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Round or Anatomical Implants for Natural but Full Looking Breasts

I am currently a 10a wanting a natural but full C cup. Cannot decide between medium profile 380cc Round under the muscle recommended to me or Allergan Natrelle 410 Shaped Gel Teardrop recommended by another surgeon. Can I get a natural and full look from round implants? I want natural but also don't want to compromise on having fullness up top too much and regret it. Could this be solved by a higher profile in the tear drop shaped implants?

E1098 12/08/2017 QLD

  • Answer
    Hello E1098 Your overall breast shape looks good from your photos, so I would suggest that round Implants with a soft cohesive gel, placed dual plane or under the muscle will still give you a natural looking result but with fullness in the upper pole where you want it!   Breast implant profile should be customized based on careful evaluation/measurements of your chest wall and breast anatomy, so profile is difficult to suggest based on images alone. 
    All the best with your surgery,Dr Eddie Cheng

Natural looking breasts augmentation January 2017

Hello there, I decided to finally have breast augmentation but am stuck with picking a surgeon. The original one I opted at seems to have a couple of bad reviews and restrictions so I want to find somebody else. Since I'm only able to have the procedure done in January I will need to find somebody very soon that can help me to achieve the look I'm after. I am 5.2 foot and 49kg. Currently I'm a 10b and would like to go slightly larger to a large c or small d cup. I would prefer them to look and feel as natural as possible. If any surgeon in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area could please contact me if you have free surgery spots in January? That would be amazing. Thank you.

Theloveofa 08/11/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi There! You have a great foundation to begin with so certainly a natural look is achievable! Find us on instagram @arplasticsurgerybrisbane or facebook @arplasticsurgerybrisbane and you can direct message us or email and ask for Georgia or Leisa if you would like further information about our clinic and breast augmentation.  Regards Dr Eddie

Found a rupture so now Wanting to go bigger, will I need a lift as well??

Hi, I have just found in an ultra sound breast check up that I have a ruptured left implant. And now have to consider revision. I have had these 500cc implants under muscle and placed through the armpit, Existing for 10years and I have breast feed my two children 7 and 4. Now I have to have revision, I am really wanting larger size 700 ultra high profile? as While I was breastfeeding I loved the big size so the 500cc now feel extremely small, and the fat roll under the arm bothers me. 166cm, 62kg, 10E was a 10B I'm not sure if the shape is from the rupture on side, or sagging as my left breast always had more milk, and the muscle pulls a bit on the left. I would like an opinion on whether I should be considering a lift, as well or is a bigger size sufficient to fill what I need for large round high profile look. ??? Thanks

Sylve 26/10/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Hello Sylve, 
    It doesn't look like you need a lift at this stage, probably just a remove & replace of breast implants with capsulectomy or removal of the capsule around the implant given the rupture. 
    Size is a personal preference, however,  upsizing to 700cc breast implants could potentially have  some long term trade offs that you should discuss with your surgeon! 
    Regards Dr Eddie Cheng AR Plastic Surgery

Breast lift?

Hi there Just wanted to get some advice and answers to some questions. I am 5 months post partum with my second child. I am still breastfeeding, I have lost 10kgs but have another 15kgs to lose. Do you recommend waiting a certain period of time once I have stopped breast feeding before I get surgery? One boob is alot bigger than the other due to my bub feeding better on one side. I think I already know the answer but is a breast lift required in my situation? I am currently a 12 DD/E? I don't like the fake boobs look but my boobs have definitely lost their perkiness and I hate how saggy they are. But I also dont like the lollipop scars.

Net84 03/10/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Hello Net84 
    Based on your Clinical photos I think you would benefit from a breast lift or mastopexy and the lollipop scar is unavoidable given the degree of ptsosis. 

    In terms of surgery I would suggest waiting until you have finished breast feeding and your breast size and also your goal weight is stable for 6 months. 
    I also think you might be eligible for Medicare and health fund rebate given your nipple position. In that case it is best to wait until your youngest child is at least 12 months old. 
    Regards Dr Eddie Cheng AR Plastic Surgery 

Do I need a Breast Lift

I was just wondering if I would need a breast lift or am I ok to have BA only ?

Indiana01 21/09/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Hello Indiana01,  From your photos I think you will get away with a breast augmentation alone depending on the result you are after.  You could consider a two stage approach with a breast augmentation first and if you're not happy with the shape of your breasts after your breast augmentation, you could have a breast lift or mastopexy at a later stage.

Weighing protocol

Hello, I have a small question. Before surgery I am aware I will need to be weighed; in the past I have had issues with knowing my weight. Is there a way I could be blind weighed? Or step on the scale backwards? It's a strange phobia but it will make me more comfortable.

Nasrin 28/07/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi Nasrin,
    The dosage of anaesthetic agent given by the anaesthetist is dependent on your weight. Pre-operative nursing staff usually measure your weight prior to your surgery.  Nursing staff are generally very helpful and will try to assist you to reduce your preoperative anxiety. I am sure if you let them know about your phobia they will try their best not to tell you your weight.
    All the best with your up coming surgery
    CheersDr Eddie ChengAR Plastic Surgery

Recommended implants for my massively fluctuating breasts?

Hi there, I'm planning on getting a breast augmentation in October this year to give my boobs a more rounded, fuller appearance and a increase in size as well. As you can see from the photos my boobs have littl to no shape at all and I'm only 22. My boobs tend to fluctuate between a B and a full C quite regularly. I don't want to go much larger than a D to DD but understand you can't choose cupsize. I just wanted some professional second opinions as to what implant would be recommended and its placement to achieve my desired outcome? I've been told teardrop due to my body shape. What CC's would anyone recommend for what I'm looking for too? I was leaning towards 325ccs from what I've seen but it's very hard to choose based on other peoples starting points.

Katy93 26/07/2016

  • Answer
    Hi Katy,
    I think you would benefit from having a breast augmentation. Most of your breast tissue is in the lower pole. If you would like a more rounded and fuller appearance, I would suggest using round implants to give more volume to the upper part of your breast. It is difficult to suggest an implant size just by looking at your photos. When helping my patients decide on the size of the implant, I measure their breast dimensions and look at their overall proportion to find an implant that fits their frame. I then select a range of appropriate breast implants for my patients to try on inside their bra.  We do this together in front a full length mirror so they can see how the size fits in proportion to their body shape.  In my experience the implant trial seems to work best with an actual breast implants.   
    All the best with your breast augmentation journey.
    CheersDr Eddie ChengAR Plastic Surgery

Double bubble?

I had no sleep last night at all. Worried sick about something I noticed yesterday on my right breast down the bottom. I hadn't seen it before and i thoroughly check my breasts. I have been 100% fastidious with after care. I'm so scared I have formed a double bubble. I will be 5 weeks PO this Wednesday.

Jackattack 25/07/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Hello, I can see you why you have some concern at this stage.  It's always tricky to assess from photos and a clinical review is best, but there appears to be some hint of a double bubble. However, it has only been 5 weeks since surgery, It may be too early to assess whether it will improve. Did your surgeon attempt to lower your infra-mammary fold during the surgery? Double bubble is usually caused from the implant descending below the tight original infra-mammary fold creating the double bubble appearance.   At the 5 weeks mark, there may still be some swelling that could exaggerate the appearance, it may or may not improve when the swelling subsides. I would suggest to watch it at this stage to see if it will settle in the next month or two. 
    Good luckDr Eddie Cheng

What's the best advice

I need a lift but could I have as much info as possible if I was to have a breast augmentation with a lift? I'm 5'5 and 59kg after having 2 kids. No weight loss as such. I hoped I wouldn't need a lift but obviously I need it. Could you please help me in the next step?

Brissy girl 24/07/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Hello Brissy GirlI think you would certainly benefit from having combined breast augmentation and breast lift procedures either as a one stage or a two stage procedure. Your right breast appears to be smaller than your left breast in your photo. It would be a good idea to improve your asymmetry at the same time. It can be achieved either by using different sized implants on each breast or by reducing your larger breast and using the same size implants on both breasts. Combining both augmentation and breast lift will give you the best cosmetic result. However, depending on the relationship between your nipple and infra-mammary fold, it is sometimes possible to perform augmentation first to see if you are happy with the appearance of your breasts. Mastopexy can then be performed at a later stage if you would like more improvement to the shape of your breasts. 
    Hope this helpCheersDr Eddie Cheng

Massaging textured silicone unders?

I am 4 wks PO. I was told at 2 weeks by surgeon to start massaging ' press downwards with 1 hand & roll breast upwards with other hand' . Everything online saying NO. What do I do? Listen to my surgeon or 99% of the surgeons online that say "no"? I have had a rocky recovery & yesterday I had a wonderful day. Today I am in pain today and incredibly swollen again. I am ready to really cry. What if I somehow damaged my implants by starting to massage at 2 weeks?

Jackattack 20/07/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Hello Jackattack,
    Unfortunately, there is no consensus that massage after breast augmentation would reduce the risk of capsular contracture. I do advise my patients with round breast implants to start massaging their breasts 6 weeks after surgery once breast swelling and pain has settled. However, I don't recommend breast massage for my patients with anatomical/tear drop breast implants.  I would recommend that you contact your surgeon and ask for his/her advice, if you experience pain, it is unlikely they would want you to continue with massage at this point. 
    All the bestCheersDr Eddie ChengAR Plastic Surgery

Auto augmentation

I am considering a breast reduction from a 34F to 34C. My breasts are very heavy and droopy and so the surgeon said he would lift them at the same time. Is it possibly to use the breast tissue from the bottom of the breast which is being removed and locate it in the upper pole to give fullness back to the top of the breasts. Thanks

quicksilverdas 22/06/2016 WA

  • Answer
    Hi Quicksilvedas,
    During breast reduction, it is possible to reduce your breasts to your desired size and lift them at the same time. There are a few different breast reduction techniques. Some techniques involve transferring the bottom part of your breast to give your breast a fuller upper pole. It is also important to understand that it requires a certain amount of breast volume to give your breast a fuller look. How "perky" the breast will look is dependent on the consistency of your breast tissue. Unfortunately, it will never give you the same look as breast implants. It would be important to discuss with your surgeon about what you would like to achieve and what can be achieved in your situation.
    All the best with your breast reduction journey.
    CheersDr Eddie ChengAR Plastic Surgery
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