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    Tomorrow is almost here!!!

    Tomorrow is here. 1 sleep away! Ive got my appointment with my surgeon to discuss going up in sz. I had my ba done 2 yrs ago. Had 475cc unders and now wanting to go bigger. Any advice on questions to ask? And anyone with 600cc+ that wants to share pics id b ever so grateful xx
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    Congrats on the date and no-more-surgery-bra!! I bet you feel great! If you don’t mind sharing, how much have they dropped and fluffed?
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    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    I am most likely getting ergonomix too (that’s what I’ve been quoted for as well) so I will wait until my pre op appointment (in early December) to confirm size. When I had my consult, I tried on mentor sizers and he said we will do equivalent of that but in the ergonomix range, so exciting!!! Dr T’s work looks amazing, you will definitely be in safe hands there 😊. I’m with you @Tori14, December can’t come quick enough 😬
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    pink butterfly

    Waist trainers

    You didn't offend at all. All good.
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    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    Hi everyone, I'm booked in with Dr T in Sydney for the 17th of September. I'm so excited as I've wanted this secretly for a long time, but never had the guts to do this until now as I was afraid of what the people around me would think. But I've come to realise that it's my body and I can do whatever I want with it as long as I'm happy! So grateful to have found this forum full of information to make this journey a lot less scary.
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    I HaveBoobs

    Waist trainers

    Hey babe ( @pink butterfly) I'm a PT and i train with weights that are heavier than some of the men in the gym,(not chest) i have had many years of competing in fitness comps (pre boobs 😅) and have tried every exercise i can think of and then some, what i think the problem is ,is that my obliques are so strong that they make me look like i have no waist in bodyahapes i look like a column. I also follow a non strict Keto as i need a little more carbs as i teach 7 aerobic classes a week pluss 3-4 of my own Gym sessions , i also take shred/fat burners and a plethora of suppliments and drink a Keto drink daily. I just think its my body shape and was wondering about the waist trainers 😊
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    Revision cost / Dr Tavakoli

    I can’t give any advice or experience re revisions but $28k for a revision seems insanely expensive considering it’s not like you have major problems like bottoming out or CC.
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