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    Hi ladies  I got 470cc implants with Dr Rastogi in June 2014. I now am thinking I want to go 100cc more (maybe more). Has anyone done this and how much bigger are your breasts after this much more cc? Has anyone done the BA and revision with Dr Rastogi? I dont have a need to have it done, i just want larger implants. I will attach some photos of what I look like now. Opinions stories etc are very welcome Quote Edit
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    BA in Adelaide

    Hey, I have 3 kids and like you (and a lot of mothers out there), it has left my boobs looking deflated, saggy nipples etc. I highly recommend Dr J Kollias, as he’s a well respected surgeon and does a fantastic job.
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    Liposculpture put into breasts

    He did it due to the weight of fat over a larger implant. I got the added bonus of liposculpture so a mini mummy make over. I had it done today 1/3 of the 450cc implants will be lost due to water. I will attach some pics. I'm glad I did it this way, less invasive and less painful and less long term probs with my back. I retained my 470cc implants and also had some natural breast tissue
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    I have decided on going 695cc implants so 225cc more as 700cc implants and up cost double. Booked for the 18th for surgery
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    I hav'nt had an up size but i have had a couple of friends who have up sized and for it to be noticeable you will need to go at least 150 to 200 cc bigger ?
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    I'd been researching breast augmentation for 8 months prior to booking surgery with Dr Cooter. I've always been very slim with not much to fill out a bikini. I was actually ok with having small boobs and never thought in a million years I'd have a boob job. I'm 28 years old so I'd gotten used to them and even quite liked the lean, athletic look I had. I just always wished I filled out dresses and clothes better and looked more womanly. I hadn't researched breast augmentation much in the past and had the impression that boob jobsalways looked very obvious and fake (think Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham). I always thought it was much better to be small than have that obviously augmented look! Then my sister had her boobs done a couple of years ago and I was amazed at how natural they looked and how nicely they suited her frame. I started researching and looking at before and after photos and was absolutely convinced that I wanted this done for myself. I spent months going back and forwards changing my mind about surgeons, placement, round vs shaped, etc. It's all very confusing and so hard to know what will complement your frame! Implants look completely different on different people. I saw 2 well-respected surgeons and they had slightly different opinions in terms of size. It was actually quite difficult to choose between the 2 but one impressed me more than the other! He was much more thorough in his initial consult and I felt like his after photos were more in line with the look I was trying to achieve. However, both of these surgeons had a great reputation and I'm sure I would've been happy with the outcome either way. Both Dr Kollias and Dr Cooter recommended round implants with subfascial placement and that's what I decided to go with. I didn't want the lateral displacement that can occur with dual plane or unders and as my boobs have a tendency to point outwards, I was able to get them closer together by going subfascial. I was very afraid of going too big but at the same time didn't want to be disappointed and regret going too small. In the end, after much deliberation, I left the decisions on placement, size and profile up to my surgeon. Dr Cooter decided on the implant size while in the OR. He actually ordered in 6 different implants for me (in both mod+ and high profile) and selected the best fit on the day using a temporary sizer. He ended up using 350cc HP Mentor and I'm ecstatic with the results. I cannot fault anything about the process. The size is perfect for my body. I look full but not overdone. They look big naked and in light, tight-fitting tops but still fairly conservative in everyday clothes (unless I play them up with a push-up bra!). I've healed remarkably well. I'm only 3 weeks post op now and I have no pain. I was able to sleep on my back from the second night. I have no regrets at all. I'm sure there are still plenty of changes to come but they are already looking great and I know they are only going to get better! I thought I'd share my full story here as I found this website so useful when doing my research.
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    Uneven Boobies

    Hey Girls, I am almost 3 months post op so still early days but I am noticing more and more how uneven they are sitting and sized. Going back through old photos i have realised they weren't sitting even Pre Op but now that I've had my surgery it is much more noticeable. I think I should have been given a bigger implant in my right breast? I know they still have some dropping to do and I've been massaging the right one twice as much to assist this but it's not working. Advice please? Can I fix somehow or should i be going back to my surgeon or just wait it out hoping that the right one drops and sits as round as the left. PS I had 365CC HP Unders
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    Uneven Boobies

    Hi Girls! So yesterday (Friday) was one week post op! This time last week (1 day post op) i was in tears and having an absolute meltdown. Absolute Frankenboob - I thought I would never write on this forum or share photos again. It was awful, tucked up and had a dimple on the side (not a cute one). I felt like I should have just kept my uneven boobies because that looked much better. But now 1 week later I am so happy with them. I guess I expected them to be 'fixed' straight after my op which is never the case but I was just in such shock when I looked at them last Saturday. The surgeon and all the girls were great and very supportive on the phone during my meltdown and at my 1 week visit. I had my waterproof strip off yesterday and the incision is looking good. Still lots of improvement to come and I still need to wear my post op bra for another 2 weeks but otherwise, it was a success. THANK GOD!! can't wait to get out of this fricken bra and be able to wear whatever I want with my nice new EVEN boobies Thanks for all of your messages, was so good to be able to talk to people and hear all your knowledge and similar experiences. Don't think I need to point out which photo is 1 day post op and which is 8 days post op
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