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    BA is today!!

    Was in at 12 anf home by 4! Feeling sore and tired but all well so dar. Photos in the next few days
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    I've been reading through experiences and searching for doctor reviews but either cannot find any reviews on the doctors I'm considering or there's very little follow up after surgery - no doubt because everyone is so happy they're off having a ball with their new assets I live in Brisbane (closer to Ipswich), I'm 44, 5' tall and 65kg. Current breast size is 12G, or H, something quite ridiculous for my short frame. I've spoken to my GP and she was so thrilled with my plan to get a reduction she didn't even charge me for my consult! I've been researching doctors and my list to consider in order of preference are - Dr Scott Ingram and Dr Justin Perron; Dr Paul Belt; Dr Eddie Cheng' Dr Philip Richardson, Dr David Sharp and Dr Anthony Kane. I'm desperately trying to find photos of their reductions, and experiences but only having limited success and would LOVE it if anyone had any information to share with me at all. Thanks
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    Jan group

    Hi ladies! Good luck today @Elle81 try to relax because everything will be fine and before you know it you'll be in recovery with amazing new boobs!! its day 3 for me and I'm feeling really well. My placement was sub-fascial so obviously not in the same pain as those with under muscle. I've posted a pic of my day 1 progress in my gallery, just friend me if you want to see it. Take care everyone and try not to stress too much....easier said than done I know!!
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    Jan group

    Unders. Expecting to be in a world of pain.
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    February 2017 ⚽️⚽️

    Officially moving to March (after my holiday to South Africa). I started having visions of some complication arising and ending up in a South African hospital having explants hahha. Good luck Feb girls
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    Jan group

    Pajamas button up at the front ?
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    Bio oil

    I'm in agreement with donatella... don't trust a source who is trying to sell their own similar product. I have used Bio Oil in the past on surgical scars (arthroscopy and laparoscopy) and I don't think it made any particular difference. I have met some people along the way who felt it made an amazing difference. Ask your plastic surgeon what he/she thinks ... you might be able to save your money to buy new fancy bras!
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    Jan group

    And guess who I'm sharing a room with???? @NMAdel what a coincidence!!! Roomies!
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    This is actually one of my biggest worries regarding BA recovery. I am in the gym 5-6 days a week and I do fairly heavy weight training. I'm having my implants placed over the muscle - the surgeon looked at me and said absolutely not to under the muscle given the way I am built. I become very ratty when I don't exercise... perhaps having new boobs will keep me cheerful!
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    Petite/Modest Sizing Before/After

    I'm usually a size 6/8, previously an 8-10AA or A. I got 270/290cc teardrops. I'm only just over a week PO, but I'm not minding the size At the moment I'm most comfortably fitting a 10D, because of the swollen side boob. May well go down to a 10C when that disappears, though. Sometime sizes have to be taken as a matter of perspective to some extent. I certainly don't feel like I've got D cups compared to others, but apparently I do!
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    Three months post reduction/lift.

    Had my check up today, three months post BR/BL...and I'm wearing a 34DDD! WTF?!?!?! I said I bounce between a C and now DDD. Everything has healed as it should, scars are looking good and I'm still perky! Next review in 9 months, which will take me to one year post op . I'll update with braless photos later today. PS...I'm just rapt that I can still wear my Victoria's Secret bras.
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    One week post breast reduction

    Day 1: http://nessalosingit.blogspot.com.au/2016/08/day-1-post-bilateral-breast.html Day 2: http://nessalosingit.blogspot.com.au/2016/08/day-2-post-bbrbland-first-look.html Surgeon: Anthony McDonald, St John of God, Geelong.
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    Bramis clinic is another.... $450 1ml Juvederm
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