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I am wanting to go to a full D or possibly a DD is this possible?

I’m an A cup at the moment and have always wanted fuller breast, it would be a dream come true if I was able to go to a full DD. Also can I get recommendations on shape of implant that would be ideal for my breasts

Anonymous 10/06/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    You are a great candidate for breast augmentation and you should be able to achieve a lovely full breast shape and size. You need a comprehensive consultation to determine which size implant is best for you - this is based on very specific measurements, a physical examination and discussion of your goals and lifestyle. If you don’t have enough breast tissue to cover the implants then you will be able to see the “edges” of the implant which is unsightly. Its likely a teardrop implant will give you the best result and additional fat grafting may be of benefit.

Lift or No Lift?

Im wanting a natural, full breast D-DD. Im currently a 10B-C Will I be able to achieve a natural looking breast without lift? I am not concerned with a small amount of sagging. Thanks.

A Barber 08/06/2018 ACT

  • Answer
     It may be possible to augment your breasts without the need for a lift but only a formal consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon will allow your question to be answered.

Do I require a breast lift if my goal size is quite large?

I am 26 and child free, currently have between d-dd breasts that look full in a bra but droop to the point it really effects my mental health. My concern with a lift is I would be trading sagging for scars. Because I would like to have very large breasts would simply a large implant and adjustment to the areola be the solution? I’m having a hard time finding before and afters of this kind of thing. Thank you.

Anonymous 03/06/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your pictures and questions. The golden rule is this - breast implants simply add volume to your breasts they don’t provide a lift. Implants need to be positioned directly behind your nipples so very large implants will make your breasts look bigger in exactly the same position. If you and concerned with breast droopiness now then you would be very disapponinted with the results a breast implants on their own. You are an excellent candidate for a breast lift without the need for implants to help you achieve your goals. My patients find the scar trade-off well worth the results of surgery. You are totally unsuitable for breast implants alone so don’t let any doctor do that to you. Remember that scars take around 18 months to go through their maturation phase during which time they flatten and fade significantly. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options. 

Breast has gone weird shape!?!?! Why???

I had a revision 9 months ago and the results were fantastic.... until yesterday night, I took my bra off and saw this horrible looking boob (see picture). It’s been abit achey the last few days and has been looking a little off but I didn’t think it was anything until last night. I thought maybe my bra was too tight so slept it off and wore no bra all day and it is still totally distorted so it’s something going on inside. Does anyone know what this could be. I’ll call my plastic surgeon on Monday.

Kaaycee 19/05/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your photos and questions. Discomfort and a change in appearance warrants a visit to your plastic surgeon to determine the cause of your concern. Its possible you are experiencing capsular contracture which is causing some discomfort and distortion of the breast. Arrange a review with your plastic surgeon.

Breast Augmentation at 18?

My younger cousin has always been insecure about her breast size. To be specific, she has been insecure about it since she was 13 & she is now 17, turning 18 soon. She often comes to me and asks me questions about breast augmentation. I myself have never had it done. (I'm 22) She ALWAYS asks me if she can get them done shortly after she turns 18. I have never been able to answer this because I simply don't know. I care for her a lot and want her to be happy. Is this something that can be done?

Anonymous 06/05/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Breast augmentation can be a life transforming procedure for patients who are feeling insecure about their breast size and are seeking to enhance their breast size and shape. You can undergo breast augmentation once your breasts are fully developed and have stopped growing for more than a year and you are emotionally ready for the procedure. Your cousin should arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon for a comprehensive consultation and discussion about breast augmentation and whether the procedure is right for her. Encourage her to bring a parent or friend or yourself to the consultation to help her feel at ease. She can then make an informed decision about whether breast augmentation is right for her.

Would I be suitable for Breast reduction?

165cm, 60kg, 44 years. I am really fed up of having to buy clothes that are too big in order to fit my breasts. Would I be suitable for reduction surgery and would I be eligible for any Medicare support?

Anonymous 22/04/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photograph. Based on your photograph you appear to be an excellent candidate for a breast reduction. This will lift your breasts into a more natural elevated position and reshape them helping you achieve a breast shape more in proportion with the rest of your body. Its likely you would be eligible for medicare and health fund rebates if you have private health insurance. You will need to bring a referral from your GP to your consultation. The best method to do this is using a lollipop short vertical scar technique, which gives the most natural shape with minimal scars. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and be sure to look at lots of before and after photographs at your consultation.

Can my hump be fixed with rhinoplasty?

Hey I’m wanting to know who is the best surgeon in Queensland to go to about a rhinoplasty after my nose got broken about 3 years ago. There is a hump that is pushing out on the front view and I hate the way it looks from the side so overall just want it straight and small. Thanks

Anonymous 06/04/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    Rhinoplasty is designed to change the appearance and improve the function of your nose. There are several components to your nasal shape that you may wish altered in some way. These include the profile from the side view, the length or width, or the shape of the tip and the nostril openings. The most common concerns include a “bump” of the nose particularly following a broken nose. The good news is that rhinoplasty can address your concerns and help you refine the shape of your nose and eliminate the hump. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The ASAPS website can provide you with a list of surgeons in your area.

Textured implants sudden softening after 6 Months

I am 6 Months post op with round textured 385cc under muscle. I was very flat chested before hand. My implants have always sat quite perky as if I was wearing a bra and were pretty firm. A couple weeks ago I was adjusting into a bra and must have been too rough as my breasts were aching as if I was 1 week post op. All of a sudden once the pain went away my breasts became softer with a bit more movement. Even my partner noticed. Is this normal? What could have happened?

Mikit 02/04/2018 VIC

  • Answer
    Its difficult to comment without a formal examination but its common for your breasts to soften and settle after surgery. It can take many months for the muscles to stretch and relax to accommodate your implants. If you are concerned then you should return to your surgeon for a review.

Abdominal Scar revision or apronectomy & BA or BA+ lift

I am 40 years old considering a mummy makeover. Ideally I would like to achieve fuller more symmetrical, perkier breasts. My question is if I had a lift alone would my breasts then look fuller albeit smaller or Is BA the only way of achieving fullness. If I were to have a BA to achieve fullness would I also require a simultaneous lift. I am not fixated on having larger breasts necessarily. In relation to my abdomen, ideally I would like to achieve symmetry. The right side is higher due to puckering and tethering of old an appendix scar.

Anon 03/01/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photographs.  You are an ideal candidate for a mummy makeover combining breast and tummy surgery.  In order to achieve fuller, perkier breasts you would need a breast lift with augmentation.  This would lift your breasts back up your chest wall into a more youthful position and the implants would add fullness.  A very natural look can be achieved with this procedure.  A tummy tuck with liposuction would help you address your muscles separation and excess skin and fat.  You appendix scar could be revised at the same time. A tummy tuck would help you achieve a flatter tummy contour.  Its essential to choose a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in mummy makeover surgery.  A comprehensive consultation to discuss your goals and options is your first step.

How much does it cost and how old do you have to be for a breast augmentation?

How much does it cost and how old do you have to be for a breast augmentation?

Anon 29/12/2017 QLD

  • Answer
    A great question!  Firstly its best to wait until your breasts have stopped growing or changing in size or shape before undergoing breast augmentation. Fees for breast augmentation vary depending on the qualifications, skills and experience of your plastic surgeon.  Having said that, its best to avoid surgeons who charge exorbitantly as that does not mean you are engaging a better surgeon and don’t be tempted to get a cheap job done .Prices can be very cheap for cosmetic doctors  who lack the extensive qualifications and skills of plastic surgeons and fees can also be very expensive as some surgeons pass on the high costs of social media and marketing campaigns onto their patients.  I always tell prospective patients that shopping around based on price usually leads to very disappointing results.  

Restore symmetry 15 years after nasal trauma

I sustained nasal trauma 15 years ago, and did not receive treatment. Based on the pictures I have provided, what is going wrong? How much symmetry can be restored to the nose, lip, and cheeks?

Anon 29/12/2017 Australia

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photographs.  You may be an ideal candidate for a total rhinoplasty to correct deviation of your nasal skeleton and refine your nasal tip. You need a formal consultation with a fully quaified specialist plastic surgeon to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Breast lift and anesthesia

Do you need general aesthetic for a breast lift? I have a fear of general anesthetic. And hoping there are procedures that can be done with local anaesthetic

Jasmin 21/12/2017 Australia

  • Answer
    The only safe and effective way to perform breast lift is under a general anaesthetic with a fully qualified plastic surgeon. 

Is breast implant related illness real?

I have come across a few facebook groups and online websites that claim breast implants can cause illnesses such as IBS, hormonal issues, fatigue, brain fog, thyroid issues etc Is this a legitimate concern I should have, is there any scientific basis for these claim?

BMurph 20/12/2017 Australia

  • Answer
    There is no scientific evidence of breast implant related illness. 

Cancer and breast implant

I had (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and underwent 2 years of chemotherapy. Would getting breast implants be dangerous for me?

Anon 05/12/2017 QLD

  • Answer
    There is no scientific evidence that having breast implants would be dangerous for you.  There is a rare condition called Acute anaplastic large cell Lymphoma that you may have heard or read about but it is very rare and you would not be any more at risk of this than the general population.  It would be best to have a formal consultation with a fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon to discuss any concern you have.

should I get this breast revised?

I'm 6mths po and my right breast has never been the same as the left. It's always been fuller up top and my nipples seem to point in different directions. I'm meeting the surgeon in 2 weeks to decide whether it should be revised. He thought capsular contracture could be the reason and agrees it doesn't look "happy". I'm wondering - should I bother? While they're not perfect, mostly I'm not bothered and I don't really want to start all over with recovery. What are the chances he can fix it perfectly? I did have some asymmetry to begin with.

researchcrazy12 31/10/2017 WA

  • Answer
    Firstly some important points to remember - no breast surgery will ever result in “perfect” breasts.  Breasts are sisters not twins which means differences between the two breasts are usually normal.  It would have been helpful to see your before photos - was your right breast fuller before surgery?  What was your nipple position before surgery?  If you aren’t really bothered then its probably not worth revision surgery at this stage.  If you have capsular contracture however then revision surgery may be an option.

Can you fly after surgery??

How soon after Breast Augmentation survey can you fly? Or is there no issue?

rock#3 28/10/2017 QLD

  • Answer
    Some of my patients fly into Sydney for breast surgery and I’m happy for them to take a short flight home the following day.  Long haul flights are not recommended and its best to delay holiday plans for at least a few weeks after surgery.

How much for this procedure

I need lipo, breast lift, tummy, eyes,

Kay sargentson 24/10/2017 NSW

  • Answer
    I always advise prospective patients that shopping around based on price usually leads to very disappointing outcomes.  You need a comprehensive consultation with a fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon to determine the scope of the procedures in your individual case.  Fees vary widely based on the qualifications, skills and experience of your surgeon. Having said that, its best to avoid surgeons who charge exorbitantly as that does not mean you are engaging a better surgeon and don’t be tempted to get a cheap job done. 

Implant feeling

3mth po feels like I have a implant in my whole torso all numb from breasts to hips I can bend kids over excercise ball as per dr. Will this feeling ever go away and ext tight from navel to pubic region at 3 mth all else norm

Becky70 11/10/2017 Australia

  • Answer
    How were your implants placed?  Its difficult to advise you without knowing the details of your procedure or without a formal consultation.  Some loss of sensation can be normal after breast augmentation but its unusual to experience extensive numbness.  If you are concerned, return to your surgeon for a review.

Unhappy with BA. Can symmetry be achieved with breast revision/correction?

I had my breast augmentation Dec 2015. I have never been happy with the results. I understand perfect symmetry cannot be achieved, however I have two very different breasts. My left upper pole slope is bulky, round and appears to be riding high in comparison to the right. My breasts are placed at varying distances from my midline and I have wide set cleavage. Right boob has a cone shape appearance while the right has a block appearance. Can the overall appearance of my breasts be improved with a breast revision/reduction?

Kylie1991 08/09/2017 NSW

  • Answer
    It would be useful to see a pre-operative photograph as I suspect your breasts had some asymmetry prior to your surgery.  Of course it may be possible to correct you asymmetry with further surgery but this can only be determined following a full examination at consultation.  Its best to speak further with your PS about your concerns. 

QLD Mummy Makeover

Im a Mum of 3, youngest being 10 months old! I have muscle separation and all the other great stuff - apron, love handles etc. Can anybody advise if Medicare still rebate for BA or TT? I was going to go overseas for it but my partner doesn't want me to, so we upgraded health insurance so I can stay here for it. So does Medicare still rebate and can I use my health cover for the hospital fees? Anyone recommend surgeons in or around Brisbane also?

CM83 28/08/2017 QLD

  • Answer
    You have asked some very important and common questions when it comes to mummy makeover surgery.  Firstly its important to say that pursuing plastic surgery overseas is fraught with danger.  Shopping around based on price typically leads to disappointing results and in the case of overseas medical tourism it can result in serious complications and even worse.  If you can’t drink the water in the country you plan to have surgery in then why would you contemplate surgery there.  Its likely your surgeons qualifications are not of an international standard and you have no way of checking the quality and integrity of the facilities or even basic things such as whether your implants are genuine TGA approved devices.  If you experience complications or you are unhappy with your results its difficult to travel back to see your surgeon overseas particularly if you require regular ongoing post operative care.  Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure and Medicare and health funds have never provided a rebate for this procedure.  Medicare changed the rulings more than 12 months ago and tummy tuck procedure are no longer eligible for rebates either except in some instances.  Your best option is to arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and obtain a comprehensive estimate of fees and your individual eligibility for rebates. 

Post op consultation

Hi there, I had my breast done in Thailand. I am 8 weeks post op and was wondering/wanting to have checkups here, Any suggestions on who to contact? (On the GC). Thanks

Tinytee 10/11/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    One of the many downsides to having your surgery performed overseas is that its very difficult to return to the doctor who performed your surgery for ongoing reviews.  Your best step is to take a look at the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons website to find an Australian plastic surgeon in your area.

Do I need revision for labiaplasty scarring?

Do I need revision for labiaplasty scarring? I had labiaplasty 4 years ago. I'm 47 years old. I don't like the scalloped edges caused by scarring from the stitches. Is it overly noticeable or am I over reacting? Is it unattractive and would it look abnormal to a future partner? Is further surgery to fix the ruffled edges worth it?

Rabbit 08/11/2016 WA

  • Answer
    There is no “normal” when it comes to vaginas - they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and appearances so you should not be concerned abut the cosmetic appearance of your vagina as it would not be of any concern to future partners. Any revision at this stage would risk over-resection (taking too much) which would more of a concern to you than your present appearance.  I would advise accepting your result.

Natural looking breasts augmentation January 2017

Hello there, I decided to finally have breast augmentation but am stuck with picking a surgeon. The original one I opted at seems to have a couple of bad reviews and restrictions so I want to find somebody else. Since I'm only able to have the procedure done in January I will need to find somebody very soon that can help me to achieve the look I'm after. I am 5.2 foot and 49kg. Currently I'm a 10b and would like to go slightly larger to a large c or small d cup. I would prefer them to look and feel as natural as possible. If any surgeon in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area could please contact me if you have free surgery spots in January? That would be amazing. Thank you.

Theloveofa 08/11/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your question and photographs.  Based on your photograph you should be able to achieve a lovely, natural result with breast augmentation.  Its best to find your surgeon based on their qualifications, skills, experience and results.  In this digital age, reviews are not always independent and there will always be patients with unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved with surgery.

Worried that I will may has assymerical breasts after surgery

Hi there, I am scheduled to have surgery this thursday. During my preop consultation, the nurse took me in to have vetra imaging done. I have decided to go with 390cc hp below muscle. Attached is a front view image of my before and after picture with 390cc implants. I am worried that I may have assymetical breasts after surgery. I can see a noticeable difference in fullness between my breasts and my crease fold is lower on my left breast compared to my right. I prefer the look of my left breast as well. The nurse never noticed it during consult and I only just noticed it recently. I phoned the office and another nurse had a look at it and doesn't believe there will be a problem. My questions are, how accurate are vetra images? Is it worth being worried about? Should I raise my concerns with my surgeon on the day of surgery? And are there any techniques that can fix the assymetry?

snayla 05/11/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photographs.  In my practice, I use a sizing system that allows you to “try your implant” in front of a mirror to se what size you are most comfortable with.  I find this better than digital imaging which can a little misleading. The first thing to note is that if you have asymmetry prior to breast augmentation then you will have asymmetry after breast augmentation unless it is specifically addressed with different sized implants or other surgical approaches. You actually look reasonably symmetrical on your photographs so you shouldn’t worry about noticeable asymmetry.    You should speak with your plastic surgeon and not a nurse before you go ahead with surgery on Thursday to discuss your concerns.

I want to go bigger

Hi I had Breast augmentation nearly 8 weeks ago and i am really not happy with the size. What do you think i should do? Am i better to wait a while to see or can i get surgery again? Thank you

Jaimee 03/11/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Hi Jaimee.  Sorry to read you are disappointed with the results of your recent surgery.  Without any photographs to review its difficult to offer much advice.  In any case, its too early to determine your final result.  Best to wait at least six months before considering revision options.

can i get away with breast implants or do i need more

Embarrassed by my ugly wouldnt even say boobs what do i need to get done HELP

rachrach 30/10/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photographs.  You appear to have a degree of asymmetry together with breast ptosis or dropping.  Its likely a breast lift with implants would address these issues and give you an excellent result.  In my practice I would need you to arrange an in person consultation though to determine the best surgical approach for you.

Found a rupture so now Wanting to go bigger, will I need a lift as well??

Hi, I have just found in an ultra sound breast check up that I have a ruptured left implant. And now have to consider revision. I have had these 500cc implants under muscle and placed through the armpit, Existing for 10years and I have breast feed my two children 7 and 4. Now I have to have revision, I am really wanting larger size 700 ultra high profile? as While I was breastfeeding I loved the big size so the 500cc now feel extremely small, and the fat roll under the arm bothers me. 166cm, 62kg, 10E was a 10B I'm not sure if the shape is from the rupture on side, or sagging as my left breast always had more milk, and the muscle pulls a bit on the left. I would like an opinion on whether I should be considering a lift, as well or is a bigger size sufficient to fill what I need for large round high profile look. ??? Thanks

Sylve 26/10/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photographs.  Given your goals you should be able to have a removal and replacement of your implants at this stage.  Size is a personal choice but you should discuss with your surgeons the pros and cons of selecting larger implants.  Make sure you choose a fully qualified plastic surgeon with experience in removal and replacement of implants.

Implant removal? Reattach?

Hi I got a breast uplift and 225cc round silicone implants fitted in Bangkok 9 weeks ago. I had a wound infection which has been treated by antibiotics and recent blood tests have returned negative for infection. I have had several ultrasounds which showed fluid in both breasts. This fluid was drained from right under ultrasound. The fluid was tested and returned negative for infection. Fluid from left breast could not be aspirated as it was too close to lung. The treated doctor said he felt the left impnat had dislodged however no medical imaging has been carried out to confirm this. I have been getting dressings changed daily. My breasts are completely different shapes and sizes and appear to be getting more deformed daily. I am now looking for a plastic surgeon in Australia to help rectify this. I am unsure however I will need both implants removed / reattached / seroma drained / wait for a while. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a few photos taken today. Thank you in advance AC

ACFB 20/10/2016 WA

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photographs and I am sorry to read that you have been experiencing ongoing difficulties after your surgery.  You need to arrange an urgent review with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.  Its possible your implants are infected and you may be at risk of serious complications.  Without a formal review its difficult to assess your options.  Unfortunately, one of the many downsides to medical tourism is that you can’t access your surgeon for ongoing post operative care and in many cases patients such as yourself face much bigger financial costs to help fix post operative problems as well as the risks to your health.  Don’t delay, see a surgeon immediately.

Advice re nose

Hi Is there anything that can be done with my nose. I don't mind that it is upturned but the way the cartilage is growing it makes it look like it is unclean all the time. I notice people think I need to blow my nose and it is making me paranoid. I don't know if it is the cartilage or the White growing tip that is doing this Thanks Sissy

Sissy2016 19/10/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Sissy, thanks for posting your questions and photographs.  It possible you have a deviated septum and the white area you describe inside your nostril is the septum protruding.  A septoplasty will straighten your septum and address the cosmetic concerns you have as well as any functional or breathing issues you may be experiencing.  


Just had my Skype appointment with Dr ***** and now I'm scared shitless. I was fine till now but he's told me I'm a difficult case so I'm having second thoughts. So I am very bottom heavy breasted and I have a very wide gap at the bottom of my breasts. This makes round implants a NOT an option and he is concerned I'll be ok in a bra but out of a bra - the big gap will remain and I may be unhappy. Then he told me that I can expect about a c cup only, I have a higher risk of rotation if I attempt ANY exercise except walking strolls because I'll stretch the pocket of the implant. I'm confused now and while I don't want it sugar coated, I'm wondering if I'm even a candidate for successful implants Desperate for feedback as my surgery is friday

Kirst74m 17/10/2016 NT

  • Answer
    If you have doubts and concerns then you should arrange a consultation with another fully qualified plastic surgeon.  Was your doctor a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic doctor?  You don’t appear to present as a very difficult case from your photographs.  One important thing to note is that implants need to be centred behind your nipples in order for them to appear natural.  So if your nipples are wide set then it won’t be possible to create a tight cleavage.  
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