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    I HaveBoobs

    Will boobs make me look bigger?

    Hi and welcome, i am 5'7 and was 72 kg (34A) when i got my boobs and i am also quite Athelitecly built i just wanted to bakance out my proportions and was worried that boobs would make me look matronly but that was not the case, i have 440cc hp anatomical implants which balanced me out nicly the pic of me in the blue set is me at 70 kg and the pic of me in the crop top is after loosing 12 kg , not much changed in the boob department after the weight loss but having a smaller waist dose make them look a bit bigger but in a good way lol😅
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    Dr Dona!!!

    Hey! I haven't been to Dr Donna but I know that a number of girls on here have and he isn't afraid to go large if that's the look you're after! I've only heard good things about him but unfortunately, can't speak from experience! His before and afters look great and he's also reasonably priced. I can't see why he wouldn't want to work with interstate patients! It's just a matter of you getting yourself there and staying long enough for follow-up. I don't know if he'd require you to come back at 5 or 6 weeks? Maybe that's something one of the other girls can help you with. All the best!
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    Yes he did all my prior surgeries. I have PMed you
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    Perth ladies! Watts/Connell/Cunneen....HELP!

    Hey @Bec217 I started walking from day one, slowly!! I went back to running at week 6 when I was able to wear a really good supportive sports bra. The gym I left for a while longer to make sure I was fully healed. Dancing also at 6 weeks. I recovered pretty well, but you do have to give yourself time to heal and pace yourself and follow the instructions of your surgeon as they all give different advice
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    I HaveBoobs

    Drop and Fluff

    So I'm 8.5 mpo and its about time i posted som D&F photos. I probably have some more changes to come but they look very different from post op to now the first pic is 4 dpo,then, 1 mpo, 5 mpo and 7 mpo
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    Was it worth it?

    Worth ever cent! I was so scared about it and had so many doubts and 'what if' moments. But after I came out of surgery I knew it was the best decision I have ever made. Dr Sam Cunneen in Perth did a fantastic job! I had an idea of what my BA would turn out like, but I never imagined they would be as perfect as they are now <3 Easy recovery, no nerve pain or numbness, no franken boob or boobs sitting to high straight out of the op, just a pair of epic tatas
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    Petite ladies who've had a tummy tuck

    Me too, I'm 54kgs! Having my op in March!
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