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    Teardrop vs Round BA pros and cons

    Hey @simply_me I got 375cc dual plane. The pain wasn't that bad for me. More the tight, stinging feeling. I only took painkillers the first day, then panadol for a couple days. You get zingers for a few weeks/couple months which are like little zingie electric shocks, it's your nerves regenerating after having the muscle cut, not painful, just a bit odd and can take you by surprise as it's random. Also sleeping upright was the worst!!... I hate sleeping on my back and you have to sleep propped up by pillows for the first week or two (depends what your surgeon recommends). If you have to wear a surgical bra that can be a bit constricting and uncomfortable, but not painful, again I wore mine 24/7 for the first 6 weeks, then after that normal and underwire and push-up bras were fine - again your surgeon will recommend. By the end of two weeks they felt reasonably comfortable, still tight - but ok. I felt they were natural looking from early on and they just kept getting better. The D & F starts around the 6 week mark and that process is interesting to watch and document with photos.
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    Teardrop vs Round BA pros and cons

    @sabP thanks for all the info yeah i think I'll be recommended the same thing when i go for my consult Tuesday cause I too have lack off tissue on top, and a previous consult I had recommended it already with a 315 to 350cc in dual plane position lol how many cc did you go if you don't mind me asking also how long did the pain last and how long did it take before they started to feel more comfortable and natural on your body if that makes sense
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