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    APRIL 2015

    i had my surgery this morning x x i got 520 and 560 hp dual plane and had my left crease lowered . doing ok, the pressure and swelling is quite severe for me . and my left is much higher and looks bigger than the right so im hoping that that goes away soon
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    APRIL 2015

    4 weeks Post-Op Brisbane Australia
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    APRIL 2015

    Hi ladies, after a few dummy spits and photo size reductions later....my photos are now up. Time for more drugs to settle me down haha!!
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    I'm taking 2 weeks off from office work, if I have a quick recovery I still plan to relax on the couch and enjoy the time away from work with an excuse to not clean the house
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    Win hit the nail. There have been a few botched cases here (most CS actually) and because the surgeons read these forums they get a private message to remove the review or see you in court.
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    Id say go to a plastic surgeon but in the end it's who you feel comfortable with I'm seeing dr Miroshnik for a tuberous correction in July, I love his portfolio and all the reviews, also I felt so comfortable and reassured when talking to him. Dr tavloki was my second choice, he is also a very well known and highly spoken about PS. I chose Dr M as I enjoyed his overall combination of work, bed side manner, reviews etc. hope all goes well xx
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    This is a great story, I'm flying down too see Dr T & Dr M soon for a consultation. Going for as many expert opinions as possible before deciding. Sent a FR too dani666 x
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    So I wasnt his first to have 700cc. My rep was telling me about a girl who went over to have her PIP implants removed and he gave her 700cc. She said she is on the cosmeditour channel on youtube. Don- I was quoted $6529 but up till when I actually paid it was $7400. I had to pay the exchange difference and extras that I had asked for such as a companion, room upgrade and larger implants. So that was the whole package not including flights. When I spoke to the coordinator from PIAC she said all together my surgery was roughly $6000. I couldnt work out exactly the exchange as she told me thai baht. And I'm doing ok, Ive woken up with lefty here being alittle sore. But I had stopped taking pain meds so Im bound to feel some of the pain. Goodluck Don I will be FR to see how you go
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    My BA/BL with Dr Mark Lee

    Hi ladies, Having received so much information from other ladies, I really wanted to share my story...so here goes. First of all I'll give you my stats. I'm 174cm and on the morning of surgery was 55kgs. I'm normally 57, so I guess with the new boobs I'll be back there now. I woke really early on Wednesday the morning of my surgery as we are staying at a hotel in Perth for 7 days, and I found it hard to get used to all the new noises...and sailors having a party above us. I got to the St. Johns Subiaco at 930am and breezed through admissions and was sent up to a bed waiting, and watching TV until midday. They told me I was second in line today on Dr Lee's list. I was getting a little impatient and then they came to get me and took me to pre-op. At this stage I think I would have done anything for a drink. My lips were so dry they had started to crack. Dr Lee came to see me to mark me up. At this stage he told me that he was delayed because he had a very large reconstructive Breast cancer patient before me. I wasn't feeling terrible at this stage for whinging so much about waiting. I couldn't stop thinking about how selfish I was. At least it took my mind off of waiting for my op. It was really amazing to me how much Dr Lee actually took in, in my consults that he didn't actually say. He had to do quite a bit of work on miss left, she had moved the most. He didn't quite know until he got me in a sat me up a few times whether he would have to so a vertical incision. I wanted the maximum lift I could, so said go ahead if you need to. He then rubbed it in, that he was getting lunch and went. By 1230 I was in theatre. My anaethetist hooked me up, put me on oxygen and the next thing I know I was in recovery, shaking like a leak. I was on oxygen for about 30 mins then transferred back to my room. My nurse Hannah was an absolute gem. Once my oxygen was off, the got me drugs although I wasnr in any pain yet, and said "do you want to have a look?". I had to remember my before photos. One thing I didn't realise until I took before photos is that they don't look as bad from my view as they do in photos. When I looked I almost cried. I was so happy. Dr Lee came in and said everything went perfect. He had to fiddle around with miss left quite a bit to get her to move in which will be more evident with time. I could have kissed him. He said my nipples are even and areolas are smaller. My nurse then put my bra on, I had something to eat and had a little sleep. I felt so good all night, very minimal pain and just chilled out watching TV. The next morning Dr Lee came back. He said because I've had a BA before, everything has already been moved which is why I'm not in so much pain. He said that my implants were under the muscle not dual plain as my previous surgeon had advised. So he did some fixing up of the pockets and said other technical stuff that I didn't really take in and said see you Tuesday. Hubby and then kids then came to get me. When I stood I felt a bit nauseas so the nurse gave me something for that. I got home a just chilled out, playing with the kidson the floor, had a couple of hours sleep and felt really good. I'm not in any pain at all, but keeping up my meds for the first three days as directed, then Ill stop and just take antibiotics and anti inflammatory and panadol. I slept really well last night. Propped up didn't worry me. I'm a little more swollen today, but on the arnica. So that's my story so far, and pics are up for friends. Thanks so much for the support of the ladies on here. Xx
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    ive just had my consult and have my surgery tomorrow morning at 7am and am getting 520CC and 560cc dual plane HP and would like to see others with similar size implants
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    June 2015

    We can now say our boobies are next month!!! How crazy! Time goes so fast!
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    APRIL 2015

    You should be commended for this thread and your professionalism in handling all us boob maddened ladies, thanks HopeForBiggerBoobs for all your contributions on here over the past month. If we are all sisters are you our Mother .
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    APRIL 2015

    Loved my april girls. Glad to be recovering with you all
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    APRIL 2015

    Tiger good luck girl!! You are the very last April girl! This is amazing our April has completed the journey and now we are all in recovery. You ladies are all amazing! New boobs are the best I'm so happy❤️
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    Losing weight

    Story of my life! Lol.
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    7 days post-op

    I'm 2 weeks post op and my recovery has been slow and uncomfortable. My right is settling slower than the left. I still don't drive and I have days where I'm just plain fed up with it all but you said we have to focus on the long term and be patient. I also never really scrutinised my boobs until now and I shouldn't really, no two boobs are exactly the same.
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    7 days post-op

    Thanks pink butterfly! I think maybe I am just searching for reassurance cos it's all so different now (like you said). I also imagined myself being 100% happy straight up (I have NO idea why as I was made well aware of the settling period etc). I am really just going to have to focus on the long term picture and wait!! Thanks again for your support!
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    pink butterfly

    7 days post-op

    I think it is pretty normal to go through that initial phase of second guessing yourself. Also a part of your body has changed, and your mind needs time to adjust to this. Plus there is lots going on inside of your body as it strives to heal you. You are still in the swelling stage and as you said, it takes time for everything to settle and fluff out. I found by 6 months this had happened to the point my breasts felt natural and squishy. They are still changing and I am 7 months post op now. In the end, you will look even and balanced out. My left side didn't settle at the same time as my right. But definitely chat to your surgeon if you have any concerns at all.
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    APRIL 2015

    I know how you guys feel - I'm 23 days postop (feels like much longer to me too) and I had false expectations of being back into everything by now. I've got a little one at home, I homeschool my older 2 and we have 2 businesses of our own so always lots going on. I'm back doing lots of things but worry sometimes I'm not doing enough and then I start getting sore because I've done too much - it's a vicious self sabotaging circle. I'm trying very hard to pace myself so I can progress faster rather than constantly going backwards & forwards. I'm hoping though that I'll be back into the swing of everything before I know it and I can look back and see it wasn't all that long. When my hubby had major abdominal surgery years ago, they told him to wait at least 6 weeks before attempting anything - it went fast for me at the time and seeming my surgery was so straight forward in comparison (he was in theatre for 16 hours), I'm sure by 6 weeks (or even before then) we'll all be noticing huge differences!
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    APRIL 2015

    I had fluid in my boobs but only last a few days and I know it's not a nice feeling. I think it's going to take a few months before everything is fully healed and feeling normal. My implants are under the muscle and will take a month or so longer than above the muscle like yourself. Most movements just feel alien to me, I have a 'clamping' feeling when I do certain movements. My nurse sad yesterday it will be at least 6 weeks before they even feel like part of me. Did you get a check up with regards to the fluid?
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    dr kwok TCI

    I had my surgery this morning . Dr Kwok is great, hes so down to earth and really does care about any questions
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    Hmmm.. lots of comfy pants, tops, pjs. I brought My own comfy blanket with me so I feel more at home recovering. Remember you cant raise your arms after surgery so look for clothes that will be easy to put on. I brought sneakers, sandals and thongs. Ummm comfy socks to when your stuck in your motel room. So long as you got your passport, money and phone you can buy anything else over here.
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    I had my surgery on a Wednesday and was back at work on the Monday but took it pretty easy
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    Well I'm tuberous and asymmetrical! One of my breasts requires a benelli lift and I'll need fat grafting to even them up! Got quoted about 18 and a half and will get about 2k back... there are ways to get more back from your health fund like going to a psychologist and saying you have grave emotional issues because of the state of your breasts etc... I require a bit of work that's why it's a bit more expensive
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    Seems when people have problems with Plastic Surgeons in Australia & they tell their story it gets deleted/removed. You can tell the truth about an overseas surgeon without so much fear of a lawsuit. So I would say that it would be very hard to find someone say that an Australian PS 'botched' them. That is just my opinion
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    Dr Poomee is one of the best in Bangkok..pay the bit more and stick with him. Bumrungrad is an outstanding world class hospital. Again you pay for what you get. Good luck.
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    Goodluck don, it is very exciting. And he is really a lovely man
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    You sound like you're doing so well it's so amazing!! I flicked off so many emails today BAhaha I wonder if I can be his first 800
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    I have been to Southern Thailand in August a few times. Weather tends to be heavy and short showers. It's monsoon season in August. It is much quiter than other times of the year in terms of crowds and also accomodation & Flight costs. We are in El Nino at the moment and I believe that affects Thailand in a similar way to Aus - much less rain averages in the monsoon season, so it could be less wet than usual. If you have ever been to Northern Queensland , it is much the same, humid and warm. So for clothes, everything you said and maybe something for when your under air con ! A bit of /on topic. We kinda forget, because of Lady Boys and the hoards of tourists; that Thai culture is much more modest than our own. They appreciate clean cuts, and more moderately dressed people. Of course, in Phuket they are used to seeing under - dressed, trashy kinda tourists; I wear the shorrrrrrtest shorts and equally shorter crop tops hehe.. But they still do appreciate if you dress nicely. You can gain a lot more respect when you to places like shopping centres and just in general from the locals. I think straws and sip cups would be excellent !! Ice packs, boomerang pillows, a silk robe! Burts Bees Face Wipes!
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    My BA with Dr Topchian

    Thank you ladies! I am 4 days post op and still feeling fantastic! Pain has been absolutely minimal... I had prepared myself for the worst and I can't believe how good I am feeling I'm a very happy camper!
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    I love this story dani, so happy you got fab results!
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    I'm at 11 weeks now and I wouldn't say they're soft like normal breast tissue but they aren't hard either. Apparently anatomicals do take a lot longer to get soft though because they're made with a firmer gel to maintain their shape. I had a feel of the type of implants that I was having put in when I'm at my surgeon's office and they are supposed to soften up to what that felt like which was pretty soft. I think they'll always be more firm than rounds though from what I've heard. I'm not really concerned about this because I'd much prefer to look as natural as possible and for me, a little more firmness is a small trade off for that. I don't have much natural breast tissue so rounds were never really an option for me for the look I wanted.
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    hey, just keep in mind the projection of the implant will play an influencing shape of the actual result whether it be rounds or anatomical. i've got a narrow body, but decided to got rounds xhp for the look I want. I'm only 3 weeks post op so they are only starting to drop. Yes they do look freakishly odd at the moment, if you are trying to achieve the natural look, but i would say don't rule out rounds completely, the upper pole fullness gained is something to consider. good luck xo
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    Telling family/people you know

    And a great response at that
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    Ladies I'm now 3 months post op and can tell you there is no more muscle pain, most of the swelling is gone although if I have a BIG day I still get some swelling above the navel and the numbness is shrinking, i can feel more of my tummy each day. I too had trouble sleeping and wandered if I'd ever be able to sleep on my side again!! Thankfully i can tell you it gets better day by day... i can't wait to see the final results, which my surgeon said would be at the 12 month mark... 9 months to go Hope you all enjoy the process and LOVE your new bodies... by the way I've just posted a 3 month photo if you're interested.
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    I couldn't breath with an extended chest, so I was shallow breathing I guess for quite a few days. Due to the compression and the crease inscision stinging if extended.
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    APRIL 2015

    yeah it was about a week for me also. Very slow and steady haha!! Question ladies? I have so much discomfort/slight pain in the under crease of my boobs (not incision site) IS that part of the dropping process? It's feels like it's stretching sort of, very uncomfortable though! And any post op bra I wear is so uncomfortable. I have an apt tomorrow thank goodness so I can ask my PS but just thought I'd ask here first good luck Primed, so excited for you xoxo
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    May BOOBIES 2015!

    12 days until boobies...feeling apprehensive some days. Should I do this. I want boobs but have a fear with anaesthetic. I want to blink & have it all done
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    Losing weight

    Ladies great news. I've lost around 6 kg!!? since I posted this discussion.
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    dr kwok TCI

    i've booked for July 17th and 18th for consult and surgery. So nervous and excited! Would love to hear from you guys when you have your BA done because i am so new to this and have no experience what so ever. I've only heard good things about Dr. Kwok so that made me a bit less worried. Going from 10A to 10DD hopefully! I was worried about getting boob envy so i decided on DD.
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    Unhappy with size

    Whoa baby, don't fret yet! I really wish surgeons would spend more time educating people on this bit as it's really important. First of all you were tiny to start with, he's basically had to cut your pec muscle and put balls behind them. Now doing what muscles do best it is staying firm and holding that implant down so all you can see is tiny baby mounds. The best is yet to come! The pec muscle with soften and allow the implant to come forward, take shape and get bigger. Yes they get bigger! Definitely not smaller. The first week they look like horrific mounds on your chest and in weeks and months to come they take shape and get better. I would think you will get a good D out of those perhaps even DD, don't even get upset yet.
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    Post op bra and recovery with kids

    Was the sizing just similar to sports bra ?
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    I don't know why this is, but I do think natural breasts appear larger than implants of the same size. I have a friend who wears the same size bra as me, very similar body dimensions also, and her natural boobs appear far larger than my enhanced ones. I couldn't tell you why, but my point is don't get hung up on the actual 'cup' size, as it looks very different each person. Also, prior to op I was set on having a C or D cup and stressing majorly about being too big. For a couple weeks after my op I couldn't even look in the mirror as I was upset I had gone too big. I just wasnt used to it. I'm now 7 weeks post op, wearing a D cup and actually wish I was a little bigger. Can't believe my perception changed direction so severly.
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    BL + BA perth

    Dr Tony Connell is the man here in Perth. Not that cheap but by far the best and price is comparable to other top surgeons here. Has a bit of a wait but absolutely worth it. I just had a straight BA but he specialises in only breasts and does lots of reconstruction and after children work he is a must for any list! Good luck
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    Dr Tony Connell

    Has anyone has a BA + BL with him??
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    Tony Connell Girls

    I would be so disappointed if I'd expressed my concerns and had them shut down like that. Then came out with resukts I wasn't happy with. Tony is fantastic, and you don't have long to wait which is great.
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    Cheaper is not always the best way to go specially with that kind of surgery. Going with an agent can also be safer at times for if some would to happn.
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    I also think people are more inclined to write a bad review than a good one.
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    Best Surgeon Perth!!

    I can't imagine that anyone who would work there would tell people you're having surgery that is very unprofessional and would surely get them into huge trouble? He is definitely worth a consult if you want a natural result he's very good at what he does
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    Sorry I've not been on for a couple of weeks girls. I've accepted everyone's friend requests if you want to squiz at pictures. I need to update new ones even though I'm so disappointed! I was meant to have an exchange with lollipop lift. I came out with an exchange and no lollipop lift, but a donut/areole reduction which I was initially happy about. Turns out it has not given me the results I wanted and a few other complications along the way. My left breast is much smaller then my right Has no upper pole and is drooping at the bottom, I have a feeling the Brazilian implant was misplaced causing this and the double bubble distortion on the inner cleave area. My right I love apart from being significantly larger than the right ! The areole is a 20c coin and the left a 10c I'm so disheartened about this. The only way it is to be fixed is going back under and replacement of implant (can't re use brazillians to replace) and lollipop lift to take away the skin tissue in the right breast. So pretty much my first surgery all over again. I hope this will be the case when I see him on the 28th of Oct. I'll be 7 weeks post op. He did tell me to come back at 4 months post op but I just can't bare the thought of waiting that long when all the swelling has subsided. Cross your fingers for me please :-(
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