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 Paul Gerarchi

Paul Gerarchi

  • The Face Institute
  • Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia
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Grant 20/12/2016


I recently had septoplasty and turbinoplasty procedure conducted by Dr Paul Gerachi. I put up with a deviated septum for 15 years much to the detriment of my wife as I would constantly sniff. After seeing Dr Gerachi four years early I final found the time to have the procedure completed. The results have been fantastic as I no longer sniff and have a much better quality of life due to being able to breath again. Dr Gerachi was a pleasure to deal with before, during and after the operation, and always explain everything clearly. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to all friends and colleagues.

CJS 22/11/2016

Liposuction, Blepharoplasty

After consultation with Dr. Gerarchi, I decided to proceed with midface lift, lateral browlift, lower blepharoplasty, facial micro-liposuction and CO2 laser resurfacing to face and neck; quite a lot of work, but I was confident that Dr. Gararchi would give me the age appropriate (62YO) look that I wanted, after seeing gravity taking over my face for the past few years - heavy brows/jowls, and 'laughter lines' that were no longer funny! I was in hospital overnight and the first 3 days were not pleasant - redness and swelling from the CO2, but like a miracle, by day 7 I was feeling fine and by day 10, was looking very presentable and well able to go to work meetings etc. Most people just remark on how well I look, and that is exactly the result I was hoping for, and Dr. Gararchi delivered! Photos taken 6 weeks post op

13mary 01/01/1970

I can’t speak highly enough about my dealings with all the staff at The Face Institute. From my first appointment with Dr G I have never felt that I was pushed into any decisions. I have always felt very comfortable speaking to Dr G and have welcomed his honest perspective on any matters that I raised with him. I want to extend on this in terms of the ‘going the extra mile’ that Dr G does whenever I’ve not been able to see him – he always answers any electronic queries I might have in a timely manner. Additionally, from Wendy in administration to both Sam and Susi they all have been tremendous with all pre/post op care and they truly make you feel that they want the best results for you. All the team are really caring and supportive. I have never felt hesitate in the lead up to surgery and the staff provide a range of information with both pre and post operations and should you need to clarify any information, the staff are more than happy to answer your questions or go over what is to be expected. My recovery has been amazing. Extremely simple, pain free and seeing the results I know that I had made the right decision to commute the distance I do (4 hours turn around) to attend The Face Institute. As with all surgery you don’t want to look like you have had surgery – I have had many friends along with family members say how well I look or you don’t look your age. I do get a number of comments to say how good my skin looks (thanks Sam & Susi).The way I feel now is that the ‘age clock’ has been turned back making me feel that my appearance matches my energetic attitude towards life. Now days so many of us take much better care of ourselves than from previous generations but there is only so much that you can do when it comes to the aging progression, so why not seek out the professional services of a specialist clinic where you feel comfortable. I would have no hesitations in recommending having surgery to others or sharing my experiences. I think that everybody deserves to look as good as they feel. One more point I would like to make about The Face Institute is how aesthetically pleasing the clinic is to visit. It is always hygienic and presented in a professional manner.
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