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Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I went to see Dean Trotter on a recommendation from a friend and what an incredible experience! He looked after me so well, not to mention doing an amazing job. From first meeting in his office, to the hospital to the follow-up appointments I can not speak highly enough of him. It was a huge amount of work replacing ruptured breast implants plus a lift and I could not be happier.


Tummy Tuck

I would, and already have, highly recommend Mr Dean Trotter to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon. I was lucky enough to stumble across him via a google research, and could not speak more highly. Not only of Mr Trotter, but also the staff who work along side of him. I felt comfortable, informed and able to ask a question(even if i thought it was stupid). He is a truely professional surgeon, with great bed side manner. I feel blessed enough to have found Mr Trotter as he changed my life, after years of obesity and childbirth, my body was deformed. Well, not anymore and I'm excited for the first time in my life, to wear a bikini this summer.

MelJane73 05/01/2017

Breast Reduction

Back in January 2017, I had a breast reduction. It was something that I’d wanted to do for years but never had the courage to do it. Finally I felt it was time, so I began the process of looking for a surgeon. I’d been given recommendations from my GP, I’d continuously searched websites for reviews on other people’s experiences which gave me lots of information that I found really helpful. My procedure was done by Dr Dean Trotter. I had my consultation and he was extremely professional, very clear on explaining the procedure and what was going to happen on the day of surgery and more than happy to answer my questions and very reassuring. I remember sitting in the waiting area beforehand so nervous my hands were shaking yet after my consultation I’d walked away feeling happy with my decision to finally conquer my fear to do it and really confident that I was in good hands. On the day of surgery Dr Trotter and his team were outstanding. They again explained everything that was going to happen on the day, very reassuring and all staff were very thoughtful and caring. After the procedure I couldn’t have a look quick enough. Obviously with dressings and my bra I couldn’t see much and the pain was present but nothing like I thought it would be. Again Dr Trotter came around to check on me and explained everything that happened during surgery and the next steps to take for my recovery. The first two weeks after surgery weren’t as bad as I expected. I was a bit limited with movement of my arms and the pain was manageable. About 3 weeks in I noticed I had trouble with one of the wounds not healing as well as the others. I was warned of this and it was treated immediately and healed after further treatment. Four months down the track, I am ecstatic with the results. I’ve gone from a size G-H cup to a DD. All the pain I experienced in my shoulders and neck has gone, my choice of being able to wear so many more styles of clothing is exciting, I CAN WEAR A STRAPLESS BRA, and it has given me the biggest boost in confidence. I would highly recommend Dr Trotter, his professionalism and level of care before, during and after surgery was excellent and I am extremely thankful.

Theresa G 01/01/1970

Breast Reconstruction

I can't praise Dean Trotter and his team enough. Following being diagnosed with DCIS, I had to have breast reconstruction involving a tummy tuck and and two fat grafting procedures. Dean's 'workmanship' and before and after care was just fantastic. I feel and look great and natural. I highly recommend Dean Trotter to anyone considering plastic surgery. His work is great. with even the nurses at the hospitals I attended, commending how neat the stitches were. What was a very daunting set of procedures was made so much easier with Dean and his team's professional caring manner. Thank you so much to everyone involved, you made a very daunting experience so much easier and given me my dignity as a woman back. Can't thank you all enough.

Loretat2 08/09/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction, Body Lift

I booked a consult with Dean with the intention of also seeing another surgeon but l was so impressed with Dean as he explained to me what my best options would be that I ended up booking and paying on the spot. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Dean as he is in my "eyes" a Master at what he does. I was one of the few that had issues with the healing of my natal cleft which required restitching and the after care that I received was amazing, Dean was always available to discuss any concerns that I had with boththe surgery and recovery time. definitely going back for a inner thigh lift next year.

Tansy 21/07/2016

Breast Augmentation

I had my breast augmentation with Dr Trotter 7 weeks ago and could not be happier with my decision and choice of surgeon. Dr Trotter was proffesional and experienced, which filled me with confidence from the very first minute i met him. I chose 450cc round silicone implants and am now a full d-dd cup, before surgery I was a small a-b cup and lacked confidence. I am more than happy with my decision and would 100% recommend Dr Trotter to anyone wanting to go through the surgery.

Barbie Davies 22/03/2016

Breast Augmentation

What an amazing outcome. My breasts look so real. I was a 12B and now I am a 12DD. Pre surgery, I felt confident and comfortable. The surgery went smoothly and my recovery was amazing. I am extremely happy with the results.

Tabatha 01/02/2016

Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck

I was so impressed with Mr Dean Trotter he did an excellent job and the outcome was better than what I thought. He was very easy to communicate with, was attentive during my stay in hospital and on all my following check ups. I felt extremely comfortable and confident in the work Mr Trotter had done and highly recommend him in the future.

JessL88 18/02/2016

Breast Reduction

I would like to extend my gratitude towards Mr. Dean Trotter for giving me the confidence to love my shape that I was never blessed with. After losing 32kgs, and keeping the weight off for over a year, I was unhappy with my breast shape i was left with. I was recommended to have a consultation with Dean, after hearing a raving review from a colleague who had a breast enlargement, the results spoke for themselves. After my consultation with Dean, I was confident that he would be the surgeon to make my dreams a reality. He was very professional and in depth with his explanation, leaving me 100% confident in my decision to undergo a bilateral breast reduction. The staff at Arc Plastic Surgery were friendly and supportive, which made the process so much easier. It has been 6 weeks since my surgery and I was fortunate enough to not have any complications and successfully healing with minimal scaring. I can't wait to enjoy the masterpieces you have created for me. Thanks Dean.

Amy Shaw 03/03/2016

Breast Augmentation

I always wanted a bigger more fuller looking chest, I have always been a 10B and was never happy with them. I have quite a small frame and didn’t want to change my body to much or have people notice I had breast surgery (unless they knew me) so I opted for a 275 moderate plus implant which gave me a more natural look. My surgeon Dr Dean Trotter was great, he was very realistic and really understood the look I was going for and what I wanted. He made me feel very comfortable as did his staff members who were all lovely. I had two consultations prior to my surgery and I am very glad I went back for the second one. I was a bit overwhelmed with everything in the beginning but I went away and thought about what I wanted and came back and spoke to Dean and he recommend what he thought was best and we went with that. He was very approachable and really took in what I was saying and what I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone!

Beck 01/01/2015

Breast Augmentation

I was extremely nervous about how big and unnatural my breasts might look if I had breast implants. After having 2 children I wanted to give my breasts some life and give me a bit more confidence. Dean was wonderful from the get go. He assessed my assests and informed me that my breasts were in good shape, they were just deflated. He listened to what I wanted and then gave me a couple of suggestions.Being able to have a look at what they might look like was a massive bonus. I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I had very minimal bruising, and my breasts were quite quick to recover from the surgery. I'm 7 weeks post op and I feel great! They are exactly what I wanted. Dean and his team at Northpark were all great and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you!

Jade Baxter 14/01/2016

Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Thigh Reduction

During my surgery I received excellent service, all staff were friendly. Dean my surgeon was very professional and very realistic, he was extremely approachable which made me feel at ease. I have gone back again for another procedure, and again the results were the same, I couldn't be happier with my results! I will definelty go back in for future work. Highly recommend!

Allihay 01/11/2015

Tummy Tuck

After two c sections & loosing 36kg i decided to have a Tummy Tuck, MR, Lipo & Breast Reduction & Lift. Dean was amazing in every way, I highly recommend he a d his team to anyone considering this surgery!

MISSMAYA 01/08/2015

Breast Lift - Mastopexy

This year I made the life changing decision to have surgery to correct my tuberous breasts. I emailed all the surgeons in Australia with experience in correcting them. Arc Plastic surgery was the only one who emailed me back promptly, professionally and had Dean himself answer my questions. He answered my emails with in-depth responses and his wonderful secretary, Maree, was so caring and on-the-ball with giving me all the information I needed and organizing my application for Medicare numbers. Having the first consultation free was a real plus and I knew as soon as I walked into the Arc Plastic surgery office that I had made the right decision. Dean Trotter is an exceptional surgeon who listened to what I needed and wanted, he made me feel completely comfortable (which for someone with a congenital deformity is quite hard) and he genuinely cared about giving me the best outcome to improve my quality of life. The day after my operation I looked in the mirror and cried tears of happiness to finally see what I had wished for, for so long. I feel complete and like I finally have what I should have been born with. The results are perfection and I know they'll only get better with time. I cannot thank him enough and would truly recommend him to anyone with complete confidence.

broomekelly 01/08/2015

Breast Augmentation

I couldn't recommend Dean more! He was amazing from start to finish! From conversing through email, to my first consultation, to the surgery and post op care, I could not fault him and am very impressed! I trusted him entirely and he did not let me down :)
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