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    Thanks ladies I think I will.
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    Thank you all heaps for being such good support. I feel a bit bad for venting all of that - so, thankyou for just understanding. Xoxoxoxooxox. (And also understanding my partially illiterate midnight post. I had a proper teary-meltdown, which I think used the rest of my energy for the day because I passed out after. I also woke up with no pain this morning (YAY!). My husband was hovering ready to help me up, he had a coffee already made for me, and was collecting the mountain of tissues I'd surrounded myself with the night before. I feel fortunate to have him - but also part of me feels cranky because I like to do things on my own, and don't like it when people fuss over me. But yes, I should just enjoy it. Some people pay money for this type of thing! :-p I love him. Now there are just two nights to get through before the drains are gone! And only 4 days until I should be allowed to drive again - independence! Thanks again, girls. You are all wonderful! Xoxoxoxox
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    BA with Dr Harwood now booked and ready to go for 28 November - best Christmas ever!!!!!! Now just to get sizing sorted...
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    BA tomorrow!

    So my BA is tomorrow with Dr Kevin Ho from the breast clinic, and I'm so excited! I think I have everything ready for when I get back to the hotel. Me and my sister's surgeries are tomorrow in the afternoon so I'm not looking forward to being hungry all day at the conduct today he suggested that I get 290cc which I'm pretty happy about. I didn't want to get really big boobs because I'm really thin (163cm, 48kg) so he said this should take me up to a generous C cup, yay! I originally wanted to end up with Ds, but he said I would look too fake and top heavy so I trust his judgement. We decided on textured anatomicals, which was what I thought I'd be getting so at least I was right about something! He said that when I woke up i would be in my post op bra as well as a white band around the top of my chest which will prevent the implants from turning while they healed, which is something I don't think other girls had to do. I have to keep the band on for 2 weeks 24/7, has anyone else had to do this and how did you hide the band under clothes? Yay so excited
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    I was laughing at myself as I wrote it... Definitely time to go to bed I think. Haha :-)
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    I am 2 weeks from having my BA and when I walked my kids into school this morning, I realised that I didn't even think about the size of my chest. I have gone from a AA cup to a C cup so a big change for me. When I have been out with the kids, or ducked to the shops, I have been quietly stressing if I bumped into anybody I knew and if they would say anything. I know that sounds silly but I am a bit private about things! Anyway, my breasts are still healing but I am beginning to accept they are a part of me now. I think it all takes time.
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    I think there's far more risk of coming to harm from watching some non-qualified person's youtube video than following a surgeon's instructions! :-)
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    I would probably be very careful not to go outside what your surgeon recommends, if you want increased cleavage then discuss it with your surgeon prior to surgery, they should be able to help you get your desired look (as long as it's within reason). Personally, I certainly would not want to risk the time, money and all else invested into my new boobies, or possible complications - you mentioned uniboob, I imagine it would increase the risk of it too- on a video I watched on youtube.
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    Well, what do you think of this ?? post op. I have a bruise on my pubic bone ?! wtf?? have worked in theatre so know you (can) be thrown about (really) but.... never seen anything like this. the mind boggles !
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    How to 'lift' your bum?

    I've noticed my butt heading south too. I did the 30 day squat challenge and just that had my butt looking better. It is just using own body weight but you get up to 250 squats and a good burn. Does get very boring though. I'm waiting for our finance to recover from the BA expense to get the gym membership happening again.
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    How to 'lift' your bum?

    If it's not hurting its not working lol Ur muscles need to rip and repair themselves with protein in Ur diet for them to grown and hence look toned
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    Youthful skin. Best procedures?

    Noooooo stay away from Sculptra, Radiesse, Aquamid any of those semi/perm fillers..... I would start with incorporating a Vit C & E cream in the morning and a Retinol (vit A) at night. Regular micros and peels to keep your skin in condition and when you're ready Botox as preventative
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    Last year, after a long time researching breast augmentation and consulting with a number of well reputable surgeons, I went through with my first breast augmentation with Craig Rubinstein. My consult with him and his nurse were really thorough which is ultimately why I went with him. I will note, unbeknown to me prior to my consults (because I think I had a good rack, albeit small and deflated from exercise), I had a small amount of droop and one nipple was a little lower than the other. But three surgeons all told me I didn’t need a lift. I ended up getting my implants completely under the muscle, crease incision. As expected after being aware Craig’s work normally takes a bit longer to drop, my implants sat very high and square for a while after surgery, which I was initially fine with because I understood things take time. However as the months went on, there was only a small amount of movement downwards, but not nearly enough. I expressed my concern at the 3-6 month time points, to be told that they were perfect and to wait until 12 months before we would consider doing anything. It was a pretty tough time for me, I was upset that I had spent so much money and was embarrassed to show off my result when everyone else I knew had gotten a nice result. Having to wait 12 months was frustrating to say the least. Anyway, at my 12 month appointment I was feeling pretty defeated and felt like maybe I just had bad boobs and I would never get great boobs. At this stage my main problem was that I had around 80% of my implant above the nipple and 20% below, I didn’t even feel like there was any implant below my nipple and my nipples pointed down. Above my nipple was not a natural slope at all, it was very square. It also looked like my nipples had slipped off my boob, and when I lent forward my boobs were triangles and not round with the implant sitting tight against my chest and my tissue just hanging off it the implant. I was told they were perfect again, and then we discussed what options I had after I made it very clear my result was really upsetting me and that I didn’t want to wait any longer for things to settle and drop down. It wasn’t really clear what my best option was, and how much improvement I could get. But Craig did say that he would fix it, this is not in doubt. However I wasn’t feeling very confident going ahead again without seeking further opinions, so I consulted with Mark Ashton. The difference in processes between the two clinics is a huge contrast. Automatically there was acknowledgement that something was not right, which was really validating because up until then I felt like a whinger always having to say what I felt was not right rather than have someone say yep I can see what you mean. Instead of me having to verbalise what I specifically didn’t like which is what had always happened prior to seeing Mark, Mark suggested what the problem was straight away (which was spot on) and said that he could fix it and if he didn’t get it perfect first time he would keep trying until he did. I booked surgery right then and there, I just felt completely safe and validated for how I had been feeling for the 14 months prior to that. Karen in reception was fantastic and worked me into surgery as soon as she could so that we could sort it all out. Come surgery day, I got taken away for surgery around 2:45pm, and the nurse suggested I would probably be back in a couple hours. I met Mark in the pre op room, who drew me up and took some photos and said he would try and lower my fold around 1cm each side and again reassured me that he would fix me. The anaesthesiologist came and put my cannula in, and then I got wheeled into the room and was out like a light very soon after. I am pretty sure I woke in recovery shaking because I was freezing (vague foggy memory of that, may not be correct though) Stayed in there for a while, and then was wheeled back into my room where I was greeted by my loved ones. It was now night time, and by the time I got back into my room it was 6:30pm so surgery went a fair bit longer than the nurse indicated it would. I had drains in both breasts as well which I was not expecting for a revision, and they had to be emptied a few times. Straight away you could see a substantial difference in the appearance of them, even though Mark told me the next morning not to worry yet they still need time to settle and will continue to improve. I saw his nurse a week later to change my dressings, and then saw him at the 2 and 4 week time point. When I went into the office following surgery for my first post-op time point the receptionists were asking how I was feeling because Mark had to do some extra work to get the implants to sit nicely, and said I would be feeling pretty sore. Which, I certainly was, but it was managed with panadol and a cheeky panadeine forte a couple of times. Mark said my implants were initially completely under the muscle, so he switched to a dual plane placement and released everything, lowered both my folds, and also performed a capsulectomy. He kept the same implants. At the two week time point, I was thrilled with my result but Mark wasn’t because they weren’t perfect (his words!!) so he put me in the strap which I had to wear religiously for two weeks to push one implant down and suggested a small benelli may be called for if at the 4 weeks post-op time point my nipples weren’t even. The strap seemed to have worked, because at the 4 week post-op time point things were much better so we ditched the strap to avoid making the other implant drop too much and then letting things settle for a month to see if we should use the strap to try and push the higher implant down 4mm. I am now around 6 weeks post-op and back to my regular activities and loving my new job, my nipples are in the middle of my boobs not falling off my boobs, and my boobs seem bigger now that I have implant and my breast tissue in the same spot! I also have a natural slope above my nipple. Mistakes happen and things can sometimes not settle as expected because we are dealing with human bodies, but it’s how you fix the less than desirable situation and how you treat people that matters. I am so glad that I have gone through this revision and finally have the result I wanted to begin with!
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    Out of curiosity, how long does it take for our boobs to feel natural on us? I'm imagining they will feel heavy, big and just THERE when we first get them. But how long till walking around in your singlet and undies feels normal and natural again?
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    When can I drink alcohol??

    If you've finished your antibiotics you should be ok? Maybe take it easy so you don't hurt yourself? I got my ba 3 weeks after my 30th soI could drink and not get stupid and hurt myself lol. Yay to boobs at 30!!!!
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    For me, with my first ba with saline implants it took a long time for them to feel like part of me (ie to be able to comfortably sleep on my tummy, to resume the ability to do pushups etc) I probably wasn't totally comfy with them until a yr or so down the track. However they never looked or felt anywhere near natural. so far Ive had my new silicone implants for 3 weeks today, at first they felt VERY heavy and walking without a bra felt uncomfortable and unnatural, this subsided in about 2 weeks, they have softened ever so slightly over the past 3 wks however they do not feel anything like natural breast tissue, they don't jiggle about like natural boobs but they do bounce up and down when I've had to jog up or down the stairs. my PS did say that they'll soften up a lot over the next 3 mths, so let's wait and see. one thing for certain though is they are definitely softer and more natural looking and feeling than my old saline implants. I hope this helps hun
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    Hi ladies, glad I'm not the only one. I finally booked in yesterday, and suddenly felt like I was having a mini panic attacking. Took me so offguard!
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    Lololololololol - that made my night haha!
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    I'm a November girl too I only booked a date late last week and already it is 4 and a bit weeks till boob day eeep!
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    When can I drink alcohol??

    I was told by my PS not to drink alcohol for 3 weeks post op. Maybe check with urs just to get their opinion, I'm sure 1 or 2 drink won't hurt.......since it's ur birthday
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    *don't get me wrong, mine don't feel soft, or 'natural feeling' yet - they just feel like they're in their right place. Like despite the emotions and occasional discomfort I've taken ownership of them already :-)
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    For me it's something that just happens over time. Every now and then I still catch myself in the edge of a mirror or bump them and it takes me a second to realise. They had softened a lot and for the most part then feel very natural.
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    Vivian I whole heartedly agree. I cant yet lay flat on my stomach as they feel odd and too firm. They are not nearly as soft as I expected them to be. Im 4 months post op. Dont get me wrong I wouldn't trade them for anything. They dont feel foreign but I definitely know they are there at times.
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    Do I wait?

    3 weeks is still so early post op there could be lot of changes still to come! My personal experience was they didn't fill out to size until around 6 weeks and then even after that keep changing. That said, if you feel that you'd benefit from talking to your surgeon then by all means call him! He probably already has an idea of what results you should expect so may be able to reassure you or confirm they aren't going to change from now (though I think they probably are still changing!)
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    How long till our new boobs feel natural?

    Mine still don't feel 'natural' to me. I think they look natural enough but I'm not used to my clothes sitting out from my chest or the firmness when people give me a hug hello (people can really press against them! I don't think they did before...). When I touch them they don't feel like natural breast tissue (where I have feeling) and they aren't jiggly at all like my natural or even breast feeding breasts were. Don't get me wrong, I do love them to bits and wouldn't go without them!
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    I agree with rockmelonmumma. Way too risky to go against your surgeons advise. If this was a good solution for more cleavage then your ps would already be telling you to do it not some random in YouTube.
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    December 2014 ladies !

    it is a great sign but sucks at the same time it's so far ! well I leave at 630 am on the 14th but didn't want to wait at the airport for 7 hours on the 13th for a flights so staying the extra night otherwise I'd be home on the 13th but late !
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    Go qantas.. Can't beat the flying kangaroo on long flights.. Wash the Valium down with a good Aussie red x
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    I just asked my ps this one and he said that yes even though the swelling disappears with the settling of the implant you more inclined to notice that they appear bigger and I defiantly won't loose any size during the healing process.
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    22nd feb - 05th mar

    Hey jazzie girl, I am hoping to get mine next May or so, had a look at moira site, have you heard back from her? I'm not sure if going with a company or doing alone? Looking at boochai too as reviews seem great. Did you send your info for assessment via the pica site? This is new to me. Tia
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    before pics

    sending you a fr hun
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    How exciting!! My binder is tight. How much room for adjustment does your have? mine is a wrap around elastic thing with velcro on it, so I just do it as tight as I feel. But, I have had minimal swelling so wonder if its because I had it so tight (I just did it to the same feeling as when I was in hospital when surgeon did it for me each visit). At the end of the day, it was def. tighter, but I could adjust it if it was really that uncomfortable! I am wearing shapewear during the day now and just binder at night
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    Injury to breast 3 weeks post op

    I'm pretty sure cc only occurs when bacteria gets into your bloodstream and creates the cc that way. a kick won't do anything.. you should be fine just rest up and heal as much as u can:)
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    How to 'lift' your bum?

    I follow a lot of really good fitness accounts on Instagram that post work out tutorial etc, they are really helpful.
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    Talking to the kids

    I'm really struggling with this. I'm having BA and TT at the end of the month and have mentioned it to the kids (as i'm going to be in hospital for a few days with the TT) and they have both said they really don't want me to do it (sorry to be blunt, but my 10 year old boy said "what if you bleed to death" ) and my 8 year old daughter said i look beautiful the way I am. Have to be so careful with young girls and I do really worry about how this comes across to her. I'm thinking now, of not mentioning it again and just doing it. Then telling them I hurt my back or something... I don't want to worry them!
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    How to 'lift' your bum?

    Lower body days is choose from these exercises Squats in the squat rack about 30kg 4x10 Bulgarian lunges 7kg dumbbells 4x 8-10 each leg Hamstring curls (not sure on the weight) 4x 8-10 Leg press (also not sure on the weight) 4x 8-10 Deadlifts about 30-40kg 4x10 Lunges in the squat rack 25kg 4x10 each leg Weighted hip thrusts 10kg 4x10 Weighted one legged hip thrusts 10kg 4x10 each leg Weighted walking lunges 4x10 Kettle bell swing squat things 4x10 Weighted sumo squats 4x10 I used to lower body twice a week. I've stopped training for the last 2 months though
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    Talking to the kids

    I have 4 girls aged 4 to 11. My husband and I made the decision not to tell them. For all those reasons mentioned above, and also that at this young impressionable age, they may not know how to process the information properly and they may doubt themselves, even if they say they understand. They have not noticed a thing. I would really like to tell them one day when I see the time fit, also I would completely support them if they decide to have a BA in the future. But for now, I don't want them to doubt themselves one bit!
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    Too big? Too small?

    Your almost my stats! (Hoping to be 64 by the surgery date!) I'm not even an A cup so 445 should hopefully not make me more than a D! I'm so nervous!!! Ps I went to add you and realised I get the surgery on your birthday! Lol
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    Talking to the kids

    awesome news hun. I told my kids about my op too ( daughter 9 son 6 and daughter 2) I explained that in my case my breasts were damaged ( i didn't say it was from them lol) and that it would make me happy to have them back to what they were before. ( i used this way of explaining it to try avoid body image issues too) They really surprised me. My eldest was so supportive and counted down with me. And helped with housework and the 2 yr old. My son was happy for me and counted down coz he was getting a week of lunch order sandwiches pmsl and my 2 yr old just laughed and said boobies haha
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    Anyone go up a full cup size with d & f???

    Yep some get bigger, some smaller, and some stay the same! Good luck all, i hope yours all go the way you want them too!
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    I know, considering I was talking to him about vampires right before I went under (random, but there is a story behind it) - you can imagine my reaction to the bandaid >.<
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    I had dr Lee.. U can view my gallery if u add me! ;-)
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    MELBOURNE boobies & Botox

    Just moved to Melbourne from WA, considered BA for last 5 years always been too anxious to do anything about it. With this big change in my life finally ready to commit. Explored the possibility of TCI but seen as I'm by myself really would prefer to stay in Melbourne, no idea what size I'm after, don't want them huge (want to look professional still in work clothes) but do want them high profile and round. Budget is around 9k.... Interested in Dr. fung as the rest look quite expensive as in 12k plus. Help! Any advice on Botox here would be great too, have an AMAZING recommendation for Perth Botox if anyone is looking.
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    Rhinoplasty surgery advice!!!

    Hi Kat I am based in Sydney and think I am using Dr Pincock who is based here. I am having a consult in a few weeks but all the feedback I've seen is great, as well as speaking directly to a couple of his patients who are all really happy. I am going to have the following bits and bobs for after my surgery and at home, that you might want to take with you: Clothes that open to the front (not over the head) for after surgery...or that you can pull up from your legs - so you can avoid your face/nose Some people swear by Electromagnetic patch (Google Actipatch) Ice/heat packs (ice initially then warm compresses) Snacks (Nail Polish remover - you will need clear nails for the anesthetist) Arnica Vit C Bromlain Pillow/bed wedge to help keep me from rolling/upright during the initial healing phase Some good make up to help cover the black eyes Don't forget to check with your surgeon about any nasal douching etc and if you need to supply anything yourself That's it for now but I will see if there is anything to add
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    August Boobies 2014!

    Added some pics 6 weeks post op . I'm going to have to find some time to go bra and bikini shopping!
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    December 2014 ladies !

    Im booked in for the 2nd of December with Dr Tang! :)
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    December 2014 ladies !

    Hey girls!!! I'm traveling from Brisbane to bondi TCI on the 1st December for consultation the BA on the 2nd! They said I was borderline needing a lift?! But I'm going with just implants . My boobs now sit perfectly for a 21 year old. They aren't the perkiest . I'm currently a 12c and I want to go to 12e . Very nervous on what dr kwok will say !
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    Did you tell them what 'look' you were after and therefore they have said rounds are suitable in order to achieve that? I was advised that due to my frame, breast tissue and my desired outcome that rounds were not suitable as well. I am 6 days post op and very happy with the look that anatomicals have given me.
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    Is this normal !?

    My first BA and I didn't leave the house for 10 DAYS because of pure agony and I said to myself 'NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN'. I did it again last year. When I woke up post op last year I said to myself NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN. I'm already looking into number 3 next year. Moral of the story is the first week is a ***** then you forget about it and BOOBIES and do it all again lol
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