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    Like the other girls said, i think you tried a little to much to soon your body has just been through a majour surgery and you need to give your body time to recover, the heavey feeling for me took a while to get used to and especially at night time i would find it a little hard to breath, i think it was because my chest and lungs were fatigued from having to work harder to breath with the extra weight on my chest during the day, at about 4 wks the heavey feeling wasn't noticeable as i think i just got used to the weight. It will get better and just remember to take it easy on yourself i didnt go back to work until about the 3 wk mark but i have a pretty physical job that requires me to use my arms a lot. I know for some that they arr unable to take a lot of time off work so if you can ask to be put on light duties for ypur first week back. And as for the walking i started with 20 mins at a slow steady pace around my street's then at the 3 week mark was cleared for light cardio but just the treadmill and bike . Hope this helps ?
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    3 Days PO Photo

    Hi Lovely Ladies 4 days PO still a little sore especially in my right breast, a lot of bruising on left from the revision. So happy so far pain and discomfort will pass. Call PS call center last night asking about the bruising, got a speed response from nurse on call she looked at my records and told me the PS had more to clean up from previous implant than right one she said this was normal, but if I noticed continued swelling this could be a problem. So happy to hear all was okay. Thanks in advance for your encouraging words and advise. Hugs & Kisses PBB ( . )( . )
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    Back under the knife again!

    This is why I am still dating ! Morning lovely girl, I have just removed my dressings, all good . Bruising almost gone.... Boobs still the same size YAH! But it will shrink , I know, not to much PLEASE??.. and as a bonus,,,, totally flat belly. I really feel for you unable to sleep in bed, WOW! Hope you feel a little better . Do you have adequate analgesics??? Not sure if you are a little late with Arnica, needs to be taken asap p.o. I am lucky, it works for me but not the cream! Isn't it interesting the reasons we make our choice re a medico? Good you are happy with her!!! What part of the country are you? Take care xox
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    How long stay - interstate

    I believe your looking at 2 week minimum for tummy tuck - some surgeons dont perform tummy tuck on fly in patients due to the aftercare thats needed
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    pink butterfly

    When did you stop feeling tired?

    I agree - going for a 45 minute walk is really pushing your body too far when it is trying to heal. I know it is difficult but try not to get back to normal too quickly. Any surgery I have had (BA or reproductive etc) it takes me a while to feel human again. You will probably find in a couple of days time with the painkillers leaving your system that your energy will increase. I went back to work at the 2 week mark and I am a domestic cleaner. I found that first week back at work I was really sore and just stuffed! But I found the following week I felt heaps better. Keep up the Panadol until the soreness is manageable. Just be kind to yourself. x
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    Back under the knife again!

    Hey @PlatinumBlondeBoobs and @vlinder You are both icons as far as I am concerned . PBB your kind words and happy disposition are a delight. Vlinder your resilience and determination in your long and arduous journey is truly inspirational. I am 59 and have just had my first augmentation, don't know what took me so long - but I totally love them and happy I made the decision to have the surgery. As you say PBB us ladies love our boobs - age is irrelevant!! Hugs to you both xo
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    3 Days PO Photo

    Lovely Ladies feel mush better today. Still taking meds slept in my bed for the first time since surgery. I had my head elevated, pillow placed around me so I could not turn to sleep[ on my side. Rest is so important from the smallest, to the greatest procedure. Have a blended Day Hugs & Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
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    Have you had a labiaplasty?

    Hi myranda, I'm now day 29 & tho it has been really painful recovery I am Sooooo glad I've done it! i can look in the mirror now and feel feminine & pretty down there. ive posted some private pictures so friend request if u want to have a look at the process so far. ps it's pretty graphic tho ?
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    Dr William Mooney sydney

    I'd like to put in my 2 cents I was considering Dr. Mooney also and the few online reviews there were seem to be pretty mixed so I was a bit hesitant. I chose him mainly because in the before & afters I could see he has fixed noses that looked like mine and most importantly was able to create refined feminine tips that some other surgeons just don't really do. Everyone can shave off a hump but scanning through millions of before & afters there are few who can create that nice tip and overall harmony and who don't give the same nose to everyone. Look closely at the work of your surgeon and make sure it suits what you're after! So I wanted to say I've had a really positive experience! I used to have a big bulbous nose and now a have a cute little nose that fits my face just perfect as I wanted. Dr. Mooney was very professional and kind and so were his staff. I thought he was realistic with what he could offer and the actual results have far exceeded my initial expectations and my nose is still healing so it will only get better I'm sorry to hear some others have had bad outcomes but I think how it works for every few thousand or more good ones there might be a bad one but that's the case for everyone and the ones who have had a bad experience are more likely to voice it online. So I just want to say he certainly has my recommendation.
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