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    Thanks girls. I am just having one implant replaced - yep im getting my head around it. Thankfully work have been really understanding. The cost in total will be $3500 which is cheaper then what I throught it would be. Unfortunately its just one of those things. I've booked in for the 2nd of November.
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    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    @DiamondC Goodluck for tomorrow! Feel real yet? ?
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    My experience with Dr. Revis!

    So I have returned from having my breast revision done 3 weeks ago by Dr. Revis over in the US. Let me tell you, he did the most AMAZING job, completely exceeded my expectations. After going to consults with 4 other PS in Sydney I still didn't feel 100% with any of them. I nearly booked in with Steven Liew but at the last minute, looked into Dr. Revis. I put the idea to my partner and once he was on board that was it. I emailed Dr. Revis a long email with photos about my complications, fears and what I'd ultimately like to acheive. He responded within a few hours, and it was so extensive and detailed. I was so so impressed, even though he was so far away, I thought he was better than any surgeon here in Sydney. He quoted me $10750, which was around $14000 AUD. This included everything, so doctors fee, hospital, garment, anesthetist etc. He did a bilateral capsulectomy, internal bra with permanent sutures, implant exchange from 375cc furry Brazilians to 800cc Mentor smooth high profile silicone and a donut mastopexy. So a lot of work, but as soon as I met him I knew he was the doctor for me. All I wanted since the moment I had my first breast augmentation all those years ago was nice cleavage. I have always been told that I would never be able to have cleavage due to me having a very wide gap, but Dr Revis said he could give me to 1 finger gap I wanted. And he did!! I still can't believe it. We went on holiday to LA, Las Vegas then finally ended the trip in Miami where I had the surgery. Recovery was amazing as I was sitting poolside in the sun. I had my pre op on the Thursday, surgery on Friday then post op the following Tuesday. After the post op we flew straight back to Sydney. Once your finished surgery you are given his mobile to call anytime of day. You can also email him and he is guaranteed to respond within 1 hour (not even a joke). He is a man who lives and breathes his job. The pain wasn't as bad compared to my first augmentation, even with the internal bra. I have started massage and using the scar treatment. He has made them look perfect and there will be hardly any scarring. I cannot stop looking at them. I know alot of the girls on here talk about going to see him, and I have to tell you... It's 110% worth it. I finally have the boobies I have always wanted.
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