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Anonymous 13/06/2018

Breast Augmentation

I researched many surgeons for many many many many...years. I spent a lot of time to trying to find horrible stories and unhappy patients to try to convince myself not to have the surgery however I could not. I Finally Have made a decision to find a right surgeon to me. I have been to a few consultants with the Doctors that have many good reviews, feedbacks and recommendations. They are as great as their comments. Finally, I was very happy with my decision to go with Dr. Sam. From booking my first appointment, Doctor Sam and his team have been fabulous. I was and still am really impressed with his patience, empathetic, kindness and sense of humour. ONLY Because I GAVE him A LIST OF NEARLY 100 QUESTIONS to ask hahahahaha... He answered and explained in detail all the questions and worries I had in my list. I am also impressed with his knowledge, genuine and caring attitude. He was very real about risk, benefits, advantages and disadvantages. I was supplied with a lot of detailed information that it is super easy to understand and refer back to as I progressed throughout my healing. There can always be complications with any surgery. But I think if You have an excellent surgeon then the risk of any complications arising are very very very low. If your surgeon is experienced, cares for their patients and takes pride in their work you will be fine if things happen to go wrong. I am over the moon with Dr Sam. I am so lucky to find him. My post-op care was awesome. Words cannot explain how happy I am with the outcome. Thank you very much Dr Sam, for your excellent surgery. You, your staff and nurses made me have a speedy recovery. I appreciate everything immensely. I Would highly recommend Dr. Sam to anyone.


Breast Augmentation

Dr Sam Cunneen the man with the master plan! I knew in an instant of meeting Dr Sam Cunneen that I wanted him to perform my Breast Augmentation. He was extremely professional, charismatic and understanding. He really understood what I wanted, even though I couldn’t really put it into words and found the decision making process very challenging. He knew exactly what I meant and helped me to craft the perfect image. His practice is stunning, and there is clearly a lot of effort and care that has gone into its design. I also feel in love with Jo his receptionist. She was so helpful, genuine and kind. She really helped me through the recovery process and promptly answered all my emails and phone calls. Dr Sam Cunneens surgical team were superstars. They were very reassuring, informative and supprtative. I felt extremely confident that I was in safe and capable hands. Special thanks to nurse Anne, Vanessa and Robyn. I highly recommend using Dr Sam Cunneen as I am so happy that I used his practice and I am in love with my new boobs they are perfect! Thank you!


Breast Augmentation

After doing a lot of searching and having had a consult with another surgeon 2 years prior; I knew from my first appointment with Dr Cunneen that he was the right surgeon for my breast augmentation. He explained everything clearly, and made me feel comfortable throughout every stage of my care. His 3D imaging machine is great as it gives you a chance to see the size, shape and height of the implant on a virtual image of yourself prior to making your final decision on an implant. Sam also had lots of helpful advice which I appreciated, as it helped me decide on what implant was best for me. I had my surgery 5 months ago and haven't looked back! I have so much more confidence now. I have highly recommended Dr Cunneen to friends and family! Pre surgery Care was fantastic, Post surgery Care was fantastic and most importantly the Results are AMAZING! I couldn't be happier :D Thanks Sam, and Thank you to your lovely reception and nurse staff who were always happy to answer any of my many questions throughout the whole process.

Wanting boobs 08/11/2017

Breast Augmentation

I have just had my breast augmentation with the amazing Dr Sam Cunneen. From my first consult to the recovery Sam and his team have been amazing, his pa Jo is wonderful i had to call and reschedule a couple of appointments and it was no trouble at all for her she was very accommodating. I never felt rushed during my consults and Sam explained everything in great detail i didnt have to ask all of my questions as he had explained everything so well , i like that he has a Vectra 3D imiging machine as this will give you an idea of what your new boobs will look like. Picking my size was the hardest part for me and it was no trouble for Sam he said i could come back as many times as i need until i felt comfortable with the size, i was not overly nervous the day of surgery either as i knew without a doubt that i was in the best hands, im now 8 days post op and love my new boobs already. I cannot reccomended Sam and his team enough, if you live in WA and are looking into BA then Sam is your man.

MLB27 17/05/2017

Breast Augmentation

I emailed in relation to details about breast surgery with Sam Cunneen and from that moment I knew I had to go there. Joe was so fast and thorough with her responses. I went in for my consult and straight away I was comfortable and knew I was in safe hands. I was so indecisive and Sam was so helpful in picking shapes and sizes. Fast forward to 4 months post op and I am over the moon, my boobs are amazing and i couldn't fault one thing through this whole journey. Sam and the team are incredible!

Wa345cc 03/04/2017

Breast Augmentation

I am very happy with the service and result that I received from Sam. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and advised me on the best implants to get the look and size that I wanted. Sam and his team made the whole process very easy. I was able to go into the surgery relaxed and confident with the decisions I had made. I felt well informed about the surgery, implants and aftercare. I have gone from an A cup to a D cup and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Sam Cunneen if you are considering Breast Augmentation

Rachybabe 03/04/2017

Breast Augmentation

Dr Sam is the "natural look" master i swear! I am 8 weeks PO and could not be happier with my results. Sam is an excellent surgeon who genuinely cares about each of his individual clients, taking absolute pride in his work with an excellent bed side manner and great sense of humor. I  highly reccommend Sam and his team and can't thank them enough for everything they have done for me.

SamCunneenGirl 08/03/2017

Breast Augmentation

Sam Cunneen and his team are amazing! All friendly, professional and helpful. Soon as I had a my first consultation I felt comfortable and in safe and highly skilled hands. I'm 4 weeks post op and so very very happy with my experience and result. I highly recommended him to work his magic :)

EJM 31/08/2016

Breast Augmentation

Dr Cunneen is a fantastic surgeon and I highly recommend him. From my first meeting with him I knew I wanted him to perform my breast augmentation. He is very friendly and easy to talk to and he took the time to  ensure all my questions were answered. His post op care was great too, I knew I could call and ask questions or go in any time for a check up. My new breasts are amazing! Dr Cunneen was very knowledgeable when it came to choosing the size, profile and shape, and the 3D imaging gave me a visual idea of what the final result would be. I'm not planning any future surgery, but if I ever do I will be going to Sam Cunneen!

Simmie 01/01/1970

Breast Augmentation

I cannot put into words how amazing Dr Sam Cunneen is. Couldn't ask for a more kind skilled surgeon. Thank you sam and your team !!!!

Christian 08/11/2016


Dr Cunnen was very friendly and approachable. He corrected my nose after a break and I was very satisfied with the results. I fully recommend him!

Steve Bethell 27/07/2016


When my wife told me her skin cancer specialist GP proposed to remove a finger width portion of lip I said you just CAN'T proceed without a 2nd opinion from a plastic surgeon. Thank goodness the Gods led us quickly to Sam. Sam removed a deep cancer from my wife's face and you can barely notice. Well done Sam, thank you! Then, more recently, Sam undertook a small procedure for my sister-in-law who was over from UK on vacation. A nasty looking lump on her leg was bothering her and it's a very long wait to get this fixed in UK. Sam's administration team worked wonders with Sam's schedule to fit her in the day before she flew back to UK to attend to a family emergency. Sam's back office admin team are really special!!! Well done to the entire practice.

Stiffy 20/07/2016

Breast Augmentation

Dr Sam Cunneen is a God!! I can not recommend him enough. He went above and beyond my expectations and made me feel so comfortable and confident from the first consultation. He was thorough, detailed, professional and I never once felt rushed or pressured. I had an idea of what my BA would turn out like, but I never ever imagined they would be as perfect as they are. Dr Sam repaired my confidence and has given me my spark back in the most beautiful way. Thank you xx I would also like to acknowledge Jo from the office. She is the best first point of contact I have ever come across. You are very fortunate to have her. She is a superstar!

kate87 03/05/2016

Breast Augmentation

After recently having undergone breast augmentation , I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Sam Cunneen . From the initial consultation Dr. Cunneen was very informative and made me feel extremely comfortable. I wanted small natural looking implants, he listened to what I wanted and did not try to convince me to go bigger like pervious plastic surgeons I had seen before him. His 3D imaging is a great communication tool to see what size you would like to go. I could not be happier with my results , I got the natural look what I was hoping for. I would recommend his services without hesitation.

pens 01/03/2016

After a pretty horrific fall off my bike down a storm drain I sustained four nasty fractures to my mandible. Luckily for me Dr Cunneen had specialised in Crania-Maxilla-Facial reconstructive surgery and was called back from his holidays to perform the specialised surgery on me. Almost three months down the track I have more jaw movement than was anticipated and this continues to improve. I have Sam to that for what I think will be an almost normal quality of life by the time my recovery is complete. I'm so thankful to him and his team for all they have down and the daily impact it will have on my life. Thank-you!

MelissaM 08/03/2016

Breast Reconstruction

I met with Sam to discuss the removal of a fatty lump that had been bothering me under my right arm for nearly 10 years. Not so noticeable for some but to me it was unsightly & stopped me from wearing lovely dresses & certain tops. Within 2 weeks I was extremely lucky to have my procedure booked in. My hospital stay was lovely, the staff were friendly & my recovery has been really great. Only 1 month on and the scar to remove my lesion to the axillary tail in my right breast has healed lovely. I feel great and I can't wait for next summer to put on a strapless dress!!! Thanks so much Sam you are an amazing Surgeon who is great with people and have made a difference to my life. My only regret is that I hadn't met you sooner. Cheers, Melissa

Julie-Ann Clark 21/03/2016

Maxillofacial Surgery : Bimaxillary Advancement Surgery From the first visit with Dr Sam Cunneen I felt confident that my experience was going to be positive. He was the first Surgeon/ Specialist I have ever encountered (I am 55 years old and had numerous encounters with Surgeons and Specialists over the years) who made me feel I was not alone with my problem, and that there were real options available. Sam's knowledge, insight and understanding was so acute that I immediately also introduced my daughter to him (this is testament to the confidence that I have with Sam) as she had similar surgery years earlier that had failed and left her in a worse condition than previous. Apart from Sam's ability, I can say without any hesitate that he has most genuine bedside manner I have ever experienced, and this is what puts Sam well ahead of others in his field. I have to also mention that Sam's staff and team are of equally high calibre, but that they also share Sam’s level of patient care. It is early days since my surgery but so far I am confident that my Sleep Apnea has been completely corrected, and as an added bonus my profile is improved immensely. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Sam and his team.

mo51 29/01/2016


Don't need 500 words to describe my procedure performed by Dr. Cunneen, only one word needed, PERFECTION !. so happy with the out come. Highly recommended....look forward to going back for further surgury.

Jazlight 22/09/2015

Breast Implant Revision

My association with Dr Samuel Cunneen has been a most rewarding and pleasant experience . I found his manner very pleasant and more than helpful especially in the way he concisely explained the procedure and the hoped for outcome. In retrospect I have found that the outcome was exactly as he predicted. I am very happy and satisfied with the results. I would have not hesitation at all in recommending his services to anyone in the future.

AliceH 01/09/2015


Couldnt be happier with the results!

Jessica77 01/02/2014

Breast Augmentation

On meeting Dr Sam Cuneen he was extremely professional and I was made to feel comfortable right from our first meeting. From our cosultations before the procedure I knew exactly what was going to be happening and the outcomes. All my questions were answered. Procedure went fantastic and recovery was quick. The after care is fantastic and almost 2 years later I still visit for Dr Cuneen to check my implants are still perfect. You are made to feel so welcome and can always pop in just for a check up or he will happily answer any questions over the phone. Cannot forget to mention Jo the lovely receptionist. If anyone is looking at breast augmentation, please make an appointment with Dr Cuneen. I am truly grateful you were and still are my surgeon. Thank you

sophiamomo 01/12/2015

Breast Augmentation

My experience with Dr Sam Cunneen was a very positive one. From the initial contact I was responded to very promptly by the gorgeous receptionist Jo, who then continued to be extremely helpful and friendly. I had some apprehension when it came to meeting Dr Cunneen, but that was instantly done away with the moment he greeted my husband and I. His professionalism is at the highest standard, and he still maintains to be really easy to talk to. We both felt comfortable with him straight away. The results of my Breastfeeding Augmentation speak for themselves. I wanted natural looking implants and he worked with me to achieve the look I was after. I got exactly what I hoped for -possibly better? I could not be happier. The genuine care that continue/ is continuing, since my surgery has cemented my need to write this review. Not only is Sam gorgeous but an absolute gentleman with fantastic bedside manner. Collectively with his receptionist Jo and and super lovely and helpful nurse Jan, this is a team I would recommend to anyone!!

GregIW 01/04/2015

I was first referred to the good Sam Cuneen a year or two back for early stage, non metastatic, melanomas on my forehead. At that stage he carried out a series of excisions removing all of the tissue required. I was impressed not just by his dexterity and professionalism but also by his friendly help and advice. I am sure I am not alone in having been confronted from time to time by less than approachable clinicians who are even less informative. Rest assured Sam Cuneen is a frank and approachable person who with his team will ensure you receive the best advice and professional treatment in a friendly environment. Earlier this year my GP ordered a path test on an unusual lump on the LHS of my face. It proved to be a 2ndry metastatic melanoma - the location of the primary was never found which I was to learn is not unusual. I was referred to the excellent Perth Melanoma Advisory Service. Not long afterward, having picked up this news on his network, Sam called me by phone asking me to come into his practice. He had a long chat and made sure I was booked in for both CT anf PET scans as well as booking me in for prompt surgery at a wonderful hospital. After a meeting with the advisory panel I received advice on immediate and follow up treatment recommended for my case. Not long afterward in the days before Easter I was admitted to hospital and underwent 5 hours of surgery to remove the tumour, the superficial parotid (= salivary gland) and had the lymph node immediately downstream in my neck excised. As I lay on the table in the operating theatre I was relaxed and confident that I was in the best of hands with Sam Cuneen as my surgeon. After the operation I was given a good clear briefing on the results of the operation by Sam. Like all surgery the day after it was particularly "spectacular" but I suffered no great pain and the little I experienced was well managed. I was discharged several days later, the site of the surgery healed cleanly without any infection and within weeks I realised many people didn't even notice it. The dexterity of this fine surgeon's scalpel and needle work is reflected in the success of the operation and the inconspicuouseness of the surgey site eight months later. Sam Cuneen has continued to keep in touch and maintain an interest in my treatment. In the way of such things, another secondary melanoma popped up some months later which was speedily dealt with. In the course of my "journey" with melanoma, it is not unlikely that tumours will crop up again in future and within the limits of what surgery can achieve I will be grateful if Sam Cuneen's expertise will continue to be available if required. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam Cuneen as a fine surgeon.

B1206 01/11/2015

Breast Augmentation

I had researched breast augmentation for some time. I booked in for a consultation with Dr Cunneen and instantly felt comfortable and confident with him. He took ample time with his consultation, went through every aspect of the procedure with fine detail. His communication pre and post procedure is outstanding. I am extremely happy with the results and feel Dr Cunneen has worked extremely hard and efficiently at providing me with the look I've always wanted. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting breast augmentation.

Carlym 01/10/2015

Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck

After losing 55kgs I didnt feel any better about myself as I had a lot of excess skin. I found Sam online and booked a consultation to finally look into getting it removed. From my first appointment with Sam he was excited because he truly felt like he could make me feel beautiful, and he has!! I also met Jo and Jan his receptionist and nurse and from day one they made my husband and I feel comfortable and have been more than happy to help with any questions we had or with anything we have needed! I knew he was the doctor that I wanted to fix my body. Within 4 weeks my surgery was booked and I was on my way to finally complete my weight loss journey, to get the body I feel like I have worked hard for! Thanks to Sam he has made this dream a reality and given me the body I have always dreamt of!! I had a breast augmentation and a radical abdominoplasty. I'm at nearly 3 weeks post op and I feeling amazing!! I got all the support and care I needed during my recovery not only from Sam but from Jo and Jan! The aftercare I have received has been incredible! Any questions I have had Sam was more than happy to answer even after hours and everyone has just been so helpful and supportive!!!!I could not be happier with my experience and highly recommend Dr Sam Cunneen!!

Jules O 01/09/2015


Dr Sam was amazing. After loosing over 40 kgs my arms were horrid and I was so self conscious of them. Dr Sam reassured me he can fix them and true to his word he did just that. my arms are amazing now. I also had a hernia repaired at the same time and WOW, the difference to my stomach is amazing. The after care was incredible. everybody is so caring, supportive and non judgemental. The entire experience was amazing and absolutely recommend Dr Sam Cunneen without a doubt. Don't even bother shopping around. Dr Sam is definitely the one.
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