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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Dr. Kaplan is amazing! I have been going to him for over 4 years now, and my results are always incredible! His staff is also wonderful and very accommodating. I highly recommend!!!


Breast Augmentation

This surgeon! I’ve had other plastic surgeons operate on me, they don’t even come close to Dr Hunt. This man knows what he’s talking about. His consultative manner is very reassuring. He wants to help you achieve your objectives. He wants to understand your lifestyle to ensure your surgery decisions are informed. He talks through options, he shows you pictures and finds out what you like and dislike. Dr Hunt accommodated my interstate travel needs and consultations. He was thorough, professional and caring. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Look no further, he is worth ever cent, and you’ll love your results!


Breast Augmentation

Going to Dr Hunt was the best decision I have ever made for going through this procedure. From the wonderful team he works with (special shout out to his amazing nurse Ciara) to the whole process and the hospital I had my procedure in everything was a breeze. I wanted a breast augmentation for over 10 years but it wasn't until I had seen results from friends of mine who had their surgery with Dr Hunt that I knew I had found the right surgeon for me. I have had issues with my breasts for as long as I have had them and he explained that I have a pigeon chest and tubular breasts which was going to be a challenge to turn them into the breasts I wanted. Dr Hunt went through everything to expect and what results I was going to come out with and I left the rest to his expertise. The morning of my surgery I was one month post losing my best friend to cancer, her primary being breast and he put my heightened anxiety to rest and spent time with me and putting my mind at ease and with that I came away incredibly happy with my results. I am 3 months post surgery and I love the results more and more every day, I now feel so much more feminine and the shape and size suit me so well people have realised there is something different but cant quite figure out what. This may be the only cosmetic procedure I have but if I decide to go under the knife again Dr Hunt will be the only surgeon I will be going to.


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I underwent surgery on the 18th April 2018 having breast implants with a breast lift. I cannot speak highly enough about the service and support I have received from the moment of my first consultation right up until now. Dr. Hunt and his entire staff have been nothing but professional, they answered every question I had with such thoroughness and made me feel so comfortable the entire time. I am so pleased I had such a wonderful environment to undergo this surgery in, and cannot thank everyone involved enough. I am extremely happy with the results. I never thought they would look so perfect in every way. I am now so grateful that I listened to all the people that highly recommended him to me that had the same procedure done, and years down the track are still extremely happy and have never looked back.


Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant Removal

I was looking for a surgeon that was local and had a excellent reputation, Dr Hunt stood out for me over all the other surgeons , I was impressed with his website how not only did he show his education,qualifications which is incredibly important when making these kind of life changing decisions he gave a personal touch by sharing about himself which for me makes a connection of sorts that i feel is important when considering surgery. Upon meeting Dr Hunt my expectations were met immediately,He was on the exact same page as me on what results realistically i was looking for ,I knew he was the surgeon of choice i never had to go elsewhere. I was having a Breast removal/Replacement surgery which he created an amazing result that im truly grateful for his expertise as a surgeon. All of his staff and especially His Nurse Ciara who are incredibly professional and kind and make you feel very comfortable throughout the whole experience, I would recommend Dr Hunt highly to anyone who is considering any type of cosmetic surgery. I'm eternally grateful and very thankful for Dr Hunt and his wonderful team and I'm very happy with my choice .



When I decided to have the Rhinoplasty procedure, I already had Dr Jeremy Hunt listed as my number one surgeon of choice. I had seen his interviews and visited his website for more information. One look at his website and I immediately decided to visit him. As always, it is recommended that you obtain more than one opinion with any Doctor, however after I met with Dr Hunt, my mind was already made up and I decided not to consult with any other surgeon. Dr Hunt knew what kind of a result I wanted without me having to say anything. He was thorough and honest in his consultation and made sure I had all the information I needed before agreeing to the procedure. When I had the operation and during my aftercare, I did not bruise that much nor did I feel any pain at all. I had calls from Dr Hunt's Nurse Ciara to make sure that I was recovering well. Throughout the entire recovery time, I felt that Dr Hunt and his team were extremely professional, exceptionally caring and attentive. I am ecstatic with my result and it has exceeded my expectations by far! I was expecting better but I got the best result! I want to thank Dr Hunt for the amazing result and for his genuine care and advice. I also want to thank his team for their professionalism and care during my recovery. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking to do any cosmetic procedure to visit Dr Hunt as their first choice. Thank you Dr Jeremy Hunt! You are amazing!


Body Lift

Dr Hunt and his team are intelligent, professional and lovely people who have your best interests at the very forefront. My surgical experience with my birthmark was across 2 years, and the journey was so much more straightforward than I imagined. I think this goes hand in hand with Dr Hunt's incredible surgical expertise, and the organisation and thoroughness of his staff. You would not even notice that I have had a big birthmark removed, the site is astonishingly neat - ridiculously neat- and has healed so well. Dr Hunt has a very glowing reputation (even in England - where I first heard of him) and his aesthetically perfect and medically sound work shows why. Before I had met Dr Hunt, I had researched his work and seen a YouTube video of him performing skull surgery which was really impressive. It made me recognise his problem solving abilities and the precision in his work, which made me think he would be perfect for removing my 'difficult' birthmark. I brought a challenging surgical task with the size and and location of my birthmark, that some surgeons felt was beyond their reach, but Dr Hunt was confident in his ability and wanted to help change my life so that I could be much happier. I would recommend that every single person who was interested in plastic surgery booked an appointment with Dr Hunt because I genuinely believe that he can handle any problem and will produce nothing less than a perfectionists work.


Breast Reduction

Dr Jeremy Hunt and his team were amazing. They bent over backwards to meet my many complicated needs so that I was comfortable and the procedure went without complication. There was little need for pain medication as there was little pain. I went home the following morning! I was provided with so much information up front that I knew exactly what to expect. I went from an F cup to a C cup and love it. I got exactly what I asked for and they look great! I have had a 90% reduction in my back pain. I'm happy and confident to go without a bra now. Surgery has been life changing. Wish I did it sooner. Feeling so grateful! THANK YOU SO MUCH Jeremy.


Lower Face and Necklift

I saw Dr Hunt in October 2017 for revision surgery for a neck lift. I had had a previous neck lift with another Surgeon and I was unhappy with the result, Dr Hunt assured me that I could achieve the results I desire. I therefore booked surgery at East Sydney Private Hospital on 29 th November 2017. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the surgery with Dr Hunt. He is an absolute professional and a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his team. Thank you again Dr Hunt.


Body Lift

I researched lower body lifts and surgeons in Australia for 3 years before contacting Dr Hunt. I was honestly very nervous never having had any surgery in the past. But Dr hunt and his nurse Ciara put me at such ease. The wait to get an initial appointment with him wasn’t as long as I thought and after that it only a few weeks until my surgery. I loved how quickly he was able to fit me in. My surgery was undertaken at Easy Sydney Private hospital which was impeccably clean and very quiet with really caring staff who took care of everything for me for the 6 days I was in hospital. Prior to the surgery I lost almost 60kg naturally and had quite a lot of loose skin on my stomach and hips. Now I am so happy looking at the results it’s unbelievable how different I look and feel. I didn’t have a great support network with me post surgery to help out with my dressings etc. i was so lucky that the practice nurse Ciara let me come in as often as I needed to help change my dressings and check on my wound. Overall I couldn’t rate Dr Hunt, Ciara and East Sydney Private Hospital any higher. I would definitely recommend and will return for further procedures in the future.


Lower Face and Necklift

As I reached my 6th decade I became increasingly alarmed by the loose skin that was forming around my neck suggesting that I was a lot older than I felt on the inside. I had contemplated cosmetic surgery for a few years but when I saw Dr Hunt I knew that not only was the time right but he was the right person to do the job. Research suggested that he is highly skilled, personable and has 100% satisfaction rating. All this was confirmed in my own experience. Dr Hunt advised me to have a MACS face lift and neck lift (Platysmaplasty). The muscles in the neck were repaired to provide a good foundation for the neck lift and the fat pads that had formed jowls were repositioned to create a fuller and more youthful appearance. The end result is perfect. I have totally retained my appearance; I am still me, without my irritating ‘friends’ and it’s just beautiful to see a defined jaw line again. The whole process from the first consultation at Edgecliff to the operation at St Luke’s Hospital and the recovery period has been problem free, and each day I delight in the results that have made me look more like the person I feel I am on the inside. Dr Hunt is an exceptional surgeon, he is very communicative and offers wise and realistic advise. He is supported by an excellent and professional team; each person from Ciara, the Practice Nurse to the welcoming and helpful women on reception contributed to my very positive experience. It is for all these reasons that I would encourage any mature woman contemplating some rejuvenation through a face and neck lift to put her trust in Dr Hunt and his team. There will be no regretting this decision.



Having put up with a rather large nose all my life I decided to finally do something about it late last year . Finding and researching a competent, dedicated, skilled surgeon was the next step as I wanted it done right the first time. Feeling somewhat disillusioned with the first two I contacted it was "third time lucky" when I found Dr Jeremy Hunt. From the 1st point of contact being his lovely staff to my initial consultation with Jeremy I felt extremely confident that i could put all my faith in the skills he has gained over his career. Surgery was booked for just 2 weeks later and i cannot express just how thrilled I am with the results! Jeremy and his staff are incredibly caring - so if you're considering any type of cosmetic surgery go straight to the best - Dr Jeremy Hunt and his brilliant team !


Body Lift

I owe so much to this man. I have had 4 kids now in there 20's and decided it was time for me to take care of myself and lose weight. Iam 44 yrs old and After 4yrs of keeping weight off going from 80kgs to 54kgs i had alot of stretched skin in my tummy and my bum was pretty much of the floor. My friends from my work in wollongong suggested i go and see jermery hunt i saw other surgeons much cheaper but i wanted to go where my friends had there work as i could see first hand on the work they had done. I now have no more floppy skin iny tummy and my bum is much better i have dropped a bit and told jermery and he is going to push me back up on my next procedure nothing is a problem for him. Iam going in the next mth to get my thigh lift done as i have same problem inside my legs floppy skin. I eat well and excersise everyday and nothing can take away excess floppy skin. I again picked the right was expensive but looking and feeling great is better then a new car thats for sure. Join a healthfund i should have done that.Thanks jermery hunt and staff


Breast Augmentation

Being an older woman with small size A breasts and 20 years of pondering the idea of breast augmentation, I finally took action and started the consultation process to find the right surgeon for me. Dr Hunt was helpful, very knowledgeable and skilled. Whilst talking to him I made my mind up that he knew what he was doing and to let the expert guide me rather than I tell him. Now 3 months post operation I couldn’t be happier. The size, natural shape and look I was after is achieved and I feel like a more sexier and confident woman. Would highly recommended Dr Hunt and his team.

Melissaxoxo88 23/05/2017


Deciding to go ahead with a rhinoplasty was a hard decision in itself but also trying to find the right surgeon in Sydney was an even harder one. As I am new to Sydney I didn't know much about the plastic surgeons in the area however I started to do my research and I came across Jeremy Hunt. I decided instantly that he would be my surgeon after reading all the really nice reviews about him I could already tell that he would be perfect for me. I also found out that a friend had been to him and she only had amazing things to say so I decided to book my consult. This was my first and only consultation as after seeing Jeremy it only had reassured my confidence in him and I didn't want to see anyone else. One thing I liked about Dr Hunt was that he listened to what I wanted and he didn't try to persuade me into something he thought was best for me. I had my surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital. The nurses there were really lovely and I loved my anaesthetist Dr Steel, he was very professional and I could tell extremely experienced. After the surgery I felt no pain. I have heard with nose jobs that it all depends on the surgeon's techniques whether you will be in pain or not and I truly had none of that. I had a bit of bruising and swelling but that's normal. It's now three months since my surgery and I love my nose more and more everyday. It takes a while for the full result to happen due to the swelling but I'm already so happy so early. I work in the beauty Industry myself so i'm constantly exposed to patients who have had plastic surgery and everyone who has had a rhino done previously and who has seen mine has said how amazing and natural my nose looks. I also have seen a lot of patients who have had bad ones also so I know how well my nose was done. I'm so happy that I chose Jeremy for my rhinoplasty he has made the whole experience as pain-free and stress-free as possible. I would not hesitate to highly recommend him enough to anyone seeking a rhinoplasty in Sydney. Thanks Jeremy for all you have done for me :-)

Lee-Ann Patterson 01/01/1970

I began my consultations with Dr Hunt at the start of last year. After having my two beautiful boys and being diagnosed with an under active thyroid condition after the second pregnancy, I struggled to lose weight through normal dieting and exercise. I was also left with lose skin around my tummy after two c-sections and huge boobs. My surgery was in December and included a tummy tuck, breast reduction and liposuction. I now feel amazing. I lost 6kgs throughout the whole process, my stomach is back to normal and my breasts are a good D cup size. I have my confidence back as well as increased energy. The recovery wasn't easy, but I was lucky to have a supportive husband and family around me. Dr Hunt made me feel comfortable about my decision and his team were unreal! I would highly recommend Dr Hunt to anyone without hesitation.

Katherine Tragaris 16/09/2015

Breast Reconstruction

I cannot thank you enough for your quality of care, professionalism and concern that was demonstrated by all the staff. To you Dr Hunt I cannot say enough about your skills and talent,Amazing!!!!! Researching and deciding to have my procedure was a very exciting yet uncertain experience.You made it very comfortable and pleasing. Anyone reading this, I feel very fortunate to have Dr Hunt as my surgent. I highly recommend Dr Hunt and he will not disappoint you. Thank you, you have truly changed my life. Katherine 07/06/2016

Mummy Makeover

Hi I knew of Dr Hunt by a friend of mine having a Mummy makeover so years later when I realised that after 2 years going to the gym I wasn't going to loose my saggy tummy. I decided to go and see Dr Hunt my self for a Mummy makeover. From the first visit I felt completely at ease and I knew I didn't need to go any see anybody else. He answered my list of question and was never pushy just let me take time to understand all the information given. On the surgery day, I was quite nervous but he came to see me before hand and before I knew it it was going down to theatre and when I woke up back in my room. Dr Hunt had already rang my family to let them know I had done well and I was all good. I didn't feel much pain at all. I was very happy with the results especially when I went to try on clothes and there wasn't a belly to hid anymore and I asked for natural looking breast and that's what he gave me. I would recommend Dr Hunt to anybody looking for a personable and very capable surgeon.

Tsto 28/06/2016


I had Rhinoplasty with Dr Hunt and am extremely happy with the results. Dr Hunt made the whole experience a pleasant and stress-free one, even in light of my nerves. He was honest and genuine in his advice to me, and the results are essentially exactly how Dr Hunt assured me they'd be. I had numerous consultations wit Dr Hunt who happily answered all my questions and reassured me. Thank you Dr Hunt for your care and for giving me the nose I've always wanted!

Pat F 13/07/2016


I had a BCC on the side of my nose which had to come off and my GP recommended Jeremy Hunt. I also talked to the GP about eyelid surgery and she again recommended Jeremy. I spoke to a few people who had recently had the surgery, and then to a few professionals in my local beauty industry and they talked about this person or that - but not Jeremy. I did my research and Jeremy ticked all the boxes - but more importantly, when we met he made a strong positive impression. No bullshit - just facts - and with a wry sense of humour. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and 6 weeks post op nobody can tell I have had surgery and all they all say is I look so refreshed and vibrant. Bruising was minimal and post op was completely painless. Jeremy's team are professional and just like him - no nonsense, really friendly. Not sure when my next procedure might be but Jeremy would be my go to person and I have recommended him to my local beauty salon.

cassy 11/08/2016


Dr Jeremy Hunt was the first surgeon i had a consultation with and i always had in my head that i will see more than 1 surgeon for more opinions, but after the consult with him i felt like i didnt have to see anyone else as he was so helpful and probably most importantly, he was realistic with the procedure and results. I couldnt be more confident with my appearance now. if i was ever in doubt with anything id ask him for reassurance and he would always turn out right in the end. He is very good with responding to emails and all the staff in his office are as helpful and kind as he was.

jmaree 24/05/2016

Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty

I’ll start off by saying if you read nothing else, read this – Dr Hunt is an extraordinarily gifted plastic surgeon and all round people person. Now for the details… On my initial consultation with Dr Hunt I was immediately made to feel comfortable, and he asked me to explain what I felt were my issues. I had a large ridge in the bridge of my nose, bulbous tip and a deviated septum from breaking my nose twice which created lots of sinus congestion, pain and breathing problems. I was also very flat-chested and lopsided with my left breast an A-cup and right breast an AA-cup. I said that it was important to me that I still look like me, just with improved breathing and proportions. Dr Hunt listened attentively throughout, took all the relevant measurements and showed me relevant before/after photos of prior patients. Dr Hunt then explained his plan and techniques, what type of implants he used, drew diagrams and gave me the relevant information packages to take home. I was introduced to his practice nurse who was incredibly friendly, also putting me at ease while helping me try on and select implant sizes. The administration staff were unbelievably helpful with hospital bookings, paperwork and deposit. On the day of surgery Dr Hunt and his nursing team at North Shore Specialist Day Centre we extremely competent, helpful, and went out of their way to make me comfortable. Dr Hunt came to check on me post procedure and explained how the surgery went, what to look out for should there be any complications and the immediate post care. I was given scripts for the appropriate pain relief and antibiotics, one of Dr Hunt’s nursing team explained all post care instructions and showed me how to adjust my compression garment for my breasts. I was discharged home in the early afternoon and received a follow up phone call at home the next day from Dr Hunt to check on my progress. I’ve since had three follow up appointments to remove nasal splints, stitches, dressings and be issued with new post care instructions. At each appointment I found Dr Hunt and his nursing team to be incredibly competent, thorough and friendly. I have had my turbinates reduced, septum straightened, ridge on my nose decreased and tip reduced. Most importantly, it still looks like my nose but I can breathe through it and I’ve had no issues with sinus congestion or pain. I had two different sized silicone implants with under the breast incisions to create even C-cups, which are completely natural looking and in proportion to the rest of my body. I feel like a better version of myself and am so incredibly happy with the results. I absolutely cannot give Dr Hunt higher praise he listened to what my concerns were and delivered exactly what I had pictured. His reputation as Sydney’s number one plastic surgeon is absolutely deserved.

Mosmum 10/05/2016

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

39 Yrs, Mother of One, Breast Lift and Augmentation 205cc I wanted to return a youthful appearance to my breasts post breast feeding. Along with Dr Jeremy Hunt we decided on a breast lift with augmentation. Dr Hunt explained I needed submuscular implants due to thin skin on my upper chest. Everything went well and I'm now 13 weeks post op. I'm already enjoying the results as I have firmness and volume which I haven't experienced for years! Dr Hunt was incredibly easy to talk to, I showed him some pictures of the look I wished to achieve, he told me where I was being realistic, and where I wasn't. He was always straight forward, honest and reasonable. Ultimately he made the decision very easy for me as he understood my requirements and guided me to the correct shaped implants based on my body shape/measurements and the aesthetic I wished for. Dr Hunt made me feel comfortable about my decision to undergo surgery, answered my questions, explained his answers if I needed further clarity and he didn't once deter me from making follow up appointments (pre or post surgery). I chose Dr Hunt because of the reviews I read, the pictures of his prior work and from meeting him in person. I'm glad I didn't shop around, I don't think this is necessary if you have chosen to research prior to visiting a surgeon. I will be sending my friends to Dr Hunt if they choose to undergo surgery within Dr Hunts field of expertise! The above is based on my personal experience, I wish you all the best of luck with your chosen surgery and surgeon (but save your money, do start and finish with Dr Hunt) ;)

Haylsz 24/05/2016


Dr Hunt and all his staff were great, super friendly and genuine. Dr Hunt is straight to the point and offers his support where needed. He is very easy to deal with, everything is straight up and there's no hidden costs or tricks. He explains everything to you back the front and he's extremely good at what he does and quite passionate about getting it perfect. I'm very happy with my result. I had such a quick and efficient recovery. I saw another surgeon before Dr Hunt and didn't feel so comfortable with him but instantly felt good about Dr Hunt. The price is the same across the board also and you won't ever regret it!

Susan M 18/05/2016

Tummy Tuck

Very pleased and amazed with my result. Jeremy was really reassuring and helpful. Would recommend this to people having trouble loosing loose skin and having stomach muscles repaired around their stomach. Jeremy's staff were kind and helpful even post operation if I needed help or had any questions. Jeremy tailors the operation specifically to your needs and this is great. Would highly recommend him.

Wilde 24/02/2016

Breast Reduction

I had been contemplating a Bilateral Breast Reduction for some years due to associated neck/shoulder pain, 'stooped back', not to mention (but I will) the misery trying to find clothing that both fitted me and/or I was comfortable in. My self esteem was dragged down along with my mammary glands! So, I googled 'the best plastic surgeon in Sydney'.......and the name that caught my eye was Dr. Jeremy Hunt. On reading his resume and list of achievements, I instinctively knew that I had found my Surgeon. Also, from his picture he appeared to have a friendly and honest face! Long story short, I made an appointment with Dr Jeremy Hunt who was very open with his advice and explanations re: my Reduction Mammoplasty. Furthermore, I felt comfortable discussing an otherwise uncomfortable topic i.e. the physicality of my 'affliction'. I decide to have my much needed surgical operation and 3.5 months later I can honestly say that having this procedure was the best thing I have ever done! I am very pleased with my result and, more to the point, I am very happy that I choose Dr. Jeremy Hunt who undoubtedly has changed my life though his excellent skills and talent. Thank you Dr. Hunt. Dr Hunt was very Professional, ethical, honest, caring and pleasant during all interactions prior to and post Surgery. His 'after care' follow ups at his Consult rooms, as well as through email and by phone, exhibited a very high degree of patient care and Professional integrity. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Jeremy Hunt to anyone who is also seeking 'the best Plastic Surgeon in Sydney'.

melindac 17/02/2016

Breast Reduction

I originally had breasts that were a size E to F and wanted to go down to a C. Dr Hunt was amazing from my first appointment through to my care after surgery. He was very professional, listened to what I needed and the results are fantastic. My surgery went smoothly and the surgical team that works with Dr Hunt were very good. I have gone down to a size C cup and am more than happy with my results. The scarring is minimal and my breasts now look perfect.

missclefty 30/09/2015


I spent for a few days doing research trying to find the best surgeon that would help me as i was born with a cleft lip and palate. Most secretaries i emailed replied saying the surgeon doesn't work on people with cleft lip and palate or they'll refer me to another surgeon. But Dr. Hunt replied to me personally with a well lengthened email saying he's operated on many individuals like me and he'd love to see me in person and talk more, so i booked an appointment. Dr Hunt is very friendly and warm, makes you feel very comfortable and is super confident. He took on my issue when no other doctor wanted to. He also thinks outside the box and led me to Dr. Catherine Boorer who also helped fixed my speech issue. Dr Hunt also tells you the pros and cons, he's very thorough when explaining the procedure. He did a very good job, I'm really happy with the results and I'm grateful for finding him. I had on the 30th september 2015 a Rib Graft Septoplasty (By Dr. Hunt) + Phrayngoplasty (By Dr. Boorer) done at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick. The nurses were very friendly, i arrived at the hospital 6am and i think i went in the operation at 8am as i was the first on the list and my stay at the hospital was 1 night and left the next day around 5pm ish. I had bruising around my eyes and i recovered in 2 weeks. I came back to see Dr. Hunt for a check up on the 18th of April 2016, still felt my nose was blocked so Dr. Hunt scheduled a corrective surgery on the 27th of April 2016 for a corrective surgery, surgery went for an hour and i woke up around 10:40 ish pm and stayed overnight and went home 1:30pm the next day and then on the 1st of may saw Dr. Hunt for a post op appointment and i had the tubes in my nose removed and my nose cleaned. And now my nose looks good and i can breath + smell better than before :)

Celeste 09/03/2016


I am so happy with the outcome of my surgery with Dr Hunt. He performed a genioplasty bringing my receding jaw forward, a MACS facelift as well as liposuction to my neck. I had researched several plastic surgeons and none of them felt quite right. I then came across Dr Jeremy Hunt, looked at his website and saw photos of his work and decided I had to meet him. I emailed him and received a prompt, kind and professional response. When I met him I felt I could trust him, he asked me what I wanted to achieve and genuinely listened to my answers. He has a kind demeanour and a sense of humour, which I can imagine is a must dealing with anxious and nervous patients! He made me feel at ease and his wonderful staff are just as lovely and accomodating, particularly his nurse who had to put up with quite a few calls and emails after my surgery! The results are even better than I hoped for. I had a weak jaw with heavy jowls forming due to age (44). Now thanks to the surgery I have a lovely jawline and my chin now matches my profile because I actually have one! If you are considering surgery please do not hesitate in contacting Dr Hunt, ask him questions and tell him your concerns, he answered me honestly and wasted no time in telling me how he would go about the surgery. Now that is confidence and knowing his craft. Thank you Dr Hunt and keep up your brilliant work.

CandyQueen 25/02/2016

Thigh Reduction

Dr Hunt was amazing throughout my whole experience. He was kind and gently funny, and incredibly confident that he could help me. His confidence and determination to fix my major issue (asymmetry in my legs - one thigh significantly larger than the other) in one surgery rather than the two procedures suggested by all other surgeons I saw for quotes warmed my heart and made me certain in his ability. I'm thrilled with his level of care and with my result!
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