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What do I need to do to start the process of getting rhinoplasty surgery?

I am wanting to get a nose job and I would like some direction on how to go about it. I would also like information on how to find a suitable surgeon.

Anonymous 06/07/2020 VIC

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    Goo morning, you can get started obtaining more information about rhinoplasty.Dr Rodrigo Teixeira has a webpage dedicated rhinoplasty: You can also download FAQs pdf or book a virtual appointment. 

Nostrils create bulbous looking tip; rhinoplasty necessary?

I look like I have a bulbous tip and my nose spreads a LOT when I smile. However the tip isnt solid its like a 'bubble' my nostrils make and can be pushed in easily. However my bridge is quite slim (my nose looks like a triangle!) Would I require rhinoplasty to correct this or would alarplasty or a 'tip' plasty correct it? Or even just suturing somehow?? Thank you for your time!

Bri92 01/10/2016 VIC

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    Good morning Bri92,Dr Rodrigo Teixeira, Plastic Surgeon.Tip rhinoplasty, can reshape the tip of the nose by lifting a droopy tip or making it more refined. It sounds like you are after a more refined tip. Also, the width of the nostrils can be narrowed, but not without scars.The changes with smile are dynamic and as a result of your facial muscles action. 
    Check my webpage about rhinoplasty:


What is the average pricing for a rhinoplasty ?

Ashleighcat 30/06/2016 VIC

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    Good morning Ashleigh,Dr Rodrigo Teixeira - Plastic Surgeon
    Rhinoplasty surgery total cost varies significantly depending on your circumstances.Just to give you an idea, cosmetic rhinoplasty ranges from about 12k to 16k.Medicare eligibility and private health insurance cover (non-cosmetic) may reduce costs substantially.A more accurate quote will be given after your consultation with me.You can also check my rhinoplasty webpage and download other FAQs about rhinoplasty:


I am nearly 50 and want to look at having a face lift done. I have no idea what I need done and what a ball part figure is that I would expect to pay. Also recuperating times I am sick of my sagging skin and just want to get it done

Tracey u 12/01/2016 VIC

  • Answer
    Good morning Tracey,
    I saw that your question has been answered well. If you prefer to have it done in Melbourne, I would love to look after you.Please see my facelift webpage for more information:
    In terms of cost, it varies significantly, depending on how much we decide to do, length of surgery and hospital admission. In general, it ranges from 18 - 22k for a SMAS lift and fat grafting.Kind regards,
    Dr Rodrigo Teixeira - Plastic Surgeon 

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