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    So i have naturally nice breasts, 12DD and can also fit into a 10E bra. I would just like them bigger and more volume up top. However i havent had kids yet and am not on contraception and married so my thoughts are, should i get the implants now or just wait until i have kids or at least 1 to fix them up because i intent to breastfeed and since i havent started any research on this yet i dont even know if you can breast feed with implants. I have had my nose done with andrew greensmith so i was thinking of getting my breasts done with him too because he knows me etc. He says to me " it seems that all i do these days is noses and breasts" which gives me more confidence that he would be extra skilled. I do like the fake look but not too fake if you know what i mean. I just like big breasts. Also i have vertical chest wrinkles from sleeping on the side and stomach so will implants make this stick out more or mask them? Something similar to the bottom photo (thats not me) If i knew how to get rid of them i would but have no idea So whats peoples thought on when i should do it and whats the different result with under the muscle or in front of the muscle and risks with either?
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    Thanks Platinum blonde for your information. The reason i ask about before or after child birth is because if i get it done before i dont want my boobs to sag and do it again, so dont know if they will sag after breastfeeding with implants. My husband is all for it, some of it was his idea too lol but he feels uncomfortable with another man (the ps) looking at my breasts even for the consultation. He said i would probably have to go with someone else to support me in that appointment, hes too cute. Wow youre DDD now, i never heard of a DDD. Its already hard enough for me to fins bras with a slim frame but bigger cup sizing. Thank you again and i will start researching.
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    I wasn’t asked to have blood tests but I’ve done them anyway for my peace of mind. If you’re worried take the tests. It’s free anyways. Go to your GP and say you need them for surgery. They’ll send you to pathology. I’m always low on iron so I really wanted to know my levels. They were low of course and I was given the go from my PS to take supplements.
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    fat grafting for asymmetry

    Well Foxy, I am 14 day's po of my 3de fat transfer procedure. At present the volume is still the same, but no doubt it WILL go down. It is hard to know if it stays 'in the same spot' as I have been injected in 4 different spots, i.e. lower and upper pole. Personally I would not have a problem with different size implants, if needed, and my PS has mentioned that is an option he would not rule out. In his opinion you can't use a donor side more than once, as I have had 3 procedure it may pan out that way for me. If I can give more info, I am happy to help
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    Bwd and implant width

    So...I have to decide the size next week (no pressure). If my Bwd is 12cms, will it look more natural if I go 12.5cm implant width, 310cc, but less projection, mini motiva ergonomix. Or more natural if it's 11.75cms implant width with 320cc, slightly more projection, Demi motiva ergonomix. If the implant is smaller more than your Bwd, does this mean no cleavage? Thanks!
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    Bwd and implant width

    all good @TheFox and it's good to know that there are options for girls that are keen to have a cleavage, for some it is really important xo
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    Cosmeditour Sydney

    You’re going to go into surgery blind? I research my dentist to within an inch of their life...wouldn’t you want to know who is cutting you open before you commit to a procedure ?
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    No blood tests before breast surgery

    I had a ba in dec 2016 and I never even had a mammogram, should I be worried
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    Bwd and implant width

    Cleavage depends really on what you start with - if your breasts have a gap already then you may not get a cleavage. I haven't got a cleavage after implants, but didn't beforehand and I don't mind. A lot depends on your anatomy. If cleavage is your goal it is best to talk more with your surgeon and ask which implant size and projection is likely to be the closest to the look you want to achieve. Good luck with your decision xo
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    PO 8 Days

    Hey lovely PBB, good to hear you are progressing so well and yes it will be wonderful when you are in more comfortable bras - the time will pass quickly Let us know about your follow up appt and how it goes.. Your weather sounds perfect for indoor activities, over here it is hot and sunny - love and hugs xoxo
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    PO 8 Days

    Hi Lovely Ladies just a note to tell about my progress. PO 17 days just a small amount of bruising, right breast still a little tender. Swelling is going down be so glad to see finished product so I can get into some more comfortable bras. I go to PS this week for follow up. Instead of snow today we had sleet, and freezing rain, great afternoon to be with hubby, movies, and popcorn. Hugs & Kisses ( . )( . ) PBB
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    I just recently had my BA 12 wks ago and no blood tests, if your a healthy weight ,your not under that long and minimal blood loss if any then no need.
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    No blood tests before breast surgery

    I’ve had 3 breast augmentations/revisions and never had bloods for any. You’re only under for about 1-2 hours so pretty safe procedure. I had to have them recently for facial surgery but that was a 4 hour procedure with potential blood loss so they needed my blood type and levels. Have never issues with boobs ?
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    Was it worth it?

    Hi Lovely Ladies when I saw this post today I was so eager to respond. Even with the soreness, the Post OP Bra, the swelling, and sleeping upright, the bruises, not being about to wear sexy bras for weeks, the extra weight of my heavy boobs. It sounds as if I am negative. But I am so thrilled I made this life long decision, the confidence I fell right now out weight all the negatives. I know when swelling, bruises, and pain dissipate I will be one happy camper. Yes I believe it will be worth it so happy not only for myself but also for my hubby. He has always been a breast man and now I am able to fulfill my dream and also his. So if you are reading this and you are not sure listen to your heart. Huggs and Kisses ( . ) ( . ) PBB
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