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Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

I had breast reduction, tummy tuck and 360 degree lipisuction. Dr Watts did an amazing job. 4 months post op I look fantastic. I love buying clothes now and no longer feel ashamed looking at my reflection in the changing room mirrors. I couldn't be happier with my breasts and I can wear pretty bras for the first time in my life. So good to wear jeans again too. The scar line on my belly is very low and completrly hidden. My husband reckons I look 20 years younger and I feel it! Dr Watts gave me the body I wished for. He is a brilliant surgeon and was very kind and supportive. Thanks so much!


Chin Implants, Rhinoplasty

Not only is Dr Guy Watts an amazing surgeon that provides amazing results, but he also has such a thoughtful, caring and friendly team behind him that make you feel that all their attention is on you. I can safely say that Dr Guy has given me outstanding results in both my chin and nose, I couldn't be happier. I can honestly say that Dr Guy and his team were incredible before, during and after surgery. I am so thankful and if I have any other procedures in the future there is no doubt that I would be going back to Dr Guy and his team.



Dr Guy Watts was the first and only surgeon I met with regarding my procedure - I knew straight away he was the surgeon for me. Initially I was only interested in discussing my options for rhinoplasty, as I inherited a dorsal hump from my grandmother. However, upon meeting, Guy also informed me that he believed I was also suitable for genioplasty (aka. chin augmentation). I was a little bit reluctant to genioplasty at first, but Guy was not pushy in his suggestion, and upon viewing a before and after simulation, I was convinced. The reason that I knew that Guy was the right surgeon for me was his aesthetic, and his attention to detail. I wanted to still be able to recognise myself in the mirror, and didn't want drastic changes. Guy agreed with me on this, and his goal was to subtly enhance my natural beauty rather than completely alter the way I looked. The day of my procedure I was incredibly nervous, not because I lacked confidence in Guy at all, but because it can be a rather daunting experience. Guy was incredibly comforting, and compassionate to what I was experiencing, and assured me it was going to be okay. He was right. He visited me immediately after I woke up, later that night, and the next morning before I checked out of hospital. And during my recovery he offered me his mobile number and said I could contact with any questions or queries that came up. However I didn't have to use it, the recovery was fuss free and I couldn't be happier! I still look just like me, only with slightly more balanced features that Guy was able to achieve. Acquaintances and strangers are unable to tell I’ve had anything done; I look like I could have been born this way. Guy listened to what I was wanting to adjust, and discussed what he believed would be the best way to achieve this. His communication was always incredibly informative, professional, and open. Again, his attention to detail is phenomenal. I am so happy with the entire experience, and I couldn't recommend Dr Guy Watts any higher. I truly think he is one of the greatest surgeons out there.


Breast Augmentation

For a number of years I have considered whether or not to undergo a bilateral breast augmentation. As a highly athletic individual I have always wanted to feel more confident in my body, more feminine. My motive was just that - to feel and look more feminine, to feel more confident in my own skin. I train hard at the gym and eat well. I was proud of my pecs but always lacked confidence in my feminine appearance in swimwear or lingerie. With the support of my husband, at 30 years of age I made the decision to have this procedure and I could not be happier with the final result! I recently underwent a bilateral breast augmentation (textured round implants, 375cc) in the trusted hands of Dr Watts. After my initial consultations I had full confidence that he would be able to deliver the result that I was hoping for. And deliver he did! 3 months post-op, I could not be happier with the final result. Dr Watts boasts a flawless reputation, wealth of industry experience and knowledge. As such, he was able to work with me to provide the best and most desirable outcome for my body shape, while also taking into consideration my personal concerns as an athlete and in maintaining a conservative public profile. Dr Watts also has the support of an incredible team at his Perth based practice who certainly contributed to a positive and reassuring experience both pre- and post-op. I would highly recommend Dr Watts as a plastic surgeon for anyone considering this procedure.


Breast Augmentation

Dr Watts deserves an excellence rating as he is not only a conscientious surgeon, but also caring and kind. He answered all my questions and i felt safe and comfortable under his hands. My procedure went well and I am happy with the results. I will surely go back to him for any other procedure.


Breast Augmentation

So happy with the results - it is exactly as I hoped and the whole experience was easy and I felt comfortable the whole process . All of the team were fantastic to deal with and made the process so simple. I could not be happier with the end result - I would certainly recommend anyone to see Guy.


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

In July 2017, after years of thinking about breast surgery in finally took a leap of faith & saw Dr Watts to see what could be done for me. I had a million questions and concerns - which I'm sure most people would have seen as pedantic ramblings - but from the get go he made me feel nothing other than heard and safe. I had my surgery on 14th November & I opted for a breast lift and submuscular augmentation. I was so calm and read to finally have a body I was happy with (after three children) & Dr Watts had done such a fantastic job at making me feel less nervous in the lead up that the preoperative period was a walk in the park for me. My recovery was very straight forward and any little concerns I did have Dr Watts was quick to reply and give me advice on what was happening and how to handle it. I never once felt like I was doing anything alone. It was the best decision of my life and Dr Watts was the absolute best choice. His professionalism, bedside manner and his skills as a surgeon are incredible. A true perfectionist and genuine to core.

SarahT 22/06/2023


I could not have been happier with my whole experience and the results I got from Dr Watts. He was so informative about all my options and I had several consultations to determine the best procedures to have. I felt like I was in such safe hands the whole time and would highly recommend to everyone! Totally thrilled with my outcome :)

Amberj 26/05/2024

Breast Augmentation

To describe how amazing my experience with Dr Guy Watts was in words is extremely hard. From the moment i met Dr Watts, I knew he was the doctor for me. After seeing several, he was the only one who made me feel completely comfortable with the procedure. He listened carefully to everything i said from the get go, and today i am standing here with some amazing breasts that are everything i could ask for and more. Right down to the little things, Dr Watts makes you feel completely comfortable with everything along the journey. He well informed me off all the risks behind each of my options and ensured every possible decision was the best outcome for myself. Size and shape were the hardest parts of the procedure, i wanted something extremely natural but noticeable. Dr watts guided me along the way and together we agreed on the perfect outcome. The support pre surgery was extremely comforting. The ongoing support months and months later is even better and shows the exact type of Doc he is. Today, right down to the CC, they are perfect. The perfect size, shape and position. I cannot thank Dr Watts enough for the outcome i have today, there is not one thing i would change. Furthermore, i cannot thank him enough for the experience that was as seamless as possible. I highly recommend him without a doubt for anyone considering surgery in Perth. There is truly no one like him.

Ms Anonymous 20/07/2023


I am in a somewhat unique position of being able to compare two board certified Plastic Surgeons (PS) side by side. I have nothing bad to say about either of them, however one of them, in my opinion went more than the extra mile. I reached a stage in my mid 40's where I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I gasped on the occasions when I was taking photos of my children and I had accidentally put the camera on self- taking mode! Shock Horror! I made my decision on my first PS purely from a list (handwritten) from my referring doctor who said he had heard they were recommended. This was in relation to upper blepharoplasty at this point with a view to discussing other areas of concern at my consult. At my consult I explained that one of my biggest concerns was my neck. I had always enjoyed a lovely neckline until I hit early 40's. Once I started to notice flaws I hated looking in the mirror or catching an unplanned glimpse of myself. I learned how to apply make up without really looking at myself ( a self taught skill)

pmc 01/01/2024


Here I am 6 weeks post-surgery and extremely happy with my results, lower eye surgery, lower face and neck-lift. I previously had 2 other consultations before I found Dr Watts on the Realself website which prompted me to make a phone call to his office and put my trust in Dr Watts and his people. I was greeted over the phone by his receptionist Sue who was not only friendly but also continued to provide a positive experience to me throughout. After booking my surgery I then had to juggle and change dates due to unforeseen family health issues, nothing was an effort for them. From the moment of walking into the office for the first time and meeting Sue and Dr Watts I immediately felt at ease. My consultation with Dr Guy Watts was both informative and reassuring, I felt my concerns and expectations were carefully listened to and he was very honest in his appraisal and what he believed could be achieved. Dr Watts is, I feel, a very genuine man. Modest of what he achieves, is caring and was available before and after my surgery with any concerns I had. Emma, Dr Watts' nurse was also friendly, warm and encouraging throughout my healing and extremely competent with my care after the surgery. They are a team that work well together. My experience with Dr Watts and his team is one of total satisfaction and made having this surgery and the recovery after a positive experience. Also I must mention Dr David Hoppe my anaesthetist who made contact with me before my surgery, also very friendly and reassuring as he delved into the usual medical history questions in a very personable way gathering the information he needed. As I recovered in my hospital room a few hours after my surgery with no pain and quite comfortable I reflected how lucky I had been to have the medical team I had chosen. What I was looking for was someone I could really trust with such an important decision as facial surgery, I found this in Dr Watts. I have always said never say never when talking cosmetic procedures and should I seek another cosmetic procedure in the future I will be heading back to talk with Dr Watts. Thank you Dr Watts, Dr Hoppe, Sue and Emma! I have no hesitation in recommending you all.

DollyDog93 01/01/2024


My experience with Dr. Watts could not have been better (rhinoplasty) (female, 23yo) The first two appointments prior to surgery I felt like he was genuinely listening to me, he spoke very kindly while still being completely honest. I got great vibes so I booked my nose in. Then came surgery, I had a panic attack while entering the operating theatre and Dr. Watts was cool calm and collected and tried to soothe me, which was fantastic to me it showed that he genuinely cared about me as a person not just a client. Three days after surgery my nose started clearing, by Sunday my swelling and bruising was pitiful and the blood was quickly disappearing from my nasal mucus, over all pain was minimal. I could breathe through nose at night by Monday. It's now 2 weeks and one day post surgery, cast was taken off yesterday and I could not be happier! I was in shock until I got home and looked in my mirror and then the happy tears flowed. I have the perfect nose! Now when my loved ones call me beautiful I'll actually believe them. I'm not joking, it is perfect. I can breathe easily, and finally evenly, through my nose (left side was dodgy). An outrageous price tag doesn't mean you've got the best surgeon, go with your gut and if you don't get good vibes move on, preferably to Dr. Watts!

Perth Girrrl 10/01/2024

I am 30years old and after years of complenpating and a few non-surgical nose jobs I decided 2017 was my year to get a rhinoplasty! I went to see Dr Watts and wow I walked through those glass doors and there was the most beautiful receptionist so polite helpfully and the energy in those rooms felt so positive! The waiting room smelt like warm marshmallow hehehe! Dr Watts brought me through with a huge smile on his face! He was so understanding, considerate of my feeling about my nose, professional, answered all my questions with ease and his work on rhinoplasties had blown me away I thought sign me up! I thought so much of him, I even booked in a breast augmentation too! I saw Dr Watts 4 times to make sure I wanted the procedure and that I was aware of all the risks! I had found my surgeon and couldn’t be more trusting in him! The day of my surgery which was the 10th of January 2017 I was extremely nervous but very confident in Dr Watts. I arrived at 6am at St John of God Subiaco got prepped by the nurses and got taking through at 8am to the theatre waiting rooms were Dr Watts greeted me and made me feel at ease. When I got taking through to theatre I was laying on the bed and they were just about to put me to sleep, I was so nervous but the most significate thing through my whole journey was Dr Watts came over to me held my shoulder and said “I’ve got this, I will look after you I will do the best job I can do! This made me feel so special that He took the time to put me at ease just as I was going to sleep! My cast came off my nose after 2 weeks. Dr Watts was so careful, he handed me the mirror and told me he was very impressed with my nose! OMG I was so over whelmed with my nose it was so perfect! I had been warned about the swelling so I was expecting the biggest nose and that just wasn’t true it was so small and straight and in my eyes Dr Watts had done an amazing job! I love my Nose I love my breast and I love my journey that Dr Watts carried me on! We all want a doctor that’s caring, puts safety first and delivers results you’ve only wished for! The whole team in Dr Watts office were so important to how my journey has gone I thank you Sue for being there on the phone whenever I needed a quick answer or too and Dr Watts thank you for taking the time to not only be the best surgeon to give me these amazing results but a real genuine human being!

perthie86 09/02/2024

Dr Guy Watts is an amazing Surgeon, from the very start I was comfortable with him to do my surgery, I trusted his opinion on how far forward and down we should go with my chin, He offered digital imagining 3d simulations so I had an idea of what I'd look like afterwards, I wanted natural and subtle, and he delivered plus more! I'm so happy with the results! We also injected filler in my tear troughs, I've always had deep troughs and bags under my eyes from when I was young, and all I can say is wow what a difference I wish I did it earlier! I can't praise him enough as a surgeon! You wont regret!

Fls47 17/01/2024


After spending a couple of years contemplating face/neck lift and blepharoplasty surgery I made the decision to consult with Dr Watts for his thoughts.I’m so glad I did. Throughout the entire consultation process Dr Watts provided thorough and detailed recommendations and advice in a methodical and personalized manner. Pre and post operatively and over my recovery, Dr watts showed compassion and support delivering an exceptionally high level of care and attention every step of the way.Professionalism, perfectionism, remarkable expertise and surgical skill combined with genuine humility, humour and a down to earth personality makes Dr Watts a rare find. He has achieved a lovely natural looking result for me - I cannot recommend him highly enough. I appeal to anyone considering taking this leap of faith to please make an appointment with his lovely practice manager to discuss your options with Dr Watts.

Lozzajo 08/12/2023

Breast Augmentation

I had read many times about people just knowing that they had picked the right surgeon for them. I didn't understand that until I met Dr Watts. He has an calm, professional and extremely warm demenour. On my initial consultation we discussed all aspects of having a BA and not once did I feel that I was being sold a procedure. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience where I was not rushed or pushed into anything. I walked away feeling positive, excited but most importantly informed about the reality of a breast augmentation. That level of care and service has been consistent throughout my journey. On the morning of my procedure I had a minor freak out about sizing. Dr Watts was amazing! With his calm and knowledgeable guidance I relaxed and was able to make the best choice for me and not cave to the nerves. My aftercare and results have also exceeded my expectations. My breasts look and feel better than I ever imagined. From day 1 post op It has been obvious that I will achieve the look and size that I wanted. My scar is small, hidden and healing amazingly which can only been down to his skill as a surgeon. Organising my consultations and any enquiry has been a breeze due to his wonderful office manager Sue. Who did and has since done her upmost to get the best time for me on every appointment. Every call or email has been responded to with the same amount of helpfulness and friendliness. I have recommended Dr Watts and his team to my best friend. I am sure she will receive the same positive experience and results that I have.

Christine 09/11/2023

Tummy Tuck

Dr Guy Watts, from the moment I met Dr Watts I felt immediately at ease, which I feel is super important when choosing a Dr to trust with such a major life changing task. All I can say is that I am more than ecstatic with the final result (it's only been 2 weeks since surgery, so I know it will only get better). I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever and so would highly recommend Dr Guy Watts to anyone thinking about a procedure. His bedside manner was amazing (I even had nurses asking me where I found him!) and after care has been no different. Dr Watts has been professional, reassuring, respectful of my views and in my opinion humble about his work. Like an artist he cares deeply about his work and has done an amazing job on me to bring my body back to prebaby status. So this is one girl who is certainly happy that Dr Watts chose the right profession:)

Emily Sheehan 06/10/2023

Breast Augmentation

I knew when I was waiting in Dr Watt's waiting room and another lady asked me was I there for my consult and she replied with "don't bother seeing anyone else - I saw 5 surgeons and Dr Watts's was the best by far" I had come to the right place. Dr Watt's is a gentle caring man who was very understanding of what I wanted to achieve from my breast augmentation. He treats you like a friend and is so caring and compassionate I seriously could not have asked for better care and more importantly a better result - I just had a three day trip to Bali and I felt like a new person not only in my bikinis but in all my gorgeous new summer wardrobe. Beyond satisfied so grateful to Dr Watts for guiding me to achieve exactly what I wanted a natural full C cup that you wouldn't even know weren't the real thing!

NCG 29/09/2023

Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty

After a considerable time dwelling on if, where & when I was ever going to go ahead with this type of surgery, I decided it was now or never..I researched and approached three Perth based surgeons. Each agreed rhinoplasty & upper eyelid surgery would be beneficial but what made Dr Watts stand out to me was his calm and methodical nature which decreased a lot of my anxiety about my decision to proceed and increased my trust to be assured I was going to get the desired results. By no means was I after an 'extreme makeover' in fact I was after a subtle,natural look so that no one could detect I actually had any 'surgery'. Dr Watts really listened to my concerns during each of the appointments and explained the procedures in detail, it was never rushed. He was honest and realistic about achieving the outcomes I was after, & we agreed we were on the 'same page' which put my mind at ease. The surgery itself was undertaken in a new modern local hospital which I found to be less intimidating, Dr Watts saw me pre & post op & even provided his personal contact no. for aftercare and a gift bag with some post op goodies which added a nice personal touch. The Inital 7 days of recovery at home was manageable as a schedule of post op medication was provided by Dr Watts and he also was able to remove the stutures and nose splint in his office both of which were pain free procedures. I was surprised how relatively pain free the surgery was, no sharp pains or stinging sensations, more just a blocked nose, dry mouth and swelling which was bearable with ice packs, especially for the eyes. His practice manager, Sue was also most accommodating with bookings and replying to emails etc.. The surgery already feels like a lifetime ago as my nose now looks in proportion, my overall look is a 'fresher' appearance and most importantly natural! I'm SO happy and highly recommend Dr Watts as he has a real passion for what he does!

LinL 04/10/2023


After my first initial consult with Dr Watts I knew he would be the right surgeon to perform a Rhinoplasty that I have desired for over 20 years. He is very professional and projects confidence in the outcome he is able to achieve. Dr Watts has a realistic approach and is very honest. The first consultation is an hour and the procedure is explained in great detail. I left the consultation very happy and reassured. I booked in for surgery after my first consult. As a very anxious patient about the surgery Dr Watts never dismisses your concerns or fears. He is very understanding and his kind hearted and patient nature reassures you that it is a common procedure with little to be concerned about. The day of surgery he will see you prior to going under anaesthetic. He marks out the nose and reassures you once again that all will be well. I woke up from surgery feeling absolutely fine, no nausea and no pain at all. I did not require any heavy pain medication, even after the numbness had subsided. Aside from the very dry mouth & blocked nose I experienced no other side effects. All the concerns and fears I had were proved to be an over anxious mind and I wish I did this much earlier in my life. The anaesthetist Dr Chen was also great. He is very reassuring about the process and he will meet with you prior to surgery as well as on the day. Dr Watts post-operative care is fantastic. Any concerns you may have he is only a phone call away and will speak with you directly. 7 days post op he removed the sutures, whilst it’s not the most pleasant of feelings, he is gentle and it’s a rather quick procedure. On the 9th day the plaster was removed, the difference in appearance was noticed immediately. I am currently 3 weeks post op and absolutely delighted with the new shape. Dr Watts is an excellent Plastic Surgeon. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone that is unhappy with any part of their face/body. I am thankful to him for making me feel better about myself. Dr Watts you are simply amazing!

Ali_Roo 08/09/2023

Breast Augmentation

The results from my breast augmentation have exceeded my expectations. I have found Dr Watts to have an excellent balance of professionalism, perfectionism, kindness and light heartedness. Although I knew that I wanted to have the procedure done I was nervous about such a big change. Dr Watts eased my worries during my preoperative consultations. He spent a lot of time talking through my options, what the risks and benefits are of breast augmentation and measuring and remeasuring to get the best size for my body. Dr Watts said that breast augmentation should be enjoyable not stressful and that is so true. I trusted Dr Watts' advice about what size implants and post operative care. My recovery went very smoothly and I could not be happier with the size, shape and feel of my breasts. I would also like to acknowledge Sue. From my first enquiry Sue was just lovely. Her genuine interest and care has made me feel comfortable and welcomed everytime I call or have an appointment. I highly recommend Dr Watts for breast augmentation.

PerthPatient1011 20/09/2023


I found Dr Guy Watts from this website, and did a consultation with him due to the positive reviews here. I honestly believe I could not have picked a better plastic surgeon. He absolutely nailed everything from the consultation to the final result. Initial Consultation: He spent nearly an hour with me trying to answer everyone of my questions and figuring out what I wanted to achieve. He outlined any possible risks of revision and was more than happy to recommend or for me to see any other doctors to make the best possible decision for myself. He was genuine, calm and selfless. Booking the surgery: I also would like to mention his Practice Manager Sue Lewis who was absolutely incredible in finding the earliest possible time to book surgery, she also more than helped with insurance and medicare which made me feel much more assured. She was efficient with keeping me up to date with what was happening with the third parties as well (hospital and anesthesia) in regards to costs and people. I really cannot underestimate how much more assured she made me feel in choosing Dr Watts. Pre-operation consult: After booking the surgery and paying the deposit I went in for a pre-op consultation. This is where Dr Watts outlined all the possible risks involved and made sure that I wanted to still go through the procedure. There was never a stage where I felt remotely pressured to go ahead. His manner and poise was faultless at all times. Operation day: The operation day was very smooth as expected. I was in by 8am and out by 2pm that same day. Nothing to really speak about here, but Dr Watts again answered any questions I had about my recovery and made sure I was comfortable. Post-recovery: Dr Watts gave me his mobile phone number to call him or message him at anytime if I had any issues which was very valuable (even though I found no need to contact him). He was conservative with mby recovery which is important to get the best result possible. Final Result: I really do not think that he could have made my nose look any better. He exceeded my expectations and I will recommending him to anyone who asks. I count myself very fortunate for selecting him and choosing wisely. Conclusion: I am someone who does a full due diligence on everything I buy or select. I was also skeptical of plastic surgeon websites and many other plastic surgeons. After all my research I choose Dr Watts and am 100% happy I made the right choice. The fact that medicare/insurance covered part of it was great as well. To anyone who reads this, I would say to at the very least go to a consultation with Guy, you will not be disapointed.

Youngmummy 28/09/2023

Breast Augmentation

After having 2 children an breast feeding both of them I found myself lacking in the breast department! I'd thought about breast augmentation before but thought it would we be out of my price range as if only ever want to have it done in Perth an leaving Australia for a cheaper option didn't appeal to me at all with all the horror stories I had heard. I decided to do a bit of research anyway an found that Perth surgeons were more affordable than first thought. I booked 2 consultations with 2 different doctors. 1st consult was with Dr Watts in west Perth. Going into the consult I was super nervous an very self conscious of how I looked. Upon arrival I instantly felt very comfortable with Dr Watts. He listened to all my concerns an seemed very confident he could achieve my desired look. We had a play with the different size implants and I got a feel for what size I thought I would like. After the consult I left feeling at ease an very confident in my decision to go ahead with the procedure an knew that dr Watts was the dr I wanted to do it. I cancelled the other consult as I didn't feel the need to see another surgeon. Sue, the lovely receptionist then sent me a quote the next day an I was more than happy with the price, so called an booked my date to finally get me some new boobs. I had my pre op appointment 3 weeks before to go over sizing once more, which I was happy for Dr Watts to make the final decision on day of surgery while operating to see which size was going to suit me best, he is the expert after all, and to go through all the risks associated with the procedure. It was a little scary to hear of all the risks although I had total faith in my Dr which I think makes all the difference. Surgery day rolled around so fast!! I was more nervous than I expected I would be, but thankfully I was first up so didn't have to wait long, after seeing Dr watts an having all the markings drawn on an chatting to him I already felt much less nervous about the whole thing.i then met Dr Chen my anaesthetist an before I knew it I was out. Before I knew it I was awake an had NEW BOOBS!! I felt a little sick as I always do after going under but besides that an the pressure in my chest I felt pretty good. I also snuck a quick look at the new girls an they already looked awesome. After a few hours I checked out an was on my way home after stopping in to see dr Watts briefly just to check all was looking good. He told me her had chosen to go with 350hp smooth rounds and I was happy with his decision, He also gave me a little care package with a few things to help with the recovery, such a nice idea. After getting home recovery was pretty good, I had next to no bruising, pain was minimal an all in all I felt great. Dr Watts called to check in on me a couple of days later an was only to happy for me to call him if I had any concerns. 1 week post op appointment was short and sweet, had dressing removed, all is looking awesome! 2 week post op appointment, tape removed and stitches trimmed. Super happy with how they're settling, I just love them!! The scars are positioned so well in the crease an are hardly noticeable already. Sorry for the long review but a surgeon this awesome deserves a fab review! I really cannot fault Dr Watts and his staff in any way, at no point did I ever feel pressured or rushed to book with him, he was only too happy to answer any question no matter how ridiculous, his knowledge an professionalism is second to none and I would recommend him 1000 times over!! This guy knows his stuff .Thankyou Dr Watts for giving me some confidence back, and great boobs. I couldn't be happier.

Damo_97 17/06/2024

Chin Implants

I first met Dr Watts when I transferred from a children hospital to a adult hospital system at the age of 18. We discussed the issues surrounding my health, the cause and problem that had arisen with my juvenile arthritis as I grew. During this time the urgency for surgery to be done on my jaw was clear, firstly Dr Watts liaised with Dr Gillett and my orthodontist Dr Wholley about braces and wisdom teeth removal. As time moved forward I had x-rays and molds to help map out how my teeth were going and how the surgery would be conducted. Dates and times were the set for June of 2016 and appointments became regular. The surgery completed was a lower jaw extension with a chin point extension, as well as the top-mid section of my upper jaw lowered. The procedure went very well, I awoke with minimal pain. There was a lot of swelling due to the process completed on my jaw. Recovery was about 5 days in hospital, a liquid diet for 6 weeks. A splint was inserted into the upper area of my mouth to help hold the top part together. The surgery was completed and was planned using a 3-dimensional technological system, which mapped out my face and help the surgeon out. The splint was removed after 6 weeks, which allowed me to be able to eat soft mushy food. I felt that the surgery was done in a very professional manner and exceeds my expectations. Once the swelling disappeared I was amazed at the end result. The work done by Dr Watts and his team with Dr Gillett and orthodontist Dr Wholley and his team was exceptional. The surgery was well planned and they were very professional and friendly through-out the entire process. I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Watts, Dr Gillett and Dr Wholley for the work that they have produced on my jaw. Also for the opportunity to have a healthy life. This has also got my life back on track and has helped with being able to have the confidence to go out and be part of the larger community.

DavidW 22/09/2023


100% confidence in Dr Watts from initial consultation through to aftercare. There was never any pressure or rush, he listened to my questions and expectation of result which is amazing, couldn't be happier. His manner is very calm and friendly whilst extremely professional, can't recommend Dr Watts highly enough.

Scared Perth 03/09/2023

Body Lift, Brachioplasty, Thigh Reduction

Dr Guy Watts is an absolute perfectionist. He provided me with every bit of information I could possibly need. This was the hardest yet best decision I have made for myself since losing 55kg naturally. The attention to detail and after care have been second to none. I would recommend Dr Watts to anyone who expects nothing less than the best. He will do everything in his power to achieve the best results for any of his patients. I couldn't be happier with my results and it's only 4 weeks since my total body lift.

OliveTilly 20/07/2023

Breast Augmentation

After two pregnancies in two years and breastfeeding both children, my size 10C breasts ended up being nothing more than empty skin bags. I referred to my them as 'Figs in Socks' for a good two years while trying all the non-surgical ways to plump them up again- taking the contraceptive pill, trying to gain weight, eating copious amounts of KFC- nothing worked (Obviously!) You can't blame a girl for trying. It was time to head back to the operating theatre, something I wasn't too keen on after a horrific rhinoplasty experience with another Perth surgeon (will link to that review once completed). I spent two months looking at before and after photographs and reading through reviews of local Perth surgeons. I spoke to everyone I knew who had had a breast augmentation- I wanted to know the good AND the bad stuff. There was one photo in particular that I kept going back to on Dr Watts page- the before boobs looked just like mine and the after shot was just amazing. They were perfect! I contacted Dr Watt’s rooms and spoke to the gorgeous Ashe. I asked if she could email me ALL of the pre and post-surgical information, which she kindly did straight away. If I was going to be cut open again, I was going to be as educated as possible and I was going to listen to my gut this time. I booked an initial consultation and told myself that if I didn't feel comfortable with Dr Watts then I wasn't going to book my surgery with him- simple as that. Well, it turns out I was worried for no reason. I walked out of that appointment knowing I had found my surgeon. Even my husband was comfortable with this man who had just seen his wife's boobs. Happy with my appointment and happy with my quote, I booked in for my BA surgery. Two weeks prior to my surgery date I had another appointment with Dr Watts to confirm sizing and go through all of the paperwork. Dr Watts talked me through the possible risks and answered all of my questions- not once did I feel like I was being 'Sold' my surgery. And now my surgical diary begins: 15/7 Friday - Getting throat pain. Glands have swollen. 16/7 Saturday - Throat pain increasing. 17/7 Sunday - Throat sore. Glands swollen. Difficulty sleeping due to throat pain. 18/7 Monday - Visit to GP, diagnosed with pharyngitis. Sore throat, swollen neck glands. Called Anesthesiologist and Surgeons rooms. Dr Watts called and discussed potential risks with possible infection. Put my mind at ease. Told to rest. Waiting to hear from Dr Chen. 19/7 - Woke up feeling much better. Swelling has gone down 80% and no pain when swallowing. Emailed Sue to update her on my progress and was given the all clear for surgery from Dr Chen. 20/7 - It's surgery day. Didn't get much sleep so looking forward to resting post-op. Uber to the hospital at 6.30am. Checked in by the lovely nurse Lynn then was visited by Dr Watts where he marked my chest. Feeling 100% comfortable and confident in my decision to go with Dr Watts. Am feeing informed and relaxed which is the exact opposite of how I felt when I had my rhinoplasty surgery. Met with Dr Chen and before I knew it it was surgery time. Joked about gaining a couple of kilos in theatre and then was given a 'couple of drinks' then it was goodnight to me. Woke up feeling slightly nauseated but didn't vomit. Feeling very tired. I'm feeling tight across my chest- similar to when I was engorged during my breastfeeding days. Staff at hospital were so lovely. Care package from Dr Watts was so thoughtful. Got to have a look/feel of my new breasts when Dr Watts came to check on me. Very happy with the results. I feel like my old self again. 21/7 - Kept up with pain relief overnight- endone and panadol. Slept in a recliner which was much more comfortable than a bed. Still sleepy but I think that has more to do with the endone. Eating fine, drinking fine. Little things like being able to tie my hair up or easily get out of the chair are the only issues I have. Apart from that, still feeling like I'm 'engorged' but am thrilled with the look/feel of my breasts. Am keeping up with prescribed pain management. Very tired so off to sleep at 10.30pm. 22/7 - Woke up at 3am in quite a bit of pain. Breasts are extremely swollen. Have taken an endone. Got through the day without any more endone. Took Panadol, nurofen and abs right on schedule. Still a little tired but feeling well otherwise. Dr Watts called today and is happy with my progress. 23/7 - Woke up at 2am again in a bit of pain. Breasts feeling quite engorged. Went back to sleep and took Panadol and nurofen at 7am. Back at my own house now. Managed to have a bath, get myself dressed and tidy up a little. Think I may have overdid it a bit because my left breast started aching so I sat back down. Drove a little bit today to which was a little difficult. Steering tends to tug a bit so I'll only be driving now when absolutely necessary. I also had two glasses of wine. I am feeling quite sore this evening. I have noticed that if I poke my right breast cleavage, I can feel what I think is the implant edge? It kind of pops in and out as I poke it. It’s not painful, just feels like an air bubble type thing? Have taken my evening painkillers but may need to take a endone if the pain doesn't subside soon. 24/7 - Didn't require any extra pain killers last night. Woke up feeling great. Was able to shower without difficulty (taking care not to wet the dressings) Kept up with pain killer and antibiotic schedule. Had a nap in the afternoon as still tire very easily. Noticed an increase in 'popping' noises when I press the skin between my breasts. Bruising has gone down quite a bit. Beyond thrilled with how good they look. 25/7 - Had a great day today. Breasts are still quite tight and swollen. No pain in the right side but occasionally I get a sharp pain in the left- not bad enough to be concerned about. Strangely I keep getting a 'let down' feeling. Nipples are still numb but react to touch. Incisions are getting a little itchy now. Popping noises still in the skin between breasts. 26/7 - Another great day. Still swollen and tight and incisions are still itchy but not in any pain. Any pain I do get is on the left side and only for a few seconds- normally when I've done too much. Sleeping upright is so darn uncomfortable. 27/7 - One week post op today. No real changes in the breasts. Had my follow up appointment with Dr Watts today and had the dressings removed. Beyond thrilled with how great they look and feel. The recovery isn't half as bad as what I thought it would be. I have a band now to wear over my compression bra. It's a little ouchie but probably more annoying than anything. God, these surgical bras are ugly. Back in a week for removal of incision dressings and suture trimming. 4/8 – Two weeks post op checkup today. My dressings have been removed and replaced with tape. Sutures have been trimmed (bit of a tug on the left side but I was just being a sook) Boobs look amazing. So, so happy. 29/8 – I’m in Perth a week earlier than expected so I had my six-week check up today rather than drive down again in a week’s time. I’m to start massaging my incision scar three times a day. 12/9 – I’m seven weeks post-op and am feeling fabulous. My breasts feel like have always been there. My incisions are healing nicely. I’m in no pain or discomfort and my breasts are softening up more and more each day. They look amazing and I am thrilled with the outcome. If any has any questions, feel free to message me. I am so pleased with my choice to have a BA with Dr Guy Watts. I cannot recommend his services highly enough. Sue and Ashe are also so lovely to deal with.

Vrotom 17/08/2023

Breast Augmentation

Well it's been 3 weeks and a bit since my BA shifted the scales to 175/200 and they are looking better every day. I'm 'petite' framed as some would say (then again I probably stunted when I was 12!) I had been thinking of getting a BA for a while but was seriously concerned about seeming unnaturally big breasted. After 3 kids, breastfeeding and still no sign of ever looking like a woman, I finally decided I needed to start ticking some items off my bucket list that would still make sense before they became irrelevant with age or wisdom:) Dr Watts was just fantastic... you would probably have realised after these few sentences that the intensity of my psyche borders the insane most days but I surprisingly (well I surprise myself...if that counts for anything) lean a lot more towards self-preservation than I would like to admit: the most difficult step in my case was to bridge the 'choice of surgeon' step and Dr Watts saw me through it all! Trust in my surgeon and belief in self were paramount to my BA journey and Dr Watts had my back all the way. I found that the highlight of my surgical experience relied fundamentally in Dr Watts's confidence, subject expertise (trust me: I fired questions from all sides) and ability to paint out my needs to determine what I actually wanted inside my comfort zone. The surgery was spotless, the aftercare was remarkable and I felt totally safe and without regrets. My body recovering fast, I'm feeling better everyday...missing exercising but looking forward to finally needing a sports bra!

DrLyn 06/07/2023


I am 62 year old teacher now without flabby arms. My procedure was performed on July 6. I am a perfectionist and I recognised that trait straight away in Dr Watts. A few weeks before my surgery my consultation with Dr Watts involved going through the procedure and what to expect post-surgery. I need to have a Plan B for what might happen and Dr Watts explained all the Plan Bs. He also provided me with information that I would later refer to, so that I knew my healing process was within normal parameters. This information proved invaluable. The night before my surgery I went to Dr Watt's rooms where he drew on my arms and marked out where the incisions would occur. Doing it the night before provided time and the opportunity to not have distractions. Dr Watts spoke to me right after surgery while I was in recovery. I do remember that. Everything had gone as planned. He visited with me again later that day and again the following morning. My husband was given Dr Watts phone contact to call if we had any concerns. I went home. The following day I went home (I live two and a half hours from the city on a farm). I had a phone call from Dr Watts that day checking to ensure I was okay. I messaged him back that I was. I had another phone call two days later. Again I messaged back that I was fine. I was. Later that day I noticed there was a lot more seepage on my right arm. More than I expected. My husband took a couple of photos, sent them to Dr Watts and he was right back with what to do. The following day while following Dr Watts instructions to change the dressing my husband was concerned so a couple more pics to Dr Watts. He had a phone conversation with my husband, organised for a script to be faxed to our local chemist, and would you believe there were no more leaks after that. My first check-up was a week post procedure. All was good. My second was the following week after we had removed the dressings in the shower. Again, all was good. I needed no tape. The incision had healed nicely. Dr Watts and his team have been outstanding. Sue, in the office, has helped me out so much. Ashe dropped of a bag of goodies after my procedure at Wembley Day Surgery for a special patient (me) who should have special treatment. That was such a lovely gesture. I have never had a surgeon call me at home after a procedure. I have never had the care and attention I received from Dr Watts. I would refer anyone who wants a highly professional, caring surgeon who will achieve excellent results and who will answer your questions if he hasn't already covered it in the information he provides. He is extremely thorough. Thank you Guy, Ashe and Sue.

Dana Dumitru 22/06/2023


My entire experience with Dr Watts was amazing! My initial consult was extremely thorough and all my queries and concerns were answered. Dr Watts gave me all the time I needed in my pre-operative and post-operative appointments, and ensured we were on the same page regarding my desired outcome (which exceeded my expectation by 100x!). Dr Watts was very realistic in terms of what would suit my face shape and profile. After the operation I felt very little discomfort and was extremely pleased with the nurses care at Wembley Day Surgery. I was also given a little care package, which was a lovely personal touch. I highly recommend investing in a large supportive pillow, as you will be required to sleep elevated for a while. I'm extremely pleased with my results and would absolutely recommend Dr Guy Watts as your plastic surgeon :)
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