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    I'm sorry to hear you had to go through so many surgeries. I hope you are happy with the result now.. I don't want to do a lift as I don't want to touch my nipples. That's why tightening the pockets seems like a perfect option for me. And I guess since dr Dona has been understanding about my issue and offered a revision with a big discount that's something to consider.. However one of my friends said that if he messed it up once he will do it again and suggests I go to a different specialist. That would cost me as a full new surgery though You are right, the breasts are positioned quite low because I wanted a natural look. To be honest with you once it's been done I realised that it might have not been the best approach as sometimes I feel as if my breasts look saggy not to mention the nipple issue. Anyways, that's why I feel like lifting them higher up would be a great solution for me as it would tackle 2 issues at the same time. As for the breast lift, I was told I didn't need one and I was warned about the nipples asymmetry. I just didn't expect one of my nipples to be so high up it's almost like it's not a part of the boob.. Because the original asymmetry was extremely minor. I definitely believe that it should have been predicted by the surgeon as I can't know what outcome I will have exactly.
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    My surgeon discussed my nipples prior to surgery as they were low. He talked about the position of the implants (anatomical) and the pockets and how he would position them so that the nipples were more central, which they are. Your breasts seem to be positioned quite low, which seems to have 'flicked' the nipples upwards. Did your surgeon recommend a breast lift? I know you said you had nothing much to start with and nor did I, but sometimes even with smaller breasts, they may require a lift at the time of augmentation. That being said, Dr Dona is reputable and so a revision would be worth considering. Do any bra's have the same effect as when you hold your breasts up? Good luck with your decision and I hope it can be rectified xo
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    I realise these posts are from 5 years ago, but I just wanted to say that 5 years on and Destination Beauty have not improved. I had several surgeries done this year, 1 which has left my face quite disfigured, DB have wiped there hands of me and are trying there hardest to blame me. All they advise is massage and hot packs and nearly 5 months later nothing has changed. The emails I have received have been quite hurtful. I am quite depressed about by looks and all they say is they hope I feel better soon.
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    Losing weight

    You've heard it a million times but try drinking water, especially before meals, eat eggs for breakfast, drink green tea, cook with coconut oil, take a glucomannan supplement, cut back on added sugar and eat less refined carbs.
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    your experience, Blepharoplasty

    Hi! I live in Brisbane and am 45 years old. I've had "hooded" eyelids all my life, and now that I'm older, thought I'd do something about it to give me a "fresh look". I went with Dr David Thiele, based on several personal recommendations. I am super pleased! I went in for the procedure at 12.30 and was home by 5pm. I was under general anesthetic for the procedure, so when I got home I basically lay in my bed with ice packs over my eyes and slept until the next morning! i had minimal to no pain, only needed Panadol Forte for the first day upon return from the hospital. I then stayed out of sight, at home, resting with regular use of eye packs for 4 days after. I had minimal bruising and a week later when I returned to see Dr Thiele, they remarked at how well I healed and had limited bruising. It's been one week and they look great, and apparently should look even better as the weeks go by and any swelling settles etc. I have been wearing makeup now and my eyes look so good and open. I'm loving it. ok it doesn't make me look 20 again, but I definitely look "fresh". My friends haven't noticed, except to say I "look great today". So I'm pleased! I highly recommend getting it done if you have sagging/hooded eyelids and want a fresh look. Before and after photos below (the after is just one week after the procedure, the day after the stitches were removed). Pretty good I think! Look fabulous with makeup on!
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