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    Surgery yesterday

    Hi everyone I have just updated my surgery story in the 2019 group if anyone is interested 😊
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    So I had my surgery yesterday! it was a very stressful morning as my partner accidentally took me to the wrong hospital! So I was about 45 minutes late, then when I got to the front desk I had to pay the fee on arrival which was quoted to be $2400 for a day case for bi lateral remove and replace (I don’t have PHI) but the hospital had $2900 on my paper work! Originally I was doing an overnight stay but changed at last consult and my quote should have been adjusted. Not to mention I received the wrong quotes from the surgery clinic 3 times and had to pester them every time. Anyway the admin women at the hospital was absolutely horrible and so rude! I was nearly in tears especially as I was already stressed for arriving late, she did end up charging me the $2400, I apologised for the inconvenience to her but that was my quote! She just stopped speaking to me and rolled her eyes at the nurse who was taking to get my undressed. Honestly if I didn’t really like my surgeon I would have gone to another surgery clinic in Brisbane just because of the difficulties I’ve had with the reception staff, not replying to emails and just being generally unhelpful. Anyway after that incident the rest of the staff at the hospital were absolutely lovely and I had a great experience. I saw my surgeon before I went under, he drew on my and explained everything he was going to do so I felt really confident going in. He ended up doing deep rib sutures and tightening up my pocket as the implants were already under the muscle. I was in a fair bit of pain when I woke up but feeling a lot better today. I was super emotional yesterday when I got home, partly due to the GA and women being rude and just feeling stressed I will get more complications. I see my surgeon next week for a post op appointment. I am trying to stay really stil and wearing my post op bra 24/7. Praying this holds up!
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