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    Just got out of my BA yayahhh well actually it's been a couple hours since I was feeling very drowsy and sick before. So excited with them, I went with the 225 low conical and after the Dr measured and drew on me he said it's going to be a pretty much perfect size. I love the size of them already even though they are heaps swollen. I hope they return to this size after they fluff, I'm hoping I'll be a small-mid C cup. I'll post some post and pre-op pics at the end of the week when the swelling has gone down for anyone who's interested to see (:
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    November 2014 Boobies Roll Call!

    Hi everyone! I noticed us November ladies don't have a roll call yet and it's coming up soon so whose getting new ta ta's this November ? 1st Nov - 2nd Nov - 3rd Nov - 4th Nov - 5th Nov - 6th Nov - 7th Nov - 8th Nov - 9th Nov - 10th Nov - 11th Nov - 12th Nov - 13th Nov - 14th Nov - 15th Nov - 16th Nov - 17th Nov - 18th Nov - 19th Nov - 20th Nov - 21st Nov - 22nd Nov - 23rd Nov - 24th Nov - 25th Nov - 26th Nov - DanniP (TCI Dr Lee) 27th Nov - 28th Nov - 29th Nov - 30th Nov -
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    Firstly i want to start off with saying how incredible my experience with tavakoli has been. They have always been there to promptly reply to any questions and help me if needed. His staff are lovely and he is so gentle and caring. Listen to everything you have to say and never once tried to pressure me to go bigger or smaller than what I was comfortable with. I'm a small 20 year old girl, 53 kg 156 tall and have a good set of boobs before hand, however on the smaller side and I had large fibroadenomas that were extremely painful and uncomfortable because the one that was the size of a large bouncy ball sat right where my underwire would sit. I originally started off with a full b cup and was recommended 290-330cc anatomical mentor implants HP under the muscle. I will admit I swayed back and forth with fears about being too small or too big or not round enough but then too too round. Hopeless I know. I was a bit limited to the size I could go as he was removing so much of my muscle from my lumps it would be very thin at the bottom so he didn't want to cause any tearing or complications by going too big, plus I wanted to keep them as natural as possible but still have that, they look to good to be real look. I'm only short so I was really worried about looking like a walking set of boobs. But also worried I was paying all this money and now have a much different result. Breast augmentation never really crossed my mind as I was quite happy with my original shape and by wearing an up 2 bra I could make them look like a full c cup, however if I just got the lumps removed id have un symmetrical boobs and large dimples from where the lumps were. At being 20 and loving a bikini this worried me so I chose to go the whole hog and get boobs as well! The night before I was terrified! No sleep and got extremely nervous. However on my way to the hospital I was surprisingly calm as It didn't really feel like it was actually happening. I live an hour or so away but being peak traffic time we left home at 7.30, after leaving and coming back as i forgot my wallet and was worried I'd need it( which i didn't haaha) and arrived at bondi junction private with 15 minutes to spare for a 9.30 check in. I was taken to my own room with a tv bathroom and bed and waited with my family for an hour or so as I got blood pressure and all those minor details done. Then was asked to change into my surgery gown and go into another room to be prepped. My mum and boyfriend were allowed to stay with my the entire time. The anesthetist came in and spoke to me, (dr lee) and he was so awesome, fun and bubbly and it made me feel so much at ease. I was given a half Valium to calm me down and waited to be drawn on. Tavakoli came in and drew on my and I watched tv for a bit before I was escorted to the theatre. When walking in they had my favourite club songs going and they were all heaps chilled which I really needed as it didn't feel serious and so I didn't freak out. ( which I was expecting as I'm a baby with needles) dr lee put in my drip and i asked to talk to tavakoli and remind him I wanted to go the biggest I could. Dr lee said he would give me a bit of anesthetic and I could speak to him when he arrived then he would put my out. However that little bit went a long way. I woke up in recovery asking where he was and if I could talk to him yet and dr lee was like hunny your all done! I was in no pain and I didn't even feel tight. I was very surprised. Immediately after waking up I was taken back to my room where my family was. By this time it was 1 so I'd been out for a couple of hours. Waking up was extremely hard and I drifted in and out for a while. I got a bit emotional seeing my boyfriend and kept saying how much i loved him. The nurses kept laughing and told me to try rest. I was taken to the toilet and came back to a toasted Ham cheese and tomato toasted sandwich with apple juice. My throat wasn't sore or anything like i was told so I ate about half but I really wasn't hungry. Tavakoli came in to check on me and said I got the biggies (330) and I started crying because I was so groggy and happy! He felt my boobs and commented on how large my lump was!! When he left i was left to wake up and was able to leave when I was ready. I left earlier than they expected! I insisted on walking myself to the car and everything. Only had sharp pains from where the lump was. I stayed at the Meriton down the road (also wrote a post about how amazing they are) I was up and about all night! Draining my drains myself and eating dinner, getting in and out if bed and even putting my hair up. My arms could easily go above my head with no pain. I didn't take anything for pain until 11 before bed because I didn't feel I needed too. So I took an Endone for sleep and mum woke me at 5.30 for another. I'm trying not to go back to sleep as I want a good sleep tonight so I'll try tire myself out today. Pain is only slightly more then yesterday however it's so breezy I'm doing really well!! Just my incisions hurt and where my lumps were removed are tended. I'm off for a nice breaky then to tavakolis office to get my drains out before heading back home to the coast. Sorry about rambling on! You girls just helped prepare and supported me so much I was to repay you. I'm sooo happy with the look so close from surgery. Can already get cleavage and have killer side boob. They are perfect! And I know they will change so much! But I'm so happy. The drains have done wonders as there is minimal swelling or pain. Add me for my post and pre op photos:) and I will keep you updated!!! Xxxxx
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    Kayla Itsines

    I have the books but never got around to starting. I should join you! I'll start today, or maybe tomorrow
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    advice about nipples/sagging/BA

    I would definitely get a second opinion. It's always a good idea to get multiple consults because it is a big decision, and you don't want to have regrets later. I am surprised that they suggested a lift, as I think a big enough implant might fill out the upper pole, but it depends on what look she is hoping for in the end. I do think 3 different consults would give her a really good idea of what she wants. Goodluck!
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    Day 4 Pain

    I was getting morning boob up till about week 3, then it eased and my chest muscles felt a lot more relaxed. It will happen, I hope it happens for you soon but it's all worth it in the end
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    Day 4 Pain

    I'm 2 weeks post op and have had a similar experience. I felt better once I stopped the heavy meds and switched to paracetamol. My surgeon suggested heat packs instead of ice and I really got a lot of relief with that, which I still do at nights after a long day. I found my "constant" pain settled around day 5, but by day 8 I started getting some sharp shooting pains. These have now eased and day by day it is getting better. The morning boob does ease up, I wasn't convinced at first but have started to notice improvement now I know what you mean about the strap, I was thinking of having a ceremonial burning of that thing!!
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    I go to my doctor and get them to prescribe me retinol cream. Prescription retinols yield the most superior results by far.
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    At 5 weeks I started sleeping flat but with 3 soft pillows and was still getting slight morning boob, Into week 6 now and last 2-3 days no pain just a moment of tightness when I stood up then it was fine. I'm finding though that sleeping on my side I'm feeling tender under my arms by my side boob for some reason.
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    No tan or nails like Dee Envy said. However, I did notice when I was there that 50% of the girls had painted nails on when they were going into theater. Made me wonder if they would void the guarentee as in all the paper work it stated no to both.
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    BA today 395cc Nagor XHP

    Photo's are up.
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    Fillers help please

    Juverderm products are superior IMO! Softer I only have juve in my face.... There was someone recently who moved to melb asking for melb recs but they were from Perth and had a really good Perth rec I'll see if I can find the thread for you
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    Dr Michael Miroshnik

    I booked a phone consult with him, but have to wait until December. She said if they have a cancelation before then they will let me know. So exciting!
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    My surgeon took mine off for me at my first post op appointment which was at 1.5 weeks. I changed them once myself after 4 days but put new ones straight back on.
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    Mine were to stay intact for 1 week. I had lots of bleeding under 1 of them and called my ps about it, she told me not to change it as everything is sterile (including the blood), removing/changing it could compromise it. So I left them and at my 1 wk post op appointment she changed them.
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    I definitely agree with Donatella on this one. A retinol cream may not seem like it's working straight away but if you keep using it for years, the results will be soooo good. I'm 24 and in a couple of weeks will be getting my first microdermabrasian/LED treatment and will aim to do it once a month (if I can keep affording it). Medical grade glycolic acid peels are awesome too. Thete are heaps of salon facials that I personally wouldn't waste time or money on. I'm all for the real high-performance stuff.
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    Fillers help please

    Juvederm is brilliant, and will last a lot longer than restylane. Be very careful with getting filler under the eyes. In the wrong hands you could get lumps! Make sure you trust the injector.
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    diishere ba experience

    Thank you for sharing your story, l'm glad everything went so well for you! x
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    My instructions say to have them changed at 1 week by my GP (im travelling interstate for my surgery) and those are to remain intact for the following 2 weeks. I can then remove my dressings at the 3 week stage!
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    Capsular Contracture

    No it was not. my first op. was (removal old implants) had leaking implants. But..... rebate was VERY little. This time, had a augmentation and mastopexy
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    Post-Op Bras

    Great idea to start a 'pass them on' system with post op bras. We'll all need them but not for very long.
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    Day 4 Pain

    I agree with diishere, the regular paracetamol regardless of pain levels has been helpful. If the pain is worse, I substitute the paracetamol for panedine forte. I dont have a strap on and perhaps thats why i dont have pain like you do. I have been braless except for if i go walking or if i have people over and am trying to smoosh them down. Cant wait to get it off whenever im wearing it though so i gather the strap increases the downward pressure of your implant and thats related to your pain. Hope it settles soon. I doubt going back to work at this point is a good idea. See if you can get a few more days off.
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    Hey Don, Just saw the the new comments and i am speaking from personal experience... please do urself a favour and dont fly United (or any of those crappy American airlines!!! you will be miserable its sh%$ service and the planes themselves are sooo outdated and lacking the expected human comfort! such as TVS!!!! Go Qantas or Virgin (i am a big fan of Virgin AU/USA) also if u pay a lil extra it will be worth it to fly Premium economy
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    Bec Bec

    November 2014 Boobies Roll Call!

    I can't wait to see the magic he works. I'm getting excited to see how you go. 29 days Woo Hoo.
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    Hay fever/flu

    What do you take for hay fever??? :-)
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    Post-Op Bras

    We didn't - that's why we're selling them LOL!! I was silly enough to cut the tag off my Berlei so can't return it. That's why crops are easier - they go by straight size 10-12 etc, rather than a cup size.
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    Personal loan for BA

    Westpac have a credit card no interest for 12 months.
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    Family Reactions?

    I didn't tell my mum before because I knew she would worry herself sick about me while I was away - She always worries too much. I thought I was going to tell her when I got back, as she was visiting from interstate, but at that point they didn't look much bigger than before because I had always worn padded bras. I don't think she noticed, or if she did she didn't say anything so neither did I. I'm visiting home next week so we'll see if my family notices now that they have loosened up a bit. If they ask, I'll tell them but if not, I think I'll just keep it to myself...
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    IMO, it's my body - my insecurities. Got nothing to do with anyone else. If I go through with having rhinoplasty, then I'm just going to come out straight out and tell people (if they ask). I have no shame, because they don't understand how I feel when I know someone is looking at me from my side profile. You have your reasons for whatever cosmetic procedure you have done, you and only you. Stuff everyone else.
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    does you boobs get bigger after surgery

    Hey Dee I'm going back in this week to get resized I'm swinging from 310 xhp nuance or 345 chip nuance. I just noticed you said your friend also uses your account so thought I'd ask the day 4 post op pics are they yours with the rounds or your friends as a nuance. I'm pretty set on the nuance but every now and then I see someone with the rounds and it makes me wonder. How have you gone now that you're nearly 8weeks post op?
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    Nov 13th Dr Piyapas - Phuket :-)
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    December BA at TCI dr Tang.

    shawty mine is for my birthday to ! so exited although my birthday is October I'm getting my boobs December still so exiting !
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    BA today 395cc Nagor XHP

    Hi Mollyjo, yeah it is a breeze the 2nd time around, basically no pain, it is day 2 and have not taken any pain killers. I'm home now have just done washing and cut up a salad for dinner and unpacked my bag. Probably all the things I shouldn't be doing. There is no tightness. I have the strapping on until Monday when I can take it off and put on a crop top.
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    I booked today. I got off the phone and it felt surreal. I don't think it will hit home until after I have my consult/preop. I know there's a Dec TCI thread, I wouldn't mind starting a general Dec thread??
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    Hello I thought I would add here as I have just had my whole experience through cosmeditour and could not be more pleased and satisfied , I chose my own surgeon based on my own research and he was fantastic!! He gave me exactly what I wanted, cosmeditour have been great the hotel they sent me to was FABULOUS! More than I could have expected and my package was such great value! Janet the cosmeditour consultant over here in phuket is so lovely and nice she stayed with me while I was in hospital, the hospital even phoned me after discharge to check how everything is, and the nurses were so great I almost didn't want to leave the hospital! Cosmeditour emailed me to receive feedback on how everything is going for me since my surgery! So happy I went with cosmeditour and if I had to I would choose them again!
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    Recovery time

    BellaJay, what surgeon did you book with? I'm looking at Dr William Fung. Was looking at another surgeon but reading reviews on Dr Fung he seems to be very good for the price. Scary thing is that I can't get in to see him until end Oct but will need to pay deposit to reserve the date now if I want them done Mid Nov otherwise I may miss out and have to wait til next year
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    Everyone's thoughts on dr Montien

    Wow look at the smile on your dial! Looks awesome Wazza. Hey I forgot my passport when I went to Vasu Exchange but my partner had his - sorry I forgot to mention that. The exchange rate dropped in the 10 days we were there. On the day we left it was 28.4 or something. I found that the rate was about 2 baht per dollar better in Bangkok than in Australia so you still definitely saved money by exchanging in Bangkok. Here's another tip from Aunty SG - take the motor bikes not the taxis - they are mad, they weave in and out of the traffic and you get there faster and cheaper and it's good fun as well. Like 80 baht compared to 300 because they've don't get stuck in traffic (or take you the long way round). The bikes go up on the footpath and down one way streets the wrong way haha. After your operation you should wear a mask to protect your nose from the pollution. Pick one up from the hospital before you leave. Also the Sky Train is great (air conditioned) and very cheap for getting around. Tell the hotel concierge where you want to go and ask whether you can get there by Sky Train. There's a station nearby the hospital - Phloen Chit. If you haven't found them already, there are two big shopping malls - BMK and Terminal 1 - you can get to both by Sky Train or bikes. Also the Chatuchak Markets are worth a look - you can get there by Sky Train. My nose is coming along quite well. The internal stitches are driving me a little nuts - the itching is annoying but apart from that I'm happy. Like Ersko, the swelling in the tip is more on one side than the other but I think only I would notice that. Still no one has said anything to me about my nose. The closest I came was at work the other day a lady said "I didn't recognise you, you've got your hair pulled back!" Haha Also, for the first time in my life I looked in the mirror and thought "you look quite pretty"!! Money well spent. Ersko, I'm glad your chin is coming good. SG
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    I'm three weeks post op and now I can sleep on my side again yay yay!
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    BA today 395cc Nagor XHP

    Yay u picked the bigger ones, good on u! Congrats happy healing x
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    Youthful skin. Best procedures?

    Noooooo stay away from Sculptra, Radiesse, Aquamid any of those semi/perm fillers..... I would start with incorporating a Vit C & E cream in the morning and a Retinol (vit A) at night. Regular micros and peels to keep your skin in condition and when you're ready Botox as preventative
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    Thanks so much you are right I can't wait to fill out some nice clothes
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    November 2014 girls

    Hey ladies! Reading this has gotten me so excited! Even though our boyfriends are sick as hell of hearing about boobs (who knew that could happen? Haha) we have each other! As far as the bloating goes in summer... Try and be yourself and do as you would normally do! Even though our tummies might be bigger, out boobs will too so we will probably look more in proportion right? I'm a bit lost on what to do with the money situation... I might end up getting a travel card and using that. I'm wary of carrying cash Im personally going to go for textured as it reduces the rate of cc. I'm having an internal crisis... Round or teardrop? Ahh!! I'm wuite petite but I want a rounded look. Hopefully high profile teardrops can give me that! Not soon now ladies!
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    November 2014 girls

    Hi all I'm super excited and nervous!! I'm flying over to Phuket on the 2nd Nov and I'm booked in for the 5th but have second thoughts about where and who I'm booked with. Now thinking of going to PIAC as I had seen and heard so many great reviews. Are u all going with a support person/partner? Where are u all from? :)
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    3 WEEK POST OP UPDATE Boobs haven't changed much since week 2. Im still wearing the strap/binder thing. left boob is still sitting alittle higher then right not far of though Still get small pains here and there but go away within seconds. My skin and nipples feel sore sometimes too so I'm bio-oiling twice a day also because ive noticed a couple of faint stretch marks but hardly noticeable, which im not really worried about. Ive also been getting a minor pain i notice every now and then in left boob (top right side of left boob) i notice it more when i sleep on my right side. And also feels like im noticing it less and less every day so hoping its just part of healing process. Half way through week 2, i was blow drying and brushing my hair and noticed i have 3 lines under my right boob and sort of a pulling feeling and knew straight away its mondors cords. i also have one under left boob too. i had researched it in the past so knew what it was straight away. so total bummer on that! Not really worryed as Ive read they go away/resolve by them self and wont do damage but Should i be telling my surgeon or nurse??? thinking it wouldn't really matter if they resolve by them self. Other than all that they are looking and feeling really good!! loving them!! Cant wait to wear normal tops instead of hoodies and scarfs all the time coz of binder thing And get tans again lol looking forward to that, with warmer weather not far away.
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    hey dee, Im same stats nd got 300cc back in December im now a 10DD if you want to see feel free to send me a FR =)
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    Has anyone been through Lotus?

    I used Lotus and they were great from the get go. Quick to respond to questions and helpful. Charlie was awesome. He was there for me at all appointments and visited a few times whilst I was in hospital. He contacted me by phone to check in with me and attend my post op appointments with me. There were a couple of ladies at PIAC whilst I was waiting for my appt and there consultants hadn't turned up. Charlie went and checked on them after there surgeries and they weren't even his clients. That's pretty awesome. He was the main reason I would use them again if I went back. Not because I feel I would need a consultant as PIAC is great but because he was like having a friend with you but one that spoke fluent Thai, knows the system and has a medical background himself. Can't go wrong with Lotus in my opinion.
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    Your friends are idiots! I'm an injector and have clients of all ages and plenty your age who get Botox and fillers. So long as you don't go overboard (and believe me it costs A LOT to go overboard) then enjoy it. I couldn't live without mind, I'm 32 in a few weeks and look better then I did 10 years ago.
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    Spray tan after BA?

    Donatella I am so slack as well I don't do it nearly as much as I should! not good for my poor machine! TIPS TO THE NEW TANNING LADIES: - before tanning put sorbelene cream on your feet, knees, elbows and also hands to avoid those bits turning darker - also do not directly spray your hands and feet with the solution - I have found that "fallout" from spraying the rest of your body will usually make its way to your feet and hands and will look completely natural. nothing is worse than noticeably orange hands and feet! try to spray only down to your ankles on your feet and also your wrists on your arms (very lightly and not close-up) - buy a big bronzer face brush or similar to blend the solution down your hands and feet to avoid any harsh lines happy tanning ladies!!!
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    Spray tan after BA?

    Just the incisions. Get a waterproof dressing from the chemist, something like a post-op opsite, duoderm or similar that will protect the incision site so you can spray all over and know the site is completely covered and protected and peel it off after you shower the next morning.
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    Spray tan after BA?

    At the moment I just do myself but will spray my friends when they ask me to. I know I need to set up my own little business as I've been spraying myself for 7 years but I just can't be bothered LOL. I have the best little machine, cost me $125 and its pink! So affordable!!! My tan spray cost $49 for 1L bottle and its the best tan ever!! Nicest colour brown, not orange.
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