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    June BA

    Hope everyone is going well. It's comforting to hear that others have the same symptoms. At my checkup the day after my surgery.. the nurse said I would need to get a smaller bra as the swelling went down. She suggested the post surgery ones from Target and said I could change to that in a few days. My post surgery one was rubbing under my arms and causing a sore, red rash... So today I went in search of a different one. I tried the target one but actually got a two pack from Kmart for the same price. It has a zip front and removable cups.. I just took them straight out. It feels firmer and way more comfortable than the target one.. but you can't adjust the straps. This is them... http://www.kmart.com.au/product/2-pack-zip-front-wirefree-crop-bras/111581
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    June BA

    Yes more fiber and water would help. If it's really bad you might take something overcounter like Zantac or so. It eases the bloating a bit. I'm still bloated today but could be able to go to toilet so I'm not stressed as much lol
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    June BA

    Thanks lovely. I figured it would take a while and be from a combination of things, guess I just need to be patient! I only feel bloated in my midsection, they gave me light compression socks for my legs which I'll wear less as I start to move around more. I'm normally really good with drinking water but it's been hard because I haven't been overly hungry or thirsty but that seems to be coming back now so I'll be sure to keep up the water...and maybe get some prunes!!!
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    June BA

    Hi Ladies Sorry I've been MIA! It has been a crazy few days. Woke up at 3.30am Wednesday to fly to Melbourne, checked into the hotel and went for a walk before my sizing appointment with Dr Greensmith. Mum and i both had an early night but mum forgot to turn off her alarm so Thursday (day of surgery) I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. Check in time at Stonington was 6.45 and I was in the OT by just after 7. Was looked after by a lovely recovery nurse until I was comfortable and fully awake. Went home to the hotel and just chilled out, was really comfy and didn't feel nauseous until about 30minutes before my meds were due. Friday was POD1 and I had my drains taken out. Felt so free once they were out, but negative is that they have been swelling so much since the drains came out. Dr Greensmith said it should peak 2-3 days post op so its going to get worse before it gets better. Mum has been cooking a lot (we for Woolie's delivered). Today we slept in then went to my red light therapy appointment at 10.30. Was feeling a bit ***** today becsuse of the swelling. Had lunch out then had to go home. Slept for 4 hours in the avo then had Thai delivery. Now just waiting up until midnight so I can take my meds and go to sleep. Haven't had any both room issues, made sure I bought some prunes and that has made sure there have been no issues there. The photo below I got after the drains and before the swelling got too bad. My nipples are actually even, its just the photo. Hope everyone else is doing OK xx
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    Sleeping in crops after BA

    Hi ladies Just wondering what crops you all felt comfortable sleeping in the first year post op? Thanks!
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    pink butterfly

    Thoughts on implant illness

    I have had my implants for nearly 3 years now and to this stage, I haven't had any problems. Re implant illness, I guess my thinking would be that it is important to rule out any particular auto immune diseases without jumping to conclusions about the implants causing problems. I have had endometriosis and have had 2 operations in 17 months but I don't feel my implants have contributed to this at all. Even Candida can undermine the body's healing and present with many different symptoms. So I would rule out everything logically first. If there was a rupture or leak, then that is a different story. Everything we do in life is a risk - driving in a car, walking across the road, childbirth etc. You have obviously done a lot of research and spoken to surgeons about this. It is normal to get nervous and question your decision to get a BA done. But you know that you are not jumping into this rashly. You have done your research. For what it is worth, I have no regrets at all. I got my BA done at the age of 39 and I feel my self esteem has increased dramatically. I now feel like a woman. Hope this helps. x
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    Sleeping in crops after BA

    I still sleep in mine 2 1/2 years post op, clio and jockey are my favourites. I usually get them from Big W but l think other stores sell them. 😊
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    pink butterfly

    3 weeks!

    Oh that's exciting you will get to meet your little one very soon. I am sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. My cousin went through this with her first pregnancy. Take care of yourself. x
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    So an update for anyone that is interested. @donatella and @imperfectly_lou I had my six week follow up and my gynae insisted that the Mirena doesn't cause thrush but it can cause a pH imbalance. So she said use pH gel applicators and wash with vinegar! It gives a whole new meaning to fish and chips and vinegar! 😂 I have also started drinking apple cider vinegar as well. Not sure if it is doing anything but l have had no flare ups. 👍 On a side note, no period since- winning!!! My hormones were a bit screwed for the first few months- emotions etc but it seems to have settled. My gynae loves her Mirena she has used them for twenty years and has never had an issue hence why she love them (or she is on their payroll lol) Hope this helps someone that is thinking of getting one. Gabby x
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    Implants and running

    I have 385cc. Running was hard for me to get back into because of the feeling, I started when my surgeon said I could but it was a few more weeks before it started to feel ok, so just listen to your body. Still doesn't feel 100% for me and I'm 5months. i bought two really good sports bras (I don't wear two at the same time) - Under Armour one and the She Fit. SHEFIT size /calculator is all wrong, so use chart. Or email them. It's not the comfiest bra but it works. The UA one is great too.
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    Hi Hun I wouldn't try piece apart the finer details of projections and cc too much if I was you. This is best left to your qualified surgeon. It has a lot to do with your individual chest anatomy, to fit the space and in the bounds of your skin elasticity and starting tissue. You have the job of describing the "look" you are after for your desired outcome and lifestyle. Bring plenty of pics to your consults! but yes you are correct - high profile is narrower with a higher projection and mods are wider with a smaller projection. If you know the brand of implant he uses (Mentor, Narelle etc) and you can google the size charts. Different brands go up in different cc increments. All the best with your journey!
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    June BA

    Hi ladies, I've started to gather a list (from other threads) for pre- and post-ops tips (other than the standard stuff from the surgeon) so I thought I would share it here and we can all add to it to make sure we all have comfy recoveries! I think some of the timeframes will depend on how we're feeling and if we have others to help us. I'm also going to put together a recovery training program and nutrition plan after my next consult with my surgeon...but I'm a bit OCD like that, haha!! Pre-op Tips: Get hair washed and braided prior to surgery (this one is specific for me so I don't have to deal with my hair!) Shopping supplies for up to 3 weeks Clothes for up to 3 weeks with button front for at least a week Pre-cooked meals/food for up to 3 weeks Massage the day or so before for the upcoming back aches from sleeping upright Favourite moisturiser/oil to rub into boobs for stretch mark preventative Post-op Tips: Your surgeon's mobile number in your phone A small pillow for seat belt strap on the drive home after surgery Wheat bag or heat pack Ice packs or frozen peas Reclining chair Boomerang pillow for sleeping upright Button up blouses/tops for at least the first week Moist towelettes for self washing/freshening up Dry shampoo or mobile hair dresser Lots of movies!!
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    Hi sweets! Yay another kiwi girl! I'm having surgery in Australia too. My advice: make sure your surgeon is a plastic reconstructive surgeon and not a cosmetic surgeon. I am having my BA in less than one month in Melbourne through yourbreast. My surgeon is Dr greensmith. I looked at many different companies including cosmeditour, the breast academy, The Cosmetic Institute (as soon as I saw none of their doctors were plastic surgeons I quickly closed that tab!), and I also considered Thailand with several companies. You're welcome to follow my journey on here or for more frequent updates on my Instagram account of the same name. I haven't heard of the breast institute myself, I'm sure others can help with that, just make sure your surgeon is a plastic reconstructive surgeon. In Australia a gp or dermatologist can do a weekend course without practical training and call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. A plastic surgeon specialized for years and years and has to pass 2 huge exams. Xx let me know how it goes!
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    Kiwi girl looking for advice.

    Hi hun I can't give you any advice on your chosen surgeon but can give you advice on sizing. All cc's will look totally different on one person to the next depending on frame and anatomy. My stats are 170cm, around 55kg and pre op was a 10A. Wearing size 8 tops but have a substancial booty! I was after a large C/small D and believe I will reach this goal. I recently got 350 cc Mod Plus Profile in a Dual Plane placement (top half under the muscle and bottom half under). The main thing is to be open and clear to your surgeon. I wanted a natural look proportionate to my body. But still having a full and fluffy look. I hope this helps and good luck!
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    June BA

    I'm booked in for the 14th of June with Dr Tavakoli. I'm an interstate patient so flying down from Brisbane and staying at the Meriton in Bondi Junction. I have also started an instagram to track my progress - bristosyd_drtavakoli
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    Boob selfie!

    After having tuberous breasts for 29 years I can't believe these are mine. Best decision ever.
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    Got one! Only one though haha.
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    Cosmeditour - Sydney

    Hi @Mell62 I went with Cosmeditour Sydney. I'm 11days post op. Plastic surgeons who work with Cosmeditour in Sydney are dr Moradi and dr Phoon(at least when I booked). I find them both brilliant. I had dr Phoon, lovely bedside manners, easy to talk, very friendly and answered everything I asked. I was also hesitating if to go or not for the same reason - not much info about Sydney, all about GC. I'm glad I went with my gut feeling, everything went well, I'm early post op but so far all has been better then I expected. If you have any questions please ask Good luck!
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    @NZNeedsBoobs I am in the exact same boat! have you ended up having surgery yet? atm I am leaning towards cosmeditour sydney. would really appreciate your advice and story
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    Breast Augmentation CosMediTour

    Hi @Hanpods congratz!! Wish you speedy recovery! i had mine done too trough Cosmeditour in Sydney four days ago. I think I saw you guys in the waiting room but after you went in I had to wait few more hours 😃 Small world isnt it! how are you doing so far? Xxx
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    CosMediTour Australia?? Yes or No??

    Hi I had my breast augmentation surgery in Thailand, I saw that you were thinking of having it done there. Mine cost $4100 and there weren't any hospital fees on top of that. I booked through Lotus Medical International who are based in Phuket, I had an English assisstant who met me at the hospital for all of my appointments so that was great. The hospital in Phuket is amazing, it's like a 5 star hotel! Lotus referred me to Dr.Narupon he was fantastic and I couldnt be happier. I dont have any info on the GC I'm afraid, just thought I'd share my experiences with Lotus and Thailand. Good luck with all your research!
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    I've seen a lot of girls very unhappy with their results from TCI, especially Dr Duong. He's botched a few in the facebook group im in. Search Breast Implant Advice - Pre and Post Operative Support on facebook and join. Then search his name. You'll be able to talk to many unhappy girls that have been left botched by him and other drs at TCI.
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    Boob selfie!

    11 weeks post op!
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    Boob selfie!

    First time wearing a cossie 4 weeks post op
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