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    Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Implants

    I have mentor smooth rounds and I'm currently 6 weeks post op. My breasts are starting to become quite soft and definitely getting a little jiggle😉 I'm sure this will increase further over time.
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    I HaveBoobs

    Cooper's Ligaments and Bras

    Hey hun i am a PT and what @ SabP says is correct in strengthening the muscles while my PS has reccomended that i try to avoid training my chest it is completely out of my control as i teach 3 Pump classes a week but i only use light weights and that has chest press, dips and pushups, i modify my dips and pushups so i think doing some sort of gentle chest exercises may help and definitely the swimming. I have also noticed that my chest muscles contract when doing pretty much any upper body exercises so you dont just have to train the chest to get activation in the chest area. Just my 2 cents worth 😅
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