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Does implant malposition mean incorrect post op sizing?

Hi, long story short I'm very unhappy with the size of my post op breasts. I know boob greed is real but I think this is more. I was a B cup preop(had breastfed also) ,no lift required and got 560ccs high profile silicone dual plane 13 months ago. I am only a D cup post op. This doesn't seem right to me at all ? My left implant is too high still and im needing revision on it, and my right was found ruptured at 7 months post op whilst checking integrity in my left! I guess my question is why have I only gained 2 cup sizes with 560s? Attaching photos of pre op and a few months ago (problem with my left has gotten slightly worse)

tiger91 13/05/2016 QLD

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    Hi Tiger91,
    Thanks for the question. You've mentioned 3 things that are a problem:
    - inadequate size- asymmetry- possible implant rupture
    For me, the important issue is the rupture. That should be addressed first and foremost. By removing a ruptured implant, you can look at changing implant size, shape etc. In doing so, your asymmetry can be corrected at the same time. If the left side is sore, or changing in position, you may have an early capsular contracture. 
    You should see your treating doctor to address your concerns as soon as possible.

Is this outcome possible for me? Currently a 12B looking to go to a full 12C.

Hi! I'm 20 years old and am currently looking into getting a breast augmentation. So far, I've been recommended either round or tear drop implants either placed either sub glandular or dual plane. I'm aware that I have a a degree of ptosis on each breast, given in the last three years I've lost over 45 kilos. (Though I seem to be borderline 1 & 2) Though I know a lift is more then likely the ideal solution, I'd like to delay having one until after I'm done having children (so around my 30's), rather then undergoing the procedure twice and dealing with excessive scarring. While I'm not after super perky breasts, I'd like to achieve something more natural and full compared to my deflated 12B cup. Ideally I'd like to go to a full C, but I'm willing to go to a small-mid D as well given this is what I was prior to my weight loss. I was just wondering if anybody thought that I may be able to achieve a look similar to some of the examples I provided? The first image is a series of my own breast, and the second is my ideal before/after results.

Lunarhue 22/11/2015 QLD

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    Thanks for the question, and providing some photos. 
    You are correct in identifying your ptosis in your breasts. Ptosis is normal, and you can still sometimes provide a little extra fill with an implant to correct this. From your photos, you seem to have a few differences with each side, including asymmetry in volume, and shape. 
    An in person assessment with measurements, and a Vectra analysis would help to decide what would work for you. Depending on what you want long term will influence what is appropriate for you.

Brisbane surgeons

In your opinion who would be the best surgeon in Brisbane to do a BL,BA,TT? I thought I had decided on a surgeon on the GC but I'm not sure now... No particular reason at all. Just think I need to keep my options open.

Jen Mc 16/11/2015 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi Jen
    Thanks for the question. Choosing a surgeon for your procedures can be a tough one! If you have doubts on who you wanted to go with, make a decision that is going to work for you. The following criteria can help:
    1. Are they a qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon?2. Do they do these procedures regularly?3. Do they operate in certified hospitals or day procedure centres?4. Can they provide pre and post-op photos of other patients?5. Are you comfortable with the surgeon doing the operation?
    You should feel comfortable with the surgeon during your consult. You shouldn't feel pressured, rushed, or feel like you have unanswered questions. Asking around based on what other people have had can also help
    Good luck with your decision!Cheers

Any suggestion for an implants brand?

Hello surgeons, I am wondering if you have a preference brand particular for a round texture sillicon gel implants. I am having an implants in 2weeks time originally i am having Polytech polyurethane implants. i am considering getting a mentor round textured what can you say about it? What can you say about eurosilicon gel aswell? I am really concerned of cc? For choosing silicon gel, Any advise sillicon implants much prefered use for surgeons not of money but safety ? Any advise would be greatly apppreciated!!

Blossom girl 12/11/2015 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi there,
    Thanks for your question about breast implant brands. 
    As you have discovered, there are many different brands of breast implants! The differences vary based on shape, size, construction technique, what type of fill is used, warranty available on the implant etc etc. Some surgeons will use different brands based on what they are comfortable with, what they find works best for them, and what they believe is best for the patient. 
    There are variations in price, and this can influence some patients decision. 
    I would personally use a brand based on their history of quality control, low rate of complications (rupture, rippling etc), and the quality of the warranty and customer service provided. If you wanted to choose based on safety and quality, go for a manufacturer that has been around for long time. Bigger names in the industry will tend to be around for the long term. 
    Good luck with your decision

Is it possible to achieve great looking breasts with a lift with my current boobs?

Hello :) Hoping you can help with my question I'm under 30 years old, 2 children - still breastfeeding my youngest so I'm gathering my breast will look even more deflated after I stop completely. I would say my bra size is a D cup at the moment. I really want to achieve higher looking perky full breasts and nipples to be reduced and repositioned as they are so low :( Have I got any hope of my boobs looking good? It's hard to imagine them ever being able to look good again Thanks in advance for taking the time to answe

87kceb 31/10/2015 QLD

  • Answer
    Thanks for the question 87kceb.
    You have a very typical post-pregnancy 'deflated' breast. It is a common concern and appearance for most women after pregnancy to have this happen to the breasts. You are also correct in pointing out that there will likely be a further reduction in size once you stop breast feeding.
    Both of your concerns (breast size and position) can be corrected. Depending on your goals, this can be achieved through either a mastopexy, or an augmentation-mastopexy. 
    The breast feeding is a separate issue. The timing of surgery will depend on when you stop breastfeeding, but should be at least 6 months before planning for a reduction, or an augmentation. In some cases, surgery may need to be delayed further if lactation is still occurring. The risk of infection, asymmetry, and capsular contracture can be significant if lactation is still occurring. 
    Thanks again for the question!

Brazilian implants ( Furry )

I am booked in to see a surgeon in Brisbane next week I was going to get Brazilian implants for their better rate on preventing capsular contraction, my surgeon called me yesterday to say he has run out of stock and I will more than likely not be able to get them. So I'm looking at a textured implant my breasts are deflated and have sag, after having 2 kids I'm 31 and should not need a lift using dual plane technique, my surgeon suggested I post pone for 2-3 months but I'm flying from cairns and this will cost me money loosing money in flights... I'm worried I'm going to make the wrong decision not waiting on the Brazilians but I really just want my augmentation done. Should I be worried going with textured implants instead?

MelR11 07/10/2015 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi there,
    Recently there have been issues with the Silimed implants:

    They've all been recalled over concerns of contamination, and it is unknown when they will be available. 
    Capsular contracture occurs for a number of reasons. This can be due to haematoma or a small collection of blood, infection, scarring and implant rupture amongst other reasons. While the polyurethane implants do help to prevent this complication, there are other ways and techniques that will reduce the risk of capsular contracture. Best to talk to your surgeon about the other options available.
    Polyurethane implants carry risks that other implants do not have due to the coating. Using a textured implant with appropriate techniques should have a very low rate of capsular contracture. I prefer non-polyurethane implants for several reasons, and can discuss these topics with you.

BA (borderline) recommended possible lift?

I had a consult with a cosmetic surgeon today re: BA. One of my breast is about a cup size larger than the other (I'm right handed and right breast is larger). He recommended 450cc high profile for my left, smaller breast and 330cc moderate profile for my right, larger breast. He has suggested I also get a reduction/lift of my right breast for optimal results and getting a second opinion before going ahead with my surgery (booked for 11/12/2015 and fully paid), term they used was "borderline". I never once went into this even considering the fact I'd require a lift. I'm 25yrs, no children and not planning on any for a good few years. Would love as many opinions as I can get.

TashGR 23/09/2015 NSW

  • Answer
    Hi Tash
    Correction of breast asymmetry can be very challenging! It is common to have some differences between the size, shape, and position of each breast. 
    It is difficult to assess patients without physically seeing them. Photos with shadows can be very deceptive!
    Its best to be assessed in person, ideally with a VECTRA system as an adjunct to help. 
    More importantly, your expectations and outcomes should be discussed with a specialist plastic surgeon before committing to any surgery.
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