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Nose Reconstruction

The necrotic tip of my nose was bitten of in 2010 by a drug addict. I was advice by my surgeon in my country told me that I will need a reconstructive surgery overseas. Can you help me out?

Jerry John 07/04/2016

  • Answer
    Dear Jerry, thank you for your question. Nasal reconstruction is a difficult series of surgeries which involve bringing in new lining for the under surface of your nose, creating a structure for all of the soft tissue to project from and also bringing in fresh skin to line the outside of  your nose. Depending on how scarred you nose is, the lining for the inside of your nose can be found either locally, or occasionally it needs to be brought in from a distance part of your body using microsurgical techniques to connect the blood vessels of the new tissue (free flap surgery). The structure would need to come from your rib and the outside lining would come from your forehead and twisted down (Forehead flap). This stays connected for a number of weeks before division. All up you will be looking at anywhere from 5 to 9 operations to get you a good looking nose. Most of the surgery can be performed as a day case, apart form the initial couple of surgeries.
    This is obviously a major undertaking given where you live, but the surgery is very rewarding if you are prepared to go the distance with the number of operation you would need.
    I hope that information is useful.Thanks againDr Sam Cunneen

Breast Implants

Hi just wonder on Breast Implants, I'm 23 and a mother of one, I'm also diabetic type one i have been for 19 years, was just wondering if i can get them as its something I'm really wanting done, thanks

KristyB 05/04/2016 WA

  • Answer
    Dear KristyB,Thank you for your question.Diabetes does not in any way preclude you from breast augmentation surgery as long as you have good control over your blood sugar levels. I would certainly suggest that you have the operation in an accredited hospital and have an anaesthetist involved who can care for your blood sugars while you are having the procedure and immediately post operatively.
    Depending on how old your child is and whether you are still breast feeding will determine when it is suitable to have the surgery.
    I hope that helpsAll the bestDr Sam Cunneen

breast revision to close wide gap & lateral displacement

currently 4m post 520cc HP. my left is falling into my armpits and is quite painful. having to wear a high supportive bra even at nightime It's also very droopy, mri shows significant fold in the implant & also funny shape.. possibly flipped? bottomed out? lateral displacement? I would like to close my cleavage gap up and go up to 700cc to create a nice round natural looking cleavage as shown in photos below. & tighten the pockets under my arms/sides. am I suitable candidate or will go bigger create more problems. I'm more concerned about the implants going further outwards as they drop and fluff & also symmastia.

missboobies 17/03/2016 WA

  • Answer
    Hi and thank you for your question. From the photos you have sent I think the implants may be sitting a little low but they don't look terribly laterally displaced. I think instead your original surgeon has chosen quite wide implants and that width has created the impression of lateral displacement.The other lady's picture has a pre operative breast cleavage which is closer than yours would have been, which i think is why her breasts look closer together post operatively.By going larger you may actually accentuate the appearance of the gap between your breasts. You are correct to worry about synmastia. Your cleavage is set at birth and trying to surgically reduce it is a mistake.The pain you are describing may be due to early capsular contacture or may be a result of the large volume pulling on your soft tissues. It is worth checking in with your original surgeon to see whether there is anything worrying occurring.I hope that helpsDr Sam CunneenPlastic and reconstructive surgeon

Surgery on soft thick tissue?

I had a Rhinoplasty done about 10 years ago. The change was very minimal and I was not happy with the outcome. Now I feel my nose is not symmetrical,and there is a visible scar on the left hand side. I saw a plastic surgeon in Brisbane and he would not operate on my nose as it has lots of soft thick tissue and he said that it would be too difficult to operate. I really want my nose skinnier and with smaller nostrils. I do not like the roundness. I would like a normal nose that does not stand out.I would like to know if there is a surgeon who will operate on my nose at all?

Anne70 26/02/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Dear Anne, thank you for your question. Revision rhinoplasty is a tough game. 
    I personally don't think that thick skin is a deterrent as long as you understand that with thicker skin the changes the surgeon makes are more difficult to see. This can be a good thing as it smooths over any little bumps left but it can blunt the results.
    It is a bit difficult to assess your nose from the photos but it appears that there is significant cartilage loss in the upper part of you nose which may need replacing.
    I don't know that you want to travel to Perth to see me, but I am sure there will be a good plastic surgeon in Brisbane willing to help you out on a difficult problem.
    Let me know if I can help you more,All the best Dr Sam CunneenPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Am i able to get a straight breast aug?

I'm 22 years old, 163cm. a few years ago i weighed 60kg then lost 10kg which caused my breast to lose tissue. Although the year after I gained and went back up to 60kg. Recently i have lost weight again and weigh 54kg including muscle mass as I go to the gym. My breasts are rounded on the bottom but have no volume what so ever on the top it sort of looks like a ski slope and I'm not sure if the deflation is due to weight gain/loss. I was wondering if I could get a straight breast aug with round high profile to give me fullness on the top. my nipples seem to be in an okay position although the areola seems to be quite large, will this mean i need a lift? because i was hoping to just get the breast aug. Im not sure if i am tubular. Thank you for your help

Bella93 25/02/2016 VIC

  • Answer
    Dear Bella, thank you for your question. I have to say I think the question of whether you can avoid a mastopexy really depends on the look and volume you are going for. If you only want minimal volume and a very natural look then you will end up needing a lift. If you are happy to go larger and have a slightly more fake look I think you can definitely avoid mastopexy and have an amazing result. 
    This may be slightly controversial based on the previous 2 answers, but I have recently augmented a lady very similar to you with terrific results. It isn't easy, but it is possible.
    Let me know if you have any other questions,thanks againDr Sam CunneenPlastic and reconstructive surgeon

Contracted Short Nose

I'm looking for a reconstructive rhinoplasty specialist for a contracted short nose. I have had several surgeries to try and correct this and whilst the last surgeon did a great job for his experience I am seeking an expert. I am happy to travel, have realistic expectations (I just want the best me that I can have - not a superstar), and it is not about money - purely results. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

GuestPerth 11/02/2016 Australia

  • Answer
    Dear Guest Perth,
    as you are aware you have a difficult problem to address. With out actually palpating your nose I suspect the inner lining of your nose will be very contracted and tight and the external skin will also be in very short supply.. It also looks like you have had some of the alar base resected resulting in quite small nostrils. 
    There are definitely some things which I feel are correctable, but with out actually examining you it is difficult to give you a particularly good answer.
    I'm not sure that helps, except to say if you want me to have a look I am happy to.
    All the bestDr Sam CunneenPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon 

Are my breasts too far gone and what procedures do I need to achieve my desired outcome?

I'm 38 and have breast fed all 3 of my children the youngest being 10. I haven't had previous surgeries. I live near the Gold Coast and am willing to travel for the right surgeon.. In taking these photos I've noticed the size difference in my breasts has increased being that my left is looking smaller than the right. Perhaps it's due to gaining weight and now getting the weight off. Trying hard anyway, lol. My dream result is to have size D-DD, side boob and a round (not stuck on) natural, full U shape if that makes sense? I definitely don't expect perfect just improved... And a lot bigger, lol. Is this possible with what I have? I would love to hear your suggestions.

Kimi G 02/02/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Hi Kimi, thank you for your question. 
    From the photos I think given you want to go very large you could definitely get away with an augment only and avoid the extra scars of a mastopexy. I would suggest using an implant which sits on top of the muscle to really project all that extra skin. I think a tear drop/anatomically shaped implant would be the best option given you want a natural look with the side boob. The tear drop shaped implant also has most of its volume at the bottom where you need the most projection and it has a firmer feel which I think would also help.
    Depending on the actual size difference between your breasts you may need a slightly different sized implant on each side. Using a 3D imaging machine we would be able to pretty accurately determine this for you.
    I am always happy to catch up via telephone if you think a trip over to see me is worth it. Otherwise I wish you all the best and I'm sure you will be really happy with your new look.
    Please let me know if there is anything you need clarifying. Sincerely Dr Sam CunneenPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

I am after the number one mummy makeover surgeon in Queensland?

I have had medical issues in the last few years which is now sorted. I had an avn brain bleed plus paralysed vocal cords which is now sorted. Am I able to have surgery with my medical history?

tessa72 02/02/2016 QLD

  • Answer
    Dear Tessa, thank you for your question. 
    You do sound like you have been through a pretty rough patch with your past medical history. 
    In my opinion I think if these problems are truly sorted there is no reason you couldn't embark on further surgery. It would almost certainly need to be performed in a hospital with a high acuity unit just incase there was any intraoperative concerns. 
    It is also really important to ensure your surgeon is using a top anaesthetist who will be the doctor caring for your airway while under anaesthetic.
    I hope that is useful, all the best with choosing a surgeon,Dr Sam CunneenPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and eyes.

Hi, I am wondering if a BA, BL, eyelids and tummy tuck would be to much for all to happen at one go? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Meeks 01/02/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Dear Meeks,thank you for your question.
    I think it's a valid concern that the amount of surgery you are looking to undertake is significant. Whether it is too much really depends on your health otherwise and how much work needs to be performed on your breasts and abdomen. If they are relatively 'routine' lifts and tucks and you are in perfect health, then I am generally happy to perform all of that surgery in one sitting. This is a personal choice though and it really comes down to a discussion between your chosen surgeon and you.
    Be aware that the more surgery you have at one stage the longer your recovery and the more risks you face from a prolonged anaesthetic. Your surgeon will be able to discuss this with you in detail though. 
    I hope that is helpful. All the best on your makeover, I'm sure you will be a new woman after all that!
    SincerelyDr Sam CunneenPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
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