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Lower Face and Necklift

Face and neck lift. Dr Ha. I was impressed from the very first consultation with Dr Ha. He is very professional with a very comforting and reassuring nature. The whole procedure went smoothly and recovery so far has been amazingly quick and I am extremely happy with the results. This procedure has changed my life and I am very thankful that I had such a fantastic surgeon.



I'm so glad I chose Dr Kien Ha to perform my review deep plane facelift and necklift surgery for me, 6 weeks ago. If you choose him, you are in good hands. 18 months prior I had a facelift, and although it addressed the issues somewhat it didn’t address them fully, leaving me with a 50/50 result. Things that still needed to be addressed were wrinkling of the neck, jowling, double chin and it’s unevenness and lopsidedness and generally undefined jaw-line. The neck now looks fantastic, the jowling is gone, I have lovely cheek bones and lovely definition on the front of my face, I have a beautiful jaw line, the double chin is vastly improved still has some swelling and a large part of that area is still hard and solid, so time will tell. I video called a friend yesterday who said I looked like I had lost 10kg, which I haven’t, they just saw my face!! Thank you Dr Ha for the amazing results!



Dr Ha addressed my deviated septum and bulbous cartilage and exceeded my every expectation. Prior to surgery my nose caused breathing difficulties, would click when rubbed and left me with a fear of disjointing as well as did not look straight or attractive, with a large crease running down the centre of my nose. All issues have been corrected and as more time passes since surgery (November 2018) I am even more pleased with the results. Lastly but not at all least, Dr Ha’s level or professionalism cannot be faulted, being a wonderful and skilled surgeon as well as a very friendly and trustworthy person. Thank you Dr Ha :)


Revision Rhinoplasty

After more than four decades of a rhinoplasty that left my nose too short, small and pointed I decided to see if anything could be done. I have to say, I was not hopefull because there wasn't much to work with. I did some research and decided to book a consultation with on Dr Kein Ha. He explained that he could take some of my rib and use it to build up my nose and he showed me computer images of his hoped for results. I felt that any improvement was good and booked in for the revision rhinoplasty for the end of July. As soon as the cast was removed I could see that the improvement was going to be beyond my expectations. Dr Ha saw me regularly for the first month after the operation and he is just such a great person as well as a genius nose artist. I think there are four top revision surgeons in the world of whom I am aware and Dr Ha is up there with them. I am beyond happy with the results. My nose finally suits my face and looks natural (although it looks a bit red because I have been on holidays). Most of the swelling has subsided now. The picture is 10 weeks after Dr Ha worked his magic.


Revision Rhinoplasty

I had Rhinoplasty by an accredited Adelaide plastic surgeon 6 years ago to decrease the width of a slightly bulbous nasal tip. The result of the surgery however was extremely disappointing as I was left with very uneven nostrils (pointing in different directions) and a deformed nasal bridge. The doctor responsible for the surgery advised me the deformities were all in my head and his work (all 45 minutes it took him) was fine. I met with Dr Kein Ha in his North Adelaide office and we discussed my previous surgery and the deformities and breathing issues I had been left with because of my previous botched surgery. Dr Ha examined my nose and gave me a breathing test, which showed I was hardly getting any air through my nose because of the internal damage to my nose. Dr Ha also commented that he was very upset that my nose (both the inside and outside) had been left in such a horrendous condition. I found Dr Ha very empathetic and was immediately put at ease talking to him, something I had not experienced with my previous plastic surgeon. Dr Ha explained that I would need extensive surgery (Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty) to fix not only the outward appearance of my nose, but also, he would need to rebuild the inside of my nose with harvested rib and cartridge. I saw Dr Ha just before my operation and again his friendly, positive and kind manner put me at ease (I was extremely nervous after my first disastrous surgery). The operation took over 5 hours and to say I was a little sore when I woke up is an understatement, but by the next morning I was feeling better. Dr Ha saw me the following morning after the operation and saw me every week for the first 4 weeks to check on the healing of my nose. It’s now 6 weeks post my operation and I saw Dr Ha again a few days ago. We are both very happy with the result of the surgery and it is clear to see from the photos just how much better my nose looks already (first photo is a before and second photo is 2 weeks post my operation with Dr Ha). I am very grateful to have had Dr Ha operate on me and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for an extremely talented surgeon. I learnt the hard way that there is immeasurable differences in skill between plastic surgeons and to always look for one like Dr Ha who is without doubt the best in his field. Thank you Dr Ha.
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