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  1. I had a lipo 360 and fat transfer to buttocks with Dr Najem. My experience was terrible. Firstly I didn’t want a bbl but I apparently ended up with one, which I specifically asked him not to do. I wanted some subtle enhancement of my bottocks only hip dips and slight volume and shaping of my waist and hips with lipo. I believe that there was far too much fat taken from my stomach and this has left me with empty sagging skin where there was firm smooth skin before. Not to mention i feel like my inner thighs look like shark bites. My stomach was squished and deformed looking from day
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  2. BEWARE - He has a special condition on his medical registration I went to see Dr Adam Najem for surgery – Vaser liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift - in August 2017 at his Illuminate Cosmetic Clinic. I am now suffering depression since the lead up to wedding. My tummy is full of dents from the lipo he performed, and my shape is uneven plus there is absolutely no change to my bum, not bigger, nicer, plumper, nothing! All the fat that he put in has disappeared and my bum is the same. The lumps on my tummy show through my weddin
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  3. I paid $129 via Groupon for frown lines and eyebrow lift. I had the injections on Saturday (2 days ago) and there's been no change. I can still frown, which I'm doing very deeply wondering what they injected into me because it clearly wasn't Botox! This is a rip off that doesn't work. I'll be going into see them tomorrow to find out what they injected into me (seems to be saline) and getting either Botox or my money back! Very unhappy customer
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