetry. He has changed my life. I regard Alex as a God. He has changed my life so much. He has given me what I did not have. All my life I was unhappy with my breasts but Dr Alex has changed this for me. For this I will be forever grateful. For anyone considering breast augmentation surgery, I only recommend Dr Alex Phoon. He is the best at what he does and he is also a wonderful person. I would also like to thank the staff at Park Clinic Plastic surgery for looking after me.

Lisa P 06/05/2016

Breast Augmentation

After recently having undergone a breast augmentation, I can not speak highly enough of my surgeon Dr Alex Phoon and the staff at Park Clinic Sydney. From the intitial consultation Dr Phoon was very informative and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am so happy with the results I can't wipe the smile from my face. I would recommend his services without hesitation. !!!
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