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Breast Augmentation

I’ve been thinking about getting breast augmentation surgery for years but finally decided to do it during covid since we were able to work from home and I thought recovery will be easier at home. I searched several doctors online but decided to go with Dr Choy as he seemed to have a lot of experience with asian patients. I wanted to go with the ‘too good to be true glam type’ with perfect cleavage and looking through his gallery I was confident he could give me the look I wanted. I was scared for the surgery but excited at the same time. On the day the nurses were so kind and accomodating and with Dr Choy we discussed if 295 looked too big then he can go with 255. In the end we went with 295 and I am totally satisfied with the look. For recovery I took a week off work just in case. The pain was manageable through meds but it lasted for more than a week. I’m normally a side sleeper so it was difficult to sleep on my back at first. Now at nearly 5 months post op I’m excited to try on different bras and bikinis and resumed working out at gym. I feel and look great and my friends can’t stop looking at them. Thanks Dr Choy and team


Breast Augmentation

I have always had flat chest and after having children they became even more deflated! After seeing a few of my friends had their breasts enhanced and telling me how much it changes their life I finally started researching and decided to make an appointment with Dr Choy. Before I went to the consultation I was still in 2 minds and everyday I was still tossing back and forth. I feel like that process has been the most stressful compared to the rest of my journey! During my consultation Dr Choy really put me at ease! He has such a genuine nature and really make sure he understands what you want to achieve! He and his team are just amazingly easy to work with. On the way home I had already made up my mind to go ahead. Long story short the surgery day came and I had it done at North Shore Specialist Day Hospital. The nurses really took good care of me. I wasn’t nervous and the surgery went fast and easy and to my surprise I had absolutely minimal discomfort. Originally I thought they probably used kick ass pain relief and after I got home I was just so excited it’s all done and I even went out and had lunch at a cafe! Then still no pain in the afternoon and at night!! What?! I was expecting at least a few days using pain relief but in the end didn’t even use 1 pill!! The 2nd day I went out for a walk in the morning. I didn’t experience some people mentioned tiredness either! The most discomfort was only just sleeping on my back upright and i’m a side / stomach sleeper so I don’t like sleeping on my back. Then of course the weird feeling with a hard chest the first few days! Oh by the way I know I wouldn’t be able to use chest muscles but I didn’t realise how useless I was the first 2-3 days after surgery. I couldn’t even open my fridge door lol. But anyway now I’m only 1.5 weeks post op and I feel like everything is already back to normal and my strength is back too so I can do most things no problem! I’m so happy with the results of the surgery and the size I got! I know it’s going to look even better but even if nothing changes from this point I’m already happy! I’m 162cm, 51.5kgs. I had 250cc on the left (because my rib cage is higher on that side) and 300cc on the right. I thought I would keep it a secret but I told more people already than I planned as I’m so excited and happy! This is exactly like what my friend told me how I would feel and I would do it a million times over again! And Dr Choy and his team is a no brainer you can definitely trust!


Breast Augmentation

Having desired breast augmentation surgery since I was 18, I finally decided to take the plunge at 38 years old after seeing the amazing results a colleague at work had achieved with Dr Ellis Choy. Being a larger framed girl with smaller breasts, I always found dressing difficult, and was never happy with the way I looked in clothes and swimming costumes. After breast feeding two children, my predicament worsened as they now lacked shape and volume. From the moment I contacted Dr Choy’s clinic I felt welcomed and important. I was naturally nervous about what would be my first ever surgery and came with plenty of questions. Dr Choy was patient, took time to explain everything, addressed my concerns and took me step by step through what I could expect and all the possible outcomes. This really helped me make a considered and informed decision. He really listened to what I wanted to achieve and provided considered and wise advice. I felt I could trust Dr Choy’s judgment, and to say I’m thrilled with the results is an understatement. I couldn’t be happier and I feel so much more confident and absolutely love the way I now look. Clothes shopping is now fun and I’m excited to plan for events and holidays! The post-procedure follow up is so thorough and means you are able to check in with questions at all points throughout your recovery. I am so thankful for this wonderful, positive experience, and would absolutely recommend Dr Choy. My only regret is not doing it sooner!


Breast Augmentation

I’ve always been flat chested, they run in the family! While body image was a bit of a struggle in my teens, I’ve had no issues with self-love since.... Yet I still knew I’d simply love to have boobs one day.
I had decided to wait until after kids as I didn’t want to risk impacting breastfeeding, so the first winter after I weaned my little one I started researching surgeons. The most important factor for me was the ability to achieve a natural look with the shape and position of a small implant.
I found Dr Ellis Choy online and after seeing several images of his natural results made an appointment through his lovely team. Dr Choy really took the time to listen to what I wanted, what outcome I hoped to achieve and take time explaining the entire procedure. The experience with his team at Zilver Lining was incredibly warm, understanding and supportive. I’ve had concerns before and after which have been addressed so quickly! The day of the surgery came around quickly.
I shed a little tear of nerves before falling asleep on the surgical bed, but trusted I was in good hands. I woke feeling pain free just a little tight. The next few days were fine, I needed pain meds really only at night to sleep, and was off them in by day four.
It takes a bit of getting used to your pecs not being able to do anything for the first week or two – even cutting vegetables was a challenge!
I have a little 3 yr old so the hardest thing was not being able to lift him up, and I’ve missed my daily yoga practice. The breasts. I love the size, they are exactly as big as breastfeeding boobs were and what I hoped for. Shape wise I’m scared they still look so round and unnatural in the upper pole, especially from side profile, but need to remind myself its only week 3! And prey for drop and fluff to be a reality. The scars are so fine and the bruising was barely there ... pretty incredible surgical skills! All in all, while I’m impatiently looking forward to seeing how they settle into shape over the next few months, it’s been a great surgical experience so far. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr Choy and his wonderful team to anyone considering breast augmentation. You will feel supported and in brilliant surgical hands.


Breast Augmentation

The decision to have breast augmentation surgery was something I thought about for many years. My natural body shape is quite curvy with having big hips, thighs and buttocks but I always lacked having full breasts, which made me feel out of proportion. After going through a rough period in my life I gained 50kgs within a 1 year period and then lost it over the past two years; this experience really put things into perspective and allowed me to focus on my self-confidence and worth, hence my decision to finally have this surgery. Since the day I made contact with Dr Ellis Choy’s office, the process has been completely stress-free and easy. Being located in Canberra meant that I travelled to Sydney for the initial consultation and then surgery, but it was all definitely worth it with the amount of support received from Dr Choy’s office and himself. More specifically, his team were very helpful and responsive when having any questions or concerns about the process, especially leading up to the surgery date. In my consultation Dr Choy spent a lot time getting to know me as a person which helped form a decision on what size to get based on my personality type. This was something that really stood out to me and I appreciated, especially given the experiences my friends had advised me of when they went through this surgery via different clinics, as they had almost felt like “just another transaction”. The surgery itself happened so quickly and before I knew it I woke up with a full chest. I appreciated the amount of time nurses spent on me post-surgery as I generally take a while to recover from anesthetic. Dr Choy continued to show his care and support by personally visiting me in recovery various times; this kind of service was also something my friends hadn’t received from their doctors. The nurses assisted further by wheeling me back to my hotel which allowed me to continue to rest and recover. Post-surgery I have felt well supported by various individuals involved in the process. Nurses and Dr Choy contacted me the day after surgery to check if I was recovering ok and from there I have had 2 post-operation appointments. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better doctor and support team to assist with this daunting process. It has now been about 2 months since surgery and my breasts are looking amazing! My self-confidence has excelled and I am able to wear clothes which would usually cause me frustration as I couldn’t fill them out. This surgery has allowed me to feel a lot happier within myself instead of feeling insecure, and I definitely believe the results had a major impact on having entered into a new relationship during the process (and will continue to). I’m also currently getting ready for a girls trip reunion later this year and for the first time I will be wearing a bikini with confidence.


Breast Augmentation

I decided to have breast augmentation surgery after my breasts lost their fullness from pregnancy and breast feeding. I wanted to feel more confident and more attractive. I wanted to look better in my swimwear and clothing without a padded bra. I had a good experience in the lead up to the surgery, I had all my questions answered and the right advice on picking the size and shape that suits me. I was able to take my husband in for the following visit so he could be reassured of the procedure. My experience at the hospital was excellent, where I was well looked after and the surgery went quickly. When I was worried how I was tracking after surgery, Dr Choy was contactable after hours to discuss. I did need a full two weeks rest at home and I was fine to go back to work in the third week. 2 months later I still need more time for healing however it is going well. I love the look of my breasts. They are fuller, they suit the size of my body shape, they feel and look natural. I’m looking forward to the warmer months when I can wear my new bikini.


Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I have had the thought of breast augmentation on my mind for many years due to lowered self confidence and never developing normal shaped breasts like those around me. I constantly struggled to find bras and clothing that would fit due to the odd tubular and uneven shape of my breasts. I did not think I would have the opportunity of this procedure due to living interstate and was not comfortable with traveling for the consultations, so having Dr Choy practice in my town was super convenient and made my decision so much easier. My experience pre and post op with Dr Choy was amazing! I was very happy and relieved after my first consultation with Dr Choy as he made me feel extremely comfortable and discussed everything in detail; he not only listened to my wants and needs but gave his professional opinion on what he thought would best suit my body shape as well. Leading up to the surgery day I was not nervous at all! I was super excited to get started on the procedure and knew I was in good hands and couldn’t wait to begin the recovery process. I knew it would not be the most comfortable recovery, but healing post op went as well as I expected. The tight feeling in my chest and readjusting to having larger and symmetrical breasts was a different feeling to get used to, but after the first week post op, I am already so much happier and a lot more confident when wearing clothes. Meeting Dr Choy and having this surgery has by far been the best experience and decision I have made. I cannot thank him enough for giving me the confidence I have always wanted!


Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I had been thinking about breast augmentation for many years on and off. I’m a fit, healthy person and there was no need to undergo surgery. However, always during summer time wearing bikini and going to the beach I felt something was missing. I didn’t want to have big breast I just wanted to have ‘a breast” as there was simply nothing, almost no breast tissue developed. That’s also the main reason I opted for a small breast (255cc) rather than a bigger size, because I didn’t want a big change. I was always wearing super push up bras and that was fine for many years as I also had other challenges to focus on, so my breast was not my priority for many years. After weeks of research I decided to have an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Sydney Eastern suburbs but was not convinced after leaving the consultation. He suggested to not just have BA but also have fat grafting done to correct my tuberous breast and for him that was the only way to go. Given that it was much more expensive because of that additional procedure I also felt pressured to not have any other options, I felt rushed and not really being listened to. I started researching again and found Dr. Choy and made an appointment to get a second opinion which was more than what I expected from a surgeon. I always felt cared for especially on the day of surgery. I felt so calm and ready for it and the hospital staff and Dr Choy made me feel at ease. I knew I was in safe hands and after waking up from surgery I had a snack to eat and a cooling pack put on my breast to control the swelling. The first 3 days post-op were the toughest ones but again nothing unbearable. I didn’t take one painkiller tablet but that’s just me, I’m not really pain sensitive. I’m still getting used to the feeling of having a breast. Sometimes it feels like they’re “falling out”, it is a surreal feeling when you never had a breast for 30 years and then all of sudden there are 2 beautiful boobies. I was positively surprised how small the scar is when I first saw it in the mirror. I couldn’t even see it standing straight I had to lean back to see it in the breast fold. I’m so happy that nobody realised so far that I had breast augmentation because it is the same size that I always had with super push up bras but now it’s real, there is real breast which is great. Overall it didn’t just increased my breast size but also created almost perfect symmetry and the mild tuberous breast is not so dominant anymore. I’m really happy so far and can’t wait to see the final result once the breast is fully settled.


Breast Augmentation

A highly experienced and proficient surgeon is essential for a great breast augmentation outcome. I have always been thin with a small B cup breast. I had considered an augmentation for years but never went beyond researching on the Internet until one day I decided to have an initial consultation with Dr Choy. During the first consultation, Dr Choy gave me a thorough overview of the procedure and answered all the questions that I had at the time. I had many concerns about the risks of surgery as I’ve had somewhat serious medical conditions in the past. Despite my interrogation style of questioning, Dr Choy was very patient and attentive to address all my concerns. One thing I really appreciated about Dr Choy was that he would not sugar-coat the truth to make the surgery superficially attractive. Rather, Dr Choy provided his opinion in an objective, accurate and realistic manner as to what could or could not be achieved or occur after the surgery. I had two further consultations thereafter. During this time, Dr Choy asked me a series of questions to “get into my head” so he knows precisely the result that I was after. Dr Choy also showed numerous photos of other people with a similar frame as myself with a different size of implants. It was extremely helpful for me to ascertain the look that I was after and decide the size of the implant. On the day of surgery, Dr Choy checked with me for the final time whether I am happy with my choice of implant. Once I gave Dr Choy a green light, I was escorted to the operation theatre and all I had to do was to have the best sleep of my life. At all times Dr Choy was conscious and mindful of my previous medical conditions and he exercised a great care to ensure that not only I achieve a good aesthetic outcome but also placed the safety as his first priority. Dr Choy’s assistant, the anaesthetist and the staff members of the private hospital, all of whom Dr Choy engages, were exceptionally kind, caring and professional. I was quite nervous at the hospital prior to surgery, but Dr Choy and his team made the world’s difference and made the whole experience more pleasant and comfortable. The surgery was a great success. I felt uncomfortable and was in a moderate to severe pain for about two weeks post-op. I didn’t have much bruising and my scars have healed well to date. I felt close to normal after about four weeks post-op but I understand that not everyone recovers in the same way or in a set time frame. I now have a full D cup with a natural look. My body looks more in proportion and I feel more confident. Truth be told, I could not be happier with the result. From my experience with Dr Choy, he had always been very professional, caring, honest and, most importantly, highly experienced and

JessyJ 22/02/2024

Breast Augmentation

I am now around 6 months post op with Dr Ellis Choy and I could not be happier. I am lucky to have three beautiful kids and after four years of breast feeding I was left with an empty and asymmetrical B cup and a lot of sag for such small breasts. I have thought about a breast augmentation for many years but always thought it was out of reach. When I finished breastfeeding I decided to do some research and see where it went. I found Dr Choy first through the Trusted Surgeons website and then read lots of wonderful reviews on the Cosmetic Journey website (I was intentionally avoiding ‘Cosmetic’ surgeons). After some deliberation I booked a consult with Dr Choy and I didn’t look back. I submitted an online enquiry late one night and had a call back the following morning from Dr Choy’s office. His Executive Assistant Natalie was absolutely lovely and was able to answer all my initial questions and offer me an appointment time that would suit me, as I was travelling from interstate. When I met with Dr Choy he had a lovely manner and was very personable. He spoke about his experience and the different types of patients he sees and was very clear about wanting to understand and meet my expectations. He took the time to ask about my lifestyle and was able to show me example before and after photos of patients with similar breasts and their results which immediately gave me confidence that he would be able to achieve the look I wanted. After the first consultation I knew he was the surgeon for me. The process of booking my surgery was seamless and his staff (Natalie, Siobhan and Janie) were helpful and attentive along the way. Always available to answer my enquiries (and there were a few pre op!) and put me at ease. I was quite nervous on the day of surgery, having never been under a GA before. I found Dr Choy and all the staff at North Shore Private were not only professional but really calming and nurturing. I was really well cared for and Dr Choy checked in on me throughout the day and called me the following day to check in on me. I am so happy with my results and love the look and feel of my new breasts. My clothes look so much better and I feel more confident. Dr Choy helped me to pick a great size for my build that suit my shape and are very proportional. My friends and family who knew about my surgery are full of compliments at how natural my breasts look and I’ve had a few requests for his contact details. All in all, a five star experience.


Breast Augmentation

My breast surgery journey started many years ago. I was never truly unhappy with my breasts at a younger age however I always wanted to enhance them. After getting married, falling pregnant and breastfeeding combined with gaining and then subsequently losing 34kgs my breasts were deflated and I no longer loved what I saw in the mirror. This is when I made the decision to have surgery. I found Dr Choy through my own research which I took to my regular GP who gave me a glowing reference for him and then gave me my referral. I felt like I had found a golden ticket in that referral. Later that same day I had booked my consultation with Dr Choy and I was excited. Due to my location I had scheduled a telephone consultation. It was the first phone consultation I’d ever had and was very comfortable in our discussions. I hung up the phone feeling elated! Next step, which I did straight away due to my excitement was to book a face to face consult. Upon meeting Dr Choy personally, I felt so great. It was wonderful to have the same outlook as he did in consideration to my natural breasts and found that during our discussion he had formulated a plan that went along with my own exact specifications on what I had hoped my new breasts would turn out to be. I am now 6 months post op and am in love with the overall result of my breast surgery. The impacts on my confidence has been astounding. I cannot believe that having surgery has had such a dramatic effect on my overall happiness. I have never been so happy and confident. I owe all my gratitude to Dr Choy and his team for helping me in the way they did. I am blessed to have these beautiful new breasts. Thank you Dr Choy for everything, I owe my next uncountable years happiness all to you and I will be forever in your debt for making my dreams come true the way that you did. Thank you to your entire team at Zilverlining for everything.

Serene1234 18/05/2024

Breast Augmentation

Having a breast augmentation was something that I always dreamed about. For years after I turned 18 it was something that was constantly on my mind and I was always extremely unhappy with my natural breasts as I suffered from mild tuberous breast deformity. I had booked consultations in the past with the generic, economy clinics which I never ended up attending as it just didn’t feel right. In January last year I made the decision to finally do it. After doing some research online, I stumbled across Dr Ellis Choy on Cosmetic Journey and I instantly had a good feeling after viewing his tuberous breast correction surgeries. I booked a phone consultation with Dr Choy and after that hour on the phone, I knew I was going ahead with it. I flew to Sydney, from Brisbane, for my face to face consultation and I instantly felt a warm connection with Dr Choy. I had read online that patients normally attend numerous consults to find the right surgeon however I knew this wasn’t necessary. I booked in my surgery date for May and I have never looked back. The North Shore Hospital staff were exceptional, not to mention Dr Choy’s calming nature on the day. I was extremely nervous, having never experienced a major surgery before, however as soon as I saw Dr Choy, all of the anxiety and nerves disappeared. It was a very seamless process from when I arrived at the North Shore hospital to when I left - in next to no pain at all! My life has completely changed for the better and I could not be more thankful for Dr Choy and his amazing work. I have confidence that I never had before. I went from a very small B cup to a voluptuous DD cup consisting of 2 x 375 cc teardrop implants. I would highly recommend Dr Choy if you are looking for the right surgeon as his work is impeccable and it is accompanied by his friendly and professional nature. Thanks Dr Choy & the North Shore hospital team!


Breast Augmentation

I have always had small breasts and after having 2 children and breastfeeding, my breasts became smaller, deflated and different in size. I have wanted to get a breast augmentation since I was a teenager, as I have finished having children, I decided that I would finally do something about it. This was something I wanted to do for myself, to improve my body shape and feel more womanly, and improve my self-confidence. After much research and checking reviews on the cosmetic surgery websites, I decided to make an appointment with Dr Choy. I felt very comfortable straight away upon meeting Dr Choy. He was very professional and approachable. I was confident that he really listened and understood and that we worked together to know what i wanted to achieve. Once the day of my surgery arrived, I felt calm and reassured. The nursing and medical staff at North Shore Day Surgery Hospital were very caring, kind and attentive and my surgery went extremely smoothly from admission to discharge. Dr Choy consulted with me prior to surgery and shortly after surgery. He even called the day after my surgery to check in with me to see how I was doing. I felt very cared for by Dr Choy and the medical staff and I left feeling very happy with the results. The next two weeks I made sure I followed the post- surgical instructions. Whilst there was some discomfort, it was very manageable with rest and pain relief medication. I am now 3 months post-surgery and my breasts are settling well and look wonderful. I would recommend Dr Ellis Choy and his staff to anyone looking for a caring, talented surgeon. I couldn’t be happier with the whole journey I have had.


Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

Dr Ellis Choy is a miracle worker!!! I decided now was the perfect time to have my surgery as I had finished having my children and have always been really unhappy with my breasts! My breasts had never been bigger than an A cup and always had an unusual shape which made me very self-conscious. After a lot of research I had a feeling I had tuberous breasts. I looked at few plastic surgeons website but decided to contact Dr Choy’s office. The lady I spoke to was AMAZING she spoke to me about the process, listened to my concerns for a long time and after the discussion I decided to book a consult with Dr Choy. At my first consult Dr Choy confirmed that I did have mild tuberous breasts however it was fixable with tear drop implants. I was so happy with Dr Choy that I booked in my surgery for about 4 months after my initial consult. The 4 months flew by however close to the surgery date I started freaking out! I called the office and the ladies again were so lovely and not pushy just made me feel really comfortable which was great, I also had a consult nurse phone me after she had already left for the day to talk things over with me and make sure it was what I wanted to do! The day of my surgery was really good, the Sydney hospital was fantastic! Everyone made me feel great, they again addressed my concerns, and they didn’t make me feel silly, they were all so accommodating and lovely!! My recovery has been really good, they first week was hard with 4 kids but I survived. I needed more pain relief, I phoned the office and that afternoon Dr Choy phoned me to see if I was ok and helped me get some more pain relief for the next day. I had concerns that’s my wound was infected and once again Dr Choy was there to address any concerns (it was not infected). I also had concerns that my breast had rotated and again Dr Choy addressed these concerns. So far my breasts have absolutely changed my life (6 weeks post op) My partner has said my confidence now is amazing, I don’t cover myself if he see me which is a big step! I would highly recommend Dr Choy he is straight up, funny and one thing I really like he didn’t over promise and under achieve, he under promised and over achieved!!


Breast Augmentation

FROM A VALLEY TO 2 MOUNTAINS!! As a teenager I was very late to develop breasts and once I finally did there was not much to celebrate – I was an A cup at best. Throughout my 20’s they didn’t bother me too much, I just accepted them. In my early 30’s and after breastfeeding my sons for nearly 2 years my breasts had lost their nice perky shape and were now saggy and deflated A/small B cup sizes. I was starting to get quite depressed about them and hated what they looked like. In 2008 I decided to do something about it and booked an appointment to discuss breast augmentation. At this consultation I discovered that I had a condition called pectus excavatum which is where the rib cage is depressed and sinks in in the middle of my chest – like a valley. The Dr suggested that getting implants was not a good idea and I walked away feeling so depressed thinking that there was no way I could ever have nice breasts. Fast forward 10 years and my lack of confidence and hatred of my breasts had grown to the point where I had to investigate the possibility of getting implants again as I had read many other cases of women with pectus excavatum having implants and having a great outcome. I began researching plastic surgeons and found Dr Ellis Choy. I read so many great reviews and liked the look of his work so booked a consultation. As soon as I walked into his office I felt so comfortable and upon meeting Dr Choy and talking with him I knew I had found a surgeon who not only seemed capable of giving me the breasts I had always dreamed of but also really listened to me and what my expectations were. He even said that having breast implants can actually “cover up” my pectus excavatum by making it less obvious. I was so relieved and didn’t hesitate – I booked the surgery that day. Over the next 5 weeks until my surgery I had many questions and either Dr Choy or his Cosmetic Surgery consultant Siobhan were always available to answer them for me. On the day of the surgery I was so excited. I had no hesitation at all and was so comforted by the fact that Dr Choy knew exactly what I wanted and I trusted him. Waking up after the surgery the first thing I did was look down at my chest and was so happy with what I saw – I finally had breasts!! I am now 6 months post op and every day my breasts are getting better and better – I love them so much. This surgery has given me so much self-confidence and changed my life!


Breast Augmentation

I have always been small breasted and after having children and breastfeeding, my breasts became smaller and were quite uneven. I spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying water based activities and have always felt self-conscious in my swimming costume. I have been thinking about breast augmentation for a few years and as I approached my late forties, I decided that I would finally do something about it. This was something I wanted to do for myself, to improve my body shape and body proportion, and in turn improve my self-confidence. Of key importance to me was that my new breasts would be as natural looking as possible and, being a very modest person, I didn’t want people (other than my husband) to know that I had breast surgery. Another consideration was the safety aspect of the procedure and the expertise of the surgeon. I took a significant amount of time online researching the options and researching surgeons. I had heard a very good report about Dr Ellis Choy from a family friend and after checking reviews on the cosmetic surgery websites, I decided to make an appointment for an initial consultation with him. Dr Choy was very professional, approachable and understanding of the result I was looking for. I felt very comfortable discussing my thoughts and concerns during this initial consultation. I was confident that he really listened and understood what I was looking to achieve. He answered all my safety questions and I left feeling very positive about going ahead with a follow up consultation. Dr Choy and his staff are all very professional, kind and caring and they made time to answer all of my questions. I always felt I was in very capable, expert hands. In the weeks leading up to the surgery, I did feel nervous but once the day arrived I felt calm and reassured. The nursing and medical staff at North Shore Day Surgery Hospital were exceptionally caring, kind and attentive and my surgery went extremely smoothly from admission to discharge. Dr Choy consulted with me prior to surgery and shortly after surgery and I left feeling very happy with the results. The next two weeks I made sure I followed the post- surgical instructions very carefully. Whilst there was some discomfort, it was very manageable with rest and pain relief medication. I made sure I took time to recover (at least two weeks off work) and you need to have a reliable person to help with lifting and driving for the first couple of weeks. I am now six months post-surgery and my breasts are look and feel very natural. It was exactly the result I was looking for and I feel so much better about my body shape. I highly recommend Dr Ellis Choy and his staff. I couldn’t be happier with the result.


Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

Growing up I knew I wasn't 'normal.' I'd look at my friends who had nicely rounded shaped breasts, yet mine were droopy, cone-like, and small. I thought it was just a phase and by 18 surely they would fill out - but they never did. I decided to google breast deformities and it was then that I realised my condition was tuberous. I dreamt of getting my boobs done for 15 years, but I was petrified of surgery and going through the whole process. I just wanted to be normal. I finally got the courage to have a consult with a well known plastic surgeon in Sydney, and walked out disappointed after the experience. The consult was rushed, he didn't seem interested in my needs or wants, wasn't empathetic to my feelings or the fact that my tuberous breasts had completely shattered my confidence, and his staff were cold and unfriendly. I hesitated for another 1.5 years, being such a big decision I wanted to feel confident with whose hands I'd be in. I decided to stop wasting time and just do it, but it had to be with another surgeon. I came across Dr Choy online, and with amazing reviews and great case studies I decided to get in touch. From the initial phone call I knew I'd already made the right decision. Dr Choy's staff were so helpful and walking into the consulting rooms was so refreshing in comparison to my previous experience. The staff were so welcoming and friendly and the whole process was professional and caring, nothing uneasy about it. Siobhan spoke with me in detail which immediately put me at ease. When I met Dr Choy his friendly and caring approach made it very easy to talk to him. He didn't make me feel awkward despite my circumstances, and instead listened and we discussed together the best solution. I didn't have to think twice about booking surgery as I knew I had found the right surgeon! I was so nervous pre-surgery, but any reassurance needed or questions I had were answered by Dr Choy and his amazing staff. I was welcome at any time and as many times to look at the implants again, to ensure I'd be happy with the end result. Even now at post-surgery I can still call to ask a question and the team are always happy to help. Their customer service and care far exceeds my expectations. Since having surgery my life has changed. I'm no longer embarrassed or react immediately to hide my boobs. I cannot thank Dr Choy enough for what he's done, and the amazing job he did to give me the confidence I've been lacking all my life. It may take time for the emotional scarring of my past to heal, but this is a new beginning and I have Dr Choy to thank!

DDaniels 18/05/2024

Breast Augmentation

I finally have the breasts I always hoped for! Dr Ellis Choy created the perfect results for me and I cannot recommend his amazing care and service enough. The first time I thought about having a BA was in my late teens. I seriously started researching two years ago, reading literally hundreds of reviews on RealSelf and Google - it wasn’t a decision I took lightly. In early 2018, my wedding was fast approaching, this caused me to make the decision to finally proceed with my BA. I considered how I wanted to be able to look back on my wedding photos and feel my absolute best. Also, I had read so many reviews of women who said they wish they’d done it sooner. I didn’t want to regret not doing it. Moments after sending my photos to Dr Choy’s surgery – ‘Zilver Lining’, I was contacted by the lovely PS consultant Siobhan Wilson who made me feel in good hands from the very outset. Siobhan mapped out everything and made the whole process so easy. I had my initial consultation with Dr Ellis Choy via Skype in New Zealand. He asked many questions to find out about me and what I wanted. He didn’t push me into anything as some other surgeons may do. From only seeing a few of my photos Dr Ellis Choy made his recommendation for my size, incision, placement and it was as though he had read my mind. During the skype with Dr Ellis Choy I explained I had already bought my wedding dress and I couldn’t exceed 86cm around my breasts otherwise I would not fit my beautiful and very expensive gown. Dr Choy reassured me he could make it work, I had my doubts but I shouldn’t have. At my pre-op consultation in Sydney (the day before surgery) Dr Ellis Choy measured me with the implant sizers - exactly 85.5cm, the perfect size! I started with asymmetrical breasts, size AA (left breast) and A (right breast). Dr Ellis Choy achieved beautiful symmetrical results with tear drop shape implants, size 295cc (in my smaller breast) and 255cc (in my larger breast), inframammary fold incision and dual plane pocket placement. My bra size has ended up slightly larger than expected but I am over the moon to fit a 10C or 10D depending on the bra shape. I now have the natural looking breasts I have always wanted and I fit perfectly into my wedding dress with only 5 weeks to go until the big day. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Dr Ellis Choy and the Zilver Lining team.


Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

Since I was 18 I hated my boobs. They never developed the way I wanted them to and the older I got the more it started to effect me. Clothes shopping had become impossible as my boobs just would not fit or sit in any clothes nicely. I had become so self conscious and insecure about it, I now hated the way they made me feel which led me to start my BA journey! The first surgeon I had a consult with told me that I had tuberous breasts and that would need to have a lift, there was no other way and any other surgeon would tell me the same thing. I was devastated! I'm 22! I'm not prepared to have a lift, not till after I have babies. I gave up, I thought I would have to continue to be unhappy until I was ready to proceed with the lift. Then I came across Dr Choy and read a lot of his amazing reviews, especially with regards to tuberous breast correction. I thought, I need to meet this man! Within minutes of meeting Ellis I was so comfortable with him. He was very professional, polite and honest. Straight after the consult I booked my date in without any hesitation. It all went so smoothly I don't think I was aware that I was finally getting my breast augmentation! As the days came closer I started to get worried, I sent an email to Dr Choy's nurse and within hours I received a call from Dr Choy reassuring me everything will be fine. The day of the surgery couldn't have gone any better! I was even sent home with a little booklet on what to expect for the next following weeks along with Dr Choy after hours number. It is so good to know he was only a phone call away if anything was to happen. I am so happy with the outcome and that it could also be achieved without the need of a lift! I am incredibly happy with the progress so far and I can't wait to see how much better it will get! I now can't wait to go shopping for new clothes!! To be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see is amazing! Dr Choy and his team have been incredible through the whole process and I can't thank them enough.


Breast Augmentation

After breastfeeding my children, I noticed a significant change in my breast the shape and deflation of their appearance which I became increasingly self conscious of. Once I had decided to go down the path of surgical options, I not soon after met Dr Choy and his Team as I had heard good things about them. Dr Choy was the clear choice for me as he appeared to be a specialised expert of the field of Breast Augmentation. He was able to clearly articulate best outcomes for me and was able to compressively outline the process and procedures as well as answering all my questions by first consultation. Dr Choys team was also highly professional, helpful, engaging and above all relatable. I found myself comfortable and confident in their care and ability right from my first initial inquires all the way through to post surgery. It is only 2 weeks after my surgery and I am thrilled and love my new look thanks to Dr Choy. I would not hesitate in a heartbeat to recommend his services.

jules 16/05/2024

Breast Implant Revision

I decided to undergo breast implant revision surgery with Dr Ellis Choy in Sydney after less than optimal results on my first b.a (by another surgeon) in June last year (2017). I was rather nervous, as I had anxiously waited for nearly a year for my implants to drop and relax and get less pointed and weird looking, but they weren’t going anywhere; I knew there was not much I could do except hope against hope that Dr Ellis Choy, a plastic surgeon I had been researching from Sydney NSW and who did excellent revisions, in my opinion, would be the one to fix the issues with my current breast implants (by another surgeon) which were :- malposition, asymmetry, left implant rotation and wide gap. I also thought the 360ml textured teardrop silicone implants were too small for my frame and my breasts drooped unattractively; no -I certainly wasn’t pleased with the first augmentation, and, due to maybe too much researching ever since, I had little expectation of the remarkable transformation that followed! After eventually deciding on a full remove & replace with larger (550ml, smooth, round) implants, the discussions with Dr Choy at his office included making me a capsule from the removed capsule of the previous implant and tightening the pockets laterally. Needless to say, I was apprehensive but resigned when the day came, and I think I was asleep before I had the anaesthetic!( lol! snoring away!) The next day I awoke with drains protruding from my sides,I noticed immediately a much more pleasing symmetry and larger area below the nipple (very important!) a reduced gap and (gasp!!?) a CLEAVAGE, I knew I had made the right decision! I can now find myself saying that skilfully positioned implants of the correct type and shape, the long lasting endurance of a reinforced lower pole, together with tightening of the pocket and medially placed larger implants can avoid the scars of a lift, even at my age! I can’t believe how bouncy and soft and adorable they feel, and how much more pleasing my sillhouette is now and how improved I look in tops and jackets, it really is the best thing I have done for myself, and I can’t believe I didn’t get it done 25 years ago! I would like to thank Dr Ellis Choy (and his lovely ladies who run his office) for their professional courtesy during this process of what can only be called a complicated revision, and once again thankyou for no more scars! I truly doubted that I wouldn’t need a lift, but, there you go - no lift!! Aren’t they just gorgeous -me and the girls are SO happy together! In short - thankyou very much I absolutely recommend Dr Ellis Choy who goes above and beyond the call of duty, my expectations exceeded!! xx P S - NO LIFT!!!!


Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

After losing 12kg in 3 weeks when I was 19, my breasts sagged significantly. I’ve always had quite large breasts but now I was ashamed of them and couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. After tossing up for over a year whether to get a breast lift with implants and meeting with various doctors, I finally met Dr Choy and immediately felt comfortable. I had friends and family members have procedure done by him and didn’t have anything but great reviews about him and I must agree with them. From my first appointment, he was always looking after my needs and wants and allowing me to ask any questions I had. He was so thorough with explaining the procedure, risks and recovery. From the second he showed me what my breasts would look like after the surgery, I knew I wanted to go ahead with him. Dr Choy took into consideration my pre-existing medical conditions (Ulcerative Colitis & Rheumatoid Arthritis) and explained there may be more risk of infection and rejection as well as booking me extra appointments prior to my surgery to ensure nothing had changed making me feel more at ease. He did also explain that I was borderline needing a lift however recommended having the implants above the muscle to reduce recovery time and as it was less invasive with my lowered immune system. I decided on a lift with implants and agreed with getting it above the muscle. The day of surgery and Dr Choy was really calming and again asked to make sure we were both on the same page with the above muscle approach and sizing of implants. Because I didn’t wake from surgery until late at night, it was recommended that I stay the night for the nurses to keep an eye on me. The next morning Dr Choy came in again to make sure I was feeling ok and to check my boobs were looking fine. Following me leaving and going home, I must admit I was in pain for the first week however, made sure I was always dosed up on pain killers. Second week I was starting to feel myself again and was able to start being more active and going out of the house. 3 months on and I’m am so, so happy with the result. They are 100x better than they were and I would definitely recommend Dr Choy. Him and his nurse have stayed in contact with me through this whole experience and if I’ve had any questions / concerns, they have answered them almost straight away for me. I have returned back to work although am not lifting anything for a few more weeks until I am recovered more.


Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

About 6 weeks ago I underwent breast augmentation with Dr Ellis Choy. I am 23 years old and up until a few weeks ago I was very insecure about my breasts. They were an ‘A’, if that, and they never looked quite normal. I was uncomfortable with letting people see me and how I came to have the procedure with Dr Choy was a long journey. My sister had recently lost a whole lot of weight and was having the surgery to remove the excess skin. I thought I would go to her appointment with her to see what the surgeon she was seeing would say about breast augmentation for me. Upon quick inspection he deduced that I had tuberous breasts. This wasn’t exactly a shock to me as I always felt they looked different, but what was a shock was the way he described the outcome if I decided to go through with the procedure. The picture he portrayed was not an appealing one, which left me second guessing the whole thing. That night I went home and searched breast augmentation for tuberous breasts and Dr Choy came up. His before and after results pictures looked really good so I wanted to see him. His whole team was absolutely lovely. They were really informative on the phone and made me feel very comfortable. At my initial consult Dr Choy also concluded that I had tuberous breasts but he was far more confident with how the results would look and he made me feel more positive about it. He took a thorough background of why I wanted to get it done and what I wanted as a result. He provided a lot of options to me, discussed how each of those options would look and suggested what would work best for me, both for look and practicality (I do a lot of weight training). He was very personable which made him easy to trust and he and his team were very patient with me throughout the whole journey; as I can be very indecisive and this was a big decision! Six weeks on and I have no regrets. I’m glad I did the surgery and even happier that I had the surgeon I did. I feel more confident and I love the way my clothes fit now. From my gym training I have always been wider across the shoulders and my breasts now make me look more in proportion. There is still some swelling present but as they continue to settle I love them more and more.


Breast Augmentation

3 years ago my boobs were a 14D they looked good and I was happy with them. I then lost 20 kilos which had changed my life for the better but had left me with dull and deflated boobs- I had dropped down to a 10A. I was insecure with how they looked and I just felt like something needed to be done. I went on for about 2 years contemplating whether or not I should do it, continuously looking in the mirror disappointed with what I could see. After doing some research on different surgeons not a single one of them looked appealing to me. I had a friend of mine who got breast augmentation with Dr Choy so I reached out to her, she showed me photos of her results (which looked amazing) and spoke incredibly highly of Dr Choy, I just knew I needed to get in contact with him. I filled out a consultation form online and the next day received a phone call from his receptionist, she was so lovely, had a brief chat with me as to what I wanted etc and booked me in to see Dr Choy. In early January this year I travelled an hour and a half with my partner to go and finally meet Dr Choy, when we got there all of his staff were so welcoming. First meeting with Dr Choy he was so real and straight forward. He asked me what sort of result I was after and then ran through all the different sized implants that I could choose from. Straight away me and Dr Choy were on the same page with the look that I was going for and me and my partner were both so confident in Dr Choy. After this first consultation I 100% knew that this was something that I was going to go ahead with. I am now over 2 months post op and I have never felt better. I have had such a great recovery, from day 2 I had been able to shower myself, dress myself- anything you name it. After looking in the mirror for the first time after my surgery I was in complete shock- they looked amazing! I honestly cannot thank Dr Choy and his fabulous team enough for what they have done for me, this has changed my life so much and has allowed me to gain so much more confidence in myself. For anyone that is looking at getting breast augmentation or any other type of cosmetic surgery, I highly recommend Dr Choy, he is a complete professional in his work, has such a great team which are literally there for you whenever you need them if you have any issues or queries and I can guarantee that you can put your full confidence in him to make you feel and look AMAZING!



I am 67 years old and over the last few years I had noticed that both my upper eyelids had continued to droop significantly over my eyes , this had been a gradual process and it wasn’t until I realised that my ability to see clearly was compromised and that I had developed a habit of continually wrinkling/lifting my brow up to try and clear my vision which was causing headaches, did I finally decide to do something about it. I consulted my optometrist first to check my vision was not compromised for any other reason and then discussed the issue with my GP who referred me to Dr Ellis Choy. Dr Choy’s surgery was very prompt in arranging an appointment for me at his Coffs Harbour rooms. At my initial consultation with Dr Choy he examined my eyelids and we discussed the options available. Dr Choy clearly explained the process of upper eyelid surgery and welcomed any questions I had regarding the process, he showed me photos of previous surgeries he had conducted and I felt I was able to make an informed decision to go ahead and plan the surgery. Throughout the entire process Dr Choy and his team provided ongoing support and were available whenever I had any queries. On the day of the surgery Dr Choy spoke with me again about the procedure so I knew what to expect during and after surgery and I felt I was in safe hands. Follow up aftercare provided by Dr Choy and his team was excellent. The surgery went smoothly with no dramas and has healed very well. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the surgery, not only can I see clearly but I have the added bonus of friends and family telling me I look brighter, more refreshed and even younger! A very big thank you to Dr Choy and his team.


Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I had always been self-conscious of my breasts as they were pointy and ‘under-developed’ and I realised that I had a tuberous breast condition. I always knew that a breast augmentation was something that I wanted, so it was important for me to find the right plastic surgeon. After meeting Dr Choy, I was highly confident he would be able to achieve the full look I was after, as he took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve and was very informative throughout the whole process. It’s been a great journey from my first consultation until now after surgery, I am now over 2 months post op and am thrilled with the result! His work is amazing and has far exceeded what I believed what possible. I have received many compliments with how great they look for my frame. I can’t thank Dr Choy enough for this life-changing surgery!


Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I am a 39-year-old mother of four. After having children, I gained larger breasts which I struggled with constantly. In the last few years I had lost a significant amount of weight, leaving me with saggy breasts with a lot of loose skin. I became so self-conscious with my body and felt constricted with what I could wear. I felt I was always dealing with back pains also due to the weight of my breasts. Wearing a bra was painful as they used to dig into my skin and rarely suit the shape of my breasts. This is the reason which led me to do the breast reduction, which was recommended by a friend of mine. When meeting Dr Ellis Choy I was provided with so much information that was made very clear and understandable. Throughout the first appointment every point was talked through and I was guided into which procedure would best suit me. Throughout the whole process, I was made to feel comfortable by both Dr Ellis Choy and his staff, being constantly looked after and given help with any enquiries. After the surgery, I realised how precise Dr Ellis Choy was with the procedure and how I would be post procedure. The breast reduction has already positively impacted my life as I can already branch out wardrobe wise and also feel no back pain. It shocks me how fast the recovery process was and I am thankful that I took the step and did the surgery. I thank Dr Ellis Choy and his staff for all their help and their genuine support.

rapz 04/05/2024

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Tummy Tuck, Mummy Makeover

After losing over 60kg in weight after a Sleeve Gastrectomy I was left significant laxity in my skin, particularly on my abdomen and breast area. This was extremely distressing for me as I was unable to truly embrace my successful weight loss. When I looked in the mirror and saw the hanging apron and saggy breasts I still felt unattractive and it was a constant reminder of the damage the weight had caused. I decided to have the surgery for a few reasons. I felt that it was a reward for my hard-earned efforts in the weight loss I had achieved and also that it would signify a closure to that period of my life where I hid away from the world and was embarrassed by my body. Ultimately, I did it for myself. It would signify a new chapter. Closing a door that was negative embracing a whole new “me” that I deserved. As a theatre nurse I had a good concept of what the surgical procedure entailed but my personal experience was that of a novice. The preparation and education given by Dr Choy and his lovely nurse Moya was very thorough and nothing was too much trouble. Post operatively the first few days were quite easy with all the pain killers on board. It was moderately painful but bearable with regular pain relief. The most taxing thing was that you cannot stand up straight for some time. For me this was about 3 weeks before I felt comfortable enough to do so. So, your back is a bit sore. I was constantly supported by Dr Choy and his team who were only a phone call away. My breast lift and reduction was seamless. I just had to be careful not to over stretch my arms. In the 7 weeks since my surgery I have already become so much more confident in myself. Whilst I still have swelling to subside and scars to heal I already love what I see when I look in the mirror. I’m loving the way my clothes fit me and that I can now tuck my shirt into my skirt or trousers and have a streamline stomach. I have bought new brief underpants instead of having to wear control briefs to hold back the excess skin. I no longer have “the saggy sausage” that hangs down over my pubic area. I’m feeling so much sexier and happier. I honestly feel like a new woman. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I feel fresher and cleaner as there is no apron and I love the way the Abdominoplasty has also given me a bonus slight thigh lift. I am overwhelmed by the positive comments I am receiving on a daily basis. I have my confidence and life back.


Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I struggled hugely with the size of my breasts since a young age and my self esteem and my mental health took a hit because of it. I developed DD’s at the age of 10. I hated the attention it drew to me, the comments and jokes made me feel so insecure and I had always dreamt of getting a breast reduction yet never saw it possible. I am now over 6 weeks post op thanks to Dr Ellis Choy and honestly can’t even begin to describe the difference it has made for me both physically and mentally. When I try to verbally express how miserable and ashamed I was of my body compared to how I now feel after the operation, I am left teary and speechless. Leading up to the operation I mentally prepared myself that it would take a few months if not a year for me to adjust to my new shape, that I’ll probably hate them to begin with. I remember waking up in recovery and immediately feeling my chest and bursting into tears with relief that they were finally gone. When I first saw them in the mirror I burst into tears again. I still find myself looking in the mirror in disbelief of how different my body shape is now and how much I love it. I couldn’t imagine how much of a positive impact it would have on me until I underwent the operation and now that I have, I don’t regret it one bit. I thought I would always hate my body but getting a reduction has given me a new level of confidence that I’ve never had before. I am able to talk to people more confidently now without constantly second guessing myself, I can now walk with my back straight and no longer look like I’m trying to hide. I feel like a new person altogether. The first time I sat up in hospital, I noticed the immediate relief in my neck, back and shoulders. I haven’t had a tension headache or knot in my back since. I am able to wear any clothes I like now and fill them out nicely and in proportion to the rest of my body. My surgical experience with Dr Choy was extremely pleasant. Dr Choy is such a warm, genuine and friendly surgeon. I felt 100% informed and educated and Dr Choy’s knowledge, experience and confidence in the outcome put me at tremendous ease. Dr Choy and his team were there for me supporting me before, throughout and still now after the operation. Any concerns I’ve had after even if they’ve been minuscule, Dr Choy and his team have only been a phone call away. I honestly couldn’t recommend a breast reduction or seeing Dr Choy more if I tried.

Sarah1325 22/09/2023

Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I had a very complex breast implant revision by Dr Choy for a long standing capsular contracture after a suboptimal breast augmentation done by another surgeon over 10 years ago. My breasts were hard like concrete and it gave me a lot of pain and various other cosmetic deformity. I also was unable to hug my family because of them, Dr Choy removed and replaced my implants with a total capsulectomy as well as a breast lift to improve the overall aesthetic result. I could not be happier with the whole experience and my breasts are now soft and natural, high and perky, and I’m feeling a whole better with myself. I can't thank Dr Choy enough for all the amazing work he has done.
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