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    BA today 395cc Nagor XHP

    Hi All, Well I got to have the strapping off today and saw but upgraded additions and all I can say is...... I LOVE THEM...... thankyou Dr Theile and all the ladies on this forum you are the BEST. I will post up some new photos of day 5 soon.
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    Just got out of my BA yayahhh well actually it's been a couple hours since I was feeling very drowsy and sick before. So excited with them, I went with the 225 low conical and after the Dr measured and drew on me he said it's going to be a pretty much perfect size. I love the size of them already even though they are heaps swollen. I hope they return to this size after they fluff, I'm hoping I'll be a small-mid C cup. I'll post some post and pre-op pics at the end of the week when the swelling has gone down for anyone who's interested to see (:
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    diishere ba experience

    Hi ladies, I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op atm, and thought I'd share my ba experience with those of you who may be interested My ba was scheduled mid August after approximately 8 weeks after one of my 14 year old saline implants had developed a slow leak and was about 50% deflated. Since it began deflating I had one bout of illness after the other and recurrent sinus infections, so when I turned up for my ba they discovered that I had developed a fever as my infection had gotten worse and my ba was cancelled I was miserable as I had to arrange my ba to be done a week prior to hubby's departure overseas, care for the kids was all arranged etc, so I had to reschedule everything all over again for 1 month down the track after hubby returns. In the meantime I managed to clear the infection up for good and shook off all the illnesses I was battling As the day approached I became more anxious about the size and profile I selected (PS selected 290cc hp I wanted MUCH bigger but not allowed due to my measurements so I requested to go up the next profile 285cc xhp) about getting sick again and my ba getting cancelled again (which ran my immunity down to the gutter and my anxiety to hit the roof) and the usual what ifs about things that could go wrong during and after my ba. I finally accepted the 'whatever approach' and adopted a good old distract myself technique which made the days fly by, then finally the BIG DAY arrived. I was instructed 'nil by mouth' from 8pm the night before, had a rough night trying to sleep and my darling hubby decided to try and make me chicken out of the ba that night and scare me out of it by telling me I'm going to die and who's going to look after the kids etc, so that really made me feel so confident The following morning off I went all alone on my hour long train ride to the other side with feelings of fear, anxiety and excitement. I arrived at the hospital at 7 am, waited about an hour or so to be called in to change into the hospital gown,then they checked my blood pressure, temperature and heart rate,etc. I was then taken to a pre warmed bed and asked to wait there for my PS and anesthetist to come and have a quick word with me prior to my ba. My good old bladder decided to get all nervous so I had repeated visits to the toilet to pee, then my anesthetist came with a couple of questions and off she went a short while later my PS came, prepped me for surgery and explained what she will be doing (she had explained it all to me in my prior consultation too) and asked if I had any questions. She was very kind understanding, considerate and compassionate in regards to my anxiety and fears and put all my worries at rest. Not long after at about 8.20am two nurses came in to wheel my bed into the operating theater, where I was then transferred onto the operating bed it was so freezing cold in the theater I was actually shivering. The operating room was really nice with a HUGE window facing the city, lovely views, so it didn't feel too clinical. I was then asked to remove the top part of the gown and then the anesthetist began inserting a cannula into my arm which I barely felt. Within seconds I began feeling very relaxed and drowsy, I asked the anesthetist "should already be working by now ?" as I was surprised how qucikly the stuff works she said replied "yes". They began taping those little heart rate tabs onto my upper back and chest and that's all I remember as I was well into lala land. At 10am, what felt like minutes later (but was actually 1hr 20 minutes later) I was awoken by lady's voice calling my name, I woke up right away thinking to myself 'wtf??? who's this lady in my bedroom and why is she calling my name????' Then I realized I was just waking up from my ba in the recovery room, so first thing I did it pull my bra out from the top to take a peek at my new boobs They looked huge. I wasn't in pain like with my first ba, but my incisions felt a bit sore. My PS provided my post op bra and told me at my first consult with her that it will be too big for me, it's the smallest they come in but I am just sooooo tiny, so I may want to bring my own...I actually forgot to tell my PS that I brought my own bra with me so she can put it on me after my ba and woke up with the bra she'd provided on me....I was too lazy and too scared to try and change out of it later lol. My blood pressure was taken a few times and I was told that my blood pressure was quite low before, but now it's coming up so they'll be moving me to another room. Off they wheeled me to the other room, I was offered pain meds, which I turned down, and offered food which I happily accepted as I was starving from being without food or water since about 5pm the previous evening. An hour or so later the pain in my incision site was increasing so when the nurse came around again to take my blood pressure and check on me she offered me pain meds again which I happily accepted. I felt very drowsy, sleepy and dizzy and expected to sleep the whole time until they discharge me but for some reason I was unable to sleep. Luckily I had a book and my phone with me so I carried on reading and surfing the web during my boring wait. At about 12.30 pm my PS came and visited me, she asked me how I felt about them and told me what to do and what not to do post op and reminded me about my post op appointment. It was a great relief to see her I must admit, just having her reassure me that all went well and that there were no problems and nothing to worry about at all and the incision pain I was experiencing is normal as she placed a hundred deep muscle stitches, so it will just take time for that to heal. By 1 pm I was told that I may leave, so I called hubby and by 2 pm I was outta there, got my meds from the chemist downstairs at the hospital and on my long drive back home. The drive home was quite painful on speed bumps and bumpy roads, I felt lightheaded getting out of the car and walking to the house but it wasn't so bad to the point that I couldn't stand/needed someone to help me walk. Overall I'd say I had a VERY pleasant experience. My ba took ONLY 40 mins, I was amazed to discover how fast it was. My PS, Dr Jane Paterson is a lovely lady, she's understanding, compassionate, friendly, very professional and puts you at ease. She is very skilled and an expert at her job. Most importantly I found her to be EXTREMELY honest, she doesn't tell you what you want to hear, she gives you the facts all up close and personal, and to me that is very important. If I had to do it all again I would definitely go back to her. I hope my story helps some of you lovely ladies:) and that you enjoyed reading it. Cheers
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    If your PS said it is fine then I would follow that advice along with your general recovery. Recovery wise I'd feel fine to wear no bra at that stage but my PS has a strict surgical bra only policy until 8 weeks I think it is, I keep forgetting and then its no underwire for a further 4 weeks before I can move to wire. It seems PS instructions can really vary and it probably comes down to their personal preference based on their experience along with the placement, implant and their process.
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    advice about nipples/sagging/BA

    Thanks so much x
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    How to 'lift' your bum?

    SQUATSSSSSSS & dead lifts l! 12 weeks to build, only 4 to loose :-( lol
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    Rubie's Boobies - 12 week photos up

    Wow - 12 weeks has flown past. Dr Boonchai absolutely NAILED my dream boobs and created exactly what I was looking for, and I am SO happy with the results. For someone who had no breasts whatsoever and felt like a 35 yo woman trapped in the body of a pre-pubescent boy, I could not ask for more. I couldn't go any bigger due to lack of breast tissue, but they look 'natural', and fit my body size. I still have a bit of numbness to the back of my upper left arm, and still feel pretty weak in the chest & arms - there's still no way I could do a push-up yet (I tried again this morning), but started arm/chest exercises at the gym at about 8 weeks, so can feel my strength coming back. I'd rather take it slow and steady than push it and have something go wrong. Have been wearing crops during the days under work clothes - gives a nice shape, and hides them a bit. Have tried a few bras, but they don't feel as comfortable. Still haven't yet been properly sized - waiting for things to calm down, but I think I'm pretty much there. A big change happened at 10 weeks - boobs softened and D&F seemed to happen overnight. I can fit into 10DD, 12C or 12D bras, depending on the store, type, brand etc. Had my first day out wearing a low, fitted top with no bra the other day - met my friend for coffee and she said they looked awesome and 'natural' which is exactly what I wanted. Feels a bit weird having them on show and everyone looking - (guys and girls - girls actually look a lot more than guys!), but it's a good thing to have to get used to I guess I'm still wearing a crop to bed most nights (so comfy!!) but have noticed that the nights I sleep without a crop (maybe every 3rd night), they feel/look bigger in the mornings. I don't know whether we should be sleeping in a crop or not post BA? As I'm a tummy sleeper, I now sleep with either an arm across my body/under my ribs, or lie my arm out towards the wall and lean on that, hugging a pillow. It feels a bit weird on the bottom of the boob otherwise - feels like it is pulling the skin. Since I came back from Phuket (we went for a month), everyone has said I'm 'glowing'. I like to think this is from finally being able to relax after an absolute shocker of a year, but I really think it is because my self esteem has risen to where it should be, and I now feel so happy and confident. My posture has improved, and I think people can really tell when someone is genuinely happy. Also, the few people I've told, have all said "Good on you". I'm really surprised at this, as I was expecting people to judge me for wanting bigger boobs, but everyone has been so wonderful and supportive. Sorry for the long post, but I thought I would put down all the little details, as the girls on here have helped me greatly in my journey, and if I can help anyone else with theirs, I'd be gladly returning the favour. Feel free to send a FR to look at the album.
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    pink butterfly

    Going braless 4 weeks post op?

    Gosh won't it feel so great to eventually go braless! I am 3 weeks post op and can't wait to go braless at night.
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    Kayla Itsines

    I have the books but never got around to starting. I should join you! I'll start today, or maybe tomorrow
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    Day 4 Pain

    I'm 2 weeks post op and have had a similar experience. I felt better once I stopped the heavy meds and switched to paracetamol. My surgeon suggested heat packs instead of ice and I really got a lot of relief with that, which I still do at nights after a long day. I found my "constant" pain settled around day 5, but by day 8 I started getting some sharp shooting pains. These have now eased and day by day it is getting better. The morning boob does ease up, I wasn't convinced at first but have started to notice improvement now I know what you mean about the strap, I was thinking of having a ceremonial burning of that thing!!
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    advice about nipples/sagging/BA

    I haven't but I am going to I'm pretty confident they will turn out ok my surgeons happy to do it and assured me he wouldn't if he thought it would look bad I have a before pic I'll send u a fr I'm 26 also
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    Everyone's thoughts on dr Montien

    Hi all Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. Well I had my consultation on the Thursday everything went swimmingly. Dr Montien is such lovely guy, so welcoming and professional and happy to answer any question you have. Had my blood tests done and chest x-ray and a heap of pics taken and was told to head back to the hospital on the Sunday for surgery day. I was so relaxed and reassured after meeting him that for the first time of my trip I was actually really excited. So next few days I spent enjoying Bangkok, I made some friends over here and also my friend from Sydney was here so we also met up for coffee and a bit of a crazy night, It would of been rude not too Smileygirl thank you so much for your advice on what to do around Bangkok it came in helpful... I'm literally in love with the shopping malls over here, amazing!! Well Sunday came headed over to the hospital, checked in like its a Hotel, they had no standard single rooms either so they upgraded me to a Deluxe at no extra cost!! Happy Chap. Room was fantastic, Nurses are so pro active and can't do enough for you, so I was literally not even worried about the surgery. I headed down at 11am to prep for surgery and they changed my drip over to antibiotics and it all went down hill for me then. I had an allergic reaction to the Antibiotics they gave me, my eye went all puffy, I got all hot and itchy my throat started to go weird, my eyes were streaming and my nose went congested. I was like WTF.... am I going into anaphylactic shock... I was a little scared!! They took me straight off the antibiotics and got the pharmacist down to have a chat with me. Within about 20 mins of coming off the antibiotics the only thing I had left on me was my puffy eye. Pharmacist come down and told me what I had already gathered, that I'm allergic too it. Dr Montien was there at this time as well and advised that unfortunately It would be bad idea to do the surgery on my nose as we may run into complications because of the swelling, which he only had my best interests at heart but as you can imagine I was totally pee'd off. I had literally never been more ready to have it done and to be told they couldn't do it was heartbreaking. He did advise however that he could still proceed with my chin so we would get that done and reschedule the nose for Tuesday, 2 days later. So I went down for my chin, had it done under local so I was awake through it all, my eyes closed tho!! Haha... It felt like I was only in there for a couple of mins but was actually just under an hour... I didn't feel any pain but I can remember the smells and the noise's not pleasant at all but hey it saved me about 30K in baht. He taped my chin up and sent me up to recovery, I spent 2 hours in there and because I wasn't having my nose done now I couldn't go back to my room I had to go back to my hotel. Dr Montien was lovely and advised he would sort out the room for me so that I wouldn't have to pay for anything I used today and at one point said if he had to he would lose some of his surgeon fee to cover the cost... How amazingly nice of him.. True legend. They shipped me out with a bag full of medication majority of it Antihistamines and some cold packs. I went back to my room to collect my belongings and then the nice porter lad walked me back to my hotel. I was in a little bit of pain with my chin, just more uncomfortable than anything else and all i wanted to do was eat and sleep, ordered some room service and eventually managed to eat it took my meds and got my head down. Woke up this morning fine, feeling a little bit down because this was the day I was planning to start recovery because I thought my nose would of been done along with my chin. But I picked myself up jumped in the shower and headed down stairs to the restaurant and ate!! I was like you know what I look a little bit extreme at the moment with my chin and all, but I don't know none of these people here and I honestly couldn't care less what you think!! Haha... and in fact everyone was lovely, no1 said 1 thing to me. What you have to understand is this is one of the biggest country's in the world for medical tourism and its just a normal sight for them, yeah your going to get a few stares but just stare back and smile but in my case I'm pretty sure my smile scared them off because i can't smile atm.... Haha, dread to think what I looked like. But it was cool, Ive had a lovely day spoke with home and that made me feel better as well, my eye was still a little bit puffy so been trying to get that reduced. As for my chin I can't really see results just yet because it taped back so far, that i can't see my lower teeth. I do have full movement around that area though as I was little bit concerned about what happened with you Ersko, but Dr Montien also advised if It did happen its completely repairable. So now I'm just sitting in my room once again waiting for my surgery tomorrow. I think what they did to cover the cost of the room was book me in for surgery at 5pm which is a little bit strange but hey this is Thailand. Also Random guy not too sure why the taxi's didn't want to take me, i have a feeling its because the address i was showing them was in english and obvs there Thai and couldn't understand. Once i had figured that out in my thick head I've had no problems since.. Also had a drama with my teeth, I got there the other day to have the veneers fitted and I had ordered the wrong shade for my teeth they was too white. I thought i could get away with it but once they are in your mouth its so obvious so they have had to be sent back to the lab to get altered... Dentist was lovely though advised not a problem will reschedule the fitting for a weeks time. So Ive had a few dramas along the way but its not put me off anything, everything has sort of worked its self out so far I just hope that I don't encounter any problems but as with everything that happens in life not of it can be for seen apart from the too white teeth... Haha (P.s my teeth are still extremely white so I'm still happy ) Well anyways I'm going to get a shower and head out for Dinner with my friend at Central Embassy and scare everyone, well halloween is only a few weeks away. Hope everyone is good, and who ever is thinking about going with Dr M or has already booked in his a fab guy. I can't comment on my procedures yet because I haven't seen them but with what I have encountered so far I'm happy All the best guys and hopefully the next time I will be replying will be with a new nose. Wazza
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    Youthful skin. Best procedures?

    I love Rationale Serums. I also use a Vitamin A Retinole 2 or 3 nights a week. I scrub my face in the shower bi-carb soda as a mask scrub once a week. It's the business!! I am always getting mistaken for being 10 years younger than my actual age. SUNSCREEN always face neck and decollatage. I pretty much will not show skin during the day.
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    I go to my doctor and get them to prescribe me retinol cream. Prescription retinols yield the most superior results by far.
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    At 5 weeks I started sleeping flat but with 3 soft pillows and was still getting slight morning boob, Into week 6 now and last 2-3 days no pain just a moment of tightness when I stood up then it was fine. I'm finding though that sleeping on my side I'm feeling tender under my arms by my side boob for some reason.
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    No tan or nails like Dee Envy said. However, I did notice when I was there that 50% of the girls had painted nails on when they were going into theater. Made me wonder if they would void the guarentee as in all the paper work it stated no to both.
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    Dr Michael Miroshnik

    I booked a phone consult with him, but have to wait until December. She said if they have a cancelation before then they will let me know. So exciting!
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    My surgeon took mine off for me at my first post op appointment which was at 1.5 weeks. I changed them once myself after 4 days but put new ones straight back on.
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    diishere ba experience

    I enjoyed reading your story, diishere. What a pain it would have been to re-schedule due to your sickness. With 6 kids to organise you must have been super stressed. I am glad it all worked out in the end and hope that your recovery has been a quick one.
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    I definitely agree with Donatella on this one. A retinol cream may not seem like it's working straight away but if you keep using it for years, the results will be soooo good. I'm 24 and in a couple of weeks will be getting my first microdermabrasian/LED treatment and will aim to do it once a month (if I can keep affording it). Medical grade glycolic acid peels are awesome too. Thete are heaps of salon facials that I personally wouldn't waste time or money on. I'm all for the real high-performance stuff.
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    Fillers help please

    Actually, perlane lasts longer than juvederm in the lips, but juvederm lasts longer than the standard restylane in the lips. Juvederm is very soft.
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    diishere ba experience

    Thank you for sharing your story, l'm glad everything went so well for you! x
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    Day 4 Pain

    I agree with diishere, the regular paracetamol regardless of pain levels has been helpful. If the pain is worse, I substitute the paracetamol for panedine forte. I dont have a strap on and perhaps thats why i dont have pain like you do. I have been braless except for if i go walking or if i have people over and am trying to smoosh them down. Cant wait to get it off whenever im wearing it though so i gather the strap increases the downward pressure of your implant and thats related to your pain. Hope it settles soon. I doubt going back to work at this point is a good idea. See if you can get a few more days off.
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    My fiance and I weren't planning on trying for a baby until January but apparently the universe had another plan for us! I had bought a pregnancy test when my period was 9 days later than my last cycle (which had still been irregular since my mirena removal in june) not expecting it to come back positive but had this feeling that there was a possibility! We are so happy and thought I would share this with this amazing community! You have all been amazing through out the last year and a half that I have been an active member! Xx
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    Day 4 Pain

    Yes it's definitely not pleasant at all getting out of bed with that kind of pain, I dreaded it. I'm so glad it's gone now, but I really feel for you it's horrible. Have you found that it's not so bad once your out and about (I mean it's still sore, but not as bad as when you initially wake up or get up from a horizontal position)? If it was me I'd take a full week of rest before getting back to work, the pain may probably still be there in a week but you're body really needs time to recover. Take it easy hun and kick back, it's not very often we can have an excuse to just sit back and chill for a few days. Get some dvds or catch up on your reading until the week is up, you'll feel more confident about getting out and about once you know you've given your body a reasonable amount of recovery time. good luck hun, hope you feel better soon
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    Hay fever/flu

    What do you take for hay fever??? :-)
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    I would have loved to have gone through Dr Dona but he wouldn't do my BL and BA in one operation, said It needed to be done in 2 operations. He is the only surgeon who has said this so I will not be going through him. His results that I've seen are amazing though!
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    I haven't read all the replies but you need new friends. Friends don't call each other ugly or other nasty things ever! Even if they think you do look it and as long as you're happy that's all that matters they definitely shouldn't have said it. Some people are resentful to answer your question and others don't understand it. Still you don't call friends ugly.
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    Personal loan for BA

    Westpac have a credit card no interest for 12 months.
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    Family Reactions?

    I didn't tell my mum before because I knew she would worry herself sick about me while I was away - She always worries too much. I thought I was going to tell her when I got back, as she was visiting from interstate, but at that point they didn't look much bigger than before because I had always worn padded bras. I don't think she noticed, or if she did she didn't say anything so neither did I. I'm visiting home next week so we'll see if my family notices now that they have loosened up a bit. If they ask, I'll tell them but if not, I think I'll just keep it to myself...
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    IMO, it's my body - my insecurities. Got nothing to do with anyone else. If I go through with having rhinoplasty, then I'm just going to come out straight out and tell people (if they ask). I have no shame, because they don't understand how I feel when I know someone is looking at me from my side profile. You have your reasons for whatever cosmetic procedure you have done, you and only you. Stuff everyone else.
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    I'm unsure but one tip is never have a front fringe ever! My hairdresser advised against it as my forehead is small. Maybe Botox would work but I'm unsure on that. I know that brow lifts can be done with Botox.
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    does you boobs get bigger after surgery

    Hey Dee I'm going back in this week to get resized I'm swinging from 310 xhp nuance or 345 chip nuance. I just noticed you said your friend also uses your account so thought I'd ask the day 4 post op pics are they yours with the rounds or your friends as a nuance. I'm pretty set on the nuance but every now and then I see someone with the rounds and it makes me wonder. How have you gone now that you're nearly 8weeks post op?
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    December BA at TCI dr Tang.

    shawty mine is for my birthday to ! so exited although my birthday is October I'm getting my boobs December still so exiting !
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    November 2014 girls

    So only 22 more days until my boobs.... time is going by SO QUICK!!!!!
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    Hello I thought I would add here as I have just had my whole experience through cosmeditour and could not be more pleased and satisfied , I chose my own surgeon based on my own research and he was fantastic!! He gave me exactly what I wanted, cosmeditour have been great the hotel they sent me to was FABULOUS! More than I could have expected and my package was such great value! Janet the cosmeditour consultant over here in phuket is so lovely and nice she stayed with me while I was in hospital, the hospital even phoned me after discharge to check how everything is, and the nurses were so great I almost didn't want to leave the hospital! Cosmeditour emailed me to receive feedback on how everything is going for me since my surgery! So happy I went with cosmeditour and if I had to I would choose them again!
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    Recovery time

    BellaJay, what surgeon did you book with? I'm looking at Dr William Fung. Was looking at another surgeon but reading reviews on Dr Fung he seems to be very good for the price. Scary thing is that I can't get in to see him until end Oct but will need to pay deposit to reserve the date now if I want them done Mid Nov otherwise I may miss out and have to wait til next year
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    Brisbane Newbie - Booking Soon

    Perfect! Thank you so much for your response. This is what I was expecting but was really only making an assumption and the information I'd read. That's brilliant you were able to travel so soon after your op. I've taken 5 days off work - I have a sedentry job and auto car. Dr Harward seemed very confident this would be enough time. I'll be able to pace myself too. I'm going overseas 4 weeks post op too for a pretty laid back trip (nothing particularly active) for xmas. We have a couple recliners and Harwood recommended I try sleeping slightly upright in one of those for the first night if it's more comfortable. I can't wait to go back in on Wednesday to talk about sizers. I feel like I was being extremely conservative in my first appointment. Now that I've seen everyones results and got a better idea of sizes I'm pretty confident I want to go for the larger sizes.
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    I'm three weeks post op and now I can sleep on my side again yay yay!
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    How to 'lift' your bum?

    Squats, lunges and 30-40 mins on a bike per workout will have you toned in no time. Squat with as much as you can handle safely. Yoga at least twice a week is also your friend.
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    Youthful skin. Best procedures?

    Noooooo stay away from Sculptra, Radiesse, Aquamid any of those semi/perm fillers..... I would start with incorporating a Vit C & E cream in the morning and a Retinol (vit A) at night. Regular micros and peels to keep your skin in condition and when you're ready Botox as preventative
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    Thanks so much you are right I can't wait to fill out some nice clothes
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    November 2014 girls

    I've never had any trouble with ATM's (yet!!!). Hmm maybe i should take one out and keep it on the low haha. omg how annoying - ugh people are stupid! aaha. Lol my boyfriend isn't coming with - i'm sure he isn't fussed about coming or not anyway - i wish he was more interested oh well!! it's for me and i'm happy! Okay yeah true! I've heard smooth give more of a 'natural' look though.. hmm shall see what the surgeon says!!!
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    November BA @ TCI

    Hi Hun !! I jumped the gun today and booked in for December this year with Dr Tang! I've seen so many good feedback from both if you search the cosmetic institute on Facebook they post pics of results from surgeons Al the time!! You also should of got the pre and post op care thing it's like 15 pages long in an email tells you everything for helping with stretch marks pure vitamin e oil will work amazing!!! I'm so nervous I'm also traveling from perth to sydney so makes it more scary hahaha but so excited my dream to finally come true hopefully with dream results hoping some ladies on here will share their experiences about Dr Tang also now I've booked in with him I've seen hardly anything n it's freaking me out ! Haha feel free to add me xxx
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    November 2014 girls

    We are going to be there the same dates!
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    Has anyone been through Lotus?

    I used Lotus and they were great from the get go. Quick to respond to questions and helpful. Charlie was awesome. He was there for me at all appointments and visited a few times whilst I was in hospital. He contacted me by phone to check in with me and attend my post op appointments with me. There were a couple of ladies at PIAC whilst I was waiting for my appt and there consultants hadn't turned up. Charlie went and checked on them after there surgeries and they weren't even his clients. That's pretty awesome. He was the main reason I would use them again if I went back. Not because I feel I would need a consultant as PIAC is great but because he was like having a friend with you but one that spoke fluent Thai, knows the system and has a medical background himself. Can't go wrong with Lotus in my opinion.
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    Self tanning after BA

    Go nuts I spray tanned 5 days after mine using panty lines to stick on my suture line and protect them from the spray
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    Looking at TT and Lipo in Sept 2013

    Hi Leelee, Firstly, congratulations on your weightloss! 50KG is an amazing amount of weight to lose - and no easy feat to do either! I took 2 years to loose 45kgs and in the process, lost my boobs completely and gained a pocket of horrible lower belly skin that would go NOWHERE no matter WHAT I did. SO after maintaining my weightloss for 12mths, I decided that the time had come to get my belly sorted out. I went to my initial PS appointment, only looking for a TT. I was wearing the most awesome push up/2 sizes bigger padded bra's and in clothes, my boobs looked fine - it was kinda false advertising though, cause once I was undressed there was no boobs to be seen! Just empty skin sacks!! LOL! So my PS discussed the tummy tuck and then I asked about BA's - when he said I could have them done at the same time = 1 night hospital stay and 1 recovery, I was sold! So I ended up having my BA & TT and already at just after 2 weeks PO, I'm so glad I went ahead with both. My boobs are yet to drop - however nobody has noticed or said anything. They look EXACTLY the same as they always did in my bra's, so I'm pretty stoked about that! I didn't want to be any bigger then I used to be - didn't want to have noticeably larger boobs. So my PS has done a good job in getting my results. My TT scar is also looking good already - I have one little area that is inflammed/weepy, but its not infected. I am so glad to be rid of the roll of skin that I always had to tuck into control knickers. I can now wear little skimpy & sexy knickers without a worry in the world... Well, I can't YET, but I will be able to SOON!! I have sent you a FR too - would love to follow your progress. Good luck with your decisions! CC
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    Spray tan after BA?

    Donatella I am also an addict! My sister and I tan each other once a week we got out machine and tent for 135 from eBay it's the best thing! After we bought it we didn't know how we ever went without it Hhaha. Do you scrub your tan off after a few days to prepare for another one? I normally do so I'm wondering how I will go trying to scrub that area? Do you just continue to spray over it and not scrub off your old tan on your boobs? (I mean for early post op days when the area is sore)
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    Spray tan after BA?

    That will be totally fine! I spray tan every week (have the whole tan machine, tent and about 7 different solutions, did someone say addict?? LOL), and I will be getting straight back into it with the incisions covered
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