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    My journey back in time

    I'm 59...still, in 2 days I'll be 60, and, this is my 60th birthday present to myself. I knew I was going to have a face lift one day, and last year I thought now is the time, so I started researching. I read many reviews and watched many Youtube videos. Thailand seemed like my best option in terms of reputation and expense. However, when contacting places like Destination Beauty and Cosmeditour, and after considering several doctors I always had the feeling that it might not be reliable or safe, although the reviews were always good. So, I decided to do it at home in Sydney. I did my research, picked a reputable surgeon and went for a consultation. Well, a face lift was just going to be way too expensive, around 30K all inclusive but only an estimate, which never means less. So, I settled on having just the lower eyelids done, day surgery under general anaesthetic and ended up paying 10K total after the hospital sent me another bill for $1000 extra because the doctor took longer than expected. Anyway, 6 months later my eye bags were looking much better except for more crows feet at the sides (see images), so then the neck and jowls were still hanging there. I started researching Thailand again, knowing it was the only option unless I wanted to go with a cheaper, less experienced, accredited Sydney Doctor, who would charge 20K total. I came across Dr Chartchai's name here and in the Realself forums, and whenever his name came up people said he was highly regarded in the field, and is well known for the great work he does, and because of this he does charge more. I narrowed my research down to focussing just on him and was happy with what I found out. I decided this is my surgeon. I sent an email to the hospital with my photos and I also contacted Bodyline Patient Care - a company connected with Dr Chartchai. The quote came back as 420,000 bahts, which is roughly $19000 Australian, and so it was affordable, and I had the confidence I wanted in a surgeon. Janese of Bodyline Patient Care contacted me, and she led me through the whole procedure from start to finish. There was no need for me to think. She still rings me now. She's an Aussie and that does help. Surgery took 7 hours I am told, they do a full health check before it (unlike in Sydney), all the staff at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital were so nice. I had to shower with antiseptic cleanser before the operation (unlike in Sydney).The anaesthetist gave me gas to sleep before doing anything (unlike in Sydney where the needle was put into a vein in my hand while I was awake). After surgery I woke feeling very very drowsy and thirsty and couldn't talk. Janese was there to put a straw to my mouth and reassure me that all was good. Then I dosed off, woke up and Janese was there to spoon feed me some soup. I dosed off again and when I woke at 3 AM Janese was still there, and she told me she would go home now and come back later. At breakfast she was there, and by now I could sit up and eat some scrambled eggs (yummy) and juice. I didn't feel like any of the other food on the tray since it's not easy to eat, and this goes on for about 3 or 4 days, just soft foods. After the usual check ups through the day I had my shower (keeping head dry) and then at 2 pm I was discharged. Janese took me to Starbucks for coffee and cake, and then we got a taxi to the hotel. The Windsor Hotel, executive suite, all booked through Bodyline was a real treat. I had a beautiful view from the 31st floor, access to the executive dining room on the 32nd floor which looks over Bangkok city, and this is where I had breakfast, evening drinks and snacks, all inclusive. I had a nurse, Marie, from Bodyline stay with me the first night to give me ice packs and make sure I was comfortable. Janese took me to breakfast the next morning. On the 4th day we went out shopping, and then the shopping and tourism part of the experience continued until I left Thailand 2 weeks after arriving. I had fun. Janese knows Thailand very well, having worked there for 15 years with Bodyline Patient Care. Dr Chartchai turned out to be all I expected, and I think it's due to him and his skills that I am not in any discomfort and I can hardly tell where the scars are. How did my family react when I told them I was getting a facelift in Bangkok? They were very supportive, and had no issues with medical tourism. My sister came over a week after my surgery, and also got a little work on her eye area. Dr Chartchai made time for her. My sister and I have concluded that the medical standards and care at major hospitals like Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, are better than in Sydney. My huge private room with large screen TV and ensuite was more like a hotel room. It was also dead quiet and the nurses all have soft shoes and you don't hear them walking in. Dr Chatchai is very busy, therefore consultations are short, and he doesn't show you before and after images of his patients because he doesn't have to. If you don't choose him he has enough patients already. He doesn't need to compete or advertise. His website provides useful information, but no before and after images. I was fine with this. I am now 17 days post, and back home again, feeling good, although swollen and numb. I was always a little afraid of a facelift, but the lower eyelid surgery and recovery was worse in all ways. I can honestly say in my case there is nothing to having a facelift - no pain, hardly any discomfort so far, and my stay in Thailand was actually fun. I'm planning my next trip to Bangkok - a tummy tuck. I'll be using Dr Chartchai and Janese's services again. Now, about medical tourism. I have read this and agreed with it at the time 'surgery and tourism should never be in the same sentence'. Now I know different. I haven't seen many photos or read much about the holiday experience of medical tourism, so I've posted some images of my time there. Janese organised all our outings, and Marie, the nurse, came along too. When my sister and I went shopping with Marie as our guide, she insisted on carrying all our bags as we were her patients, and she patiently waited for us to choose clothes at MBK, and gave her advice on what to buy.
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    @MellieMoo I just had surgery with Dr Kollias last week, I didn't get overs but I did get 450cc round dual plane and I am extremely happy with my results as are so many other girls that have used him, I understand your concern but i don't think you would be disappointed with him at all he really knows his stuff and I haven't came across anyone with a negative thing to say, he wouldnt recommend it if he didnt think he could give you amazing results. Just to ease any doubts you have get a second or even third opinion I think you will find the recommendations very similar if you see reputable surgoens, which will hopefully ease your nerves and if they are the same I'd definetly stick to Dr kollias not because he is cheaper but just because his work is truely amazing the lower price is just a bonus. I could not speak highly enough of him, when other girls said same thing i had my doubts and thought maybe they just overly excited but now ive done mine i can definetly say the same.. His price also includes a night stay in hospital where the staff are absolutely amazing, worth every dollar. A nurse there was telling me how she thinks Dr Kollias must be a real boob man as his work is always fantastic and how she had a niece who travelled to Sydney and paid 19k to get hers done and they are no where near as good as what Dr Kollias does.
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    Post op instructions

    I know you posted a few days ago but just wanted to say the sleeping propped up on pillows is to help reduce the swelling. That’s what I was told. It encourages the swelling to move down the body or something.
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    pink butterfly

    Post Surgery info

    Zipped or button up tops/jumpers. Tracksuit pants or leggings. It is amazing how much we engage our chest muscles when we do even simple activities. The first 5 days will be the worst. But once you turn the corner, you will feel great. Good luck with your op!
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    Post Surgery info

    Count down is on and how exciting! Definitely no jumpers over your head! You will not be allowed to raise your arms above your head for the first 2 weeks anyway. I just wore comfy strecthy pants and a zip up top. Button up shirt and loose jacket will be fine too. Don’t wear skinny jeans either as you will not have the strength either to cinch them in and do them up 😊
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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    Pre op day today..... locking in a size/shape/profile today! Yippeeee... ohh and pay them off too! 😕 💸 hahaha
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    @MellieMoo, have you had a second opinion just for peace of mind? I consulted with Dr.Kollias and Dr.Cooter who both had very similar recommendations which made me feel better about sizing and profile of implants
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    Hi @MellieMoo! I didn’t go with Dr Kollias in the end but had a consult where he recommended overs to me too. The surgeon I did go with also recommended overs (just different implant type) but u had read as long as you have greater than 2cm of breast tissue, That’s sufficient to cover them. I had 3.5. Dr K didn’t measure me specifically, just did a pinch test. I’ve got overs - 2wpo and can’t see the outline. I think if u can have them u should, I really wanted to avoid breast animation, plus wanted a smoother recovery. Initially post op it’s not been great but overs will have you returning to your preop lifestyle quicker. If you’re concerned you should get a second opinion. I was booked in with Dr K but cancelled after a second opinion but not due to anything he said or recommended. There are others that have used him on here and love him too and I think you will get great care and great outcome with him as equal to what any other reputable PS. He is also about $2k cheaper than PS I saw (dr cooter). Good luck. Pm me of you have any qns! 😊
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    So happy

    So today I made my goal weight! 55.1kgs so 100 grams off. Total loss of 63kgs which is an entire person. Just wanted to share as I'm so happy and proud of myself.
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    Hey hun, don't worry about the post-surgery bra or it's size. You have only just had your surgery and you won't really begin to know your final size until at least 6 weeks post-op. Even then it's only the start of the D & F process and they will continue to change for the next few months. Very likely you will get to a D. For an example, pre-surgery I was an AA cup; two weeks later I went bra shopping (got over excited and started way too soon) and I was a C cup. By the 6 week mark I was a DD which is where I still am at. Early days, try not to worry, just focus on your recovery and take it easy. xo
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    Breast lift & Augmentation August 2019

    @Nic#460cc @Glissm @margaretriver @Kit Hi girls hope everyone is well, so I've just had my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good pain isn't to bad but probably cause of the meds it's uncomfortable but bearable, feeling like I got an elephant sitting on my chest lol feeling alot of pressure. Boobs are looking alot better then I expected on first day Dr Kollias is amazing. Can't wait to see results when swelling goes down and the drop and fluff takes place... Thanks to all girls on here for all the info and advice, helped make this a better experience..
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    I HaveBoobs

    Post op instructions

    Just reading the previous posts and that makes more sense that you would still be uncomfortable as you went under the muscle, recovery for under the muscle will be more uncomfortable and can take longer than overs but it dose get better and yes the antibiotics can make you feel a little nauseous they did for me too, if your feeling up to it get up and move around as much as you can this will help with the swelling and help you to feel better and once you are cleared by your surgeon to start light exercise you'll feel much better . Hoping recovery is going well
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    Hi i had tp purchase my own po compression bra and was instructed to wear it for 24/7 for 6 weeks and only allowed to take it off to shower, at first with all the swelling it was a little uncomfortable but as the swelling went down it got more comfortable to wear and for a short while afterwards i would still wear it to bed now i just wear a soft crop top to bed as a bit of light support for my girls but every now n then let them run free 😂. I would definitely follow your surgeon's post op rules as how long to wear your po bra
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    Hey @margaretriver I was advised 6 weeks 24/7, then I could move to regular bras including underwire. That worked perfectly for me and 6 weeks was enough!! However, if your surgeon suggests otherwise, it's best to always follow their instructions. I still wear a crop bra to sleep most nights, kinda like the security for my girls... now and again I let them 'free range' hahahahah
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    Post op instructions

    @Kit thanks for checking in. I’m day 6 Po and have been tired and painful still too! Turns out dr cooter went under muscle in the end. I also saw dr Kollias. I feel like they are huge 😅 but hubby says you can’t tell in clothes and thinks they look great. They are sore and swollen!! I’m also still sick at times from not eating normally and zero exercise 😭 hoping I feel better soon!
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    @Kit every recovery is diffrent and it all depends on how tight your chest muscles were before surgery the typ of implant, placement ect as how things are going to progress so it may not take 10 months for you but i just wanted to let you know that it is a process and it can take quite a while so don't get discouraged just yet. 😊
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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    @BethM I haven't had mine done yet but I will be getting mine done by him in 3 weeks time 😁 There are a few girls on here who have had their surgery through him and they all spoke so highly of him and seem to Be very happy with their results. Which is why I went to him in the first place. He is a very lovely doctor and I think he is going to do a great job. If you search his name in the forum you can read for yourself what people thought, there are a few discussions about him. Some girls did seem to think he was quite conservative with sizing and seemed to think If you want big you really Had to push him but that definetly wasnt the case with me I just showed him some pictures of what I was after in size and he didn't hesitate to Offer me 450cc, I think he just listens to what you want and also takes into consideration how it will look and just gives an honest opinion on what he thinks will give you what you want but also not making you look ridiculous.. Anyway good luck on your journey and keep us updated on how your consultation goes I don't think you will be disappointed 🤗
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    Thanks for the advice Veronica. After reading your post, I went to see Dr Jodlovich and was pleasently surprised with the natural results he produced with my lip filler treatment. He was both gentle (I normally have a very strong phobia for needles) and precise with his injecting technique. Well worth the recommendation, he is Sydney's go-to Cosmetic Doctor for all cosmetic injectables
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    Sophie mPage

    Cheaper Botox in Sydney

    Hi Madz, I've been going to several franchised laser clinics for my Botox for years and was always disappointed with the results and having to deal with different and untrained nurses who were impossible to follow up with to fix their bad work. A friend of mine recommended Dr Tom Jodlovich at Smooth As Silk Laser and Cosmetic Clinic about a year ago and I have been very happy ever since. He is both competitive with his prices but more importantly does fantastic work and you can follow up with him personally. I can all honestly recommend him as the best Botox injector in Sydney. Best wishes, Soph
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    @margaretriver aww dw I keep getting same type of paranoia couple times I've over stretched to reach something and really hurt myself then panicking whether ive ruined something lol and couple times I got this weird slightly painful pop feeling in my breast like muscle snapping in place or something lol only happened a couple times not sure if it's normal or not i duno maybe is a spazam seems to happen when my chest tenses but not letting myself get overly concerned.. besides that I'm doing great the recovery is know where near as bad as I was expecting I'm already lifting my 12kg 11month old with no issues at all and I'm only just over 1 week po, but I don't make habit of doing it often only when I need too lol my 2 yr old I haven't been confident to lift yet but I probably could.. today is the first day I'm going to be completely on my own as my partner heads back to work and my 8 year old back to school so not sure how I'm going to go with putting them down to nap etc... my breasts are slowly softening they seem to feel alot softer when I bend down not sure why lol my breasts were very different too I think that's normal, from the moment I woke up from surgery my right side has been basically pain free, but my left was alot worse, now they both basically pain free only time I feel pain now is if I over stretch to do some thing and getting in and out of bed oh yes and after sleeping and getting up in morning which is what i think they refer to as morning boob lol..
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    Dr Andrew Greensmith

    I saw Dr Greensmith for breast augmentation back in September 2016. From the first meeting with him I felt very comfortable. He answered my 100 questions with patience and I felt very reassured. He exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier with my results. I highly recommend him to anyone going for this surgery, you are in great hands. He is very experienced, delivers brilliant results and is a pleasure to deal with. This was life changing surgery for me and I feel more confident in my body than I ever have. 😁
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    Size of compression bra after surgery

    Keep us posted and check them week by week and you'll notice the changes
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    Thanks and I will join! I technically belong to a July group but never started a thread there. I am 5 weeks post op and had 295cc Mentor Anatomical dual plane. I love my size and shape but disappointed I ended up with a larger cleavage gap than expected. My surgeon said he tried to get as close as possible, however he was worried about over dissecting the muscle as I had virtually no tissue on my breast bone/sternum area and he said I would of had a high risk of symmastia otherwise. I will reassess around the 3month mark and perhaps look into fat grafting for this area. When is your surgery @Nic#460cc ? Hope your recovery is going well @margaretriver
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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    4 sleeps to go and slightly freaking out! Not too scared about the op itself..... worried about recovery and rethinking size.... am I going to like them? Will they be too big? Is HP going to project too much.... should I have gone mod profile!? Ahhhhh wish it was Thursday already so I could stop scanning forums, looking at pics and stats of other girls and just relax!
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    Post op instructions

    Thanks @sabP 😊 turns out I have had unders which actually makes me feel better with the pain! I have been really struggling with the recovery and trying to think that it’s all worth it 🙃
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    So, just as promised, I've created a thread about my journey. Here's the link
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    Post Surgery info

    I had my op yesterday- overs which might be different- but have had full use of arms and wore a jumper post op. Did take in one of Hubbies shirts and warm cardigans just incase tho but didn’t need it. Haven’t been told not to raise arms above head. Think every surgeon is different with post op instructions...
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    pink butterfly

    Bali 8 weeks post op???

    I would think you would be fine. You'll probably still have a bit of morning boob by then, but most of the initial pain should be gone. Your incisions will be closed. Check with your surgeon though.
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    Hi Ladies, I am a 31 year old mother of two from the middle east and got mentor tear drop implants 390cc (textured) 5 years ago. I have not had any problem post surgery and although I am not thrilled with the size, I am quite content. Recently I started reading about ALCL (lymphoma) related to textured implants, and I started freaking out in spite of the fact that the risk is very small. I have reached a point where I am considering exchanging my implants with smooth ones with a complete removal of the capsule (as I read that women who had smooth implants but textured ones before still got ALCL because of the capsule left behind). I may be exaggerating as for my implant type the risk is 1 in 60,600 based on a recent study, but I can't help but worry. However, most of the scary studies seem to be American where textured implants are rarely used and so I don't believe it reflects the real picture, as textured implants are far more common in Europe, and if the majority of women in Europe use textured ones, then the risk is extremely small with the cases they discovered. Here in the middle east, textured Implants are also more commonly used. I am not sure about Australia. I was wondering how many of you ladies have textured implants ? are we a minority ? do you think it is worth an exchange surgery ? I can't seem to discuss this with anyone I know, and I also don't really have the budget at this point but I am very stressed.
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    Cheaper Botox in Sydney

    Looks like Dr Jodlovich is pretty popular on this forum. I've booked in to see him next week and I'll post about my experience with him after my treatment.
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    Which brand of implants do you have? I’m thinking of doing the opposite. I’m thinking of swapping rounds for teardrops.
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    Dr appointment tomorrow to get the mri results! Also getting blood tests done as my psych thinks my thyroid looks different.😬
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    Hi Lovely Ladies Its been quite a long time since I posted, everything is going great just finished up my final visit to PS for check up she said I looked fantastic my hubby said it made me blush. Just love her she did such a awesome job they feel so natural just love them. I told hubby I wish I would have had the revision earlier but I suppose we all can say I wish. But we are so happy with the girls. They actually are more sensitive to touch now they they were before my first surgery 36 years ago. I truly enjoy the site for the encouraging words I received and hopefully some advice and humor they I wrote. Thanks again Cosmetic Journey and all Ladies that read, comment in their writings. Platinum Blonde Boobs ( .)(.) Hugs and Kisses
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    Botox Newbie no more

    How awesome is botox! I had my first lot about 6 weeks ago, took about 3 for it to fully take affect and stop everything moving and recently all the little residual wrinkles around my crows feet have dissappeared as well! It just gets better and better 😄 I had between my brows (kids call it my cranky wrinkle) and crows feet.
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    pink butterfly

    Botox Newbie no more

    Good for you that you feel amazing! If you find anything that works on the neck, please let me know! I am 43 years old and the ol' turkey neck is beginning! I am using at home dermal rolling + Retinol A cream. But I am always on the look out for something else. I don't want to go down the surgery track.
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    Hi everyone, I am based on the Gold Coast and looking to do a BA either late this year or early this year. Willing to travel to Brisbane as well. So far these are the places I am looking into. Dr Ian Chinsee - through Esteem Cosmetic Studio ($5,500) CosmediTour/Breast Academy (varies from $5,000-8,000) Dr Mark Kohout - through Australian Cosmetic Clinics ($7,500) Dr Eddie Cheng - through AR Plastic Surgery Brisbane. (supposedly $8,300 however website advertises as $10,500) Dr Ian Chinsee is based at both Esteem Cosmetic Studio ($5,500) and Australian Cosmetic Clinics ($7,500). Any idea why the price difference is so huge? Any recommendations or positive/negative reviews please let me know! ☺️
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    pink butterfly

    Under eye wrinkles tips?

    I am not a skin expert. But one thing that comes to mind is hydration and nutrition. Do you drink enough water during the day? Is your diet healthy? Also are you using the right creams suitable for your particular skin? I am in my 40's and I have naturally dry skin. But I try to have a diet that is free from a lot of processed foods particularly sugars. I also don't have much alcohol. I have to layer my creams on my face morning and night to help hydrate the top layer of the skin. Another thought - how do you sleep? Are you a tummy sleeper? This may affect wrinkles on the face and neck. You may have to invest in a silk or satin pillow case. Just my thoughts.
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    APRIL 2018

    Hey girls, Have booked surgery for 6th of April (so close now!!). Am going to Park Clinic in Sydney which I booked through Cosmeditour back in September last year and have Dr Moradi as my surgeon. Hoping to achieve a natural look for my smaller frame 52 kg and 163 cm tall, but also want cleavage without the need of a bra, hoping a D-DD. Unsure if I want teardrops or rounds as I am in the gym lifting weights 6 x a week, if my surgeon says I can go rounds based on my frame and still achieve a teardrop shape I will! Who else is booked for next month?? Share your journey so far
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    Large breast implants melbourne

    Honestly!!! I’m not sure he knows how many people I send his way that literally fly interstate to see him on my recommendation 🤣🤣
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    Dr Szalay review & Dr Cheng

    Thankyou. I ended up having surgery with Dr Cheng today. I ended up with 535cc hp dual plane.He seemed sure it would suit my shape (aka biggish bum) so I'm hoping the result will suit me. The staff were just awesome.
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    Mammogram v's MRI

    Hi girls... Just want to hear from you girls about your opinions or experiences with having a Mammogram or MRI with implants?? Why did you choose one or the other? I'm 40 next year and starting to think about this as i get closer to the age to start having them. I don't like the thought of having them squished for a mammogram and have heard some not very good experiences from that. I had an MRI last year when my breast was swollen and found it so easy and uninvasive but then worried about the rays that an MRI puts out & having to do that every year is very expensive!!! I dont have big implants, 330cc over the muscle. Thanks girls x
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    Mammogram v's MRI

    As I mentioned before, my 'leaks' were detected by ultrasound (Wesley brisb) . As a routine, I have annual check-ups, at my request, alternating ultrasounds to mammograms , for the last 34 years.
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    cosmeditour sydney

    Hi Sarah, I know it can be hard to trust companies that you have no experience with. Thats why I had all my conversations via e-mail. Even if we had some chat over the phone I asked to put all the info via e-mail too cos you might forget and its good to have everything in writing etc. Cosmeditour sent me e-mail too stating that if I end up with rounds they will refund me amount overpaid, it even stated excaxt amount they would refund, so that was really reassuring for me. I was worried too because this was all new to me and I had read so many different opinions. I would have kept everything via e-mail no matter which company or who I had gone to so it wouldnt be Word against word. Its your body,health and a lot of money, so I was extra cautios to have enough to protect myself if things go bad. It doesnt mean that you can't trust them or have to be extra suspecious towards them, just have your back covered, be organized 🙂
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    My opinion is that Dyport can look 'softer' than Botox. Whatever you decide, have someone experienced inject it.
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    Was it worth it?

    I am so glad I did this when I vacationed in Manila last year. I feel amazing! I look back at pictures from five months ago i was so sad to see how flat chested I was and how sunken in my chest was. I am just thrilled to be able to fill out a bra! After 4 weeks I was able to lift small amounts, but I was really only in pain for about a week. I've been doing a little bit of yoga and I'm fine with it. I do it in my room so I can stop when I need to. When the swelling has gone down after 3 weeks or so, they actually felt like real boobs. The bruising was gone, the sharp pains are gone and the scars look great. My surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo recommended using this type of medication for the scarring. I forgot the name. It's like a silicone bandaid type thing and it softens the skin and lessens the color of the scar.
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    Cosmeditour organised my consult to the GC for a lift & BA. Due to having a lift Dr Stradwick performed my surgery with assistance from another surgeon, therefore my cost was considerably higher than the advertised fee of $5k or so. In saying that I'm so happy with the results. I've seen other people's pics of lifts, reduction & implants & the shape he got for mine is fantastic. I've had follow up care by my local GP & her nurse who look after a lot of PO BAs & they are very impressed as well. I would contact the Breast Academy directly for a quote as well. Although was told the price through Cosmeditour is comparable however as I didn't go directly to them for a quote I can't say for sure. Would highly recommend Dr S or Dr Llayt.
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    Dr Dona BA

    Thanks girl He surely fixed my ugly sad sacks of boob 😂
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    Dr Moradi- BA Consultation

    Hi @Aphrodite when he was showing me his before & afters he showed a couple of revision ones. From what I saw he did a fantastic job but you will probably have to consult with him personally to find out exactly how much experience he has had etc. Another reason why I want to go with Dr Moradi is because he specialises in microsurgical reconstruction of the breasts, although that is not required in my case, I feel your in trusted hands when a surgeon has that much skill and experience in that field!
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    'Australia Cosmetic Clinics' ????

    Hi, I know this conversation ended almost a year ago but I recently booked on with ACC and they fly into Brisbane to consult and perform the surgery. I booked and paid my deposit but then all down hill from there lots of things changed, my consult appointments got rescheduled so many times, after I met with Dr Mark K they then phoned and said they had a major change with Brisbane and would need to change surgeons on me to Dr Rizk, then booking a consult with him was messy got cancelled twice, finally booked a consult and 3 days before I was due to meet him got a call to say they have to change my surgery date! I had already paid the deposit to lock in 24th March 2016, got the time off work and also arranged for someone to care for me for the time. I refuse to budge on the surgery date as it was the only time I was available to have leave from work so I had to cancel with them and request a refund, the refund is going to take approx 4wks. I have now booked in with another clinic but as surgery is 4wks away I have cough up another deposit for this other clinic and just hope ACC process my refund. I am not suggesting you don't go with this company and I understand things can happen but so much bad luck and rescheduling I think for me it's a sign it's not meant to be. I wish all you ladies the best with your decision it's not easy to pick a clinic then research the surgeon and get a good price!! Will be reliying on this forum for post op advice. X thanks
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    I have had implants in for 36 years and have had mammograms on a annual basis for all those years without ANY problems. Go ahead, just one more thing you can do for your general health !
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