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    February 2016 Boobies

    Nearly one week Post op.... Couldn't help myself and I had Birthday money to spend 😍 Loving my boobies!
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    Minnie Mouse

    Finance options?

    I think you should accept the generosity of an interest free loan from your parents . With the money you save on interest you could take them out to a lovely dinner and let them know how much you appreciate their love and support . What a lucky women you are to have such support both emotionally and financially . Your parents wouldn't offer it if they couldn't afford it and if your confident you can repay it in a few months , what's the problem ? I have offered to help my (adult) daughter out with money and she is so fiercely independent she won't accept it . While I completely understand not wanted to borrow off your parents, as a parent it gives us great pleasure to be in a position to help our children out when we can . You will get more satisfaction paying back someone you love than a faceless cc or bank . Just think about it .😀
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    Melbourne Girls!!

    What are all the complications of unders? I'm unaware of the varying complication differences between overs and unders?
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    February 2016 Boobies

    omg Nooby they look aaaaammmaaazzzinng!!!!
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    February 2016 Boobies

    Hi Ladies Post op day 1 today. All went well woke up with a smile on my face after the surgery and was feeling good. Went with Silicone, round, textured, 365cc, high profile, dual plane unders. They look great. Still high and a little sore so just relaxing and not moving around much. Will send some pics later 😊
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    Itty bitty

    March 2016 Boobies

    Hi everyone, new to the forum.. I'm booked in at TCI with Dr Duong March 15th for consult followed by surgery on the 16th.. Super excited, researching like mad!!
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    Sam Sugar

    TCI- March girls

    Ladies come and join the March 2016 Boobies thread, there's a whole bunch of us having surgery in March
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    Melbourne Girls!!

    So I have a consult with Richard Rahdon tomorrow afternoon, what sort of questions should i make sure i ask? Iv'e made a small list but don't want to forget anything, as i was left very confused after my first consult I had with Enhance clinic. Any girls on here or have had experience with him, would love to hear your stories!! Also I have two consults coming up with Richard Bloom and Craig Rubinstein, any girls who have also seen these two surgeons would love to hear your experiences aswell. How did use choose which surgeon to go with and why is there such price difference with surgeons, are the higher priced ones better/ more experienced or a different reason? And are there any other melb surgeons that i should maybe consider getting a consult with ? Thanks in advance ladies
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    Recovery/After care tips

    That's a great idea! Thanks ladies, she does love feeling independent. Oh I know after spending so much money on my finally hopefully beautiful boobies I don't want to risk harming them at all! I've been waiting far too long lol
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    February 2016 Boobies

    Thanks so much, emotional roller coaster has hit me hard! How are you doing? Hope you're recovering well.
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    Wound care and silicon strips

    You can get it online at quiet a few places. My PS gave me Siltape made by advancis medical http://www.brightsky.com.au/BrightSkyProducts/SiltapePerforatedSiliconeTape.aspx https://www.defries.com.au/shop-online/category/?c=6
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    Melbourne Girls!!

    Yes please I'm interested to hear what both recommend 😃
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    love and glitter xo

    Melbourne Girls!!

    i am a patient of his and very happy! I can guarantee you'll end up going with richard
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    I generally dress fairly conservatively so apart from a bikini, I haven't worn anything overly showy yet even though I'm 6 months post op! I bought a few revealing things from Kookai post Xmas but hadn't worn them yet. I had a hens party yesterday and agonised over what to wear.... A few of the girls going were colleagues who didn't know I had my surgery. My husband was like, just wear that damn outfit, you look hot, who cares!?! No one said anything although one girl looked down at my chest a few times. There are no dodgy looking photos on Facebook that other colleagues may see and I realise they really aren't that big because the photos from the side of from a distance aren't noticeable at all which I guess is both a good and bad thing.... I DID feel quite self conscious but I guess the only way to get over that is to wear that sort of thing more often!
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    Dr Sanguan or Dr Narupon questions

    Cj27- this has been sitting here unset for a week, sorry!Fantastic!!! A surgery buddy 😀 So close to mine we will be in hospital together. i just re read my recommendation and he ha suggested lollipop lift- I'm going to ask for the full anchor lift if that means they won't say as quick I don't mind the extra scar. So I'm just going to go as big as he will let me, Iv been really busy which is great as the time is going by real quick. My sons bday is 2 days before I leave so I'm keeping myself busy organise a party. I'm still trying to find someone to come with me but all my mates have kids now so looks like I'll be by myself đŸ˜Ŧ. my hotel is Baramee Hip Hotel - im near a shopping centre i think? have you been to Thailand / Phuket before? Iv been to Bali heaps but never Thailand. So I'm pretty dam excited. I just had a look at your photos- OH My gosh they are brilliant- I wanna take in your pics and say Dr Narupon make me look like that!!! . You must be so happy.
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    Jen Mc

    So happy so far

    I had my BL, TT and muscle repair on Friday afternoon. Saturday was awful. They tried to help me out of bed and I saw white flashes and had hot sweats... Back to bed for me. Sunday I reacted to another pain med so was pretty much another day in bed. Yesterday I got to see my results. After so much self doubt as to if I had been doing the right thing I was so happy I actually did this for me. Yesterday the breast drains came out, today the right abdo drain and Iv will also be coming out. I feel really good just have a bit of a stiff back so have exercises for that and a few heats packs too.
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    February 2016 Boobies

    so happy for you babe! Yay for boobies! I had a reaction to anesthetic and was very unwell the day of surgery but today much better. Finding tonight I'm in a lot of discomfort but. Did yo put any pics up? I can't see and still trying to navigate this site. 💖 ohhhhh I see pix now! Exciting! They look fab babe x
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    February 2016 Boobies

    yeah, just take it easy do you have the band? It's soo uncomfortable but apparently supposed to help them settle down... I am wondering how many PS use this band?
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    Kara to be honest with you it's actually not bad once you get it.. I can feel mine but they are no way as bad as photos above aside from the very last photo. I thought it would upset me but it's actually very very common and something we have to accept. Rippling will show up on both over and under muscle placement so just hope to yourself that you get fat!! Haha. They look amazing that's all I care about and no one notices because they're too busy looking at the breast overall
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    February 2016 Boobies

    Tx 😊 How are you feeling? Looks like the surgery went really well!
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    love and glitter xo

    Melbourne Girls!!

    I never wanted unders due to all their complications so when he said overs I was so happy. But another member on here said she wanted unders and he didn't retaliate just agreed so he's good both ways. His price is cheap because I guess it's a special to lure more people in his surgical skills are the same as every other PS in melbourne so don't think that more expensive = more skills that's not true at all! Good luck hun you'll pick him for sure! Always here to friend request and message if you need more answers
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    oh how exciting! Good luck! Keep us up to date! Xx
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    Melbourne Girls!!

    I met with 2 surgeons in Geelong - Peter Callan and Richard Rahdon. I can confidently say you will choose Richard. I had my consultation with Peter and wasn't too sure. Then 2 weeks later I met with Richard and walked out of the appt and booked straight away, then I text mum and said "I've found my surgeon". My surgery is booked for the 18th of February and cannot wait!
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    Boob selfie!

    3 weeks post op selfie I need a better phone/camera!!!
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    love and glitter xo

    Finance options?

    Parents!! They won't charge interest and in case you get fired or something serious happens where you loose all income or need to spend all money on something lifesaving or whatever you'll be able to take your time to pay them back as they'll know you're good for it. Whereas that credit card / loan debt and interest will keep piling up.
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    date changed!

    We same day going down at the same time 😄
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    February 2016 Boobies

    good to hear all went well!
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    Over or under muscle? How exciting it was just the other day for you!! (stalked your profile)
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    Ohhhh whaaat. Did you go with Richard? Ask him if so cos that's where we had to go to get our post op bras . Otherwise I only found online http://www.bodyment.com.au/product/mar-b11/
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    Lucky Cat

    Girls 300cc and under

    Yep this is also so so very true! I've taken these pics from Dr Miroshnik's instagram and you can see here 2 different looks. Pic 1 - fullness + projection (but not really any side boob) This patient its still shaped straight up and down if that makes sense? Pic 2 - fullness + projection + side boob. This was more of the look I was after with my BA, I wanted side boob to balance out my hips and to accentuate my waist. i.e. I went from looking so straight up top to now having curves up top.
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    Putting the girls on show

    I'm only 3 weeks PO and also feel REALLY self conscious when I wear a tight/revealing top, but it is getting easier each time. And I kinda feel its silly of me to spend so much money on my boobs just to hide them away. I haven't told many people that I got them done but if anyone asks, I'll probably just say I'm wearing a really good bra!! @MissyHu you look super hot in that dress! The girls look great for 1.5wks PO!
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    strange burning rib pain

    I had pulling, almost a tearing sort of pain under my incision site until about 4 and a half months post op particularly when I stretched my hands above my head. I could see my internal sutures until a few weeks ago so I guess that was the cause.
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    I took a strapless dress and just pulled it up, too easy
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    Morning boob???????

    This has been the worst part for me! Morning boob and bloating- feel like I'm pregnant
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    I told any relavent people at work that I had a procedure and I could not lift things etc and may have to ask for assistance and apologised in advance for any inconvenience . I work with mainly women . I was surprised no one asked what my "procedure " was and it was amusing the behind gossip that they came to various conclusions as to what my procedure was . No one guessed or questioned that it was a boob job and they still don't know . Im glad I didn't tell anyone .though now I feel more comfortable about it if someone asked I would be happy to talk about it .
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    February 2016 Boobies

    Hey Ladies, just thought I would update on my recovery. Day 3 has hit me pretty hard. Woke up with what I suspect to be morning boob. It's pretty painful. A warm shower and the stretches with your pain meds does help. been icing the boobs which seems to help and just laying around the hotel. Lifting my phone can be painful. Getting out of bed unassisted feels almost impossible. But my boobs still look amazing. I have been smothering them in moisturiser trying to avoid stretch marks. They have already started dropping which surprised me. But again next to no bruising and incision don't look to bad under the tape.
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    February 2016 Boobies

    good luck! I wish you a smooth recovery!
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    same here small town! I wish now that I hadn't even told my daughter! She has just fessed up she told her friend, whose mother is the biggest gossip and best friends with the queen gossip who hates my guts! 😭 Arrrgh. So disappointed ☚ī¸
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    180-220cc impants

    I think you could find bigger chicken fillets tbh, much cheaper too! Dont think it's worth spending all that money to basically just have a scar and a small bump.
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    Plastic surgeons for BA in Adelaide

    Hi pearlhobbes, i dont think Dr Kollias does tummy tucks. Hes a breast & endocrine surgeon. Not an actual plastic surgeon. I havent been brave enough to upload boobie photos yet. Whats your stats? Im a mummy of twins too and have a small hernia & torn tummy muscles and the lovely left over stretched skin but i have never considered a tummy tuck so i wouldnt know a good surgeon in adelaide for this surgery. I havent heard of Dr Caplash. Where does he operate?
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    I have Hashimoto's disease as well (body attacking thyroid as it thinks it is a foreign object in the body). I was worried if this would cause capsules around implants, but my surgeon didn't have concerns when I told him about it. I have my implants in May 2016. Can't wait!!
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    Boob selfie!

    This thread is really interesting as I got bigger implants than you love and glitter, but I reckon mine look smaller. Heres my 8 week bra less cleavage. Still quite far apart but I had a bit of a gap pre op so that's to be expected. And I get good cleavage with a bra on.
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    Emotions leading up to surgery

    lol I understand although Im not so much angry as just feeling really nervous all the time. Sort of like Ive been caught doing something wrong. I guess its that apprehension that something might go wrong or I might make the wrong decision with regards to size etc. Im just over 2 weeks pre-op. Ive also been having very weird dreams. Hope your feeling a bit better
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    February 2016 Boobies

    I seemed to have spoken too soon with my recovery, I'm now really starting to feel the pain!! And morning boob is SO real omg 😅
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    Bit lopsided? Or too early ?

    hi , I got unders (dual plane) I am very bruised on the one side. I spoke to my PS this morning and he re assured me and said the surgery went really smoothly. Recovery has been good, keeping on top of pain meds, although worried I will run out might need to suck it up a bit.
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    love and glitter xo

    Boob selfie!

    I'm 325cc now wanting just under 500cc (any bigger than 500cc I'd die!). They're perfect naked and in bikinis but not when I wear clothes I want people to know I've got enormous boobs underneath my clothes haha especially seeing as melbourne requires you to wear heavy winter clothes like... everyday! All you ladies look beautiful
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    Boob selfie!

    My red bra for Australia Day...although not the best for backyard cricket
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    Minnie Mouse

    Was it worth it?

    Yes I love them .They have given me a new found confidence, I feel sexier now at 45 than I have ever before in my life . 😃😃😃
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    Boob selfie!

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    I didn't even get any bruising! I honestly can't believe how easy the recovery has been. Think it is definitely a reflection of Dr Fleming and his experience. Only 8 days post surgery so still have dull pain occasionally but that is to be expected! Just the wait for the drop and fluff now!
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