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    Ooh i did not know that, might have to drive up for a look. 😊thanks.
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    There's a VS store in Perth at the airport - I've bought lingerie there whilst waiting for flights
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    Goal weight

    I will be doing the body lift and boobs at the same time. If same to also do thighs I will but if not they will have to wait for another time. No it's not with him. The surgeon I had a bad experience with is now retired.
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    TV shows on botched surgeries

    oh we love a food surgery series - thanks for sharing. I would love to see an Aussie botched
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    Painful over sensitive nipples

    I had sensitive nipples, to the point I would hate my partner touching them. Breast feeding is going to hurt like a b*tch regardless in the beginning. Like @sabP said, they toughen up and you get used to it after a few weeks. I say this all as I have my baby attached πŸ˜†
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    I HaveBoobs

    Goal weight

    Wow how amazing, and congratulations 😊😊 you must be feeling great to be so close to your goal weight, i wish you look with your consults on the body lift and lipo and breast revision, will you be doing the body lift and lipo first then the boobs.
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    I HaveBoobs

    Pain under right breadt

    Hi love i agree with @sabP like she said it may just be a cyst but i would go and see your doctor/surgeon just to rule anything else out, do hope its nothing to serious.
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