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    Dona, tavakoli, Miroshnik or choy

    Dona with a capital D!
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    Dr Nettle or Dr Mooney for Rhinoplasty?

    Mooney is an ENT doc. Nothing wrong with that, but I have seen some bad reviews on realself. Nettle is an actual qualified plastic surgeon. Ive heard lots of good things. If I was in NSW, I'd see him. In Aus, the term 'cosmetic surgeon' has no definition and is a self appointed title.
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    The Start of My BA Journey (Brisbane)

    It's great to read updates from so long post op Your pics are amazing I think I've read your posts before as I've been floating around these parts for awhile now! I love the detail you shared l, very helpful for us on the other side of boobie land. Also I very much enjoy your style of writing. You could be a writer? I was booked for 460hp nagor a few yrs ago but had to cancel. I'm now looking at either 500hp or 535UHP mentors the choices ?????
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