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cmjfv 17/08/2017

Breast Reduction

I have been seeing Peter for the last 10 years however in that time, I have had two breast reductions only. My first was when I was 20 years old and the other when i was 29. (I had kids in-between) Although for my simple country girl mindset it was terribly awkward to undress infront of people for such a secret part of my life with oversized breasts and stretch marks like a popped balloon, but aside from that, Peter never made me feel embarrassed even when he lives in a world and office of ideal body types and perfection of looks. The issues I encountered were only my own self esteem issues and the dealing with health covers to assist in the cost. Peter was kind, professional, quick and understanding. From my breast reductions, he moved my 'lids' as i call them north-twice (!), relocated blood flow from the base of the breast to minimise supply of some sort and between the 2 operations took a mammoth 2kg off my front. Coupled with a fantastic hospital and office staff, my client life with Peter has got me to a place where I can exercise, feel prettier and I now fit into a $9 bra! So, thanks Peter! I'm actually sad to be wrapping up my time under his profession. BTW, check out his office, its worth it just for that ;0)

CourtneyH 15/08/2017

Breast Augmentation

After having lost weight I no longer liked the shape or size of my breasts. Dr Peter Callan was extremely professional and realistic. He explained the potential complications and suggested the perfect sized implant for my body shape. I have had absolutely no side effects from my treatment and wish I had have had the surgery done long before I did. The entire clinic are friendly and made the whole process seamless.
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