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Tummy Tuck, Tummy Tuck Revision

Dr Craig Rubinstein is the most caring surgeon I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Having an abdominoplasty was a huge decision, one I didn’t take lightly. I had terrible back pain due to my abdominal separation and getting this surgically repaired was the only option to structurally make me stronger. I had consultations with other surgeons as well as Dr Rubinstein and something that really stood out for me was how caring he was and the after care that was offered. Craig has always been there for me when I felt anxious about something and the ongoing aftercare has been amazing. Craig is a wonderful surgeon and I can not recommend him enough. I also am very happy with the overall look of my tummy. So glad I had my operation and looking forward to my future with a whole new outlook. Thank you to Craig and his team at CocoRuby, they are the best.


Breast Implant Removal

Overall, extremely satisfied. I visited Dr Craig Rubinstein at Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men in late November 2019. My GP referred me to see about having a bilateral implant removal and a lump removed. I found their process extremely thorough and not at all uncomfortable. All of the staff made us feel welcome and were very professional, but warm at the same time. My expectations were very well managed and all my questions answered. Due to a cancellation I was able to get a very quick surgery date in early December 2019. I was treated at Kew Private hospital. The process again was easy and I felt at ease the whole time from Craig and his Nurses. I am 3+ months post op now and I’m extremely happy with the results and follow appointments. In fact the outcome is better than I had envisioned. Thank you to Dr Rubinstein and the team.


Breast Augmentation

I was very anxious about having breast augmentation surgery, so I did a lot of research and was impressed with Mr Craig Rubinstein's numerous qualifications, training and experience, as well as the testimonials from his patients. From the first appointment I felt confident he was the right surgeon for me. The pre-surgical information and support was excellent, and I am extremely happy with the result! I had no post-operative complications and have no hesitation to recommend Mr Rubinstein to any woman considering breast augmentation surgery.


Breast Augmentation

I met with Craig back in 2014 . After breastfeeding 3 children my chest area had disappeared!!! I was no easy case. I was so happy Craig could help me. I loved my results I looked like me again. Jan 2020 I went back to see Craig, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I felt great going back in to see Craig. I knew he would look after me. He is a very skilled professional plastic surgeon. I felt comfortable at all times. Following up with me after surgery I found was amazing. Not only is Craig Rubenstine a fantastic surgeon he’s actually a really nice guy. I can’t highly reccomemd him enough. Very professional. After surgery I was in minimal pain. No drain tubes! Antibiotics and I felt amazing! If anyone is considering going down the breast augmentation path I would say go see Craig Rubenstine!!!


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I had a breast lift in October, it’s safe to say choosing Craig as my surgeon was the best decision I made. Over the past 5 years I have been toying with having the procedure and have consulted with 4 other surgeons but was never sure it was right for me. As soon as I arrived for my consult with Craig it felt right. Walking into the surgery I was very welcomed by the lovely ladies in the front house, followed by a beautiful waiting area with teas/coffees & chocolates on offer! I soon was taken in to meet with Craig and one of his lovely staff members who was their to assist also. Craig spent the time explaining everything I needed to know in fine detail, along with very honest expectations and also assured me that they are there to support me not only during the surgery process but for life whenever I need it. I’m now 3 months post op. My breasts are everything I had hoped for! Given the procedure I do have a scars, however Craig and the ladies really look after you! All included in the cost are laser treatments (if required) to assist in the best possible healing of the scars also any future follow up appointments/bras/heal light therapy etc. I hadn’t had this offered anywhere else included in the cost. The work, the support, the professionalism are all above and beyond from Craig and his amazing team, not to mention a great sense of humour And really personable! I consider myself so lucky to have chosen here. It pays to do your research, I can’t recommend enough! 5 stars all round!


Breast Reduction

I will like to thank Dr Craig Rubeinstein for an amazing and beautiful job done and a fantastic experience I had. He was patient, professional and showed compassion and empathy. He did not make me nervous at all. Pre and post surgery. He was so caring and his got an amazing team of staff. Always stayed in touch. It was my 1st surgery and almost 4kgs taken off a very sensitive area and Dr Craig Rubeinstein was the best and made the entire process smooth and less complicated. Love his work. And thank you. Seema


Craig Rubinstein was recommended by a friend of mine who had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck 16 years ago with him and had been very happy with her results. I went for a consultation with him because I was concerned with the age and type of implant I had put in at the same time but with a different surgeon who had since retired. Dr Rubinstein was very thorough in his consultation and helped me to make a really informed decision. I had a mammogram, ultra sound and MRI as I wanted to check for breast cancer before removing and replacing my implants which were slightly textured. Fortunately everything was fine and the implants hadn't ruptured. Craig then provided me with the options, realistic expectations and I decided to go ahead with removal and replacement of my implants to a slightly smaller size and non textured implants with a higher profile. I am delighted with the results. I went in for an early morning surgery, spent the day in recovery and went home by 6pm. A few days in bed, but i was fine to walk around slowly and pretty much pain free. I didn't have to have draining tubes or anything. I took two weeks off work, more because my thinking was a bit vague and I didn't want to drive. 6 weeks on I am fully recovered, just got the OK so I can hit the gym again. The implants were inserted using my old scars - about a 4 cm small incision beneath each breast. Scars are healing well. At 49 I initially wasn't sure if I would just remove the implants all together, now that I can see the results, I am pleased that I went ahead with replacement. I even got to see some photos of me without any implants, before they put the new ones in - and I am so glad with my choice. The profile is better than before the replacement, as my breast tissue had dropped and looked quite unnatural before this op. Now they are slightly lifted because of the implant shape and I don't have this bulkiness on the top of my chest that bothered me. The staff were excellent and I simply don't have anything negative to comment on, other than I was a bit disappointed that I was unable to claim anything on medicare or private health insurance because my old implants hadn't ruptured. No rupture is a good thing, however, you would think that because of their age it should be claimable as a preventative medical procedure. But never mind - I'm happy there were no complications and I feel and look great!


Breast Reduction

Craig and his team take exceptional care of his patients. Craig takes the time to understand his patient's needs and wants, always ensuring they are comfortable. Craig's kindness, humour and knowledge is remarkable. I could not recommend Craig and his team highly enough!


Tummy Tuck

I had an extended abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) surgery performed by Dr Craig Rubinstein. The surgery has literally been life changing and beyond my expectations. I look fantastic and feel fantastic. I highly recommend Craig for his professional, respectful and most importantly SAFE approach. The care and follow up from himself and the staff is exceptional. His fees which are reasonable and include all the aftercare regarding the procedure. E.g garments, creams, vitamins and follow up appointments were all included - just like an all inclusive service!


Tummy Tuck

Thank you to Craig Rubinstein for his care, interest and expertise in recreating not only my tummy but my outlook on life. No longer do I hide away in big, baggy clothes, instead I feel like I can wear what I want and look good. What a great feeling! From the moment I walked into Cosmetic Surgery for women and men, I felt welcomed and respected. The girls at the desk were friendly and helpful. I was bit nervous at having decided to go on this journey but my fears were washed away as Craig walked in and began joking. He was professional and informative as well as approachable 'and friendly. All of my questions were answered and I was given a lot of information to think about. I felt supported. It is now nine weeks since my procedure and apart form the usual swelling and tightness, I feel wonderful! The scar is amazing; symmetrical and low and healing really well. A big thank you to Felicity who visited me in hospital every day to see how I was going post recovery. I would be extremely happy to recommend Craig and his wonderful team to anyone who isn't happy with their tummy.


Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I could not recommend a more professional and caring surgeon. Craig is very personable and honest. He is focused on a healthy and appropriate outcome for each individual and leaves no questions unanswered. They offer spectacular after care and never leave you uneasy with no one to answer questions. This is a premium surgeon, team of specialists, quality practice and all supported by terrific staff! Your decision to choose here is easy. Highly recommended.


Breast Augmentation

When I first decided I wanted to have breast augmentation I was only 22. My cousin who worked within the industry told me that Dr Rubinstein was the man to see. Initially I went just to get a bit more of an insight into the procedure and what it involved, however he was the first and only surgeon I saw. I immediately felt comfortable from the moment I met him. He didn't make me feel like a client, but a friend. As a result, my initial consult ended up in me booking my surgery. Dr Rubinstein encourages all of his clients to come and see him once a year to touch base. Not only do I appreciate this, but every year I am reminded why I chose him. I couldn't recommend him enough and as most of my friends know I am always happy to prove how good his work is :)


Dr Craig Rubinstein has been fantastic ! His surgical skills are amazing and he is very caring towards his patients. I am extremely happy with my results ! I had 18 yer old implants and one of the implants had ruptured! I needed them replaced, breast lift and some revision due to previous surgery! He exceeded my expectations and the after care is impeccable !! This was a difficult procedure and there was concern about the outcome! The outcome was perfect! I healed very well and the scaring was minimal! I was able to start competing at my sport after 6 weeks ! and had absolutely no problems. Thank You :)

Kate Ashton 22/08/2019

Breast Reduction

Dr Craig Rubinstein is incredibly kind and funny. He made me feel completely comfortable from the minute I met him and continued to make me laugh up until the 6 week check up. He is highly professional. He made sure he explained the procedure to me in the initial consultation so that I was aware of what was going to happen. He had a high attention to detail and I could tell he was committed to giving me the best results. I cannot express enough how happy I am with the work he has done and I'm incredibly grateful for the new found confidence he has given me.


Breast Augmentation

This is the second time I have had breast augmentation undertaken by Mr Craig Rubenstein, the first being in 2001 as a 20 year old. There is no one I would trust more with this procedure than Craig, and I’m very happy with my new, slightly larger implants ! 9 weeks post op and I feel fabulous. Craig’s and his team are utmost professionals and guide you on the journey the whole way. Thanks Craig and Team for looking after me ??


Breast Augmentation

Craig Rubinstein is fantastic and i cant recommend him highly enough. Craig is so professional and puts you at ease with his knowledge and years of experience. I requested natural looking breasts for my petite frame and he did exactly that. I am very happy and knew prior to the augmentation i was in good hands the moment I met Craig at our first consultation. Craig is the man to go with if you are after honesty, experience and natural looking breasts.


Breast Reduction

Dr Rubinstein is an amazing plastic surgeon. I came to see him highly recommended by a friend who also had a breast reduction and lift. Craig and his staff were very professional and always made me feel at ease. Having this surgery has been the best thing that I have done for myself and couldn't be more pleased with the result, thanks to Craig. It has been 8 weeks post surgery and the staff have been there for me the whole way. I would highly recommend Craig Rubinstein to anyone considering having breast surgery. He is truly an expert in his field.


Breast Augmentation

As a health professional myself I have high expectations. Dr Craig Rubinstein far exceeded my expectations. He is an exceptional plastic surgeon. His bedside manner and skill set are incredible. Highly recommend to anyone considering any type of surgery with him. Thank you for everything. His lovely staff also deserve a special mention, for being so caring and helpful.


Breast Augmentation

Can't recommend Craig Rubinstein highly enough - he is very professional, explains all the options in easy to understand language and genuinely cares. I had a breast reduction in the UK some 6 years ago - that left me with what can best described as 'man boobs'. I was so self conscious of them. I made the decision to see Craig as he had a great reputation to find out if there was anything that could be done. He explained second time round was always difficult and following 2 consultations we agreed on a way forward that would rectify some of the issues, but no promises. I am now 3 months post surgery and am so so happy with the result - no more man boobs, great shape. The after care has been amazing and this week I meet with the scar nurse for the first time. Would not hesitate to recommend Craig and his team.


Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck

I am 9 weeks post surgery and feeling great. I am amazed at the transformation!!! Craig was wonderful from beginning to end, always offering support whenever I needed it. The clinical staff were also wonderful with visits every day for the first week and ongoing support. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone.

Ashleighrbryant1992 26/07/2019

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Rubenstein was so professional, personable and high quality. I would highly recommend him to any woman considering cosmetic surgery.


Breast Augmentation

Dr Craig Rubinstein is truly the best plastic surgeon. I wish I went to him twenty years ago. Seeing the truly amazing work he has done on me I would be nervous if someone I knew went elsewhere. I highly recommend him to everyone out there. Don’t got to anyone else. Dr Craig Rubinstein is not only the best surgeon but is also one amazing individual. He genuinely cares about his patients and makes you feel so comfortable. 11/10 to this man he is a gem ?


Breast Augmentation

I can highly recommend Dr Craig Rubinstein, l am 100% happy with my new breasts , l just wish l had it done 10 years ago ! Dr Rubinstein was professional, caring, a perfectionist, charming and funny . I felt totally safe and had every confidence in him and his team . Also his after care and his staff are amazing ! I can’t thank him and his team and staff enough


Breast Reduction

I am 10 weeks post breast reduction and am so incredibly happy with my results, best thing I have ever done for myself. The whole experience with Craig, from the first appointment to a checkup yesterday, has been handled with such care that I was put completely at ease immediately. The nurses and reception staff at the clinic are all so friendly and amazing and always happy to answer any questions, pre and post op. I would recommend Craig without hesitation.


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I am currently 4 month post op after having Mastopexy with implants performed by Craig Rubinstein and I couldnt be happier with my results, I had consulted with Craig in 2016 and decided to go ahead in 2019 and looked no further when it was time to book it in then consulting back with Craig. He is so knowledgeable about breast surgery and knows what suits each individual body best! He will tell you about the pro's and the possible con's that can occur undertaking the surgery he doesn't hide anything and gives you the honest truth! He has a lovely bedside manner and makes you feel confident that you are in the right hands. If you do your research you will see he is super skilled! Your always welcomed to return to the clinic prior to surgery and after with any concerns you may want addressed by Craig or his lovely staff. His nursing staff take very good care of you after surgery and are there 24/7 to take your calls for any concerns you may have post operatively.


Breast Reduction

Dr Rubinstein had a very welcoming and safe presence about him. Breast reduction is a very personal and invasive procedure but Dr Rubinstein always made me feel comfortable. At our first appointment I spent about 1 hour with him. I was able to ask questions, tell him my story and voice all my concerns. Every time I saw Dr Rubinstein he was so thorough and caring. He always asked if I had any other questions or concerns and he was very honest in his answers. On the day of surgery, I was a bit anxious but once Dr Rubinstein started to prepare me for surgery, seeing how much care and passion he demonstrated in wanting to achieve the best result and outcome for me, made me feel more relaxed and ready for the experience. Dr Rubinstein and his team all made me feel like I was not just another number but rather that they were genuinely interested and happy for me. People did not believe that I was a 12H as I hid them so well until I showed them the before photo and then showed them the after photo of me now being a 12D, and they are as amazed as I am, to have been able to achieve the result that I have. I am only 2 weeks after my operation and to say how happy I am is an understatement. I am now a perky and symmetrical 12D! Trusting Dr Rubinstein was the best choice I ever made! The results are amazing and I have never been happier.


Breast Augmentation

I would highly recommend Dr. Craig Rubinstein if you are considering Breast Augmentation. His is very professional as are his team. I had surgery with him 2 years ago and I thought I should write a review for him. I have been so happy with his work. My implants look amazing two years later! I have not had any issues with them. I have been for all my check ups in the last 2 years and I still can't believe that I receive the same service since the first time I walked through the doors at his office. He might be more expensive then other surgeons, but he is worth each cent! When I started researching for a surgeon, he had the best reviews and I totally understand why. My surgery was a success and my recovery was quick. Thank you again to all the team at Cosmetic Surgery For Women.


Tummy Tuck

Couldn’t be any happier with my results from Tummy tuck. My full tummy tuck was in January 2019. I googled plastic surgeons and Craig came up. After reading the reviews I had to go meet him. I felt so welcome and at ease at the consultation that I knew Craig was the right surgeon for me. I also really appreciated his honesty. I had a good recovery and no issues. I am so happy looking in the mirror each day and watching the results. I am so happy with the scars so far too. People I have shown the scars to are amazed at how they look. The staff at the clinic are just so wonderful, helpful and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Craig and his team. Deb


Breast Implant Revision

I had a breast augmentation done by another Melbourne surgeon when I was 19 and I had absolutely hated my chest ever since. Along with the implants being much too big and fake looking, the surgeon had also made my left breast pocket too lateral and too low which made the implant fall into my armpit laying down, as well has having gross nipple asymmetry. I went back to this same surgeon 4 years later to be told it was an exaggeration of my pre-existing anatomy. I went elsewhere for a second opinion, who sided with my belief that the left implant was definitely lower than the right. However, he did not feel surgery was necessary. After 9 years of being incredibly unhappy with my body, my friend referred me to see Mr. Rubinstein, who has literally changed my life. Craig seconded that the implant had “bottomed out” on the left side, and confirmed that the implants were much too large for my body, as well as being the wrong type of implant for a natural look. I originally had 350cc high profile saline implants from the first surgeon. Craig and I discussed that 265cc moderate profile Motiva silicone implants would be best for me… and can I tell you, Craig did such an amazing job! I have such a natural looking result. Being a theatre nurse myself, I know how hard it is to find a surgeon with a lovely bedside manner as well as being a fantastic surgeon. Craig is both of those things. I highly highly highly recommend going to see him.

jessica.gordon 10/11/2018

Breast Reduction

Craig was an amazing surgeon. he was honest and always looking out for my best interest. I felt incredibly comfortable with him. Craig was laid back aswell as professional which made for a great experience. before my surgery he made me feel at ease about what was going happen and always reminded me that i was making the right decision for myself
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