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What to do

I had a breast reduction surgery on July 9th, I’m not sure what to do with my right breast. It seems to look a little like an infection but I don’t know. I’ve seen my family doctor and he said it is nothing to worry about but I have my concerns. What should I do to heal this fast and should I go see my plastic surgeon?

Anonymous 27/07/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your photograph and questions. You should return to your surgeon for assessment. This is more wound breakdown and discharge than would be expected and revision or drainage surgery may be required.

Are my goal breasts realistic and attainable?

I'm having my 6 year old subglandular implants removed with a lift and wanted to know if my goal breasts are a realistic expectation? Could mine look like that or similar? I don't want my areolas reduced, I know they will shrink after I finish breastfeeding before surgery. Are breasts reshaped internally as well with a lift? My right breast is engorged in the photo but usually same as the left. Thank you

Anonymous 24/07/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Well done on doing your research as its important to have very realistic goals when undergoing revision breast surgery. Your breasts are very different from anyone else and with implants are certainly not comparable in terms of results with someone who does not have implants and has not been lifted. Your goal breasts are not realistic for you but with carefully planned surgery you should be able to get your own lovely result with removal of your implants and lifting. Discuss your goals with a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with revisional lifting surgery.

Do I have tumerous breasts?

Does it look like I have tumoreous breasts? And can it affect the size I want to go? I’d like to go quiet large

Anonymous 05/07/2018 VIC

  • Answer
    No you don’t appear to have tuberous breasts. To get an effective breast rejuvenation, I would recommend a lollipop breast lift, with or without implants depending on the size you want to be.

I had my breast done about 5 years ago I’ve had a baby about 3 months ago

Dose it cost the same amount to do breast implants

Anonymous 26/06/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    Its best to wait around six months after completing breast feeding before considering your breast revision options. This allows time for your breasts to reach a stable breast size and give you an accurate starting point for surgery. Fees for surgery will depend on what you require. Some patients require a breast lift revision after pregnancy as their breasts have sagged. This is a much longer procedure which attracts different fees to breast augmentation surgery. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgery to discuss your goals and options.

Rhinos Surgeon recommendations Sydney

I’ve been looking for surgeons for a while and finding so many reviews that are contradicting to other ones I need help!! I have an ethnic looking nose and I wanting to get it reshaped

Anonymous 23/06/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Choosing a surgeon can be a challenging process especially with so much information available online. Experience and results matter - look for a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and look at their before and after photos during your consultation. Meeting a surgeon in consultation is an important part of the decision making process as you need to have a good rapport with your surgeon and their team. Try not to focus on price but rather choose the surgeon you feel will do a great job safely. This in unlikely to be cheapest in town but equally it is unlikely to be the more expensive surgeons in town.

I am wanting to go to a full D or possibly a DD is this possible?

I’m an A cup at the moment and have always wanted fuller breast, it would be a dream come true if I was able to go to a full DD. Also can I get recommendations on shape of implant that would be ideal for my breasts

Anonymous 10/06/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    You are a great candidate for breast augmentation and you should be able to achieve a lovely full breast shape and size. You need a comprehensive consultation to determine which size implant is best for you - this is based on very specific measurements, a physical examination and discussion of your goals and lifestyle. If you don’t have enough breast tissue to cover the implants then you will be able to see the “edges” of the implant which is unsightly. Its likely a teardrop implant will give you the best result and additional fat grafting may be of benefit.

Lift or No Lift?

Im wanting a natural, full breast D-DD. Im currently a 10B-C Will I be able to achieve a natural looking breast without lift? I am not concerned with a small amount of sagging. Thanks.

A Barber 08/06/2018 ACT

  • Answer
     It may be possible to augment your breasts without the need for a lift but only a formal consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon will allow your question to be answered.

Do I require a breast lift if my goal size is quite large?

I am 26 and child free, currently have between d-dd breasts that look full in a bra but droop to the point it really effects my mental health. My concern with a lift is I would be trading sagging for scars. Because I would like to have very large breasts would simply a large implant and adjustment to the areola be the solution? I’m having a hard time finding before and afters of this kind of thing. Thank you.

Anonymous 03/06/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your pictures and questions. The golden rule is this - breast implants simply add volume to your breasts they don’t provide a lift. Implants need to be positioned directly behind your nipples so very large implants will make your breasts look bigger in exactly the same position. If you and concerned with breast droopiness now then you would be very disapponinted with the results a breast implants on their own. You are an excellent candidate for a breast lift without the need for implants to help you achieve your goals. My patients find the scar trade-off well worth the results of surgery. You are totally unsuitable for breast implants alone so don’t let any doctor do that to you. Remember that scars take around 18 months to go through their maturation phase during which time they flatten and fade significantly. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options. 

How long should I wait after finding a ruptured implant?

Hello, I have a ruptured silicone implant, which has bleed to my lymph nodes. How long should I wait to have it removed? It has been approximately three months, as initially we thought it was a rib fracture. I have rib, shoulder and under arm pain to the point where I am struggling to lift my one year old. Would this be due to the swelling? I am getting anxiety even though I’ve been told not to panic! Thank you in advance.

AJB77 30/05/2018 WA

  • Answer
    If the implant has ruptured and is causing you pain you should arrange to have your implants removed. There is no need to panic but for your overall wellbeing there is no reason to delay.

Symmastia repair

Initial BA was just over 2 yrs ago. Eurosilicone 310cc BWD 12. Right breast was always tight after surgery and after 12 mths developed mild capsular contraction. PS operated 18 months later. PS moved implants together lightly, sutured sides of breast to prevent side fall, cut muscles a little more. Not long after 2nd surgery, I developed Symmastia. Skin totally lifting of sternum, implants very mobile. PS operated a 3rd time, to repair Symmastia, this time removed implants and opted for Nagor 270cc BWD 11.2. I am now 4 mths post op and repair has not worked. So upset.

Butterflybak 30/05/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    I’m very sorry to read about your challenges with breast augmentation and revision surgery. You need to arrange a comprehensive consultation for a full examination and discussion of your past surgical history and options for repair. Options may include internal pocket repair, change of implant placement and different style of implants. Only trust a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with extensive breast revision surgery.

How do I fix this?

I am very upset with my asymmetrical lopsided breasts. I am 2 years post op and my right breast (lower one) aches all the time. What can I do to fix them and make them more even? Thanks

Cuddlybear 27/05/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    You seem to have a quite acceptable result following your breast augmentation. Remember, your breasts are sisters not twins and some degree of asymmetry is always the case. Also consider that the enemy of good is trying to make better as every additional surgery carries its own risks.

Breast has gone weird shape!?!?! Why???

I had a revision 9 months ago and the results were fantastic.... until yesterday night, I took my bra off and saw this horrible looking boob (see picture). It’s been abit achey the last few days and has been looking a little off but I didn’t think it was anything until last night. I thought maybe my bra was too tight so slept it off and wore no bra all day and it is still totally distorted so it’s something going on inside. Does anyone know what this could be. I’ll call my plastic surgeon on Monday.

Kaaycee 19/05/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your photos and questions. Discomfort and a change in appearance warrants a visit to your plastic surgeon to determine the cause of your concern. Its possible you are experiencing capsular contracture which is causing some discomfort and distortion of the breast. Arrange a review with your plastic surgeon.

Breast augmentation + nipple surgery

Is it possible to have a breast augmentation and have my nipples decreased in size? I have slightly saggy breasts (have not been pregnant or had children) and nipples that I think are too large. If I was to get a breast augmentation, would I also be able to have my nipples decreased in size at the same time?

Anonymous 09/05/2018 VIC

  • Answer
    Its very common to combine both breast augmentation together with nipple revision surgery to decrease the size of the nipples. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Breast Augmentation at 18?

My younger cousin has always been insecure about her breast size. To be specific, she has been insecure about it since she was 13 & she is now 17, turning 18 soon. She often comes to me and asks me questions about breast augmentation. I myself have never had it done. (I'm 22) She ALWAYS asks me if she can get them done shortly after she turns 18. I have never been able to answer this because I simply don't know. I care for her a lot and want her to be happy. Is this something that can be done?

Anonymous 06/05/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Breast augmentation can be a life transforming procedure for patients who are feeling insecure about their breast size and are seeking to enhance their breast size and shape. You can undergo breast augmentation once your breasts are fully developed and have stopped growing for more than a year and you are emotionally ready for the procedure. Your cousin should arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon for a comprehensive consultation and discussion about breast augmentation and whether the procedure is right for her. Encourage her to bring a parent or friend or yourself to the consultation to help her feel at ease. She can then make an informed decision about whether breast augmentation is right for her.

Is it safe to have lip fillers if you have a lip piercing?

I had lip fillers before i got my Verticle lip piercing. I’ve just booked in for more in July! I’m just wondering if having my lip piercing would effect the lip fillers in anyway? Also, would it be ok to take the piercing out before the fillers then put it back in afterwards? Or will i just need to take it out completely? Thank you.

shannonloux 01/05/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Your lip piercing shouldn’t pose any concern.

Would I be suitable for Breast reduction?

165cm, 60kg, 44 years. I am really fed up of having to buy clothes that are too big in order to fit my breasts. Would I be suitable for reduction surgery and would I be eligible for any Medicare support?

Anonymous 22/04/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photograph. Based on your photograph you appear to be an excellent candidate for a breast reduction. This will lift your breasts into a more natural elevated position and reshape them helping you achieve a breast shape more in proportion with the rest of your body. Its likely you would be eligible for medicare and health fund rebates if you have private health insurance. You will need to bring a referral from your GP to your consultation. The best method to do this is using a lollipop short vertical scar technique, which gives the most natural shape with minimal scars. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and be sure to look at lots of before and after photographs at your consultation.

Swollen Face Dermal Filler - Help pls !!

Just looking for some advice even though I'm into my 4th day of a 4 wk course of ciprofloxacin. I had dermal fillers injected over three months ago, both sides of mouth and cheeks. My face began to swell 2 wks ago and the swelling moves around daily. At present its my eye, cheeks and lower part of my face and neck. I have been told that I have a bug and this should dispate when antibiotics finish but I can't wait as I look horrendous !

Joa 15/04/2018 VIC

  • Answer
    If your dermal filler was three months ago it has largely been broken down by your body by now and is unlikely to be the cause of your problems. If you have had a low grade infection or reaction to your filler, ongoing swelling until the product has completely dissolved is possible. Be careful to complete your full course of antibiotics and if it doesn’t resolve return to your GP for further referral.

Can my hump be fixed with rhinoplasty?

Hey I’m wanting to know who is the best surgeon in Queensland to go to about a rhinoplasty after my nose got broken about 3 years ago. There is a hump that is pushing out on the front view and I hate the way it looks from the side so overall just want it straight and small. Thanks

Anonymous 06/04/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    Rhinoplasty is designed to change the appearance and improve the function of your nose. There are several components to your nasal shape that you may wish altered in some way. These include the profile from the side view, the length or width, or the shape of the tip and the nostril openings. The most common concerns include a “bump” of the nose particularly following a broken nose. The good news is that rhinoplasty can address your concerns and help you refine the shape of your nose and eliminate the hump. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The ASAPS website can provide you with a list of surgeons in your area.

Textured implants sudden softening after 6 Months

I am 6 Months post op with round textured 385cc under muscle. I was very flat chested before hand. My implants have always sat quite perky as if I was wearing a bra and were pretty firm. A couple weeks ago I was adjusting into a bra and must have been too rough as my breasts were aching as if I was 1 week post op. All of a sudden once the pain went away my breasts became softer with a bit more movement. Even my partner noticed. Is this normal? What could have happened?

Mikit 02/04/2018 VIC

  • Answer
    Its difficult to comment without a formal examination but its common for your breasts to soften and settle after surgery. It can take many months for the muscles to stretch and relax to accommodate your implants. If you are concerned then you should return to your surgeon for a review.

scar revision for piercing on top lip

hello! i am looking to get the incision procedure for a blunt trauma scar on my top lip. im finding it hard to find a good surgeon.

Anonymous 20/03/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. This is the type of procedure I typically perform in my office based operating suite under a local anaesthetic. Ask your GP for a referral.

Breast Agumentation/lift

Hi, I have very droopy, sad boobs and a huge gap between them - can this be fixed with breast implants only? I like the look of natural sitting, fuller breasts but unsure if this could be acheived. Thankyou

Shan229 20/03/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photographs. Based on your photographs, you appear to be a suitable candidate for a breast augmentation to help you achieve a naturally full breast shape. It is important to note though that you will not achieve a very tight cleavage. Implants need to be positioned directly behind your nipple. If they were placed close together to create a cleavage your nipples would sit to the side. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and options.

I suffer from neuropathic pain, can I still get breast implants?

I suffer from neuropathic pain in my left arm and left breast. It travels all the way from my left breast into my armpit and down my arm, and occasionally my hand. This is often accompanied with heart palpations. I have done tests and I have been told that the pain & palpations is not from an injury, but is due to my stress/anxiety/depression. I am not on any medication, but occasionally take magnesium. I am bit worried to do breast augmentation because I don't want to cause any additional pain or problems.

Jasmin 07/03/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Difficult to give you advice without a comprehensive in person assessment and review of your medical history in conjunction with your treating specialists. 

Confused on what size to go witj breast augmentation-been told 2 different things

Hi I’m about 167cm high and 54kg. I’m about a 10a at the moment and am Wanting a full round look. One dr told me no bigger then 375cc as I am quite small framed. Another doctor was happy to put 400cc in me, they didn’t look that different are all cc’s the same? Just worried the 400cc will be too big. Does anyone else have same height and weight roughly as me? Why did you get

Anonymous 28/02/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Its difficult to give advice about the right implant for you without a comprehensive in person consultation including measurements. Implants look vey different from person to person as factors such as the amount of exisiting breast tissue you have affects the shape and appearance. That said there is only 25 CC difference between these two implants so its unlikely to have a dramatic difference. 

Recommendations doubts

I want to go toThailand to do a mummy makeover,I sent all info in regards to asses and have been told I also need a breast lift and extended tummy tuck.I have done some research and looked at before and after pics of others and some that have had fairly droopy boobs only had an augmentation. My husband or I don't think I have droopy boobs.Also the extended tummy tuck is for loose skin and I only have the issue in my tummy area not my hips.Do I do what's is being reccomended? R they money grabbing.

Anonymous 22/02/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    The risks of surgical tourism are very high. Its unlikely the qualifications and training of your doctor in Thailand meet the minimum Australian standards. There is no way of checking the integrity and quality of your implants. If you experience post operative qualifications it is difficult and expensive to return to your chosen surgeon in Thailand for post operative care. I see many people in my practice for revision surgeon after experiencing complications overseas. You are an excellent candidate for a tummy and breast lift with implants. Its likely you would be disappointed with the results of breast augmentation on their own as your breasts sit a little low on your chest wall and implants need to be centred directly behind your nipples. The result will be large breasts that sit quite low. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and options.

Do I have tuberous breast deformity?

I am a 19 year old female and my breasts are super odd and I am considering surgery I’m not sure what this is but it looks ridiculous. I don’t know if I’m a late bloomer or if my hormones are off. The only thing I seem to be low in is sex binding hormone globulin. What could this be? Is there anything else I could do besides surgery?

Anonymous 18/02/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photograph. You don’t have tuberous beasts and you would be an excellent candidate for breast augmentation if you choose to increase your breast size and shape. Unfortunately there are no non surgical options to enhance breast size.

Who Pays?

Hi I have 410's under the muscle put in in 2011 recently I have had pain in the left breast so went for an ultrasound the ultrasound found a 13 x 4 mm collection of fluid within the implant wall and capsule. I would like them removed because of the risk of Breast Cancer. Who pays for them to come out ? There is clearly a problem as the implants are semi solid there should be no fluid like in saline implants also it says the fluid is also in the capsule which means it is outside of the implant.

Anonymous 30/01/2018 WA

  • Answer
    Your surgeon would have explained the associated risks and complications of breast augmentation along with the many benefits during your consultation. It sounds as though you are experiencing some capsular contracture and a fluid collection - this is not a surgical fault. These types of complications occur in around 10% of patients over 10 years. If you wish to have your implants removed there will be associated costs for the surgeon, hospital and anaesthetist that you will need to pay.

What can I expect from implant removal in conjunction with a lift? wish breasts and mine while breastfeeding baby2 2016.

Had implants placed above the muscle at age 18, 10B before surgery and 12DD after. They have been in for almost 6years and I have struggled with severe rippling and radiating pains approximately 3years. Was in a DV relationship for 7 years and pressured into the augmentation. I'm embarrassed of their appearance since children and struggle to be intimate with my new partner, the emotional pain associated needs to go. Will I ever have "beautiful" breasts after explant and lift? Want them done perfectly. Do areolas always need to be reduced? Are larger areolas on smaller breasts silly looking?

HollyRose 25/01/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your pictures and questions. Your best option is to arrange a comprehensive consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns, goals and options for surgery. Its possible to achieve a very good result with the removal of your implants but its likely you will require a lift to achieve a lovely natural result. Your areola can be reduced at the same time if you wish to reduce the size and bring them into proportion with your new breast shape. Its important to have realistic expectations - no surgical procedure is “perfect” but you will achieve an excellent result with an experience plastic surgeon.

Breast reduction

I spoke to my go about getting a reduction in my breast what is the recommended size to go my breast are a size g cup in a bra and this is going to be my first surgery and do Medicare pay for it all cause she recommends me getting my breasts reducted how long is the waiting list in the public health system and what safety measures should I take after my surgery

Anonymous 21/01/2018 NSW

  • Answer
    Patients in my practice undergoing breast reduction surgery are among the happiest. Benefits include relief from neck, shoulder and back pain. Public hospital waiting lists are typically very long. Medicare does not cover the full cost of this procedure when its performed in the private sector. Each surgeon has their own post operative guidelines which you should follow carefully after surgery. 

Is there a difference between destination beauty and cosmitour

Looking into getting some work done. Mostly looking a Boob job and rynaplasty for my nose. Was wondering if there's any difference between these 2 company. So far from research it looks like destination beauty is cheaper but not sure if they hav Australian support people like cosmitour does. Can anyone help? Thanks

Courious 09/01/2018 Australia

  • Answer
    Shopping around based on price typically leads to unsafe and disappointing results. Destination surgery carries significant risks. You have no way of knowing whether the doctor operating on you is a real qualified surgeon equal to the standards of Australian Plastic surgeons.You have no way of checking the quality and integrity of your implants and inferior products may be used. More importantly if you experience complications after surgery it will be extremely difficult and expensive to return to your surgeon in other country for ongoing care. The risks far outweigh saving a few dollars.

Abdominal Scar revision or apronectomy & BA or BA+ lift

I am 40 years old considering a mummy makeover. Ideally I would like to achieve fuller more symmetrical, perkier breasts. My question is if I had a lift alone would my breasts then look fuller albeit smaller or Is BA the only way of achieving fullness. If I were to have a BA to achieve fullness would I also require a simultaneous lift. I am not fixated on having larger breasts necessarily. In relation to my abdomen, ideally I would like to achieve symmetry. The right side is higher due to puckering and tethering of old an appendix scar.

Anon 03/01/2018 QLD

  • Answer
    Thanks for posting your questions and photographs.  You are an ideal candidate for a mummy makeover combining breast and tummy surgery.  In order to achieve fuller, perkier breasts you would need a breast lift with augmentation.  This would lift your breasts back up your chest wall into a more youthful position and the implants would add fullness.  A very natural look can be achieved with this procedure.  A tummy tuck with liposuction would help you address your muscles separation and excess skin and fat.  You appendix scar could be revised at the same time. A tummy tuck would help you achieve a flatter tummy contour.  Its essential to choose a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in mummy makeover surgery.  A comprehensive consultation to discuss your goals and options is your first step.
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