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    May boobie girls

    Thank you. I got anatomical dual plane medium height moderate plus. To be completely honest the first two days were super hard. I couldn't do much (I'm normally a really independent person). The tightness was the most unbearable it was about a 8/10. The pain was about 2/10 but I was uncomfortable all the time and I wasn't sleeping very well. I started to feel a bit depressed. I kept up with all my stretches but they didn't really help. By day 3 I started to get muscle spasms and shooting nerve pain ( all normal). The nurse called me and told me I need to stay somewhat active and just get out of the house. So I went out for a few hours just to the shops and it did a world of good. I stopped taking the heavy pain killers after day 1 as I hated the way it made me feel. So I've only really taken panadol, valium (biggest help with the spasms) and panadeine forte ( when I need a little something more than panadol). today id say the tightness is about a 5/10. So it's getting better and easier. I'm able to stretch out a bit more too. Just remember it doesn't last forever and ask for help when you need it
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    They didn't actually feel comfortable or sit correctly until around 16 weeks on me, going from a A cup to a e/f the underwire was huge and bruised and drove me crazy, so even tho at 6 weeks i bought heaps most didn't end up being suitable and got sold on ebay 😣
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    Hi! I was allowed to start wearing underwire bras at 7 weeks post op, bought and started wearing 8 weeks post ops, didn't feel uncomfortable mostly, only few times at first and has been comfy since 😉
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    BA and I have young Kids

    Exciting!!! Yeah the idea of a lift scared me. Im not sure if i would have gone through with it if i had to have a lift. but the snap chats of surgeries ive been watching the results are always amazing. Who is your consult with?
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    Dr Greensmith BA show me

    It got the better of me yesterday and rang to see if I could get an earlier appointment. I manage to get my mum to pick up my son from kinder while I have my consultation in August! 3 months to go!
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