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Breast Reduction, Facelift

I’ve been sitting at home today and contemplating my blessings… You might remember me from 2005. I almost lost my life in a car accident where I was admitted to Westmead Hospital in a critical condition with multiple injuries. Over the course of the next two and a half years, you rebuilt me! My forearm (which I almost lost, had it not been for your vision of reconstruction), a face lift, a necessary breast reduction due to debris in the breast tissue and, just for good measure, you fixed my eyes up and gave me botox as a 40th birthday present - the office team also had cake and candles for me that day :) I just wanted to say hi, and thank you. I’m back in England now. I came home in 2012, 6 months pregnant at the tender age of 46, a menopause baby, and gave birth to a fine and healthy son, here in England on 11 May, 2012. Incidentally, I had an elective C-Section due to the mesh in my stomach. Given that all the women in my family history had had difficult births, I didn’t want to risk an emergency C-Section, which was a real risk and may possibly have damaged the work you did in removing some of my stomach muscles to reconstruct my forearm. When I had the consultation with my anesthetist, was really interested in my arm and commented on the brilliance of your reconstruction. He had worked for a reconstructive surgeon in the past and told me that I was extremely lucky to have had you work on me as that particular surgery was incredibly difficult. My son has just turned 7 now and we are living our best life. I have a successful business in speaking, training and coaching in the human condition, which is what I love! Mum and Dad, who you may also remember from Westmead as they flew out for the first month of my time in there, are doing great and live just around the corner, blessed by the whirlwind of their unexpected grandson! We still speak of you and how blessed we all were that you were on call the night that my world turned upside down. I consider that night a gift as without it, I would not have my son and if it were not for it, many of the wonderful things I have been able to become, and do, since the accident, simply would not have happened. Most importantly, those gifts were facilitated through the exceptional medical team that sustained and restored my life. You are forever written in the rich tapestry of my history and we all continue to thank you.. Much love


Breast Augmentation

Best money I have ever spent. I paid $13900 for my breast augmentation and it was worth every cent. I know there are bargain basement boob jobs readily available but once you have a consult with Dr Tavakoli you will understand why he is known as the boob god. I was really overwhelmed at choosing an implant size, its kind of like what if you pick the wrong one and your stuck with it. Well I didn't need to worry, Dr Tavakoli asked me what look i was going for and I showed him pictures. On the day of my surgery, he used sizer implants and picked that looked the best and was also in line with what i wanted. OMG he nailed it. Im 29 and I really wish i did this earlier. I have felt so confident and finally have the body i think i deserved...thanks Dr Tav


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I am 17 Days Post Op and i have never ever felt better. Dr Tavokoli is an ABSOLUTE MAGICIAN. I felt comfortable, i felt very much looked after and the minimal pain i felt when i woke up and to this day is phenomenal. DR TAVOKOLI - you are AMAAAAAAAZING!


Breast Augmentation

I had surgery with Dr Tavakoli last week and my results already look phenomenal. Dr Tavakoli is truly a great surgeon and is surrounded by a great team. I travelled from Melbourne to Sydney for my surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat. The day of surgery, everything went smoothly and that evening i felt great. The hardest part about my recovery was the sleeping. Thank you Dr Tav and team and for this website for helping me on my journey


Breast Augmentation

I am so grateful for Dr Tavakoli and how my procedure went. I am over the moon about my results and how my breasts are looking. I asked Dr Tavakoli for a breast Augmentation that looked natural and in proportion with my body shape. He had suggested I went with the size I received and I couldn't be more happy. He was confident in his judgement and made me feel comfortable with trusting him. I strongly recommend Dr Tavakoli if you are looking at getting a breast augmentation.


Breast Augmentation

I have had the most phenomenal experience with Dr Tavakoli and his team. From enquiring over 2 years ago (June 2017), to booking the surgery in literally 20 days before the operation I cannot thank the team enough for providing ongoing support pre and post surgery. Being an interstate patient, I was a little worried about the whole process, travelling and everything in between! After watching an “insta famous” persons vlog about her experience and the recovery process I believe my experience was quite different in such a positive way. I had prompt responses from Jen who was amazing in locking in a date for me even though it was over the Christmas period and she was out of the office! Dr tav has outstanding experience and truely knows what works best with women’s body shapes. We discussed 3 sizing (440cc, 390cc & 345cc), we discussed taking all implant sizes however I fell in love with the 390cc. His recommendations were a perfect fit for my body and are so well in proportion with the overall look I wanted to achieve from the surgery. I also had a small nipple defect, one pointing out slightly more than the other. He placed the implants so seamlessly that it fixed the issue and my boobs are simply perfect! Previously when enquiring back in 2017, I also had an issue with a fat pocket on either side of my boobs. Due to dramatic weight loss this was still an area where the fat hadn’t budged. After talking with Dr Tav on the day if he surgery he recommended that we performed liposuction on this area - I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS!!! Nothing ever seemed to hard for anyone. To my post op appointments with Sarah - thank you so much! She is so so so lovely and extremely kind, I visited the clinic 3 times before heading home and they were so happy to fit me in and see me. The afternoon of the day of the surgery I walked to Bondi for dinner and home (6.4kms) and could easily complete the arm stretches as required. The hardest thing I think was sleeping and being super comfy so I would recommend getting very good pillows!! Despite this, the day after surgery we were out shopping at Bondi junction. I must say day 3/4 were really hard I was exhausted due to the medications but once I got off them (finished the strong pain meds on day 5) everything was a breeze. I do not believe Dr Tav gets praised enough for his work, he truely is an amazing surgeon with A LOT of knowledge and experience. He is the best surgeon that I have seriously ever seen and as stated I have been following his work for over 2 years. I am so grateful that Dr Tav and his team have helped me to achieve the results that I desired from having my breast augmentation. I am already so in love with


Breast Augmentation

Amazing doctor and team, nothing was a problem.


Breast Augmentation

I cannot speak more highly of Dr a Tavakoli and his team. They made me feel so welcome and the level of care was exceptional. Nothing I asked was too difficult (and I can be a challenging patient). I wouldn’t think twice about recommending everyone I know to see him and his team.

devibear 17/09/2018

Breast Augmentation

Selecting a surgeon to do my breast augmentation took a lot of time and researching before I found Dr Tavakoli through recommendations via cosmetic journey. I had a browse of his instagram account and was blown away by his before and after photos, there was not one result that I did not love. I knew he was the surgeon for me and booked in for him to do my BA. As I was an interstate patient, I did not see Dr Tavakoli until my pre-op consultation, 2 days before my surgery. I was so sure he was the right surgeon for me so I was not concerned as he had a great reputation and wonderful results. His team at the clinic are amazingly helpful as well, and was in contact with me very promptly each time I emailed or called with any pre-op questions. Post-op care was wonderful, and I had the lovely nurse, Sarah, stay with me overnight after the surgery as I was unaccompanied. This care was continued long after my surgery when I had returned back to Adelaide, and any questions or concerns were taken seriously and looked into via email/phone call. All I can say is that I had a wonderful experience with Dr Tavakoli and his team, and would highly recommend him. Dr Tavakoli gave me the exact results that I asked for, and I love my boobs! I am now 7 weeks post op and they just get better and better each week!


Mummy Makeover

I would like to express how fantastic my experience has been from admin, Jen and Chrystal are always lovely to deal with . Sarah the nurse went out of her way to help me in hospital and even after hours and weekends, this service is rare. Finally Dr Tavakoli has been the best Dr /specialist I have ever met. Dr was honest and extremely patient with me. I am very happy with my recovery and the results are looking amazing. Best team ever love you guys xoxo


Breast Augmentation

Dr. Tavakoli was very friendly and professional, same as his clinic staff. One thing that made me trust Dr. Tavakoli straight away was his ability to listen to his clients and still recommend what is best in each individual case based on his extensive experience. I'm glad I trusted his cause my results turn out to be exactly as he predicted. I like as well their post-operative care and availability to provide advice at any time.


Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Dr Tavakoli is an Amazing Surgeon & definitely the King of Boobs. I had revision Breast Surgery in April 2018 with Dr Tav & beacuse I needed a lift as well as implant replacement I didn't know if I was going to have lovely perky Boobs again but the results far exceeded my expectations. I have so much more confidence about myself again now & I can honestly thank Dr Tav for this. Dr Tav is a lovely, wonderful man who has a manner that makes you feel so comfortable & with his expertise he knows exactly what he has to do to give you the perfect result. During the consultations before my Surgery Dr Tav explained everything to me & answered any questions I had he gives you all the time you need to make sure you are happy to proceed with the Surgery. The day after my Surgery Dr Tav came in to see me @ the hospital & told me he did a Lypo treatment on my waist, I cannot thank him enough the result are Amazing & I wasn't even expecting it, he is a very generous humble man. Dr Tav, Sarah & his team are all Amazing Beautiful people who make you feel so welcome & make the Journey so easy. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Tavakoli for anyone who is contemplating cosmetic surgery he is definitely the Best.


Breast Augmentation

Great service and made to feel comfortable by all staff. Was able to make an initial consultation and get the procedure done within 2 months in total. No regrets at all


Breast Implant Revision

Dr Tavakoli is the top of his field. This man is incredible in his craft. I presented with multiple problems from 3 botched breast surgeries over a period of 2 years. I was by no means an easy candidate and Dr Tavakoli did not need to take me on however he did so and I am now 1 week post op and am the happiest I have been since I started this journey. He and his beautiful dedicated and professional team and have treated me so well with incredible results and their attention to detail from the moment I signed on for this procedure has been extra ordinary. Dr Tavakoli is magic and I knew I was in the the best hands considering my predicament. I am sooooo very grateful for the happiness he has now brought me and the result that should have happened initially through a previous surgeon. I cannot recommend Dr Tav and his amazing team highly enough. GOLD !!


Breast Reduction

Dr Tav is a remarkable surgeon I can't thank him Enough for the amazing results he produced. I did a breast procedure overseas and it went horribly wrong luckily for Dr Tav he not only fixed my breasts he transformed them into a work of art. He truly is amazing. He is also a very lovely and humble person , him and his staff made me feel so safe and comfortable. I really am sincerely grateful to him and his team.


Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant Removal, Tuberous Breast Deformity

Dr Tavakoli has changed my life!!! After living with tuberous breasts for 20 years, I knew Dr. Tavakoli would be the perfect surgeon to fix them. And I was not wrong!!! From the first consultation to the surgery, the aftercare, and checkup appointments; everything has been so professional yet really comfortable and easy. Every member of his staff are extremely helpful and reliable. I would not recommend any other surgeon !


Breast Implant Revision

If I ever needed another procedure I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to dr Tavakoli, I felt very looked after by the staff and very happy with my results. I really trust dr Tavakoli and think he does everything to give you the best possible outcome he is an excellent surgeon


Breast Implant Revision

Dr Tavakoli has the most amazing staff. They are very polite, friendly. and made me feel very comfortable with going ahead with the surgery. Dr Tavakoli himself did the most amazing job. I can definitely recommend seeing him. I came to dr Tavakoli as revision patient. I had my intial surgery with another surgeon in bondi junction but was not happy with my results. This time around I am so happy. After my previous surgery I really unhappy with the way my breasts looked. I am just so thankful to have found tavakoli who did an incredible job at fixing my breasts. They look much more natural and I feel so much better about my self now. Thank you Dr Tavakoli and your team for making my experience this time a really enjoyable one and most of all, thank you for doing an amazing job.


Breast Augmentation

I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome and experience of my breast augmentation with Dr Tavakoli and his team. It was my second surgery with Dr Tavakoli as I'd had a breast reduction 5 years prior at 19 years old and with weight loss and body changes thought to best wait before deciding on implants. After a 20kg weight loss and growing older and wiser I went back to Dr Tavakoli for an enhancement and am over the moon with the outcome. I got a 275CC implant and am now a DD in size with the upper pole fullness I desired all in all with a very natural look. My boobs are perky, such a great shape and mostly comfortable with a hardly visible scar. I shared my experience in a YouTube vlog:


Breast Augmentation

I had breast augmentation with Dr Tavakoli at the beginning of December. Words will never be enough to describe the joy this truly talented and genuinely caring surgeon has brought to my life. I have always been insecure of my flat chest and boyish figure. I had small C cup breasts when breast feeding my youngest (now 3) but went back to pancakes as soon as I stopped feeding. My family would make jokes to my husband about getting roof racks on his car so he could cart around his surfboard :/ Dr Tavakoli gave me 370cc anatomical implants for the most perfect has she or hasn't she look. I feel naturally in proportion and feminine for the first time in a long time. Dr Tavakoli truly is the breast master, the King of Boobs, the best of the best. He puts in so much passion into all his surgeries and outcomes and you can genuinely feel the pride he takes in his work. Evident by the fact that he includes things like liposuction to the axilla (underarms) because 'it detracts from the look of the perfect breasts he creates in patients" lol He is on the pricey side but well worth it. You dont just have surgery with Dr Tavakoli, you become part of his Dr Tav Angel community. I have already referred 2 friends who are having breast augmentation surgery with him in Feb and March.


Breast Augmentation

I had an Amazing experience ! After years of contemplating whether or not to have breast augmentation surgery, I finally decided to go ahead, and that was purely because I found Dr Tavakoli. I highly recommended him! The staff are the kindest and most helpful. Living in New Zealand, it was definitely worth the trip to Australia to visit Dr Tavakoli. For anyone looking at travelling to Sydney to see Dr Tavakoli, you will be well looked after, receive the best of care and most importantly, amazing results !! Could not be happier! Xx


Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

All I can say is a HUGE thank you to Dr Tavakoli and his wonderful team. Jen ( practice manager), Sarah ( nurse) are your first points of contact who are gorgeous wonderful women and make you feel so comfortable. Dr Tav is honest, to the point and incredibly professional throughout the entire process. I had a lift and implant revision with fat grafting. I honestly have the best boobs ever now! Magic! I went from droopy, large areolas and fullness to perky, underboob, cute smaller areolas, and incredible cleavage. The recovery process was explained in detail and Jen & Sarah happy to answer any follow-up questions. I returned to my desk job after a week and a half. He really is the Boob doctor of Australia! Scarring has healed and is fading well, and looks as to be expected for the type of lift I had. Big change to my breasts and even bigger change to my confidence. I can not thank Dr Tav and his team enough.


Breast Augmentation

"Following through with a referral to Doctor Tavakoli was the wisest thing I have done!" From the first meeting with his lovely team, to the prep stage of the operation was outstanding. He is a great surgeon who absolutely understood what I wanted from the first time I spoke to him, he just gets it. I have a wide chest and didn't want my breasts too large and he made sure I got exactly what I pictured without it looking fake. The aftercare is amazing and his team are really friendly and helpful and always on stand by to answer any questions. Every single person has commented on what an amazing job he has done and they look so natural! Really happy with his work and would highly recommend him (I have actually!).

Madeline holstein 17/08/2017

Breast Augmentation

So extremely happy with my procedure, Dr Tav really is the King! I don't even have enough words to express how happy I am - I can't recommend him enough. The staff is lovely and made the whole procedure a happy and fun experience thank you so much xoxoxoxo

EmilyW 11/10/2017

Breast Augmentation

I had a scarless lift (created using implants, so no lollipop scars) with Dr Tavakoli on October 11 2017. I am a 28 year old mother of two and had deflated and small breasts as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. From my first inquiry, him and his team were very quick to answer all my questions and thorough with providing all information surrounding breast surgery. Another well known Sydney surgeon assessed my images and told me I’d need a mastoplexy and implants costing me more than double Dr Tavakoli’s quoted price. It was not the cost that made my decision easy though, more so the extra care and good feeling I received from Dr Tav and his team of lovely ladies. I flew from Adelaide for my surgery and the team fit my in-person consult in the day before surgery. Dr Tavakoli selected me 475cc mentor implants and initially I was surprised that he would choose a larger implant for my tall and relatively lean frame but he was bang on! Surgery went smoothly the following day (gotta say the great music in the OT theatre kept me cool as a cucumber) and the second I saw my new girls I was in love and so happy with my choice in Dr Tavakoli. I’ve since had both Skype and in-person follow up consults with Dr Tav, Sarah and Jen who were all very interested in my progress and recovery. The care doesn’t stop after surgery with Dr Tav, he wants to know that his patients are truly happy with their results. So thank you team, I am beyond happy with my full and firm boobies that are better than I ever dreamt of having. All of my friends and family are gobsmacked at my results and I’ve been sure to tell them and whoever else will listen that Tav is the man for boobs of the highest quality! You won’t regret a surgery with him, he is the best in the biz ladies! Thank you Dr Tavakoli.

tashmc 27/07/2017

Breast Augmentation

Dr Tavakoli is amazing! He really knows what he's doing, and always delivers an amazing result! He won't push you, and will make sure you're in optimal form for surgery. In my initial consultation he suggested I delay my surgery to improve my posture, now over 9 months from my initial consultation, I had my BA 3 months ago, my posture is undeniably a million times better, I am absolutely in love with my new breasts and he has improved my confidence/ body image more than I could ever say. His staff (Jemma, Sarah and Jennifer) have been so helpful, kind and caring the whole journey as well and I couldn't have found a better team to have been apart of this surgery. If you are looking for someone, don't look any further because Tavakoli is the best of the best! There's a reason people travel all over the world for him!


Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Dr Tavakoli and his team are highly professional, approachable, diligent and caring. His work is truly masterful. I was 52 at the time and my frustration with most surgeons was that they lacked enthusiasm and everything seemed all a bit too hard! Dr Tavakoli made me feel at ease, gave me confidence in him and not only was he willing to do the work but the result exceeded my expectations. The entire team went above and beyond what was necessary and I could not be more grateful for the love and care I received not to mention my amazing results which are second to none. I never doubted his ability but he certainly exceeded whatever I dreamt possible.

Geee 25/09/2017

Mummy Makeover

Would I recommend any other plastic surgeon? NEVER!!! Dr Tav and his fabulous team made me feel like I never needed to seek any another advice from other surgeons! I was told it's best to see a few surgeons before making my final decision! Not with Dr Tavakoli, I knew instantly! I'm currently 8 days post op, I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck with lipo, after 2kids and weight loss surgery! Today I was out and about and loving my results already! What a fabulous and professional surgeon & fantastic Team! Thank you Dr Tavakoli, you've helped me love the skin I'm in again.


Breast Augmentation

I recently had breast augmentation surgery in April this year after considering surgery for many years. From my initial consultation Dr Tavakoli and his staff made me feel comfortable and at ease in proceeding with my surgery. My day only procedure went well and on arrival back home I just rested for the next few days using ice packs to minimise any swelling or bruising which was minimal. My pain was managed with taking the regular prescribed medications for the first few days then just panadol. I gradually started gentle walks once the anaesthetic had worn off. As I could not train at the gym or run for 3 months walking in the sunshine was very therapeutic and kept me feeling positive. If you follow the instructions and don't cut corners you should recover well. I am now back running and boxing at the gym wearing the correct supportive sports bra and feeling confident and happy. All the best with your journey.

TamrynK 29/03/2017

Breast Augmentation

After having 3 children and left with little breast tissue, I was desperate to feel womanly again. I did months and months of research on surgeons as I wanted to get the surgery done right from the start and I didn't mind spending top dollar to do so. I loved following Dr Tavakoli on social media and in the end It was his instagram photos that got me. His photos of augmentations he had done, all had a consistent look of beauty and natural body that I craved, I found other sugeons photos had one out of 4 photos that just didn't look natural and I would have felt uncomfortable going with someone who couldn't "get it right" 100 percent of the time. After all this is my body and I only get it once and I was not willing to sacrifice anything but perfection. It originally took me a few weeks to get the courage to make an initial consultation to see Dr Tavakoli however once I saw Dr Tavakoli I became ever more excited. I then went ahead and booked a surgery date and took my time at every stage. My mind was constantly put to rest in leading up to my surgery by watching Dr Tavakoli on Instagram and especially his snap chat. I knew what I was getting myself into and that I was in good hands. The day of the surgery came and I was thankful for the valium that was given to me while I was waiting. I felt very comfortable at every stage. I woke up from surgery and loved what I saw in the mirror. I didn't feel any discomfort at all and was super excited to see my surgery on Dr Tavakoli's Social media. Recovery for the first 2 days was easy and felt I was given enough medicine to keep me on top and for the following 10 days. Dr Tavakoli and his staff took extra care and were on top of everything the whole recovery process. My body feels amazingly balanced now and I feel a sense of confidence I had craved. I highly recommend Dr Tavakoli and honestly would not trust anyone else with my body. If you want the best, you get the best and Dr Tavakoli was exactly 100 percent perfection.
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