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Basia 06/03/2018

We did our research. I asked around with other ladies in my support group who had had similar if not the same procedure done. I ran his name past all my health care professionals, and I'd gathered a few along my journey. They all had nothing but praise for Matthew Peters. I checked him out online, as you do, and read his bio and decided he was the man. From our first consultation with him (my husband and I), this surgeon inspired confidence in us. He was very friendly and attentive. We were provided with detailed information on the options available to us for this surgery, with this being followed up with informative written information. He was always great with answering my questions, no matter how small. The staff at his office, Valley Plastic Surgery, were very friendly and accommodating. When in comes to costs, we were pleasantly surprised with the fees charged, as his fees were far less than that of some surgeons we'd heard of. All of the above is great, but the bottom line is my health, the result of the surgey, and how I am recovery post surgery. This was bit surgery and it was scary. Waking up the second morning after surgery I wondered what the hell had I done this for. I felt tethered to the bed, so many attachments to my body, and the pain. All this just for two little mounds on my chest (the bad boys). That only lasted a day or two. Now, three months down the track, and I feel AWESOME. The work Matthew Peters has done on me is nothing short of amazing. I still look at my scars, (and I know I will still have all these scars across my body) and I am amazed at his handy work. I am amazed at how quickly I healed. The scars are so much finer than I imagined. I know I will still need some touch up surgery and that they will never be perfect, but he has done an amazing job and I could not have asked for anything better. The breast cancer has taken away a lot from me, but Matthew Peters has given me back a lot.


Breast Implant Revision

I had breast augmentation done in 2012, with another surgeon. I was never happy with the results. When I voiced my concerns I was told nothing more could be done to fix what my concerns were. Last year I went and saw Matthew Peters just to get another opinion. Dr Peters immediately told me that he believed the breast tissue had slipped off the breast implant and was confident that he could give me the result I was looking for. His professionalism and knowledge then gave me instant confidence in him to complete my surgery to what results I was hoping for from my first surgery. His team at Valley Plastic Surgery made the experience run smoothly. I am now 2 week post surgical and I can’t stop glowing from the results. Dr Peters has given me the results I was looking for originally, everything he suggested and told me he would do to fix my worries he did to perfection. If you are looking for a surgeon that listens to you and understands what you are looking for then Matthew Peters is your doctor, because you won’t be let down. Thank you Matthew, Clare and Valley Plastic Surgery for the amazing journey.

Annette.T. 29/11/2017

Breast Implant Removal, Liposuction, Breast Reconstruction, Tummy Tuck Revision

In November 2017 at the age of 50 yrs old I underwent breast implant removal, breast reconstruction, tummy tuck revision and liposuction of my thighs by Dr Matthew Peters Valley Plastic Surgery, My surgery has been outstanding with results that exceeded my expectations, after 29yrs of searching for my pre baby body, Dr Matthew Peters has given me a much better body than my pre baby body back and I am extremely grateful and so proud of his surgery, so I share my story to help others from the moment I rang reception to meeting with this extremely talented surgeon, whom made me feel so comfortable, to my after care with Nurse Claire my experience has been outstanding Thankyou so much Dr Matt Peters and team you have changed my life and I look forward to my future with my amazing new body, forever grateful and so proud , Annette T. Brisbane


Brachioplasty, Thigh Reduction

On my first consultation with Dr Mathew Peters I was very impressed with his professional approach to me as his patient. He asked me what my primary problem areas were and my expectations from having the surgery I needed. He gave me clear descriptions of what to expect from my surgery and the time I would need off work. He also outlined my exercise routine that I would need to follow for a good recovery. I would not hesitate in referring Dr Peters to anyone seeking plastic surgery.

Bernadette Sheila 02/06/2016

Dr Matthew Peters came highly recommended to me by several friends who are OT RNs. ( Which in itself speaks volumes! ) I am so grateful for his life changing breast reduction from bra size of 6HH to 6D. His caring and kind manner and professionalism was evident throughout the process. I am so happy for the amazing care I received from both him and the staff at Valley plastic surgery. ..they are lovely and I can't praise them highly enough!

rahmcd 01/03/2017

Breast Implant Removal, Breast Implant Revision

Dr Peters possesses the qualities that in retrospect I think all women should be looking for in a surgeon tasked to perform such major surgery such as BA. Things can go wrong so it is imperative that you choose a highly competent surgeon who is engaged and passionate about the industry like Dr Peters is. For this reason, I would have no hesitation referring any loved ones to Dr Peters for a BA. Professional, empathetic, friendly, patient, understanding, skilful, knowledgable, passionate about the industry, down to earth, non-judgemental and good-natured are just a few of the qualities that left me with full confidence that he was the surgeon to perform my BA revision. My initial surgery left me with lopsided, laterally overhanging (side), wide, wide apart, waterfall deformed breasts (nipples looking down). My revision not only required the entire removal and replacement with the correct type, size and width implants to achieve the results I wanted, Dr Peters also needed to correct my breast pockets which were both over and under-dissected in many different places and also correct the huge width between my breasts. I've since read on this site and many others that the cleavage gap seems to be an extremely difficult area to operate on, that requires a surgeon of great experience and skill to even attempt to repair. All in all, my case was an extremely difficult procedure that required an immense level of skill, current and up to date knowledge about the current advances in BA surgery, a careful approach and attention to detail. I am so incredibly happy with my results, not only did Dr Peters correct all the mistakes made previously, he went over and above my greatest expectations by producing (if I may say so) such a beautiful result, that was told to me previously was "impossible to achieve" due to my own flawed anatomy. Dr Peters restored my confidence and overall happiness and for that, I couldn't be more grateful and thankful. My recovery: zero bruising, zero bleeding, next to no pain (I didn't even finish a third of my painkillers), no archaic drains, excellent support and a general sense of content, knowing I made the right choice this time around. When selecting your surgeon: 1. Like Dr Peters, ensure they have current knowledge about the industry and what is CURRENT BEST PRACTICE 2. Observe if they take the time to actually listen to you rather than talk over you or wait for you to stop talking (the difference here btw my first surgeon and Dr Peters was really obvious). 3. Dr Peters ability to explain complex medical concepts to a layperson like me was INVALUABLE. Don't let someone confuse you with medical jargon 4. High cost DOES NOT necessarily mean quality. I resent the fact that I paid pretty much the same amount for the poor work done first round that I paid Dr Peters to perform his magic. 5.Forget all the above and see Dr Matthew Peters.

Michelle V 01/01/2016

Breast Reconstruction

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr Matthew Peters from Valley Plastic Surgery. He is a very competent, skillful and compassionate doctor. During my 9 hour surgery I was given a bilateral mastectomy and tram flap reconstruction. I could not be happier with the outcome. I would highly recommend Dr Peters and his dedicated staff. They made my journey so much easier and I will be forever grateful.
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