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  • Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia
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Vaser Liposuction

Dr Joseph Ajaka is one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. He is incredibly caring, considerate and compassionate and he shows empathy in the most genuine way. He listens and really hears your concerns which is an important trait to have in the cosmetic industry! He also makes you FEEL heard and that your questions are answered in the most reassuring and thorough way. He inhibits all the qualities anyone should be looking for in a great cosmetic surgeon, including a very close attention to detail, great pride in this work which sees him please even the fussiest perfectionist like myself and an excellent bedside manner. Dr Ajaka is an innovative cosmetic surgeon at the forefront of the industry using the latest technologies and mindful of the latest trends to deliver the most incredible and consistent results. He is educated, talented, confident and self assured, however in contrast he is also a true gentleman who believes in old fashioned values such as respect and courtesy and he balances these personality traits as effortlessly and precisely as he performs his work. Dr Ajaka is a family man, who extends that invitation to his entire team at the Cosmos Clinic in Double Bay as well as the clientele who visit. It may sound cliché, but I am confident other clients would agree that there is a certain atmosphere and feeling of inclusion and belonging when you enter the Clinic, which personally I have been very appreciative of and grateful for. Indeed the customer experience I have had is truly second to none. From my initial phone calls to the day I arrived for my first appointment and then every consultation since, I’ve been made to feel comfortable, relaxed and “at home” and this is largely due to how engaging and welcoming all of the staff are. They make real efforts to get to know you, recognise you and greet you as an old and familiar friend and as much as possible, they make time for small talk which is genuine and not obviously “forced”. Dr Ajaka has surrounded himself with a truly professional team, arguably the best in their fields, who are just as dedicated, thoughtful and proficient. All have been such a pleasure to get to know. When I struggled with some personal challenges immediately after having my procedures done, the support and encouragement I received to overcome them was overwhelming, unexpected and something I will never forget. I’m so pleased I chose Dr Ajaka and the Cosmos Clinic for my cosmetic journey. Since doing so I’ve never looked back or had any doubt that I will now continue to be a loyal client. I cannot thank Dr Ajaka and his team enough for the experiences I’ve had so far and only look forward to building even stronger relationships with them all. I implore anyone reading this, who is considering having any of the procedures offered at Cosmos Clinic to look no further. Contact them today


Micro Needling

Brazilian Butt Lift : I’m so happy with the results of my body. I’m 4 months post op. Please do yourself a favour and go see Dr Joseph and the team you will not regret one moment. Yes Ive got the most amazing bum now (mine was so flat before I lost 30 kilos but after I lost the weight you would not believe how bad my bum was. It was hollow and saggy) I feel so amazing in my jeans and going to the beach but its the whole experience of using Doctor Joseph. He is amazing. So caring. Very accomodating. Takes he’s time and really listens to what your needs and concerns are. I was so nervous about the surgery but the doctor and the team at Cosmos Clinic were always there for me. Step by step before and well after the surgery. The after care with the nurse was phenomenal. Even the girls on reception are caring and know there stuff. Please go see these guys you’ll be so happy. Ps I know I wanted a great bum and got it but the the way they take out the fat from your body makes you look like you have a perfect hour glass. I get so many comments about how beautiful my waist and hips look. Its just such a plus.

Sistar1 03/10/2017

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

My experience with Dr Ajaka and his amazing team, was absolutely 5 star service. Dr Ajaka and his staff by far exceeded all my expectations. My appointments were always on time and thorough, all my questions were answered in depth and he made me feel at ease immediately. I have never felt more comfortable in a doctor’s care than I did with Dr Ajaka! From consultation to post op the care was phenomenal, the atmosphere at Cosmos Clinic is so professional and personal which made me feel at home. Dr Ajaka – You went deeper than you think in the procedure, you truly got to my heart and made me feel whole again. They say “The best accessory a girl can wear Is her confidence” so Thank you for giving me my smile back God Bless

paul ryan 20/06/2017

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Not quite sure how to start this review... other than saying that my experience with Dr Ajaka has really changed my life. I underwent Vaser Liposuction, and 4 months later the results I have now are something I honestly never could have dreamed of. As a person who has been very overweight his entire life, the procedure has helped me to achieve a body shape I never would have been able to get with diet and exercise alone. I am 35 years old, and am now 50kilos lighter than I was at my heaviest, and thanks to Dr Ajaka's expertise and the Vaser technology, and I really don't have any issue with sagging skin, which if you think about it is quite remarkable. Dr Ajaka specialises in Lipo, and no doubt if you are thinking about doing it yourself you will be looking at a lot of different clinics and surgeons... But what clinched it for me was that unlike everywhere else I had looked, Liposuction was not just one option in a long list of procedures. This is what he does, it's like 80% of his business. Trust me, he really knows his sh!t. It's not just a process of removing fat cells, it's body shaping. He understands the human form and is incredibly talented. Dr Ajaka is also extremely pleasant and professional, and never did I feel uncomfortable or ashamed. I really wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody!

1Salah 23/08/2017

Dermal Filler

Really good customer service with everyone being knowledgeable and willing to help, plenty of nurses to help and book appointments with. Excellent post procedure service with workers answering all enquires.

Gee 14/07/2017

Micro Needling

Extremely pleased with the result and glad I visited Dr Ajaka. Very genuine and honest Dr he was able to recommend the best possible treatment for my existing body condition in order for me to achieve the result I wanted while others were suggesting much more expensive procedures and were still not able to guarantee I will achieve what I wanted. Dr Ajaka is very confident in his work that helped me to relax and know I am in safe hands. Thank you Dr Ajaka and team at cosmos clinic.

Hannah_Nia 02/06/2017

Dermal Filler

Dr Ajaka is amazing! Cosmetic procedures are so personal and the experience needs to match that. Dr Ajaka listened to my concerns and treated me with such respect and gave me confidence that I will achieve the body I want! I feel like a new person! It is also refreshing to be hear and see how passionate the team at Cosmos are. It showed through in the way I was looked after until many weeks after the procedure. Dr Ajaka is truly an expert in his field and achieved amazing results for me. Thank you Dr Ajaka - for your love, support and giving me my confidence back! Much love xxx

Neva 01/01/1970

Cool Sculpting

I couldn't speak more highly of Cosmo Clinic Double Bay, Dr Joseph Ajaka and all the staff. Most importantly to me they are so lovely and calm and welcoming. You are made to feel comfortable and it is a very friendly yet professional environment. The pre and post care is beautiful, you are called and looked after, the lovely girls make sure you are always well. -- and I should say how great Dr Ajaka is, he is intelligent and talks you through all options with zero judgement, Honestly I couldn't say enough good things about Dr Ajaka and all the staff (and the beautiful clinic itself). Thanks team I will see you soon !

DJC1974 01/04/2016

Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Filler

I have previously had anti-wrinkle injections at the cosmos clinic in double bay. The staff there are very polite, informative and do a fantastic job. I have tried anti-wrinkle injections before at laser clinics, however, I must say they last longer at cosmos. They may use the very same product brand, if that's the case then, it comes down to the training and the way the staff perform the procedure. I have also had a dermal filler to the side of my jaw where it lost some volume and almost 12m later it is still going strong with no need for another filler as yet. Again, I put it down to the professionalism of the staff and how they perform. Dr Ajaka and his staff are second to none when it comes to cosmetic procedures. I definately recommend you visit the cosmos clinic, to ensure you get real results for what you pay for.

Leigh Belbeck 01/01/1970

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

I have been attending Dr Joseph Ajaka at his Double Bay clinic for over 5 years. I can highly recommend him as very professional, caring of his patients and extremely knowledgable in all areas of cosmetic enhancement. He has working relationships with other highly specialised surgeons if you require other services. I also appreciate the level of training, and caring he ensures are standard with all of his personnel You cannot go wrong with Dr Ajaka

Rob 10/01/2017

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

I have successfully completed a number of procedures at Cosmos Clinic. When I recently turned 40 the reality of getting older started to hit me. So I met with Dr Ajaka to look at ways to make me feel better and confident. We look at Coolsculpture and Anti-Wrinkle Injections. I got both, the double chin is now gone and my face is wrinkle free. Dr Ajaka treats his patients like family and at Cosmos Clinic they make you feel very welcome. Dr Ajaka personally meets all clients of the clinic and really gets excited seeing his patients with such happiness after any procedure. Dr Ajaka and his team is the only place I trust and will go to for any treatment.

Paul78 01/03/2017

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Dr Ajaka is amazing. I have been paranoid over my forehead wrinkles for a while and have been embarrassed about being male and getting anti wrinkle injections. Dr Ajaka made me feel at ease and comfortable and let me know that he has a very high turn up of males getting ant wrinkle injections too. In fact 50% of the clients in the clinic were males. Dr Ajaka is awesome and I love the fact that he is very genuine, caring, supportive and listens to his clients. Cosmos Clinic is my only choice when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Well done Dr Ajaka and Team.
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