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Dr. Deepan Duraisamy (Dr Dee)

Deepan Duraisamy (Dr Dee)

  • Vogue Dental Studios
  • Blackburn, Victoria, Australia
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Dental Veneers, Teeth Whitening

I cannot thank enough Vogue Dental Studios and especially Dr. Deepan for the absolutely amazing job he had done! I used to be extremely conscious of my teeth and my smile due to the accident that I had when I was a child, and ever since I used to struggle giving a big genuine smile. Dr. Deepan had not only replaced my broken teeth with two stunning veneers and given me a beautiful pearly-white smile, but he taught me to love myself for who I am, believe in myself and feel confident in my own skin. Thanks to him I have never been happier with myself! Vogue Dental Studious is way beyond beauty therapy, the main makeovers they work on are within!


Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Teeth Whitening

I had an incredible experience with Vogue Dental Studios. From my initial consultation with Dr. Dee, which I found refreshingly honest, non pressuring and thorough. Firstly we had a long discussion as to what I was hoping to achieve. I am a big smiler and explained my overbite and exposed gums had troubled and embarrassed me all my life. I also discussed what previous consultations I'd had with dentists and orthodontists over the years, who had suggested two routes, one involved surgery, breaking my jaw or alternatively wearing braces for 18 months and then proceeding with cosmetic work, of which I decided were not the right option for me, as they were too invasive and time consuming. Dr. Dee suggested a laser gum lift and 12 porcelain veneers together with botox and shared photos of similar cases to myself and what he had achieved, which I was super impressed with and very optimistic as to what Dr Dee may be able to achieve for me. I was excited and booked in immediately and we proceeded with a laser gum lift and 12 temporary veneers. I ended up having 3 lots of temporary veneers, not the norm, however I understand why, as he needed to keep perfecting until he got it 100% right, as I was a tricky case. I also had zoom whitening on my lower teeth and Dr Dee worked in conjunction with the ceramist Greg and the end result was the most amazing transformation, no gum showing, twelve beautifully aligned porcelain veneers and smile to die for! Dr Dee is a perfectionist, enthusiastic about his work and you can genuinely see he loves what he does. I am eternally grateful to him, Intan the COO and all the incredible staff who welcomed me every time I visited and were all excited about my incredible transformation, I truly feel part of the Vogue family.


Teeth Straightening

Dr Dee did amazing job at correcting my smile and making sure my teeth were all aligned. This definitely boosted my self confidence and from constantly smiling on one side I’m happy to smile on both and even straight on. He took into account everything I wished for in regards to the apparenace of my smile and was able to complete that in a very timely and gentle manor.


Teeth Whitening

Absolutely awesome!! Service 10/10


Teeth Straightening

Amazing dentist & team. Vogue dental studios are nothing short of amazing! High tech, highly experienced team. Highly recommended


Teeth Straightening

I received Gum Contouring to correct my small teeth. Going into the procedure, I was quite nervous that it would be painful and uncomfortable. I experienced absolutely no pain whatsoever, the downtime was only a day or two, with no discomfort post-procedure. The whole team at Vogue Dental made the experience so relaxed and enjoyable, and Dr Dee is truly the best at what he does. Everyone went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure. I wouldn't trust any other dentist!


Dental Veneers

Vogue Dental Studios is truly one of a kind. There is such a friendly ,welcoming vibe whenever you step foot into the studio. Dr Dee has made me feel so comfortable with every procedure/ treatment , I absolutely love my new smile and have complete trust in Dr Dee. Dr Dee takes so much time and care into helping you achieve your perfect smile. Highly recommend going to Vogue Dental Studios and having a consultation with Dr Dee.


Teeth Whitening

Dr Dee and the team are amazing. Friendly, welcoming and going to lengths to make me feel as comfortable as possible during my teeth whitening visit. I am extremely happy with the results - white teeth give me the confidence to smile all day long :-D. Thank you all - see you soon for a clean!


Teeth Straightening

Dr. Dee and the staff at Vogue Dental ensure you feel comfortable and welcome through out the whole process and procedure. I have never felt more at ease in a dentist studio. The staff are lovely and very accommodating, and Dr. Dee is absolutely outstanding. The time, effort and care he has put in to meet my dental needs and to make me happy with my smile is indescribable. I am completely in love with my new, unique, and improved teeth/smile, and I know I can continue to trust Dr. Dee if I need anything a long the way! Could not recommend enough!!


Teeth Whitening

Love Dr Dee and the staff at Vogue. I’m so happy with y smile now, he is the best and I wouldn’t let anyone else look after my teeth now. Highly recommend him!


Dental Veneers

After years of bulling at school I decided to get composite veneers but 4 years later I wasn't happy with shape, colour and the overall look. After researching on Instagram I found Vogue Dental Studios and Dr Dee's before and afters were amazing. Dr Dee was able to fix a botched job of bad veneers and transform my smile. He has a really good attention to detail. I'm so happy with the shape, the colour and my smile!
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