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Best surgeon to do a Rhinoplasty in QLD please help!!

I’m wanting to get a rhinoplasty as my nose is crooked and out of proportion to my face.

Anonymous 15/08/2023 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi thereOn this forum you are unlikely to get an answer to that question directly! The reason is we are respectful of our colleagues and we don't always know who is the absolute best. As long as the person is a specialist plastic surgeon or specialist otolaryngologist you have started with the right groups.So what should you look for within those specialists?Rhinoplasty is the most rewarding but also one of the most demanding of operations.  So you need to see someone who makes rhinoplasty one of their main pursuits.  You need to see photos of befores and afters and be comfortable with that surgeon, and confident in their ability to do rhinoplasty.While cost can be an issue remember that the best rhinoplasty is when you only have it done once. Because of its difficulty, rhinoplasty can have high revision rate, especially if you do not choose wisely. Even the best need to revise on occasion.I hope this helps.

Tracheal tube as a nostril splint

I had revision septorhinoplasty 3.5 weeks ago. According to my surgeon, my nose was rather complex. I had collapsed nostrils and a mishaped tip that he corrected using cartilage grafts from my ear and temporal fascia. I did not have any internal or external splints. Right after surgery, my left nostril quickly swelled shut (my right one was fine). During my first follow up 10 days later, it was still swollen, but my surgeon said it was swelling and should go down. Today, I had my second follow-up (25 days post-op). My nostril is still completely swollen shut (pic attached). So, as a solution, my surgeon cut a piece of endotracheal tubing (6.5cm) and shoved it up my nostril (which was extremely painful). He told me to keep it up there as much as possible, which would help my nostril avoid "scarring together". While it did the job of opening up my nostril, I'm kind of worried about what its lasting effects might be. Is it common to use a trachea tube as a way to splint the nostril? Because it's rounded, i'm worried it being pushed up against my rather sensitive, newly worked on septum might cause a permanent dent in the cartilage. Additionally, the size of the tubing makes me worry that my nostril will be stretched way too big. Any thoughts/opinion you might be able to provide on this, I'd be grateful! I'm just really scared. As this is my third revision, I just really want it to go right.

3rdTimeACharm 16/03/2024 QLD

  • Answer
    Hi there. As this is your third operation there will be swelling.  Rhinoplasty and septoplasty depends on the surgery being done so as relationships are good and the framework is solid.  However that being said it would be only so strong until all of the tissues have healed together.  Splinting on the whole will not help the surgery if the nasal relationships at the end of surgery are not correct, but if your surgeon is confident that the surgery was good, splinting can help hold things in place and reduce some swelling to help with the healing.

    The choice of splinting material doesn't really matter that much.  Endotracheal tubing would be a fairly firm material and quite uncomfortable I agree, but your surgeon will know what your requirements are.  It won't stretch up your nostril, so don't worry about that.

    I hope this helps.

What is the difference between an ENT Facial plastic surgeon and an ENT facial cosmetic surgeon?

Is there a difference between an ENT Facial plastic surgeon andan ENT facial cosmetic surgeon?

cosmetic 18/12/2023 NSW

  • Answer
    The official qualifications to look for in someone who is going to do your rhinoplasty will either be Specialist Plastic Surgeon, or a Specialist Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT, Otolaryngology), Head and Neck surgeon.  These are the two specialties that operate on noses, and will have the qualification FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) in either of those particular specialties.

    ENT Facial Plastic Surgeon or ENT Facial Cosmetic Surgeon have no official recognition as specialties in themselves, but are descriptors that surgeons use to let people know what they do, in other words a specialist ENT Head and Neck Surgeon that has a special interest in facial surgery. So basically there is no difference.

    You just need to check that your surgeon is FRACS in either Plastic Surgery or ENT Head and Neck Surgery, and is experienced in rhinoplasty.  Check the RACS website, The AHPRA website, or the ASOHNS or ASPS websites.

    I hope this helps.

Medicare rebate?

I'm after some answers on a medicare rebate. I've been told that if my nipple are lower than the crease under my boob that I could be eligible for this rebate. Can some one please help me with this so I understand as.

lisaH 23/09/2023 VIC

  • Answer
    Hi there. There are some Medicare criteria that you must have to qualify.

    The nipple must be below the infra-mammary fold, and it must be not less than 1 year, and not more than 7 years after the end of the most recent pregnancy. 

    This may qualify you for a breast lift, but speak to your surgeon.  The situation can change and you should also speak to your health fund if applicable.

    I hope this helps.

Is it normal to have an empty fold of skin under the implant?

I'm one week post op and one breast has a weird fold of skin under the implant. I can't work out if it was there from day 1 or if my surgical bra has caused it from being too tight :(

The-new-me 13/05/2024 SA

  • Answer
    Hi there. Thanks for the question. It's too early to tell anything at present. Wounds need to settle in, as does the implant. It may be a non-issue, but you are best to show and discuss with your surgeon. It's not always possible to work these things out online. I hope this helps.
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