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    Girls booked for booked for April 2017

    hi girls, i'm 1 week post op. the first 48 hours is a blur of nausea and vomiting which was bloody awful, and the pain was awful, but its settled down a lot and im only taking nurofen 8 hourly and the odd panadol. the swelling is still quite bad on the left side, and that is also the most painful side. the otherside is not too bad:) i hope you're all recovering well
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    Best sugeon and price

    Dr sam Cunneen although way good price excellent surgeon and lovely person he has the full package. Recovery was pretty easy pain wasn't as bad as I thought. I'd say 7-10 days and I had a young baby ?
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    Hi girls. Thinking of you @Chan7710. Just mend healthy dont do too much. The more you get off meds the better you feel. Just finish your antibiotics then stop. Panadol osteo is great cause you only have it every 8 hrs @Mumof3boys you are going to love tt! But just keep in mind it stays swollen for 6m. So you will still probably have little lump on bottom for a while. Then again you maybe different to me....However from your pic the top part should go totally flat. @Miss77 my ps supplied me with my post op bra and then i got another one from myers. Its a Berli post op bra. My size was 12dd. Dont go buying too much before op. You will be living in post op bra and tummy brace for a while. So by the time you feel like shopping its more fun. Dont worry about size changing you want bra firm around the band and tight like a compression feeling. I have been give ok to wear lorna jane crops. And im still fitting my original small size. I love them more than wireless bras. Especially to sleep in as they hold boobs together now i can sleep on my side! Yes i did mean house cleaning and home duty. I never had c section but i feel as though this wont be as bad recovery wize!
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    Adelaide Ladies

    I had my BA with Kollias in August last year and I and thrilled with my results, magic man
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    Girls booked for booked for April 2017

    Thats great everything went well for you! Would love to see them! I can't wait to see Dr Greensmith!
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    I am 6 days PO now and took a picture with a little top on. I am very happy with the results. Had a consult with the doctor yesterday and he said I'm healing well and will only see him in a month. So for any girl being scared, I say don't be. It wasn't that bad But do your research regarding the doctor.
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    Hi guys! On the other side. Taking it easy, at home as of this morning. The painkillers did a number on me bad nausea etc. vomiting after the TT was *****!!! ? Will post some pics when all my dressings are off! @Sylve you look bloody awesome girl!!!
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    Has anyone had Dr Phil Richardson in Brisbane

    I had my breast lift with implants on the 26th of feb with Dr R and he was absolutely amazing. I have had a great recovery so far and he's done an amazing job. I am so happy with the size and the feel. They are already nice and soft. His team made me feel so relaxed and comfortable with my decision and answered my million questions along the way. Couldn't recommend them highly enough. You can check out my profile if you like, had all my details and some post op pics so far.
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    I've got 560s and I loooooooooove them! They suit my frame well and are great! My experience has been fantastic from booking my consult to right this second. The team is wonderful and I'm so happy with my results!
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    Boob selfie!

    4 weeks PO
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    I believe, in regard to private health cover, the amount covered is down to the level of cover you have, and how much your fund actually covers - there may be out of pocket costs, and I was told it also depends on whether the hospital and surgeon have 'agreements' with your healthfund.
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