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Tuberous ?

Hello, I'm wanting to have a breast augmentation as I'm currently small A/b cup. I want to go to a C/D/E? I'm unsure if i have tuberous breasts? Will this be more than a simple BA?

Anonymous 24/10/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    The features of tuberous breast include a constricted base with herniation of the nipple. It does appear you have mild herniation of the nipple, though this would not cause a major issue in a breast augmentation. At the time of breast augmentation the surgeon may need to release tightness in the base of the breast to achieve the best result possible, and this is a decision a surgeon may make at the time of examination, or at the time od surgery.
    In all I do not think this will be an issue for you having a good result form a breast augmentation
    I hope that is of some help
    Jeremy Hunt

Would I be suitable for Breast reduction?

165cm, 60kg, 44 years. I am really fed up of having to buy clothes that are too big in order to fit my breasts. Would I be suitable for reduction surgery and would I be eligible for any Medicare support?

Anonymous 22/04/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Hi,Thanks for the photos, and from these I do think you would be suitable for a breast reduction of course pending a full assessment at a consultation. I also  do you would achieve an excellent result, and can appreciate the issues yuo are having with clothing and being " top heavy"
    With regards to Medicare, you would be elegible to a rebate if you chose to have the procedure performed as a Private patient, and this would potentially have implication for Private insurance covering hospital costs if that was the position you were  in, and depending on the level of that cover.
    I hope that is of some help - and all the best
    Jeremy Hunt

How much for this procedure

I need lipo, breast lift, tummy, eyes,

Kay sargentson 24/10/2017 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for the question -  though it is a hard one to answer directly.
    It is difficult to give a direct answer as there are a lot of variables and options in what you are asking, The duration of the procedure, the type and extent of the tummy tuck, and if the breast lift will need an implant to restore volume, as well as if there is private insurance that may cover some of the costs, are all questions that need to be considered when the cost is estimated. 

    As everyone is going to be individual, the cost will vary from person to person and surgeon to surgeon, and  even offering a range is difficult as the difference between two people asking for the same procedure can be quite large.
    The best option will be to be seen in a consultation, and from there a surgcial plan can be made, and cost estimate given
     I hope that makes sense and is of some help
    Jeremy HUNT

Uneven breasts

Will this be easily fixed when i get my procedure? there is a significant difference in my breasts and im just worried i will be wasting my money if i attempt to fix them.

georgialilith 21/09/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Hi Georgia,
    I can appreciate that the degree of asymmetry you have does warrant correction.
    The key will be to achieve 2 breast mounds of the same size and shape with the nipple at the same height, so some aspects of your case make it easier than others.
    As volume is the issue in your case then the solution is going to be to increase the smaller side, or decrease the bigger side, and that choice is yours, the nipple is at approximately the same height so it may not need to be altered depending on the final cup size you are after. The real answer though is a full examination at a consultation and plan surgery from there once you have had a chance to assess all of the pros and cons, and see if it for you
    I hope that is of some help
    Jeremy Hunt

Point Me In The Right Direction

I have lost approximately 15kg and have another 10-15kg to lose. What sort of TT would I be looking at? I also want to get a BA/BL done before the end of the year to regain the fullness after two pregnancies.

Maine81 06/06/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    The health gains of loosing the weight are going to be great so well done - the issue now though will be the excess skin and " drooping" as the skin has been essentially " deflated " with the weight loss
    The best type of tummy tuck will be the one that gets you the result you are after and i would suggest it will be a full abdominoplasty with liposuction that may well extend of the hips to maximise the contouring of the abdomen and torso. This of course may need to be further modified with further weight loss and full examination .
    The breast surgery will again be the one that gets you the result you desire in terms of cup size and so a lift will be necessary but the implant may or may not be needed depending on your desired final result
    Again well done- and the next step i suggest will be a consultation and plan from there - all the best
    Jeremy Hunt

Wondering whether I need a lift?

Hi, I am wondering whether I will be needing a lift as well as implants? I'm currently 24, have breastfed two babies and am about a B/C cup. I am wanting my boobies to be full and not saggy but I also do not want my nipples really off centre. Really interested on some opinions of what the best procedure/s would be for me.

megs01 05/06/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    I think you will do with an implant alone.
    This will of course depend on your desired final result as this will determine the volume of the implant and that is what will avoid the need for a breast lift
    I hope that helps
    Jeremy hunt

Messy lower abdomen

Hi there, I'm hoping someone will be able to help with my question. I had my appendix removed when I was 8, a belly button piercing grow out at 19 - which I had re-pierced later, a laparoscopy when I was 21, and two pregnancies at 28 and 29 both delivered by c-section, leaving me with horrible stretch marks and a moderate amount of excess skin. All of this has left me with an extremely messy lower abdomen that I am severly self conscious of. I'm wondering if a tummy tuck will get rid of the majority of scarring? Thank you

PrettyHurts 05/06/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    a tummy tuck will remove excess skin, with a full abdominoplasty removing the skin from the umbilicus down to the C section scar.
    That would be ideal , but there need to be enough spare skin the achieve this and keep the scar very low to achieve what I would regard as an acceptable scar.  given the scar needs to stay low the compromise can be removing as much stretched skin as possible, and accepting a short vertical scar down low above the tummy tuck scar
    The key will be an examination to assess how much skin laxity there is
    I hope that helps
    Jeremy Hunt 

Am I tuberous???

Hi there, Can you please let me know if my breasts appear tuberous? They have always been pointy in shape, and I have always had very large nipples. Also the right is fairly bigger thank the left.Not sure if I just have unfortunate shaped breasts or if they are in fact tuberious. Thank you for your help! Rose

Rose86 28/05/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for the question.
    i do not think you have tuberous breast based on the photos you have given, but I agree you do have breast asymmetry.
    The fact that the breasts are not tuberous is a positive if you are considering breast surgery, as the procedure will be less technically challenging in non tuberous breasts, so the result more predictable.
    Jeremy Hunt

Advice on suitability for a straight BA

I'm hoping to get some advice on whether I'd would be an ideal candidate for a straight BA, I'm a deflated B cup wanting to up to D cup i have always had rather little upper pole fullness even before having children and do have some mild ptosis more so in one breast then the other. Would going a larger tear drop implant help achieve a fuller cleavage look or is lift really my only option ? Also I've seen a few surgeons sites offering a mini lift with Augmentation? I'm a little confused by the term "mini lift" as I've been unable to find any literature outlining the differences. Curious to see what my options are so that I can have a realistic idea before a face to face consultation. I'm not wanting to replicate a perky perfect 18 year old look , I'm more looking to increase my size without the need to constantly wear heavily padded bras.

Jennalee 27/05/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    thanks for the question.
    I would suggest either is an option but the result you are after will be the key.  If you want volume an implant will achieve that, but if you want lift ( particularly on the left side) then an implant alone will not achieve that, and I think a lift will be the best option to create a result where you have symmetry of volume, shape, and nipple height
    i hope that helps, all the best
    Jeremy Hunt

What size and projection would suit me.

Hi I'm a10B and would like to be a large 10C I would like as natural looking as possible with round implants. Is this possible? The below are mod plus projection with 250cc which is what I would like to look like. Is this a similar size I would need? Thank you

Courtney_22 25/05/2016 WA

  • Answer
    the implant size that will achieve a certain result will depend on your frame and the dimensions of the implant.
    I would suggest using a sizing system with your surgeon to have an idea of the volume needed to achieve your desired result, and then use the dimensions of your chest to determine the style of implant needed.
    I hope that is of some help
    Jeremy Hunt

Would you recommend a Breast lift and Implants or would just Implants be suitable

Hi I have breastfed 2 children and lost over 55 kilo's with hard work and super determination. I have been wanting to have breast augmentation surgery for many many years and I am finally in a financial position to do so. I currently wear size 12D sports bra's as they are the only thing that hold my deflated breasts in place. I would like to be able to wear a DD or bigger. Would you recommend doing implants alone (perhaps 650cc) or would a lift and implant be required to achieve my desired results? If a lift is needed that would be fine as scarring does not worry me at all. I would be concerned though if the surgery had to be a two stage process. Many thanks for your time!

sparkles16 24/05/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    The answer to your question will honestly be - what result are you after? if you think along the lines that an implant will increase the cup size, but not lift the breast- then an implant alone will give a fuller cup in  lower position than if a lift was used as well.
    If when you think of the result you are after , you lift the breast tissue up when describing that result,  I suspect a lift will be the best option with an implant as well
    All of this though pends a consultation when dimensions and your frame can be considered and then a fully informed opinion can be given , but I hope that is of some help
    All the best
    Jeremy hunt
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