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    Bec Bec

    Phases of Healing following BA

    Hey Girls I found this info on another message board/forum and thought it would be helpful for those wondering what the healing process involves. I wish I had this earlier. I'm a little behind (probably due to my age). Don't take this as gospel, just a guide. Hope it helps Bec Phase 1. 0-3 Days Post Op - Soreness on sides, ribs, sternum, and maybe back muscles. Swelling, tightness, shiny skin. Square-boob/highness of implants. In/out of it depending on pain medication being taken. Sleep is best in recliner or with a wedge to avoid swelling overnight and back pain. Almost everyone needs to sleep on their back only. Phase 2. 3 Days - 2 Weeks - Moodiness (also related to meds). Sore to raise arms/reach/lift anything (follow PS instructions carefully to avoid Hematomas). Ribs/sternum/sides still sore and/or swollen. May have burning/itching feeling on breasts as nerves wake up. Still very difficult to sleep on sides without pain/discomfort. "Morning Boob" begins. Implants start to move a little, but still sit very high. Phase 3. 2 Weeks - 3 Weeks - Comfort setting in as soreness dissipates. Nipples very sensitive, swollen, hard. Sunburn feeling on breasts more common. May begin lifting/reaching but no overextending abilities (if it hurts, don't do it - as always, follow PS advice closely). "Morning Boob" continues. Most are wearing sports bras by now and may be wearing wireless already. Some people have massages, some don't - depends on PS. Shopping is awesome! First sizing will be larger than pre-op but not yet what size will prevail - be patient . D&F is starting but one will more than likely drop faster than the other. Also swelling will subside uneven as well, so one side may look larger than other side temporarily (besides normal, that is). LOTS of changes going on during this time in looks - don't panic! Phase 4. 3 Weeks - 6 Weeks - Boobs feel a lot more comfortable now. Soreness is almost gone, incisions look pink/purple and are a little raised. Implants are starting their descent and feel softer and move around more. Able to sleep on sides without much discomfort, although "Morning Boob" still evident (not as bad, though). May have soreness along sides, air bubbles, or other weird noises happening - these are generally OK. Activities return to normal. Phase 5. 6 Weeks - 3 Months - Most healing is done and tenderness gone away. Scar gels/creams can be used. Exercising can begin again. Probably being instructed by PS to wear wire bra now (maybe 24 hours at a time). D&F slows and gets to where it's going. Boobs look and feel great! Morning boob fades away and becomes non-existent. Dropping progresses much more noticeably now and fluffing begins. Bra sizes begin to change as well, so don't overindulge just yet. Exercise can resume as usual, although will notice different feelings when working on peck muscles. This discomfort may be strong, and you may wish to avoid it. Also, you may find that the space between breasts is more oily than in the past. Phase 6.3 - 6 Months - Fluffing continues but bra size shouldn't change much more. The softness will increase as will comfortability. The scar tissue is still dark, but softer and not as sore. Sleeping can be done in any comfortable position and any bra usually can be worn.
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    BA in Adelaide

    Let us know how you go @AS1 😊 I wouldn’t worry about needing a lift until you see him because you may not need it. Even if you do, you’ll be in great hands!
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    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    Part of the problem may be that they are still so new. Are you trying on wired or wireless bras? I wasn’t able to wear wireless bras comfortably until about 8-10 weeks. And I didn’t wear wired bras until 3-4 months post op because it was just too uncomfortable and nothing fit properly because they were still so firm. Panache is a great brand but difficult to find 🙁
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    Hi Girls, I've been seeing Dr Tom Jodlovich for both my lip filler and anti wrinkle treatments now for over a year with exceptional results every time. Having being to other doctors who have rushed through the treatments, Dr Tom takes his time to understand what results you want to achieve and spends all the time need to achieve it. I can recommend him to everyone as the best injector in Sydney. Hope this answers your questions and leads to your desired results Cheers, V.C
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    I HaveBoobs

    Botox Newbie no more

    Will do love I'm also looking at trying to firm up the neck area too 😅, I'm going back in a few weeks to get the frown line in the middle of my eyebrows (mum frown) done so might ask her what she reccomends, and I'll let you know. My big frown across my forehead was completely when i looked this morning nd my crows feet (what crows feet) i feel fabulous definitely worth the $385 .😊 I know how good do you feel , never thought I'd be so excited to see my wrinkles dissappear 😂giong to get my mum frown (in between my eyebrows ) done in a coupe of weeks. And might have a bit of a top up in my forehead too.
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    Cheek fillers - Recommendations

    Hi Cheeky, I've had to go to a few places around Sydney before I found a practitioner that I felt comfortable enough to trust with doing my lips and cheek fillers. I went to see Dr Ellis Choy at first but found his prices too expensive. I then went to see Dr Steven Liew but was worried that he was always traveling around to conferences and he wouldn't be available for follow up reviews. I then found Dr Tom Jodlovich on RealSelf and was impressed by the good reviews he had on his profile, so I thought I'd see him for a free consultation. I'm so glad I did, as my experience with him from the very beginning has been amazing. He took his time explaining my options in dermal fillers and focused on what I specifically wanted to achieve without trying to upsell me anything, which is so unlike what I experienced in numerous other medispas. He is very gentle and careful with his work and always shows a sincere determination to achieve the best outcomes for his patients. And to top it all off, his prices were on par with laser clinics Australia, so who wouldn't choose to see a specialist cosmetic doctor for the same price? He is definitely the first doctor that I would recommend for your cheek fillers. Hope you have a great experience and feel free to get in touch me if you like. Lots of love, Roses
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    Sophie mPage

    Cheaper Botox in Sydney

    Hi Madz, I've been going to several franchised laser clinics for my Botox for years and was always disappointed with the results and having to deal with different and untrained nurses who were impossible to follow up with to fix their bad work. A friend of mine recommended Dr Tom Jodlovich at Smooth As Silk Laser and Cosmetic Clinic about a year ago and I have been very happy ever since. He is both competitive with his prices but more importantly does fantastic work and you can follow up with him personally. I can all honestly recommend him as the best Botox injector in Sydney. Best wishes, Soph
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