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I am wanting to go to a full D or possibly a DD is this possible?

I’m an A cup at the moment and have always wanted fuller breast, it would be a dream come true if I was able to go to a full DD. Also can I get recommendations on shape of implant that would be ideal for my breasts

Anonymous 10/06/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    I would recommend that you have a full consultation which will include measurements and trying implants.  The best advise can be given at a consultation once all measurements have been done, although from the images provided it looks like this could be a possibility.  Looking at the images, I would recommend a smooth, round/semi tear drop implant. 
    Stay safe and well,Dr Glenn Murray

How long should I wait after finding a ruptured implant?

Hello, I have a ruptured silicone implant, which has bleed to my lymph nodes. How long should I wait to have it removed? It has been approximately three months, as initially we thought it was a rib fracture. I have rib, shoulder and under arm pain to the point where I am struggling to lift my one year old. Would this be due to the swelling? I am getting anxiety even though I’ve been told not to panic! Thank you in advance.

AJB77 30/05/2018 WA

  • Answer
    It is worrying to have an implant rupture but try not to panic.  I would recommend to have the implants removed very soon.  Stay safe and well,Dr Glenn Murray

Symmastia repair

Initial BA was just over 2 yrs ago. Eurosilicone 310cc BWD 12. Right breast was always tight after surgery and after 12 mths developed mild capsular contraction. PS operated 18 months later. PS moved implants together lightly, sutured sides of breast to prevent side fall, cut muscles a little more. Not long after 2nd surgery, I developed Symmastia. Skin totally lifting of sternum, implants very mobile. PS operated a 3rd time, to repair Symmastia, this time removed implants and opted for Nagor 270cc BWD 11.2. I am now 4 mths post op and repair has not worked. So upset.

Butterflybak 30/05/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi,Unfortunately this can be a difficult problem to fix and it sounds like you have had a very upsetting and stressful experience. I would suggest a shift in plane, internal repair but especially polyurethane implants plus a mirror capsulotomy possibly. Was a Synmastia bra worn?Stay safe and well,
    Dr Glenn Murray

How do I fix this?

I am very upset with my asymmetrical lopsided breasts. I am 2 years post op and my right breast (lower one) aches all the time. What can I do to fix them and make them more even? Thanks

Cuddlybear 27/05/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi, This is often different tissue characteristics causing this.  Converting your implants to dual plane or sub fascia placement plus a hammock suture.  Having a polyurethane implant would possibly help. You must always wear a very supportive bra also.Stay safe and well,Dr Glenn Murray

Breast has gone weird shape!?!?! Why???

I had a revision 9 months ago and the results were fantastic.... until yesterday night, I took my bra off and saw this horrible looking boob (see picture). It’s been abit achey the last few days and has been looking a little off but I didn’t think it was anything until last night. I thought maybe my bra was too tight so slept it off and wore no bra all day and it is still totally distorted so it’s something going on inside. Does anyone know what this could be. I’ll call my plastic surgeon on Monday.

Kaaycee 19/05/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Hi, I would recommend a visit to the surgeon who did your breast augmentation.  It is not clear from the photo what the issue is, it could be early capsular contracture, a high riding implant or if your implants are tear drop they could have turned.  Stay well and safe,
    Dr Glenn Murray
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