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I am extremely happy with the results I have got from my procedure. Peter Callan is an amazing surgeon with realistic outcomes. He is very professional and explains everything the whole way through. The clinic is private, clean, bright and has a wonderful professional feel and look. All the staff there are very friendly, helpful, make you feel comfortable and professional also. I highly recommend him.


Breast Reduction

Very Happy with Surgeon Mr Peter Callan and his Team. The results of my breast reduction is really good and I feel a lot happier being able to buy a "normal" bra. I went from a 38I cup to a 38 D cup. Very pleased indeed. Peter's surgery is very good with minimal scarring which is rapidly fading. Four months on and I'm enjoying my new freedom to buy clothes off the rack and wear T shirts without feeling like a freak... My advice is don't wait to have the op, and you can trust that you are in good hands with Peter.



I would like to say that after a considerable amount of thought and fear I decided to go have some surgery to try and improve my looks. I consulted Mr Callan and he reassured me that there was nothing to be afraid of and the results would be worth the minimal amount of pain I would go through. Well I have to say the results are magnificent and I couldn't be happier, I would highly recommend Mr Callan and his amazing staff to anyone wan ting to have blepharoplasty, if your considering having treatment do yourself a favour and visit Mr Callans rooms you won't regret it.

Candice Burns 16/06/2016


I had Rhinoplasty in the past with a previous surgeon, Much to my surprise with the amount of money I spent, Once the swelling came down i found not a great deal of a difference. 2 years had passed and I began to notice my nose leaning back into shape, I went back to my surgeon and I was shocked when he told me that there was nothing he could do because cartilage has a memory and slight chance that was going to happen. I was absolutely devastated, I just wasn’t going to except it so i starting doing some research online & came across Peter Callan, knowing how fragile i was about the whole situation Peter was fantastic, I put my trust in him straight away, He told me what was doable and what wasn’t and i was more then happy. 2 years have past and my nose is exactly what i had wished for! I’m so happy, Great surgeon, Great person & would highly recommend him


Breast Implant Revision

Needing revision breast surgery after having implants for 10 years I was really not looking forward to the surgery. My mother had been to Dr Callan for surgery before and recommended that I meet him. From the first visit I was confident that Dr Callan new exactly what needed to be done and I had no concerns about the surgery after meeting with Dr Callan. I felt Dr Callan was very diligent in his consultations right up until and on the day of surgery reviewing procedure and making sure I was comfortable with everything. After surgery my left breast had to be pinned quite high and it was a little concerning when I first saw the results. After Dr Callan explained why and reassured me that the left breast will drop within weeks and be symmetrical with my right breast by 6 months. I felt confident that I could trust Dr Callan and this is excatly what happened. Dr Callan and his staff are amazing, highly recommend.


Breast Lift - Mastopexy

As it approaches the 1 year anniversary of my breast lift I could not be happier with my results. A friend referred me to Dr Callan and I was totally satisfied by the service from the very first phone call. Dr Callan was fantastic and I was totally at ease that we were on the same page in terms of what look I wanted. He even answered a late night text when I had a concern about one of my stitches post op. Great great service and I love my new breasts! Couldn’t be happier! The staff are all absolutely fantastic too!


Lower Face and Necklift

I was completely happy with Mr Callan; his professional approach and excellent surgery results. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone requiring cosmetic surgery.


Mummy Makeover

Highly recommend- thoughtful, caring and attentive surgeon and staff. Fantastic results; very natural look that fits my body and lifestyle, i cannot believe how quickly i recovered with such insignificant scarring but peter and staff were always available to talk and discuss concerns (even though they werent valid!!). Have recommended to friends and will every time!



Mr Callan is a great plastic surgeon. I have been a long-time client of Mr Callan and have always found him to be a true professional. He explains all procedures clearly and takes the time to make sure any questions are answered thoroughly. Mr Callan runs a professional practise. His team of staff are courteous, efficient and they always greet you with a warm smile. In addition to pre-procedure consultations, Mr Callan's post-procedure visits ensure that you are progressing well with your recovery. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Callan to anyone seeking an experienced plastic surgeon.


Breast Reduction

Dr Callan and his team are fantastic. Friendly and professional, at 53 I was quite self conscious but they put me at ease instantly. Now 3 months post breast reduction surgery I am very pleased with the results. Should have done it years ago!



Peter and his team were fantastic to deal with over the past 2 years. His professionalism and skills are fantastic, he went above & beyond to ensure I had a great outcome from my rhynoplasty and review rhynoplasty. Follow up after surgery was fastastic, staff even calling on the weekend to check on recovery.


Breast Augmentation

I had a Breast Augmentation done by Peter Callan, I was a little bit worried about the surgery leading up to it, but nerves were calmed by Peter Callan as he was very reassuring and answered any questions I had. He is a very knowledgable surgeon and couldn't recommend him more. Peter Callan knew what size implant and profile would best suit my body and I trusted his knowledge. I am so in love with my new breast size and how they fit with my body structure.


Breast Augmentation

My recent experience with Peter Callan and his staff was such a pleasant one. I found Peter and his staff all highly professional, yet also very welcoming, friendly and made you feel very comfortable especially in circumstances that you may be seeing them for quite a stressful and anxious period in your life. Their office space was clean and their working environment was safe and hygienic every appointment that I had prior to and after my surgery. Following completion of the surgery I could not be happier and more satisfied with my result. My overall experience was such a memorable and exciting time and would only highly recommend Peter and his office to anyone looking for a Plastic Surgeon at any time. Thank you Peter for making me feel comfortable being me again!


Breast Reduction

Dr Callan went far and beyond what I expected. Being a female with large breasts & being self conscious about them since developing them in puberty, to see them shaped to perfection and in proportion to my body, I finally have the confidence I deserve to feel about my body. Looking at the before and after photos, you wouldn't even know the first photo is me compared to my transformation. Dr Callan made me feel comfortable, answered all questions and queries I had and overall made life for me so much easier for me not just self-confidence wise but by taking weight off my back and other joints as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. The surgery was highly important in order to give my body less weight on my joints which is another benefit to the surgery. I recommend Dr Callan & his team to all and would've never trusted any other Dr with this surgery. True life changer.



Dr Callan did a unbelievable job, correcting my broken nose and improving my air flow aswell. Highly recommend!



Making a life changing and massive decision was made so incredibly easy thanks to Mr. Callan and his team. Mr. Callan is renowned for his work and from the very first appointment, I always felt comfortable, safe, respected and knew that Mr. Callan was the right surgeon to put my trust in. Mr. Callan listens to you, provides you with all the information you need and always works with you. There is endless support provided during each phase of your journey from Mr. Callan and his whole team for both you as the client and anyone supporting you through your journey. Mr. Callan is an expert, so knowledgeable, skilful, and up-to-date. Mr. Callan is constantly building his knowledge and skills to ensure he provides optimal care to each of his clients. Mr. Callan is so deserving of his amazing reputation. I have had the most positive experience, I am extremely happy with the outcome and cannot speak more highly of Mr. Callan and his team.


Dr Callan has done a very beautiful and precise job on my tummy tuck. Love my flat stomach. Last time I saw my stomach looking like that was when I was in my 20s before my children. My arms look firm and don’t wobble any more. I would recommend Dr Callan he is great surgeon and I traveled from Melbourne to get my surgery done. His staff are the most caring and welcoming.

BrookeKim 08/03/2018

Breast Augmentation

Peter callan is such an expert in what he does i had tuberous breast and wanted breast implants a few of my friends went to him and they told me he was amazing and they were right hes very particular and exceptional at what he does im so happy with my breast implants and how he fixed my tuberous breasts couldnt be more happier they look 110 percent amazing thankyou to peter and the team they are all amazing



I am 2 months post rhinoplasty surgery, and I am already extremely happy with the appearance of my nose, it is exactly how I imagined it would be. Mr Peter Callan and his staff have been amazing from the initial appointments to the post op care and follow up appointments. Mr Callan has a profound amount of experiance in Rhinoplasty, I would highly recommend him to anyone that was considering Rhinoplasty



Why did I wait so long? I could not be happier with the decision I finally made to seek help from Peter Callan for a concern I had about my eyes. I was extremely unhappy with the changes in my eyelids that seemed to make me look “heavy” and reduce my vision. I would avoid family photos and wore sunglasses until it was dark! Over the last 20 years Peter has successfully treated me for 2 carpel tunnels and a trigger finger, so it was an easy decision to make. Peter Callan is providing Geelong with a top of the range facility that addresses so many medical procedures. He and his staff make me feel secure, cared for and comfortable and although Peter talks to me as a friend, it is with an understanding, professional manner that instils my confidence in him. I am extremely grateful to Peter and his staff and I will certainly return when I have a concern that I wish to improve, because why wait to be happy?

Nat69 14/03/2018


I had a septorhinoplasty done in 2010 by a reputable surgeon. It changed my appearance completely and I was both ashamed and embarrassed by this. I had a revision rhinoplasty done in 2012 by another reputable surgeon but he made it look worse, not natural at all. I have spent the last 3 years trying to find a surgeon who is very experienced in revision rhinoplasty. This was going to be my last shot at it and I did ALOT of research! Mr Peter Callan from Geelong was recommended to me by a plastic surgeon who admitted that there was actually only a handful of surgeons who are really skilled in revision rhinoplasty in Australia. I saw Peter last year and was very impressed with him. He told me exactly what needed to be fixed and how he was going to do it. I was able to see before and after photos of patients and the thing that struck me the most was how NORMAL their noses looked and how their face looked completely in balance. I booked in for the surgery and had it done on 30th November 2017. I cannot begin to explain how happy I am with my nose. It looks so normal and unoperated on. I enjoy looking in the mirror again (I hated looking at myself beforehand) and I can honestly say Mr Callan has given me my confidence and life back. He is lovely and so are his staff. I cannot recommend him highly enough!


Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck

I had Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck and Brachioplasty (arm lift) in the one procedure back in November 2015. After losing in excess of 85kg and with ALOT of excess skin, I had no idea where to start or who to go and see about the removal of the excess skin. My family Doctor recommended Mr Callan and from the very first appointment I knew that Mr Callan was the man for the job!! I was hesitant, anxious and a little scared and Mr Callan as well as his staff in particular Liz, made me feel at ease and I knew I had made the right decision. I'll be honest...the surgery was huge having all three procedures done at once, but now over 1 year later I couldn't be happier!!! Mr Callan is AMAZING!! The work he has done on me and the difference it has made to my life has been life changing! I can barely see the scars for the surgery! The follow up from both Mr Callan and his staff was phenomenal!! Surgery on the Friday and Peter was in to see me Friday night as well as first thing on Saturday morning. I left the Hospital on the Saturday night and had two phone calls daily (even on a Sunday) to check in on me until my first post op appointment. I could not recommend Mr Callan highly enough! Don't bother shopping around as he is the BEST of the BEST!!! Thank you Mr Callan and Liz for what you have done for me, I will never forget it!!



My dream of a new nose came true in 2017, Peter Callan and his staff were the best....very competent and couldn't do enough to help you with your journey. Because of Peters amazing skills I now am very proud of my nose and he has given me much more than he can ever imagine....Thank you so much Peter Callan



I have been a patient of Mr. Peter Callan’s for more than 20 years. I consider Peter to be one of the very best plastic surgeons and Geelong is very fortunate to have him practice here. I have had numerous procedures performed (from minor cosmetic treatments through to breast implants and blepharoplasty). I appreciate Peter’s realistic approach to surgery and its end result. He is a highly experienced, competent and skilled professional and I trust him completely.



I had an excellent experience and outcome with Peter. He is skilled, professional and realistic. His staff and practice and facilities he uses are well co-ordinated and everything is explained clearly and followed up. Thoroughly recommend him for any type of plastic surgery. Allow up to six months for full recovery if getting eyelid surgery , to give time to heal and adjust things as necessary....not that it looked unsightly during that period, just looks a bit better in photos as time goes on. The surgery has improved eyesight slightly and definitely doesn't feel as heavy around eyes. Peter is very accurate with his prediction of outcomes. His team of staff also deserve great feedback, thanks.


Breast Augmentation

I had already been told that Peter was the best in the business by a top doctor. Once I met him and his team I had the utmost confidence to go ahead and the follow up reviews and care have been the same. The procedure was simple and straightforward. I would recommend Peter Callan to anyone. Since my augmentation I have had 2 friends have the procedure with him also with the same satisfaction. Today I have just had my ten year review with Mr Peter Callan and his amazing team. As always a highly professional consult and all my questions answered. My breast look amazing ten years on and I haven’t looked back. I highly recommend Peter and his talented team for any of your cosmetic needs Thanks Peter and team for the high standard of care always.


Breast Augmentation

Peter and his staff made me feel cared for and comfortable through the whole journey and beyond. I only wish I had done this earlier in life, I feel fantastic and my husband is happy I'm happy.

cmjfv 17/08/2017

Breast Reduction

I have been seeing Peter for the last 10 years however in that time, I have had two breast reductions only. My first was when I was 20 years old and the other when i was 29. (I had kids in-between) Although for my simple country girl mindset it was terribly awkward to undress infront of people for such a secret part of my life with oversized breasts and stretch marks like a popped balloon, but aside from that, Peter never made me feel embarrassed even when he lives in a world and office of ideal body types and perfection of looks. The issues I encountered were only my own self esteem issues and the dealing with health covers to assist in the cost. Peter was kind, professional, quick and understanding. From my breast reductions, he moved my 'lids' as i call them north-twice (!), relocated blood flow from the base of the breast to minimise supply of some sort and between the 2 operations took a mammoth 2kg off my front. Coupled with a fantastic hospital and office staff, my client life with Peter has got me to a place where I can exercise, feel prettier and I now fit into a $9 bra! So, thanks Peter! I'm actually sad to be wrapping up my time under his profession. BTW, check out his office, its worth it just for that ;0)

CourtneyH 15/08/2017

Breast Augmentation

After having lost weight I no longer liked the shape or size of my breasts. Dr Peter Callan was extremely professional and realistic. He explained the potential complications and suggested the perfect sized implant for my body shape. I have had absolutely no side effects from my treatment and wish I had have had the surgery done long before I did. The entire clinic are friendly and made the whole process seamless.
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