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Breast Reduction

I am 57 from W.A . I have always been self conscious about my breasts. They were uncomfortable, heavy, the underwire under of my bras always rubbed , Neck and shoulders had pain. After much research Mark Hanikeri was who I chose to talk to about having a breast reduction. Mark was so professional and made me feel comfortable from the first visit. Giving me the facts and realistic expectations . I returned for another visit to talk about the reduction size. Mark said he would try to get me the size I wanted as long as it was safe. . Post op was not a problem. I had no paIn, the post op bras I bought from his secretary give the support needed to be comfortable. The nurses were so lovely at the hospital, It is now 7 weeks since my surgery and everything is great, my scars are looking good. Marks staff are the most wonderful people I have ever talked to, nothing was to hard and when ever I had a question Alicia would ask him and then call me back the same day. I am so happy with my new boobs. Even my husband couldn’t believe what a good job he had done. Thank you so much Mark this has changed my life in such a positive way.


Mummy Makeover

My whole experience with the assure team was fantastic. Everything run smoothly, the healing process and results have been amazing. Mark is extremely talented and I would highly recommended him!! The photo attached is before surgery and 4weeks after surgery! Tummy tuck breast lift (reduction to left breast)


Breast Reconstruction

Mr Mark Hanikeri cared for me with the above proceedure. I had a botched up breast reduction and was a little gun shy. Mr Hanikeri was recommended to me. And how blest was I having this gentle man caring for me. I had no fear or trepidation... and rightly so.., I can not recommend Mr Hanikiri high enough... very professional very talented and a very kind and caring man. Thank you


Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant Removal, Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

After previously rushing into choosing a surgeon that left me with a botched breast augmentation I took my time in meeting with multiple plastic surgeons this time around. Before I left Mark Hanikeris rooms I knew I had found the perfect surgeon for me - he was honest & open with me about the challenges of multiple surgeries. He was professional, focused & very informative. Answered every question without hesitation, explained everything thoroughly & left me confident that he was the right choice. 6 months & 2 surgeries with Mark later (as was the plan) I am delighted! I went to him with 2 extremely uneven breasts - 1 that was severely deformed & had caused my self esteem to plummet over the years. I now have 2 amazing breasts that are the perfect size & shape for my frame. They look & feel natural, they look damn amazing to be honest. It's the first time in 16 years that I feel such body confidence & it is all thanks to Dr Hankeri. To chose a surgeon based on knowledge, experience & skill is one thing but to know that he genuinely gives a damn about the patient was the icing on the cake. Can't recommend him highly enough!

UsernameAU 03/05/2017

Breast Augmentation

I chose Dr Hanikeri based on all other reviews and when I first met him I was impressed at his knowledge, confidence and good advice. He took all the measurements and recommended 2 sizes of implants. Dr Hanikeri suggested to go with the smaller of the two to lower the risk of undesirable double bubble. After the surgery was completed I was very happy with my size and probably would not have liked the bigger size anyway. Dr Hanikeri's secretaries were very pleasant and helpful. My whole experience was easy and smooth which equates to 5 stars and full recommendation to anyone thinking of this procedure.


Breast Augmentation

Mark and his team made my journey so easy! In my first phone call with Cheree she made sure I was considering the surgery for the right reasons and checked that I had done some of my own research. She was extremely informative and has been wonderful throughout the entire process. Mark has the perfect balance of professionalism while still making you feel comfortable and at ease. He covered absolutely everything I needed to know in our first meeting and made sure I was aware of all the potential risks involved with the surgery. We had a second appointment closer to the surgery to confirm size etc. I found it very beneficial to be able to meet with him again to cover questions I had thought of and to form a familiarity with him which made the surgery day much more comfortable. The day of the surgery could not have been easier. Marks calm demeanour helped me feel relaxed and stress free. Even the moments just before getting the general anaesthetic I felt completely safe and calm. The surgery had no complications, after waking up I was waited on hand and foot by all the lovely nurses. Since the surgery I have had four check up appointments all included in the original cost. I am so pleased with my experience and my results, if I were to do it again I wouldn't hesitate for a second returning to Mark and his wonderful team. Thank you Mark, Cheree and all the nurses involved for making this such an enjoyable journey!


Breast Augmentation

I made one of the biggest (no pun intended) and best decisions in my life to have breast augmentation surgery with Mark and I am very happy with the results. I was put at ease with his friendly and helpful staff and felt comfortable with Mark's professionalism and thorough detailing through out the entire procedure from consultation to final check-up. My goal was to look as natural as possible and with Mark's help I have achieved this. I have also noticed that I have stopped worrying about my self image and trying to be perfect as this surgery has physically and emotionally balanced me! Thanks Assure!


Breast Implant Removal

I had Breast Implants for many years and last year it was found that they had ruptured. I was given some names of Plastic Surgeons which I checked out on line. I decided on Mr Mark Hanikeri and I am so over the moon that I did. He is professional, compassionate and caring. Mark and I had an in-depth discussion covering the operation, replacement implants and after care requirements. Bethesda Hospital was great. I am so happy with the result. Mark is my choice for any future plastic surgery

Tracey Loww 15/02/2017

Breast Reduction

My procedure was life changing. Mark Hanikeri was professional, honest and informative at all times. Highly recommended.

kmac1 10/10/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Body Lift

I had a breast lift, body lift and arm lift on 13th October 2016. Two weeks on and I am doing fantastic. Mark Hanikeri was just great. He was very particular about getting everything perfect, he explained the procedure in simple terms and gave me all the options discussing the benefits of each. He was very easy to talk to. Mark gave me informative brochures about my procedures and also had real life photos of people who had similar procedures. He was respectful of my privacy and always asked to make sure I understood everything and if I had any questions. His staff were incredibly kind and helpful and very excited for me, from the receptionist to the after care nurses. All his collegues that worked on me during the operation were also professional and respectful. I could not recommend him highly enough. I am certainly coming back to complete my final
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