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    Breast implants after pregnancy

    Would love to see how they change lol goodluck x
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    Calling any August 2017 girls

    1st August with Dr Edmond Ek from Your Breast 😀
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    Tuberousbreast - Sydney

    So amazing! I'm now 10 weeks post op and I couldn't be happier with my results. Dr M did an amazing job Here's my before and after photos.
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    Hey love not me didn't need a lift just implant exchange I know dr dona does all the lifts though x when you go out for lunch in your post op bra love 😜
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    i would pick my surgeon in Phuket over any currently in Australia..Girls are paying there just as much as these bulk produce clinics in Australia.. There are some over qualified boob surgeons in Thailand let me assure you.
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    Oh wow just saw that latest post... Yes I must be dodgy.... I must I must... Sorry to disappoint but I'm not that intriguing! Mighty flattered though.. Unfortunately for you TRE 1973 ive just devoted myself to you wonderful people as I have obviously nothing better to do with my time
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    God ladies do not go through Bangkok makeovers!!!!!!!
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