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    Panda 33

    Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Haha i think im driving hubby nuts looking at boobs all day 😂 i just want to make the right choice for something ill have for the next 10 years !
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    Jen Mc

    I seriously have no idea

    I paid $220 for between brow and above. I will be getting the deep forehead line done soon and that will be $100. Still loving my results 😀
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    Best Brisbane Surgeon?

    Hey Laura, no he wasn't my original surgeon. I wanted to go back to my original surgeon but he had retired so I asked him to suggest someone he would trust to do my revision. Dr Tansley is who he suggested. I have no idea how it ruptured. They were 10yr old Mentors so it could have just been age. I was involved in a car accident 3yrs ago so it might have even been ruptured then but I just didn't know. I only found out because one day I felt a tearing sensation in my right side. It didn't hurt but just didn't feel right. I went & got an ultrasound & they confirmed the right implant had ruptured. It didn't cause any problems, didn't change shape or cause any pain. Honestly if I didn't have that one sensation, I would never have found out. Dr Tansley has just started his own practice - North East Plastic Surgery (he was working in Dr Flemings office when I saw him) & I believe his consult fee is $160. He is extremely good & would not be wasting your money to go have a consult with him.
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